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Good Things

It was all just a one sided love.

Su Yun smiled bitterly as he shook his head: “So that means now that I’ve sealed the contract, you’ve to serve me for five thousand years?”

“Heh, how is that possible? My sword wheel had been spinning for four thousand nine hundred and ninety rounds. There’s ten rounds left and that means, my contract only has ten years left. I’ll only serve you for ten years!” sword replied.

“Only ten years? No thanks.”

Su Yun shrugged: “You’re free now! I have absolutely no interest in using a lady as a sword.”

“You!” The lady was flustered. Clenching her teeth: “You really think I’m willing? Your cultivation level is so low, how are you fit to be my owner? Once this contract has been sealed, it can’t be broken! If I leave you, or leave this sword sheath, my cultivation will fade away! I have to stay by your side for ten years, until this contract ends.”

“Fade away? Where will it fade to?”

“You don’t have to know.” the girl’s eyes glimmered with radiance.

“Oh? Don’t tell me it’ll be transferred to me?” Su Yun laughed.

The girl remained quiet.

Su Yun did not probe further. Right now, he wanted to get away. It was obviously impossible for him to obtain another sword. Glancing at the girl, he asked: “You said you’re a sword but there’s not a sword on you? How am I supposed to use this sword?”

Could it be a unique sword technique?


The girl pointed to her chest and said blandly: “The sword seal contains all of my cultivation level. After pulling the sword out, I’ll be no different from an ordinary human being. When you’re using my sword, you have to ensure my safety at all times. If I die, all the cultivation that I have placed on the sword would be gone!”

She pointed to Su Yun’s chest and said: “Now, you have a sword seal on your chest too. The only person that has the sword seal can pull out my sword!”

“You have placed all your cultivation in the sword?”

Su Yun’s eyes lit up as he stared at her fair chest. His eyes were burning with passion.

Suddenly, he reached out for it.

Then, the girl retreated quickly, covering her chest she asked frantically: “What are you doing?”

“Pulling out the sword!” Su Yun said.

“You think you can use my sword any time? Unless it’s under specific circumstances, you must not use me!”

After hearing that, Su Yun frowned: “You’re serving me now, shouldn’t I familiarise myself with this sword of yours? Isn’t this considered a special circumstance? Now, this is a special circumstance!”


“Hehe, good! Good! You’re merely just saying this. In fact, you’re not agreeing to it. You’re so hard to please! I don’t want a sword like you!”

Su Yun was too lazy to bullshit anymore with this girl. He turned and left right away!

Wasn’t she just toying with him now!

“Come back!!” The girl stamped her feet and shouted anxiously.

But Su Yun could not bother any more. Stepping into the air, he left the sword sheath.

Hua la.

Very quickly, he was back at Heavenly Dog Mountain’s cave.

Looking at the sword sheath on the ground, he sat crossed legged, spat out some impure Qi, and began borrowing the unique profound spirit qi in the Heavenly Dog Mountain to recover his own Qi.

Although this time, he obtained a new sword without much difficulty, he was still down on his luck.

He never once got a sword out, and instead, he met a crazy girl instead.

“I don’t know if she’ll be in danger, or if she is a threat.”

Su Yun muttered and pulled open his clothes to look at his chest. Indeed, there was a glowing sword seal.

Once his profound spirit qi had recovered, Su Yun kept his sword sheath and set off towards Great Empress Nation.

The purple horned beast was recharged in the Heavenly Dog Mountain. Its body was covered with Profound Spirit Qi as though he had popped some pills and was walking at full charge. The grounds were shaking and very soon, they arrived at Great Empress Nation.

In front of the palace of Great Empress Nation.

“Please send a report to the king of Great Empress Nation that there’s someone from Blossom Heart Valley here to visit.”

Su Yun stopped in front of the door and shouted towards a soldier donned in purple armour.

“Blossom Heart Valley?”

The soldier in purple armor studied Su Yun. Seeing this young lad so puerile, he waved frustratingly: “The king is busy. He has no time for you. Please leave!”

“Quick, move it!”

The soldiers shouted, intending to scare Su Yun away.


A sword was pulled out and a sharp sword Qi rippled. With a turn of his hands, he pierced the sword into the ground.

“I’m sorry. I must have said it wrongly. Go and report now and tell your king the clan elder of Blossom Heart Valley, Su Yun is here to see him!! He shall bear the consequences if he refuses to me!!”

“Clan elder?”

The soldiers were shocked. Looking at the sword pierced into the ground, they were all in fear.

If he was a clan elder, naturally he was different.

Although Great Empress Nation was a country, their power is just as strong as a sect. There were not many experts in that nation, they held very few lands and so, they were sure not to offend people from Blossom Heart Valley.

“You’re the clan elder? Don’t try to smoke your ass around!”

“The badge is here!”

He took out the badge Pill King had bestowed to him.

The soldiers glanced at it and could not find any flaws on it.

“So, so you were actually actually a clan elder. Subordinate will go and make a report!”

The soldiers bowed politely and scurried off.

At the hall in the palace, a plump, middle-aged man sat in a dragon robe and a crown. He looked at the incoming man with dignity.

There was only one minister beside him. Other than him, the rest of the cabinet had not arrived.

“Su Yun pays respects to your majesty!”

Su Yun cupped his fist.

“You’re the clan elder of blossom heart valley?” The king of Great Empress Nation frowned and asked: “Since when did Blossom Heart Valley have such a young clan elder?”

“Just recently.”

Su Yun chuckled.

Blossom Heart Valley was situated at the border of Jue Lian District and Great Cyan District. From here, one needed to travel for days. In such a short period of time, the king of Great Empress Nation couldn’t tell if Su Yun’s identity was real. Moreover, he had the badge from pill king as a proof. There was no doubt about his identity.

“Is that so?” the King of Great Empress Nation was suspicious but who dared to play a joke like this? Also, the badge was truly from Blossom Heart Valley. The minister could see he was not a simple man, could not see his cultivation, and dared not offend him. The minister was a Spirit Soul Disciple cultivator and was strong, but if even he could not see the depths of this person, could it be that this person was an unknown strong martial artist?

“The diplomatic relations between Great Empress Nation and Blossom Heart Valley has always been great. May I know why the Blossom Heart Valley sent a clan elder to my Great Empress Nation?”

“Oh, I’m here to seek for an item to save a person. This item is called ‘Wu Huang Flower’. As of now, only the people of Great Empress Nation are in possession of it. I have been searching high and low for it yet to no avail. And so, I’m here to ask for help.”

Su Yun begged.

“Wu Huang Flower?”

The king and ministers looked at one another, all of their faces sunk.

“I do have one Wu Huang Flower. This item is mainly used for cultivating pills. I have no powerful cultivating pill master in Great Empress Nation and it’s useless for me to keep it. I can most definitely gift it to you but this has been reserved by another person.”

Hong Xiang looked bad: “Not long ago, the people from Ming Ying School purchased the Wu Huang Flower with a great deal of money. I have promised them and they should be here to collect it, so I can no longer give the Wu Huang Flower to you. Please forgive me.”


Su Yun was stunned. He lowered his head and pondered: “I’ll exchange it with treasures and money too. Please hand it over to me! I need it to save a person!”


Hong Xiang was in a difficult position now

Great Empress Nation dared not offend words from blossom Heart Valley but it did not mean the people from Ming Ying School was easy to offend either.

“I’ll provide a batch of most useful recipes of pills for you. They are the rarest items on earth. With them, your country can grow and expand. You’re not lacking in money, I believe this is what you need?”

“Recipes to make pills?”

Hong Xiang was moved.

Indeed, the Great Empress Nation produced ingredients and was never short of money. They lacked of techniques. Only, they had already promised, and how could they go back on their words?

Seeing that Hong Xiang and the ministers were thinking twice, Su Yun made use of this chance and gave them more advantages. But right at this moment, a crisp voice rang.

“Don’t even think about taking the Wu Huang Flower! Nobody can take away the things Ming Ying School wants!”

Su Yun looked towards the arrogant voice, he saw a man whose body was covered in accessories and had two daggers along with black needles hanging around his waist walking towards him.

The man was pale and in between his brows, there was a tear drop. Right at this moment, he smirked at Su Yun.

Behind him were eight masked men who also had a body covered with accessories. Only, their aura had a deathly presence.

Right, an aura of death.

There was not much life in them. If it was not for them walking, and standing in front, everyone would have thought they were dead.

Su Yun stared at these men and felt something was off. Then, the man walked over and cupped his fist to king Hong Xiang: “Your Majesty, I wonder if you’re done preparing? I need to take it immediately!”

Su Yun frowned slightly.

“It has all been prepared.”

Hong Xiang shot a look at the minister. Nodded, he raised his hands and shouted: “Bring it over!”

Very quickly, a eunuch brought a embroidered box over.

That Qi, it was Wu Huang Flower!

Su Yun looked solemn.

He was only left with the Wu Huang Flower and aqua meteorite. Currently, he knew that Great Empress Nation had one Wu Huang Flower. It was very hard to grow Wu Huang Flower and searching for it would be extremely tedious. If he did not take it now, he did not know when he would be able to get his hands on one.

The eunuch passed the embroidered box to Hong Xiang. Hong Xiang took it over and walked towards the man who had a row of black needles hung around his waist.

“Master Hu Fa, in this embroidered box is the Wu Huang Flower. Don’t go back on your words!”

“I won’t dare to! You’ve asked for it personally, and I shall return it in your hands!”

The man laughed as he took the embroidered box. Then he reached out into his storage ring.

“Wait a minute!”

Su Yun opened his mouth.


The two looked at him.

Su yun stared at the man with black needles and hesitated: “Can you exchange Wu Huang Flower with me?”

“Give it to you?”

The man stared at Su Yun with eyes wide open before he laughed: “Hahaha, who are you young lad? Why should I give it to you?”

“This is the clan elder of Blossom Heart Valley!”

Hong Xiang said.

“Clan elder from Blossom Heart Valley? Since when did Blossom Heart Valley nominate such a young clan elder? But, even if you’re from Blossom Heart Valley, I still won’t give it to you! Who do you think you are, trying to take things away from my Ming Ying School? Fuck off! Don’t even think about it.”

The man kept his smile and ignored this ‘clan elder’ from Blossom Heart Valley.

Just as he was about to walk out of the hall, Su Yun opened his mouth again: “What must I do for you to give Wu Huang Flower to me? Lay out the conditions, any conditions! This Wu Huang Flower is very important to me. I need to have it!”


The man stopped in his foot tracks, turned to look at Su Yun. His eyes lit up as though he had thought of something.

“You really want it?”

“Of course!”

“I can give it to you. Actually, I’m using it as a betrothal gift. But since you’ve said it, then let me think about the conditions.” The man caressed his head and thought carefully as he studied Su Yun then he asked: “What’s your cultivation level?”

“Eighth rank of Spirit Intermediate Disciple!”

“So low?”

Hong Xiang and the man was shocked.

Su Yun removed the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye.

When his Qi flowed out, everyone believed him.

“Seemed like you have a pretty awesome treasure on hand.”

The man said and walked over. Closing his eyes, he sniffed his Qi and his eyes lit up: “Young rascal, your Qi is very pure. Seems like your gifts are good!”

“Why are you asking this?”

“Hehe, I’m just asking, young lad. If you really want Wu Huang Flower, help me settle some things. Once that is done, it will belong to you. How’s that?”

“What is it?”

“Something good!” the man giggled.