Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 180
Desire to Dismember Su Yun

Suddenly, The Contracted Victory Sword was fading as though it was going to disappear. According to Ling Qing Yu, there were only two scenarios that would result in this.

First, Ling Qing Yu was too far from himself. Two, Ling Qing Yu was attacked. Currently, there location would not result in this so there was only one reason for it.

Su Yun’s face tensed up as he rode on the immortal sword.

When he got near the green mountain, a huge amount of greenish substance floated around.

“What’s this? Evil Qi!”

Su Yun’s heart dropped as he stared far ahead with his eyes wide opened. On top of the green mountain, there were several shadows. Ling Qing Yu who was dressed in a white dress had fallen to the ground. She looked pale and her mouth was covered in fresh blood.

The Indigo Phoenix had struggled its way out of the tear-provoking array but it still could not escape as it was trapped by a huge green metal chain.

“Su Yun!”

Ling Qing Yu looked at the man flying towards her. With all her might, she gritted her teeth and tried to look up as she turned herself into a ray of white beam of light and flew towards Su Yun’s sword sheath.

Hua la.

Very quickly, she was in the sword sheath.

“Qing Yu, are you alright?”

Su Yun asked.

“I’m fine! I’ve gotten the aqua meteorite. Leave! Quickly!”

Ling Qing Yu muttered.

When Su Yun heard that, he looked over. The man on the green mountain was already looking at him. He looked odd. They were all covered by an odd greenish Qi and their eyes glowed in green light. Their hair scattered loosely like vines overgrowing. The leader was a beautiful woman dressed in a jaded green dress.

Her dress was below her knees, revealing her smooth, fair calves. Her body was hot, she had big breasts and a perky butt. She was extremely pretty with her brows arched on point and skin as fair as porcelain. Her eyes shone like diamonds. In entirety, she looked noble and precious.

Vixen! Was she a vixen?

Su Yun was shocked.

Wasn’t this woman the one she met when he was trying to get the Sprite’s Shadow?

Just as Su Yun was looking at her, she turned towards him.

“Rascal, what are you waiting for? Their target is the Indigo Phoenix. Not you! Better run when they’re not interested in you yet! Go!”

Ling Yu Qing nagged.

Su Yun nodded and turned. With the edge of the sword pointing far ahead, a multi-coloured beam of light shot out with a sonorous sound.


The woman seemed to have identified who he was behind his mask

“Chase him!”

Turning to her side, she ordered.

With skin like a bark, two tall man standing beside her rose immediately and chased after him.

But then, the people of Sky Blue Nation had arrived. Seeing this group of people trapping the Indigo Phoenix, everyone raged as they charged over.

“A bunch of idiots!”

The woman did not fear them. As her pupils constrict, she waved her hands and the ground around her cracked. Emerging from the cracks were huge amount of greenish, eerie hands as they reached out towards the spirit soul disciple experts.

“Be careful!”

The experts from the Sky Blue Nation exclaimed as they dodged.

But not for long, the two suddenly charged onto them with a body reeking of thick greenish Qi.

These Qi were thick and scary. It was as though they did not mind the appearance of the Sky Blue Nation’s experts. One they appeared, they charged onto them.

The experts of the Sky Blue Nation all turned pale as their hearts thumped hard.

Was this an ambush?

“Kill them! I’ll use their souls to cultivate weapons!”

The woman said casually as though it was nothing unusual.

“Yes, Princess!”

The experts shouted in unison as their intention to kill surged with evil Qi.


A black sword brushed past, forming an arch and flew forward. When it got near to a mountain, it fell and crashed into it.

Dong! The black sword fell onto the ground. The man standing on the black sword scurried under a big stone.

Su Yun hid behind the rock carefully. He panted heavily, but did not make a sound.


A few shadows past by him. In a blink of an eye, they were gone.

Seeing that, Su Yun was relieved.

The Heavenly Scale Divine Eye in his eye could conceal his cultivation level and Qi. As such, his opponents would not be able to detect his Qi. As long as he hid himself, they could be shaken off easily.

Staying behind the rock for a while, Su Yun’s anxiousness had also died down

All those people were all Spirit Soul Disciples. Who exactly was the woman who was reeking of evil Qi? Why was she here?

Su Yun was confused as questions filled up his mind. Taking the sword sheath off, he attempted to communicate with Ling Qing Yu.

“Qing Yu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Ling Qing Yu’s fragile voice emerged.

“I have some pills with me.”

“I’m a sword. I can’t digest pills. I can only use my body’s strength to recover. Earlier on, the Contracted Victory Sword had used up quite a fair bit of my energy. I probably can’t leave the sword sheath for some time.”

Ling Qing Yu said.

“Why were those people there?”

“I’m not sure. I was following your instructions to await for the tear-provoking array to force the Indigo Phoenix to cry. Who would’ve known that when it cried, this group of people would appear and beat me up. They were ready to take the Indigo Phoenix away. I’m not their match as they were too strong. I’m lucky you came early or else I’d be killed by them.”

Ling Qing Yu sighed a breath of relief after the calamity.

Su Yun went quiet for a while before he said: “Thank you.”

“Thank me? What are you thanking me for?”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“Tsk, rascal. Please don’t think I was willing to do it. Since you’ve gotten the Limitless Sword Sheath, I’ve recognized you as part of Limitless Sword sect. I helped you merely because I wanted to repay my benefactor.”

“Is that so?”

Su Yun did not say another word.

They idled for about an hour before Su Yun picked up death sword and stepped on it directly.

After getting the aqua meteorite, he had all the ingredients he needed. He only had one thing left to do, which was to get back to Blossom Heart Valley as soon as possible to cultivate the pill.

Seated on top of mountain looking as though a sword had pierced through the clouds between the mountain was an ancient sect.

Immortal Sword Sect.

This sect had passed down countless of generations. In the entire southern region, nobody dared to look down on them, not even Long Ao Nation, Profound Sky Sect, or Swallowing Heavens sect.

A long, stone stairs extended all the way from the foot of the mountain to the peak. In the middle of the mountain sat a beautiful, exquisite pavilion decorated with statues made from gigantic swords. Surprisingly, around the divine sword mountain, there were many floating immortal palaces around the divine sword mountain.

At this moment, just outside the jaded divine sword hall were the family of Su who made robes. They stood in two lines at the side and were the elites of the Su Family’s main house. Each of them had high cultivation level and thick Qi.

Within the main hall, Su Yang Nian, the new successor as the Great Clan Elder of the Su Family stood in the middle of the hall.

At the sides of the hall were all the clan elders of the Immortal Sword Sect. Other than the administrator clan elders, fourth clan elder Feng Jian, fifth clan elder Chen Nan, seventh clan elder Mo Wen Shan and the youngest clan elder of Immortal Sword Sect, the eleventh clan elder Xiao Zheng Ming were all present too.

Third clan elder, Long Xian Li was not present but the disciples of the Great Clan Elder Shen Hong were all gathered at the front of the hall, led by Bai Yan Shan.

In the middle of the main hall, a handsome, suave middle aged man sat on a throne which was completely made out from jade and fully embellished with swords and talisman.

The man frowned as he looked at the men standing below him in disatisfaction.

“Clan elder Su Yang Nian, is what you say all true? The person who killed the Great Clan Elder of my Immortal Sword Sect is Limitless who is currently situated in Blossom Heart Valley?”

“That’s right!”

Su Yang Nian who had a short moustache nodded and stated: “Limitless was a traitor of Su Family, named Su Yun. He was originally an inner sect disciple but since he was lazy in cultivating and had no thoughts of improving himself, he was casted out to the outer sect. Nobody bothered about him since then but because of this, he bore grudges against the Su Family. I don’t know how he managed to practice all those weird and eerie sword techniques to increase his cultivation level. He perpetrated outrages in the Su Family and had made several mistakes! But because he had disguised himself as Limitless, it was difficult for me to realise it! Until today, I hope to seek your cooperation that we can join hands and capture this bastard together!”

“Not only did this man practiced odd sword techniques, he stole my sect’s Heavenly Crystal and Everlasting Stone! He’s a great enemy of the Immortal Sword Sect. I will not let him go!”

And then, Xiao Zheng Ming raged.

“He used this item to kill Great Clan Elder Shen Hong! I need to seek revenge for him!”

“Yes, no matter where he’s hiding, we have to avenge for clan elder Shen Hong!”

“Yes, avenge him!”

A few of the clan elders shouted angrily.

Then, the disciples trained by Shen Hong walked out and stood in the middle of the main hall. They then kneeled to the second clan elder Tang Tian.

Tang Tian stood up and looked at this disciples in shocked.


“Second clan elder!”

One of the disciples shouted in grief.

“Master treated us like gems, taught us sword techniques and nurtured our cultivation. He was just like our biological parents!! Now that master had been murdered and the murderer is running free!! I would like second clan elder to uphold justice for master and clan elder Shen Hong! Attack blossom heart valley and dismember Su Yun’s body!”

“Please uphold justice for us, second clan elder and dismember Su Yun’s body!”

The disciples shouted unanimously.

Standing from one side, Su Yang Nian was shocked to see this.

Yet, Shen Hong’s favourite disciple, Bai Yan Shan stood at the side still.

She did not kneel nor kowtow nor plead.

Tang Tian kept his gaze and looked towards Bai Yan Shan. he asked: “Yan Shan, all your brothers and sisters have came up to to plead. Why are you not saying anything?”

Bai Yan Shan looked up and looked towards Tang Tian with her flawless, petite face. Then, she shook her head lightly.

“Don’t you want to seek revenge for your master?” Tang Tian knitted his brows.

“Nope.” A soft, and gentle voice emerged.


“Revenge must be seeked but I don’t wish to borrow any help from the sect. I would like to kill my enemy on my own.”

Her voice was still gentle but was filled with tenacity!