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Hundred Swords Soaring (Part VIII)

Perhaps maybe sometimes, I should put everything into a fight.

Perhaps maybe sometimes, I should not worry too much.

Since I am determined to do it, why constrain myself?

Since I have already set my heart to it, why apprehend myself?

Su Yun stood up, the blood red color in his eyes becoming even more dense.

He turned his body, only to see Qing Er quietly standing behind him, she was holding back her tears, quietly and peacefully watching him.

She did not disturb him, only quietly protecting him, quietly watching him.

Just like his last life, she had always been like that.

Regardless whether it was the old Su Yun, or the current Su Yun, her heart, had never changed.

“Qing Er!”

Su Yun hoarsely shouted.

“Young Master, are you ok?”

She lightly asked, she did not ask anything else, she only cared for his safety.

“I am fine.”

Su Yun expressed a pale smile: “Qing Er, be good, go back to the Su Family first, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Will you really come back safely?” Qing Er was thinking of reject him, but seeing the determination in his eyes, she dropped the thought, and lightly asked.

“I promise.”

He said softly.

Qing Er nibbled her cherry lips, her delicate face cleverly nodded, she took a deep breath, turned and slowly walked back towards the peak.

As the small and frail body walked further and further, Su Yun’s heart became more and more distant.

She was the sole person to ever remember that I am a person, the last line, all along, wasn’t that what I am protecting?

But now.

Su Yun realised, that Qing Er was not the only person he was protecting. Maybe, I have neglected all those who have cared for me.

He firmly spat out the impure Qi, a strong gale around him lifting him up, blowing on his long robes.

He looked at the tattered white robes on his body, after that, he kept it in his storage ring and changed into a pitch black blademaster outfit.

Next was the pitch black death sword lying there.

Lastly, was the broken mask.

After taking them out, looking at the mask that was still stained with blood, his mind suddenly tensed up.

The mask was lightly placed onto his face, his blood red eyes penetrating through the mask, his hair messy, his complexion becoming more and more pale.

The gloomy cold wind blew up, the pitch black Qi soaring up, causing the clear blue sky to darken.

Why tolerate further, kill, kill until everything turns upside down.

In the darkness, a pair of eyes quietly watched everything.


A grey shadow flew out from the battle array, the expert from Long Ao Nation stood there loftily, using disdainful eyes to look at the Su Family disciple Hei Shui who was on the verge of fainting, and snorted: “Bring up someone stronger, these sort of trash from the Su Family, please do not come up anymore, it is a waste of time.”

“Damn It!”

The disciples from Su Family all bit their lips.

Other than Su Yun and Qing Er who had gone up previously, almost all of the Su Family were utterly defeated, and had never won, causing them to be disheartened, but now, Qing Er who had fought consecutively for ten rounds was too weak, Su Yun was struck by Shen Hong who intervened in the match, incapable of joining anymore, while Bai Shan and Hei Shui these people, how could they contend against Long Ao Nation and Swallowing Heavens Sect’s people?

Su Tai and Su Shi Long stood behind the Great Clan Elder, with panic in their eyes.

If Su Yun was dead, how could they dispel the poison from their bodies?

Su Shi Long carefully eyed at the Great Clan Elder seating down on the chair, and asked softly: “Second Clan Elder, what do we do now?”

“What can I do?” Su Tai exhaled: “We can only hope that that brat Su Yun is fine, if not we are goners too!”

“This competition was stirred to a total mess by the Great Clan Elder, Qing Er was our last ace, now that he had done so, it seems like our Su Family cannot get any good ranking this year!”

“Are you an idiot? Even at this time, who cares about what name or ranking! Saving our own lives is more crucial!”

Upon hearing that, Su Shi Long did not say anything more.


Once again someone was sent flying.

In such a short time, Long Ao Nation had already threw off six experts from the other sects, laughing arrogantly in the array, no one could defeat him.

All the sects were not resigned to it, they chided their own disciples to go up on stage and meet the enemy head on, but people who could contend against the one on stage, was getting less and less.

At the Immortal Sword Sect.

“Jiu Li, You’re up!!”

Seeing Long Ao Nation’s crazy strength, Shen Hong felt her chest and stomach on fire, and said softly.

Jiu Li: “Here”

Bai Yan Shan looked up, seeing her senior called Jiu Li, she helplessly shook her head: “Master, although senior Jiu Li is a seventh stage Spirit Core Disciple, contending against that person is very difficult. Bai Shan thinks, inspecting the entire Immortal Sword Sect, no one is able to win against that person there, and what’s more their Long Ao Nation Spirit cultivation characteristics can counter the Swift Wind Spirit Qi, it is difficult for us.”

“What are you saying?”

Shen Hong’s face became twisted, and said coldly: “How can you extinguish other people’s resolve and might, whether or not you win the opponent is not seeing the state of your cultivation, but seeing if you have the courage to fight for it! Who says people with low cultivation can’t win against people with higher cultivation? See that Su Yun just now? Didn’t he also almost cut your arm off?”

Upon hearing that, Bai Yan Shan’s face changed, she turned her face and did not say anymore, but the anger in her eyes was burning strongly.

This anger was not towards Shen Hong, but towards Su Yun.

That eyes, that look, that sword sheathe, that weird sword arts.

She suddenly remembered it, and took a deep breath: “Master, disciple has a suspicion in her heart, and have not said it!”

“Suspicion? What suspicion?”

“It is regarding Su Yun.” Bai Yan Shan thought about it for a while, and said softly: “Maybe, his identity is not just that of an outer sect disciple of the Su Family, disciple thinks, he could be….”


Just at this time, a dark lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, following that, a surprising thunder, boomed out.

The thunder from the blue sky scared and startled the people on Wu Shuang Jue Peak.

The sky is perfectly alright, why would it give birth to thunder?

Was it going to rain?

“It is just the sound of thunder!”

Long Ao Tian had an overbearing expression, he stood up from his own royal seat, turn up his nose towards the heroes: “Are there anyone willing to enter the array to challenge? If there is no one else challenging, then this year’s Meeting of Heroes first place, will be taken by my Long Ao Nation!”

Saying that, the representative from Long Ao Nation in the array patted his chest, showing a satisfied look on his face, his eyes provoking all the other disciples from the other sects.

“The people from Long Ao Nation are really savage, we can even defeat Swallowing Heavens Sect, why fear the Long Ao Nation?”

Shen Hong could not take it, she gazed left and right, in the end, landing her gaze on Bai Yan Shan.

“Yan Shan, can you fight once more?”

Bai Yan Shan’s eyes showed a dense fighting intent, she moved the arm that was almost cut off, although it was still slightly stiff, the wound had not fully healed, but her heart was strong and her willpower led her to ignore them.

“Let me try!”

Bai Yan Shan stood up.

“Junior sister, don’t be reckless!” A disciple anxiously stood up, cupped his fist: “Clan Elder, junior sister has not recovered from her injuries, although that person from Long Ao Nation has depleted a lot of his Qi, junior sister still might not be able to win against him, if she suffers another serious injury, it would affect her cultivation, the gains do not make up for the losses!”

“Yes Clan Elder, please reconsider!”

Everyone pleaded.

Upon hearing that, Shen Hong was furious: “All of you retreated and do not dare to go out to fight, and not let Yan Shan to fight, how can you all have the face to say all these?”

When she said that, all of them were embarrassed.


Just then, the frightening thunder boomed again.

A large amount of dark clouds was gathering, the heavy dark clouds were like numerous mountains coming together, pressuring people downwards. They were constantly rolling and gathering, constantly forming together, giving rise to a dark grey gradient, at the end it was pitch black, like a demonic and sinister evil behind the clouds.

Not right!

All the experts on the peak were all startled.

Lightning? How was it possible to have lightning?”

“Use the Treasure Gem Scope to take a look!”

The God Treasure King’s face was gloomy, and told the person beside him.

“Yes, Master!”

The disciple of the Congregate of Treasures Sect speedily retrieved a purple colored gourd shaped treasure, it was roughly a metre tall, requiring two people to carry it, then sitting crossed legged, both hands on the gourd, they rotated their Profound Spirit Qi to it.

The gourd released a purple light, shooting out straight to the clouds.


From the jet black dark clouds, a ten feet large black blade edge suddenly shot out, cutting down from high above, cutting the light, and directly destroying the gourd.


The gourd exploded, the two disciples were blown away, the God Treasure King immediately slapped his wheelchair, both him and the chair soaring into the sky, floating in the air.

He gazed at the black part of the sky, and shouted loudly: “Which expert has come to the Meeting of Heroes? Please Show yourself!!”

After saying that, there was no reply.


Wind wiggled out of the jet black dark clouds, like a water spout, a large sword shooting out from the convex of the blue dome of the skies, directly cutting straight to the side of the Immortal Sword Sect.

The face of Shen Hong and her sect changed.

That blade was tyrannical and fierce, if it landed, with that one strike, the entire Wu Shuang Jue Peak would explode!!

“Great Clan Elder!!”

Just then, a voice sounded out, only to see Long Xian Li stepping on her sword and rushing over.

Shen Hong turned her gaze, only to see Long Xian Li clenching her teeth and shouting: “HURRY!! RUN!!”


Shen Hong was stunned.

Suddenly, a voice with heavenly might sounded out from the skies.

“Elder Shen, since no one is willing to represent the Immortal Sword Sect, Let me do it!!”

The voice landed out, the dark clouds scattered, a gigantic vast sword the size of a dragon head directly shot out towards them.

The sword was heavy and gigantic, like a dragon head, it was close to a thousand feet, its surface was sinister and had blood red vein lines, it’s Qi extremely terrifying.

While on the tip of the sword, was a person wearing a mask covering half of his face, dressed in a jet black blademaster outfit.

“Impossible!! That is… That is… A core level mystical technique! Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon!! It is the supreme skill of the Void Sword Sage from five hundred years ago!”

ShiTian DaoRen stood up, his eyes in panic.

“Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon? Void Sword Sage?”

“Such a supreme being, that is someone we can absolutely not contend against, who is that? Unless it is the Void Sword Sage?”

“No! That is Sword Lord!! Limitless Sword Lord!!”

Someone shouted in surprise, and his voice resonated around.

“Sword Lord?”

The low profile Purple Star Academy people all looked up.

Especially Purple Star, she excitedly walked up a few steps, and gazed up.

If not for Limitless Sword Lord who took action then, and killed the Blood Spirit, the Purple Star Academy would had been eradicated by the Blood Demons, all these elite disciples would have perished.

Who knew that, Limitless Sword Lord would appear at this Meet!

Everyone’s heart was boiling, as the entire Wu Shuang Jue Peak instantly became chaotic.

Shen Hong opened her eyes wide, as she gazed at the gigantic and sinister sword, her face became very ugly.

Violently falling onto the ground, the sword tip pierce and split the earth open, it was like breaking an egg, all the Immortal Sword Sect disciples felt themselves being pressure down, it was very painful, all of them retreated, who could even care to attend to Shen Hong?

At the same time, Shen Hong trying to retreat, seeing the gigantic black sword, without hesitating, she turned fierce, her whole body revolving the Swift Wind Spirit Qi, using all of her power, and bursting out hitting towards the Sword Tip.

“Ninety Nine mysterious Sword Qi!!”

She shouted out with power, as a blue light spread out.

A vigorous Sword Qi that could split the heavens from Shen Hong’s hand spreaded out, holding her sword tightly, the Qi encircled her sword, her sword tip hitting onto the black sword.


A big and small sword tip clashed into each other.

In that moment, Shen Hong felt her entire body, even every single strand of hair being pressured by the gigantic black sword, her body became like minced meat, the dense and terrifying force was intolerable!

Sou! From the side came a ray of rainbow, killing towards the man in the mask.

He swerved, dodging the person’s killing technique, his gaze was cold, it was the third clan elder Long Xian Li of the Immortal Sword Sect.

Long Xian Li stood on her flying sword, her slender fingers pointing on the sword manual, her entire body was covered with Sword Qi, her beautiful face staring straight ahead, staring deadly to the person in front.


She said coldly, her tone was ice cold, but it contained a trace of unspeakable complicatedness.

The masked man looked at her once, turned his head, not saying a word.

The gigantic sword was still clashing onto Shen Hong, as if trying to break her body.

This ‘Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon’ had much more unspeakable power that no one could think of, for Shen Hong to take it, she definitely did not have any more power to block Limitless who was approaching!


Long Xian Li once again rushed to the front of Limitless, horizontally slashing her side, the sword tip aimed straight at his chest, her silver teeth going to break from clenching, as she said coldly.


Limitless shook his head, the corner of his mouth was very gloomy.

“She must pay with her life!”

Once he said that, the masked man extended out his hands, and took out a jet black sword from his sheath on his back.


When his sword was drawn, in a moment, a ray of light flooded out and flew out from the sword sheath on his back, soaring into the sky.

Clang Clang Clang Clang

The sound of swords unsheathing kept going.

In the next moment, the sky was brightly colored, with many colors in the sky, filled with Sword Qi covering the sky.

Strenuously propping herself up on her Beheading Dragon Sword, Shen Hong opened her eyes wide, as she was shocked looking at the majestic and vast scene in front of her.


A hundred swords flew into the air.