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In the small house without windows, the lustrous and moist array was activated, releasing a big and strong light.

Qing Er, who was in a snow white blademaster robe stood straight in the center of the array, her black colored eyes staring straight at Su Yun with her mouth agape. Her fair cheeks became rosy red, she was extremely adorable.

Very quickly, she regained her senses, her exquisite and fine body was moving shyly, her delicate jet black hair was floating, hanging down from her head. She was extremely bashful, and her entire being was very uncomfortable, as though she was a new bride entering the bridal room.

Upon seeing that, Su Yun was stunned, and regained his senses very quickly.

He couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. He coughed lightly and put on a honorable front saying: “Qing Er, don’t be mistaken, I didn’t mean it that way, very soon the diagnosis would require disrobing, doing so will ensure that the Qi could completely enter your body to analyze how much the demonic poison had flared up, hence the need to disrobe. I will never ever take advantage of you!”

“So, so it’s like that.”

Qing Er’s cheeks was still red, her eyes staring at her toes, she did not dare look up. Her hands were nervously holding onto her robes, not knowing whether to disrobe or not.

Su Yun thought for awhile, took a deep breath and said: “Don’t be like this, Qing Er, I… I will turn first and wait until the Profound Spirit Qi has blocked your body after you have disrobed, it will be better then.”

“No… No need, Young Master, Qing Er is fine.”

Qing Er bit her lips tightly, her small hands extending out to her own clothes, she closed her eyes, her long eyelashes shivering slightly, her tender and alluring hands, pulled on the cloth.

Su Yun anxiously turned his body.

His lust flared, he was not some kind of noble person, but he was willing to respect Qing Er.

This was the most basic form of respect.

After a few light sounds and rustling noises from behind, a shivering cat like sound came out.

“Young… Young Master, I am… I am done.”

“Oh, the Profound Spirit Qi has shrouded you already?”

Su Yun said as he turned.

Once he turned, his eyes became huge, his state of mind urging him to unsheathe.

(TN: he became lustful I guess. Unsheathe…)

Looking in the middle of the array, a perfect jadelike body appeared in his view, this maiden had pure white and soft skin. Her entire body was flawless like jade, her one hand horizontal across her perfect bosom, the arc of her chest was incomparably alluring, one hand covering her lower body. Covering her bottom, was her exquisite long black hair that was in a mess on her shoulders. She leaned towards one side, her eyes closed shut, gently biting her lips, her cheeks so red as though blood was going to flow out.

Only after a while did Su Yun regain his senses, and he anxiously blurted out: “Qing Er, you!”

“Young Master, it’s ok” Qing Er said while eyes still closed, her voice was weak and slow: “Qing Er… Qing Er is ok. Young Master, if… If you dislike Qing Er’s body, it is also ok…”

It was after a huge determination that the young lady say those words, after the words came out, her face flushed even redder, as though that if you were to lightly touch it, the blood would instantly flow out.

Su Yun stood there stunned, suddenly his heart was like a mirror, the desire immediately dissipating by half.

Why did Qing Er say that? Does she like me?

Or does she only care about me… But does she really have feelings for me?”

Su Yun did not know, maybe she just wanted to repay the kindness his parents gave her.

Su Yun took a deep breath, the sinful thoughts were quickly suppressed. After that, he released some translucent profound spirit qi, covered her body, and then sat beside her.

“Qing Er, don’t think so much, I am not an asshole. You are still poisoned, now what we need to do is cure this poison, how can we do any other thing? There’s not much time, we should quickly start.”

Hearing that, Qing Er’s confused heart calmed down. She slowly opened her eyes and saw her Young Master smiling warmly at herself, his eyes intimate.

Qing Er’s heart felt warm, yet for some reason, an odd feeling surrounded her.

She nodded her head and her shyness dropped as she sat cross legged.

Very quickly, Su Yun began attacking the problem.

Seeing the gentle, beautiful and peaceful girl who was like an angel, Su Yun’s heart suddenly had an impulsive feeling.

Taking a deep breath, he extended his hand to lift Qing Er’s white and soft hands, gently holding them, and began rotating his Qi, activating the array.


The big array was activated and roared to life, the entire array releasing a huge amount of clean Qi, moving like silk towards Qing Er’s tender and soft body and bored into her.

One day later.

Su Yun’s pale face opened his eyes, Qing Er had already fainted.

Using the array to analyze the poison in the body would cause the poison to act up, meaning that Qing Er would be experiencing the painful and torturous pain in the days to come.

Although it was not fatal, it was enough to cause torment.

Su Yun walked over, took the robes up, and helped the girl to get dressed, feeling the exquisite and soft smooth skin, his heart kept throbbing.

Some time later, Qing Er slowly opened her eyes and saw the Young Master helping her get dressed, the redness that was pressed down surfaced up again, she closed her eyes, she did not dare look, only until Su Yun called her did she dare open her eyes.

But the current Su Yun had a heavy and imposing look on his face, in between his eyebrows was filled with worry.

Upon seeing that, QIng Er’s affectionate heart jumped, and she hurriedly asked: “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

Su Yun did not say anything, as he lowered his head to think.

After awhile, he opened his mouth and said: “Qing Er, I think you shall stay here too!”

“Stay here?” Qing Er was shocked: “Stay in this Blossom Heart Valley? Young Master, don’t tell me you wish to leave here alone?”

Su Yun fiercely took a breath, and said: “You already had the poison for three years, if we were to follow the standard way of removing the Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison, I’m afraid it’ll be hard to see results, so I am determined to go find some medicinal ingredients for you, to concoct a special medicinal pill, maybe this pill will be able to cleanse the demonic poison in you!”

“Then Qing Er will go with Young Master.”

“That’s not possible. Since we have escaped the Su Family, you will be unable to consume the suppressing drug everyday. The demonic poison can activate at anytime, as the medicinal expert, I am more at ease knowing you’re here at Blossom Heart Valley. Before I leave, I will leave behind some recipe to suppress the demonic poison, for this short period of time there should be no problem.”

“Young Master,” Qing Er looked at him worriedly, and said: “Then will you be in danger?”

Su Yun was momentarily stunned, but expressed a smile: “Relax! Nothing will happen to me, and also, I am the Limitless Sword Lord! My cultivation is very powerful!!”

His words were relaxed, with a tone of teasing in it.

Qing Er only laughed, and did not say anything, the worry in her eyes getting denser and denser.

The two of them left the small house, and Su Yun let Xin Yue and Xing Yan arrange a place for Qing Er to rest, while he went to find the PIll King.

Inside the Pill King Pavilion.

“I want to see the the Master of the Valley!”

Su Yun entered the door, called for the Pill King, and directly opened his mouth to ask.

“See the Master?”

Pill King was stunned, as he shook his head: “Young brother, you have come at the wrong time, Master is now in closed door cultivation, I’m afraid you cannot see her! What do you need?”

Su Yun hesitated for a while, suddenly raised his head, stared at Pill King, and asked: “I have an exceptional secret recipe! I wish to share it with the Master, it is related to the Spirit Life Qi!”


When the Pill King heard him, he was stunned, his sunken eyes suddenly lit up, his entire person appearing in front of Su Yun in a flash, grabbing him by the hands and anxiously shouting: “Hurry and tell me, hurry and tell me! Young man, what secret recipe?”

“Many people from Blossom Heart Valley cultivate the Spirit Life Qi, this secret recipe of mine, if focusedly researched on, can create a pill that is beneficial to the Valley, people who cultivate in the Spirit Life Qi would definitely have so much benefits they can never think of. Initially, I did not wish to share it with the noble valley, but I have some matters that I wish the valley can help me out with, due to helplessness, I have no choice but to use it as my condition, if you, Pill King can make this choice for the valley, and accept my conditions, the secret recipe will be in your hands!”

“Make decisions? I can of course make decisions!! Whatever you need, just let me know!! I will definitely accept!!”

Pill King patted his frail and thin chest and promised.

“Since the Pill King has stated so, then I will not hold back!”

Su Yun became serious, and continued: “I plan to leave Jue Lian District tomorrow, to go and gather more ingredients, to concoct a pill to help cure Qing Er, although she will be here in the valley, I am still worried. I have brought Qing Er to elope from the Su Family, the Profound Sky Sect and the Su family will not leave it at that, they will definitely come here sooner or later, so what I want is, that I hope that the valley can have guards to protect and safeguard Qing Er.”

“That is a natural, little brother, you do not need to say that, I will not neglect her!”

“What I mean by guards is not those ordinary disciple guards, I wish the valley can dispatch your elite disciples of the Poison Immortal Valley.”

“Ah?” Pill King’s face changed, his face was like a rock, only after a period of time did he continue: “How do you know of the Poison Immortal Valley people?”

Su Yun shook his head, and said: “The magical hands that can bring the dead to life, Blossom Heart Valley, and the intangible killers, Poison Immortals, Blossom Heart Valley is Jue Lian District’s brilliant and outstanding famous sect, how can they not have their own means of protection? Although the existence of the Poison Immortal Valley is not known to many, but to me it is no secret, after all my research on pharmacology aspect is so profound, but the things I hear from others are even more!”

When he heard it, Pill King was quiet for awhile, after a long consideration, he frowned: “I have to look for the other elders to discuss this matter.”

“I do not wish for any discussion, but whether or not they can come out to protect Qing Er, if they are unable to do it, I, Su Yun, will go and find other people who can!”

Seeing Su Yun’s resolve, Pill King did not dare doubt him, and directly said: “Yes, we can!”

“Very good!”

Su Yun nodded his head: “I also need a few things to prepare, other than that, I need a hundred thousand Spirit Coins, and one strong Purple Horned Beast!”

Su Yun said, following that he wrote a list of things and handed it over.

Pill King took it, and attentively took a look at it.

“Relax, compared to this, the secret recipe is much more precious!!”

Su Yun said.

Pill King did not say anything, after a long while, he kept the list, his face was full of seriousness: “Deal!!”

“I will set off tomorrow!”

Su Yun took out another paper, wrote down a prescription from his storage ring, and gave it to Pill King.