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Feigning Illness

Inside the residence of the Su Family Main House.

A big group of disciples under the lead of Su Tai and Su Shi Long entered the mansion.

All the elites of the Su Family entered the main hall. Su Li Xiong, who was wearing a luxurious violet robe had a gloomy expression across his face.

The main house’s disciples waited outside the hall while Su Tai and Su Shi Long entered the hall directly. Su Tai dashed into the hall and knelt down instantly, with tears streaming down his face. With anger and despair, he complained about the Limitless sins. On top of that, he continuously moaned for the death of Great Clan Elder.

Everyone who was present frowned and boiled with anger the moment they heard his story.


Su Li Xiong slapped one of his hands down. With his face sunken, he bellowed: “The Su Family will make him pay with his life!!”

“I vow to avenge for Great Clan Elder’s death!”

The higher ups in the Su Family stood up one by one and shouted unanimously.

Su Li Xiong nodded. He regained a colours on his face, stared at Su Tai and asked seriously: “Where is Young Miss?”

“Young Miss?”

Su Tai broke out in cold sweat when he heard his question. Then, he replied: “When young miss came down from Wu Shuang Jue peak, she had been in bed and could not get out. It was as though she had been injured badly at Wu Shuang Jue peak and cannot recover.”

“How did she get hurt? Can’t the spiritual doctors heal her?” Su Li Xiong knitted his brows.

“Everything happened too suddenly. I also don’t know how young miss would get hurt. The spiritual doctors could not find out the reason either! They only know her Qi channels had gone pale, and her meridians are impeded. Her pulse is weak and it is hard to predict how her condition would turn. It might be the Vanishing Yang sickness, she must not get in touch with light. Now, young miss is situated at the foot of Martial Bone Mountain to avoid getting in contact with sunlight as she waits for a cure!”

Su Tai lowered his head to answer.

“Is that so?”

Su Li Xiong heard and pondered before he said: “It’s important that nothing goes wrong with Young Miss. Quick, send two batches of people, one towards Blossom Heart Valley to see if they can invite Gui Mo Jue or Pill King to cure her. That would be the best, of course. If it is impossible, then have them prescribe some medicines for her and send them over quickly. As for the other batch, send them to Profound Sky Sect and inform them of this. Let them think of a way to cure Young Miss!”

“Yes master!”

Su Tai replied quickly.


Su Li Xiong carried a solemn face and nodded: “Go take a look on how young miss is. I hope the extent of her injuries will do her less harm. Young Miss is very important to the Su Family. Nothing must happen to her!”

“Yes, patriarch!”

Su Tai got up hastily and turned to bow: “Please, patriarch!”

Su Li Xiong nodded and stepped out of the hall with his arms folded.

A group of higher ups followed behind.

Martial Bone Mountain is situated at the southern side of the inner sect. From the main house, there was a bit of journey to Martial Bone Mountain. Although it would only take Su Family’s patriarch, Su Li Xiong half an hour to reach Martial Bone Mountain, but with so many people behind him, he would not be able to travel quickly.

They rode on spirit stallions as the guards walked beside the carriage in which patriarch was in and set off towards Martial Bone Mountain.


“Su Tai!”

Su Li Xiong shouted from within the carriage.

Su Tai, who was riding on a spirit stallion twisted his body and quickly rode over.

“Is there anything wrong, patriarch?” Su Tai said anxiously. On his face, he forced a smile out even though no one in the carriage bothered to look at him.

“I forgot to ask!” A blurry silhouette behind a curtain asked in a low voice: “I remember the Great Clan Elder arranged for an outer sect disciples, Su Yun to participate in this meeting of heroes. Do you know how he is now?”

“Su Yun?”

Su Tai looked shocked.

“After you have come back, I heard some stuffs about him. This man did not return back to Su Family, right? According to rumours, he had betrayed the Su Family! Is that true?”


There was a slight change in Su Tai’s expression. His eyes darted around and thought for awhile before he quickly caught on: “Patriarch, these are all just rumours. Su Yun is still in the outer sect. How can he betray and leave the Su Family? Haha, patriarch, you must have heard wrongly! Don’t be misled by the rumours!”


Su Li Xiong never said a word again.

Su Tai observed and sighed a relief secretly.

After the death of Great Clan Elder, he was in charge of the disciples. There was no way he would not know about this. If he had confirmed the rumours that Su Yun had betrayed and left the Su Family, then the patriarch would probably questioned him why did he not mentioned this beforehand.

If he acted ignorant, then it would be impossible too! How could a clan elder land in such a state?

The carriage continued its way into the Martial Bone Mountain.

After about an hour later.

The main house carriage arrived at the foot of Martial Bone Mountain.

The front line guards all looked suspicious as they ran up in fear.

“We pay respects to the Patriarch!”


Su Li Xiong lifted his curtains and came out from the carriage. With a stern gaze, he scanned the barricades in front of him and shouted: “Open up the barricades, let me see the young Miss!”

“Young Miss?”

The guards were all confused. Looking at one another, the guards cupped their fists and replied: “Reporting to the Patriarch, young miss has never arrived here!”

“She didn’t come here?”

A look of doubt flashed across his eyes.

Su Tai then walked up from the side and roared: “Bullshit! The spiritual doctors diagnosed that the young miss has probably contracted the Vanishing Yang Sickness, must not get in contact with sunlight, so young miss ordered the slaves to bring her down to Martial Bone Mountain to avoid the sun! Young Miss is obviously here, how can she not be here?”

The captain did not fear Su Tai. He cupped his fists and replied: “Reporting to the Patriarch, Martial Bone Mountain is a forbidden grounds for the Su Family. No matter who, without patriarch’s permission, no one can get through. I can’t open it up for them. On top of that, the yang Qi at Martial Bone Mountain is extremely strong. Around the mountain, there is a gust of oxygen. Entering without using the Avoiding Poison pills would be the death of one. She’s here to recover? I have never heard of it before!”

“Then you’re saying that young miss has not been to Martial Bone Mountain before?”

“Reporting to the Patriarch! Miss has never been to this place. Subordinate has never opened the Martial Bone Mountain’s realm!”

Su Li Xiong frowned even deeper when he heard that.

He turned around and glared at Su Tai who had turned pale. Asking sarcastically: “What is happening??”

“This, I heard from Su Shi Long that miss will be recuperating here. Other than that, I, I really don’t know!” Su Tai knees went weak and knelt down. He said in fear.

Su Shi Long who was behind rushed up anxiously, kneeled down as well, and said: “Reporting to the Patriarch, this matter was informed to me directly by the Young Miss. To allow this subordinate to inform the second clan elder, I did not know anything else! As your subordinate, I had no idea whether or not Young Miss went to the Martial Bone Mountain, I hope Patriarch understands!”

Su Li Xiong stood there in deep thought for a while: “Then have you all personally seen the Young Miss get injured?”

“This….” Su Tai and Su Shi Long looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Upon seeing this, Su Li Xiong’s face turned black, he immediately turned, staring at the main house’s direction, thinking about something.

Suddenly, smoke could be seen in the sky from far away.

Su Li Xiong’s face changed, and he said in a low voice: “Quickly, return to the main house at top speed!”

Saying that, Su Li Xiong’s feet swept slightly, soaring into the sky, the Profound Spirit Qi was released on his whole body, his entire person flying straight towards the main house.

When the other experts of the main house heard him, how could they dare delay? They all chased after Su Li Xiong one after another heading towards the Main house.

While Su Shi Long and Su Tai who were kneeling down the entire time, stood up, turned and got on their spirit stallions, but they did not anxiously follow along, the two of them looked at each other, standing at the same place for a while.

After seeing Su Li Xiong running far away, they immediately turned their stallions, and ran quickly at the opposite direction.

“These two masters, where are you going?”

The main house people asked.

“I have other things to do, you all quickly follow the patriarch back to take a look!” Su Tai answered.

The rest nodded, they did not dare doubt him.

Su Li Xiong’s speed was very fast, without holding restraint, he rushed into the main house.

When he entered, sound after sounds of explosion could be heard, dense and thick smoke was floating upwards, countless buildings were broken, as though they were struck by something.

“Patriarch!! Not Good!! The people of Xiao Feng Hall are currently attacking the main house Jin’s Hall, and fighting with the Jin’s Hall guards!!”

Someone shouted from far away.

Su Li Xiong face was gloomy, he gazed over, recognized the main house supervisor Su Luo, quickly advanced, pressed on his shoulder and asked: “What did you say? Xiao Feng Hall people are fighting with the Jin’s Hall guards?”

“Yes! Patriarch, we had already sent someone to stop them, but the people of Xiao Feng Hall are claiming that under the orders of second clan elder Su Tai, they must open up the Jin hall, but the guards of the Jin Hall said that without the Patriarch’s orders, no one can open the Jin Hall. However, the people from Xiao Feng hall did not stop, seeing that they were not listening, they decided to break into the Jin Hall!”

“Xiao Feng Hall directly belongs to second clan elder Su Tai’s group, without his orders, no one can initiate them! And Su Tai was just with me together, who can order the Xiao Feng Hall? Are you lying to me!!” Su Li Xiong bellowed.

Su Luo’s face turned white, his entire body shivered, his breathing became rapid: “Patriarch, how could I, Su Luo dare to lie to you? But, the one who brought the group was not Second Elder Su Tai himself, but Young Miss Qing Er!”


Su Li Xiong’s voice almost broke Su Luo’s ear drums.

“Patriarch!! Young Miss Qing Er was using Elder Su Tai’s command plate to bring the Xiao Feng Hall! With the command plate, how could they dare to not follow??”

When he heard him, Su Li Xiong finally understood.

His eyes was burning with rage, the anger in his heart almost caused his five visceras and six bowels to burn!
(TN: Five viscera and six bowels is a chinese idiom to say the entire body including the rectum)

He immediately said: “From now on! Using my name spread to the entire Su Family the highest order! The order of arrest of Su Tai and Su Shi Long! Also, the order of arrest for Su Qing Er, and put these three people at the top of the wanted list for the Su Family, and immediately go and capture them!! Quickly!!”

“Order of arrest?” Su Luo did not understand.

“I’m afraid they have already starting escaping!! Hurry send people to catch them, quickly!!”

Su Li Xiong’s voice was as heavy as a mountain, when he said that, everyone moved, rushing towards the Jin Hall.

Su Luo still stood there stupidly, only after a while did he regain his senses.

Inside the Jin Hall.

The people from Xiao Feng Hall were still fighting with the guards, everywhere was blood, the roof and walls were broken, everywhere was in a mess, the realm had already stopped moving , all the different sorts and kinds of mystical techniques were consistently ravaging the building.

While the big door inside the Jin Hall was already broken down, and a big group of Xiao Feng hall guards rushed in.

“Everyone stop!!!”

Su Li Xiong seeing all these, used his lion voice and loudly yelled.

Mixed in his shout was his Profound Spirit Qi that caused a rich sound wave to ripple, causing people to feel nauseous, seeing the Patriarch, who dared to still move? All of them immediately stopped.

The Patriarch ignored everyone, upon seeing that the realm was opened, the Jin Hall Big door broken down, he bellowed: “Where is Qing Er??”

“Young Miss Qing Er already left!”

“Left to where??”

“I think it was Martial Bone Mountain’s direction!!”

Someone shouted.

An unextinguishable flame appeared in Su Li Xiong’s eyes, he struck onto the broken metal wall, and angrily shouted;” Everyone listen up, now!! Follow me and chase Qing Er, we must capture her alive, even if she retaliates! The important thing is that she must be alive, understood?”

“Yes sir!!!”