Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 155
Hundred Swords Soar (Part X)

“This time, we cannot hesitate anymore!”

The Great Clan Elder stood up from his chair, and shouted: “Everyone follow me, find the appropriate chance, and take away the ‘Monarch Occult Force’!

“Great Clan Elder, fellow sect members, although my Su Family is the weakest, but now that everyone is killing each other. Su Tai thinks that it is best to be tactful and not take what we have not earned, wait for everyone to fight to their deaths, then we make our move, only then will we have the hope of taking that Treasure!”

Su Tai anxiously said.

It was not that he didn’t want the Monarch Occult Force, but he was truly too weak. If the Great Clan Elder really did go up, and joined the fray, he, with his weak cultivation would simply lose his life. With that kind of danger, he was against it.

“If you’re afraid of the slightest things, how can you do big things? In this mess, we must do something unexpected, catch them off guard, and steal the Monarch Occult Force!! With it, Our Su Family will be much stronger!!”

When Su Tai heard him, his face turned bitter, suddenly, he somehow saw something, so he anxiously extended his hand out to pull the Great Clan Elder’s robes. Soon after, he secretly gave the other a meaningful look.

The Great Clan Elder frowned, following the direction of Su Tai’s discreet pointers, he saw the side of the Profound Sky Sect. Tian Du who was the in charge of Profound Sky Sect, was coldly looking over.

The Great Clan Elder’s face was startled, the expression in his eyes swaying.

He thought for a while, did not make any more sound, and did not make any other moves.


Just at this time, a shout came out.

Killing Intent resonated towards them.

The Great Clan Elder was stunned, he turned his gaze, only to see a hundred blood dyed flying swords flying over here!!

“Father be careful!! Dodge!”

Su Dong Fang Shouted in a panic.


Upon hearing that, The Great Clan Elder dodged in panic.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

A large number of flying swords pierced into the Great Clan Elder’s original position, the sword body shivered, the sound of the swords permeating the entire place.

His heart shivered, he recognized the sword, and knew whose blood it was tainted with.

Looking up, he saw the masked man dressed in the black blademaster robe, after getting away from the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect, he walked over towards him.

Those eyes!

That sinister smile.

Great Clan Elder’s expression was distracted, suddenly experiencing Deja Vu!

“It’s the Sword Lord!!”

“He…. He wants to kill the Great Clan Elder??”

The Disciples of the Su Family were in a panic.

After killing Shen Hong, Limitless Sword Lord is actually pointing his sword to the Great Clan Elder of the Su Family? What was he up to?

“Sword Lord!! You and me have no grudge, why do you.. You want to kill me?”

Great Clan Elder retreated a few steps, his face pale as he shouted.

An existence such as Shen Hong, died so tragically under Sword Lord’s hands, how could he possible block such a person?

“Why do I want to kill you?”

Su Yun walked over, his bloodshot pupils was in contrast with the dense fanaticism in his eyes.

“You want me dead! Why shouldn’t I kill you?”

“I want you dead?”

The Great Clan Elder was stunned, his head could not comprehend everything, but in a moment, he suddenly thought of something, his eyes grew big, becoming so big it almost popped out, in that moment, he knew who this person was.

“You… You are Su… Su Yun? You’re Su Yun??”


The swords that was pierced into the ground started vibrating again, all of them flying out from the ground, spiralling into the air, after that scattering once again, forming a large net, surrounding the Great Clan Elder,

The Great Clan Elder moved his hand, the green gem storage ring on his finger releasing a bright light. The light was like wind, blowing away the hundred flying swords. The hundred swords turned over, the sword edge facing the opposing direction.

“I never expected that you would hide it so well!”

The Great Clan Elder regained his senses, took in a deep breath and shouted: “But you are looking down on people too much, even if you are Limitless, So what? Kill me? In your dreams!!”

Saying that, the Great Clan Elder directly turned his body, took out a green leaf that was like a treasure, soaring it into the air, suddenly becoming the size of a small boat. He jumped into it, in an attempt to escape.

Su Yun thought that he could kill him easily, never did he expect his opponent to have such a method.

“You think you can run?”

Su Yun’s eyes released a light, activating the huge rock spirit nucleus, the grey light soaring over.


Adding the support of the Heavenly Crystal, his cultivation became much stronger, causing the light aura to cause the opponent to become petrified faster.

Even the treasure leaf was transformed into stone, and dropped from the sky.


Breaking from the impact of dropping on the floor, the Great Clan Elder was thrown savagely to the ground.

He tried to stand up, but his hands and legs were chopped off by the flying swords.


The Great Clan Elder released a painful scream. Fresh Blood flowed onto the floor, his long beard that reached to his waist was very messy.

No one from the Su Family dared to go up, everyone was scared, and stayed where they stood.

Against the Sword Lord, how could they dare to fight him?

“Miss Qing Er! Qing Er, quickly!! Go and save my father! Hurry and go and save my father!”

Su Dong Fan entire body was shivering, as he ran to Qing Er’s side and shouted.

Qing Er coldly looked at him, and said: “Master Dong Fang, that is your father and not mine, why are you not going up to save him but asking me to go?”

“I… I can’t beat him.”

“Master Dong Fang thinks I can defeat him?”

“You are our Su Family’s groomed seeded player, and is the strongest talent from our Su Family, you you will definitely win him, you definitely can!” Su DOng Fang had despair in his eyes.

“Let’s not say I cannot, but even if I could, I am already out of Qi and out of strength, the Great Clan Elder previously sent me up, and fought so many times consecutively, I have already exhausted almost all of my power, even if I have the heart to do so I am out of power, I hope Young Master understands that, Qing Er does not want to die!”

QIng Er lightly said.

All along, it was still the Great Clan Elder’s fault, who asked him to first send Qing Er up?

Su Dong Fang was in despair, as he dropped onto the ground.

Su Yun stepped on the broken ground, holding onto the Death Sword as he walked towards the Great Clan Elder, his gloomy Qi eventually enveloping whoever was on the floor.

He walked to the side of the person, seeing those eyes filled with fear, the face so ugly, he knelt down, took off the mask, to let the Great Clan Elder see his full face.

When that familiar face entered the eyes of the Great Clan Elder, his eyes almost popped out from the eye socket.

“It really is you.”

The Great Clan Elder weakly yet anxiously yelled.

“Why does the Patriarch want to gift Qing Er to the Profound Sky Sect, what agreement did the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect agree to? Why do you all want to compromise to the Profound Sky Sect?”

Su Yun said softly, his red eyes staring straight at the Great Clan Elder.

“You want to know?”

THe Great Clan Elder suddenly weakly laughed out: “ I won’t tell you ha ha ha I will just let you be anxious, let you be afraid, you will never know what happened to Qing Er’s body, ha ha ha ha!”


Su Yun once again put the mask back on, his mouth expressing a smile: “You don’t want to tell me? That’s great!”

He stood up, looked at the Great Clan Elder, lifted up the death sword in his hand.

“Kill me, just kill me, I still won’t tell you!”

The Great Clan Elder laughed.

But in the next second, the death sword suddenly turned, and struck.



A heart wrenching blood curdling scream came out.

The Great Clan Elder’s laugh froze, he hastily turned to one side, only to see a young man’s arms being chopped off by the death sword.

Following that Su Yun moved, in a moment he was beside that young man, his hand grabbing onto the neck of that young man, pulling him back!!

Su Dong Fang who was short of one arm was breaking out in cold sweat, his face distorted as Su Yun pulled him over, until they were in front of the Great Clan Elder. And threw him on the ground.

“Dong Fang!!” The Great Clan Elder anxiously screamed.

He stepped onto Su Dong Fang’s body, putting the sword tip aimed at the body.

“I will only give you one chance to decide… To speak, or not to speak.”

He looked down, and said coldly.

The Great Clan Elder only felt his heart freeze, his back trembling.

Seeing those red eyes, he never expected that this person would actually be that outer sect disciple that was banished, the trash Su Yun!

This person was like the devil!!

“I know very little, please let go of Dong Fang, he… He is innocent!! This matter, is between the Patriarch and the Profound Sky Sect, directly related to the highest level. I know little, they want to use Qing Er, and incorporate her body to carry out a plan!!”

The Great Clan Elder voice trembled as he said that.


Su Yun frowned: “So all that marriage was a fake?”

“It was just to fool the others!”

Su Yun’s heart dropped.

If they really needed Qing Er to realize a plan, then in the previous life why did the Profound Sky Sect kill Qing Er?

“Unless that plan is regardless of whether she is dead or alive? I have never seen her body then, so it means, they require only her body to do it?”

Su Yun felt his mind was in a mess, he knew that he only saw the tip of the iceberg.

Who cares, I just have to bring Qing Er away.

He thought for a while, and asked: “If Qing Er was to leave the Su Family, how will the Profound Sky Sect and the Su Family abandon the plan, and let go of her and not chase her?”

“Leave the Su Family?” The Great Clan Elder’s eyes widened, as though he was pierced by something, and immediately roared: “No!! She cannot leave the Su Family!! Definitely not!! Su Yun, Profound Sky Sect and the Su Family will chase you till the end of the earth to kill you two!! You cannot run away! Definitely not!!”

“Why are they not willing to give up Qing Er?” Su Yun grabbed the Great Clan Elder’s collar, fiercely asking face to face.

“Ha ha ha, I do not know, I only of so much. Su Yun, you can kill me, but you cannot defy the Profound Sky Sect!! You cannot defy them!!”

When he said that, the Great Clan Elder’s laugh became louder, and became crazier.


Just at this time, a wind blew over, following that, a thick and heavy tiger print long blade chopped towards Su Yun.

Su Yun felt it, and immediately retreated.


The big blade landed on the floor, splashing a large amount of Qi.

Su Yun stabilized himself, turned over to see, it was actually the person in charge of Profound Sky Sect.

He saw Tian Du grabbing the Great Clan Elder, dragging him away and saving him.

In that moment, the hundred swords flew up again, surrounding Tian Du as they continuously rotated, encircling to the point that not even water can pass through.

The relationship between Profound Sky Sect and the Su Family, seeing that Su Yun was asking about it, how could he be relaxed?

But from the previous bout, Su Yun did not have a lot of time to get everything out from the Great Clan Elder, so without waiting, he urged the hundred swords to kill the Great Clan Elder!

The hundred swords all started attacking. Tian Du’s power was limited, he was able to protect himself, but to protect the Great Clan Elder proved to be difficult.

The sound of flesh being cut was heard, Tian Du turned around only to see the Great Clan Elder’s body being cut by the swords, he was already dying, the chance to live was very minute.

There was a trace of anger in Tian Du’s eyes. He silently snorted, the big blade up in the sky was split, numerous blade edge exploded out, aiming towards Su Yun.

Su Yun dodged.

After dodging, Su Dong Fang who was still struggling on the floor had no time to dodge, his entire body took on all the Qi blades, and was cut into half alive.

The high prestige Young Master Su Dong Fang of the Su Family, died tragically on Wu Shuang Jue Peak.

Seeing that the Great Clan Elder could not live on, Tian Du’s face became even gloomier. He threw the elder onto the floor, and immediately turned to escape, bringing all the people from Profound Sky Sect out, ignoring even the ‘Monarch Occult Force’.