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Who is the Person in Charge


It was unusually quiet.

This atmosphere, this scene was too quiet.

Each and every disciples from all the sects were shocked after witnessing this. Looking at the pool of blood on the floor and Chen Man Hu who was rolling in pain on the pool of blood. Seeing the stunned faces of the Su Family and how the people from Sun Stellar Mountain lose their anger and sanity as they looked at Su Dong Fang in shock.

Usually, Su Dong Fang was considered a man who had self-control.

He was one who was steady, cool-headed and a bit logical. Or else, he would not have to bootlick his deceased sister, Su You Rong. He had a motive, he had a purpose.

Only today, he had completely lost control.

Throughout the journey, he tried to win over Qing Er’s heart despite her cold attitude towards him. This had caused Su Dong Fang to accumulate resentment within him.

To top it off, the incident from Three Items Deity Palace with Chu Qiu Ye played a part too.

Now, he was defeated by Chen Man Hu and humiliated in front of everyone. That was the trigger. All of the resentment accumulated within Su Dong Fang’s heart burst out instantly.

He finally lost control.

He was no longer steady, no longer logical, no longer calm. At this moment, he was insane.

“My legs! Arrggghh!!!!!! MY LEGS!!!”

Chen Man Hu screamed in pain, his face twisted as though he was about to faint. Everything below his knees were sliced away.

“I’ll crush your entire Su Family!!”

The people from Sun Stellar Mountain could not take it any longer. Each and every one of them were enraged. They took out their artifacts and rushed over towards the Su Family.

It was chaotic.

Qing Er noted and tensed up. She shouted hurriedly: “Everybody, retreat into the Big Array and wait for Clan Elder! Quick!”

At this point in time, they could only delay till the arrival of the Clan Elder. Su Dong Fang’s recklessness had resulted in a strained relationship between Sun Stellar Mountain and Su Family. The Su Family was in the wrong, Sun Stellar Mountain would never let this matter go. If the Su Family did not retreat and come face to face with Sun Stellar Mountain, both parties would become grievously injured.

Qing Er face was tensed up. She led in front of the experts right at the front and used her mystical techniques to stop the people from Sun Stellar Mountain from rushing over.

“Don’t injure them. Everybody, please defend. If you attack them, or hurt anyone, the problem will become bigger!”

Qing Er’s crisp voice resonated as she shouted.

“Things have gotten to this stage. Miss, what are you still talking about?”

One of the main house disciples turned around to shout towards her with his teeth clenched.

“Yeah, the people from Sun Stellar Mountain have stepped all over us. Don’t tell me you still want us to give in to them?”

“Let’s all gang up together and fight with them! What are we afraid of?”

Su Dong Fang came back to his senses and shouted.

“Give it your all!!”

Everyone screamed their lungs out. In a moment’s time, their will to fight rose.

Qing Er was shocked. She looked at Su Dong Fang with a confused look. In her eyes, it was full of frustration.

Su Dong Fang sliced off Chen Man Hu’s legs in a fit of anger. By doing that, he was already in the wrong but at this point in time, not only was he not admitting to his mistakes, he was encouraging the Su Family to stand alongside him to make mistakes. He was dragging the entire Su Family down.

And, there were so many people watching at the said, how could they not tell who was in the right and who was wrong? As such, the Su Family would become the butt of criticism.

“Never mind, never mind, let them be…”

Qing Er sighed and fell silent. Ultimately, she was just a slave from the outer sect. Though she was known as a Miss, but who actually treated her like one? On the contrary, as the Eldest son of the Great Clan Elder, Su Dong Fang had an illustrious identity and a halo around him. The people here probably took him as their leader.

It was chaotic. The few disciples at the front pulled out some mystical techniques, profound Spirit Qi collided… It was unusually fiery.

The other sects all retreated, unwilling to be involved in this. There was not even one who tried to persuade them to stop this fight. They just watched them burn in hell.


“Everyone stop!!”

Just at this time, two shout came from nowhere.

But, that did not stop the chaos.


Countless of shadows suddenly blended into the crowd and a huge amount of Profound Spirit Qi dispersed just like a spider web. The Qi got longer, and thicker after every disciple just like a wall of Qi, it broke the people up.

What was happening?

Qing Er opened her eyes wide and looked at this odd scene in shock.

“The Great Clan Elder from the Sun Stellar Mountain and the Su Family are here!”

A low yet gentle voice rang at their eyes.

Qing Er was taken aback when she heard such a familiar voice. Instantly, she was overjoyed. She turned quickly to see a familiar, intimate face.

“Young master!”

Qing Er said fondly.

“Qing Er!”

Su Yun who was donned in a white blademaster outfit revealed a gentle smile and exchanged words with her.

“Young master, you’re finally here. Are you alright? Why is the spirit stallion so slow? Were you delayed along the way here?”

Qing Er asked as she studied Su Yun secretly for fear he was injured but did not say it. She looked at him with eyes filled with concern.

Su Yun did not know how Qing Er felt towards him. Was it love? It didn’t seem like it. Was it infatuation? It didn’t seem like that either. Maybe she just felt the need to repay the kindness of his parents for nurturing her. But without a doubt, she was the most important, most precious person to him in this world.

The Qi dispersed and forced the two sects to separate. There was a resolution to the chaos.

Su Yun tilted his gaze to look at the people walking over.

It was the two parties. Each party had twenty over people along with them.

One of the party was led by the Great Clan Elder of the Su Family, the second clan elder Su Tai and Su Shi Long. They form the group of representatives of the Su Family.

And the other party were the experts from the Sun Stellar Mountain.

There were about thirty of them. Each of them had a sturdy built. They were either wearing leather armour or had a metal armour on them. Their muscles were bulging out and they all were reeking of True Divine Spirit Qi which was frightening.

These experts were all at least at seventh level of Spirit Core Realm. They had startling powers and their cultivations were high and strong.

The clan elders in charge arrived. Other than the second clan elder, Su Tai who was weaker, the others had a rank above Spirit Soul Disciples.

The clan elder from Sun Stellar Mountain had a short stature. He was an old man who was just over one and a half metres.

The old man was bald. On his body, he wore a loose grey robe. He was skinny. His eyes was of sunset hues. With his hands held behind his back, he looked as though he did not seem to weigh much.


When the old man walked over, the people around him revealed a look to reverence. No one dared to look down on him.

“I can’t believe the Sun Stellar Mountain would send him for this Meeting for Heroes!”

Su Yun set his gaze at the skinny old man and muttered.

“Who is he?” Qing Er looked at her own young master in a daze.

“He’s the great clan elder of Sun Stellar Mountain, Qi Chong Shan. He is also an absolute expert rivaling the Patriarch of the Sun Stellar Mountain in power!”

Su Yun said softly: “Rumours said his cultivation is strong to the point that he can lift up Mount Tai! No one can compete with him in terms of absolute power!”

“He’s that scary?” Qing Er opened her small, pink mouth but after awhile, she shut them and asked him: “Young master, how do you know the Sun Stellar Mountain so well?”

Su Yun heard and laughed. Without much explanation he whispered: “Qing Er, we can leave the Su Family very soon! Before that, I need to ask you, are you willing to leave with me?”

“Leave the Su Family?” Qing Er was confused: “Young master, why are we leaving the Su Family?”

“If you don’t leave the Su Family, you… Are you willing to marry to Profound Sky Sect?”

“Young master, those are just rumours.”

“Maybe, but they could be true.” Su Yun shook his head.

Qing Er looked at him quietly. Then, she smiled cheerfully: “Whether it is rumours or not, wherever young master wants to go, Qing Er will follow through. Since young master wants to leave Su Family, then let’s go together.”

Qing Er was long done with Su Family but for Su Yun, she kept it in and tolerated everything that came for her. During that time, Su Yun was nothing, he did not care about anything. Even if the family fell to the bottom, he only wanted to live without care, leading a befuddled existence.

But, it was different now.

Young master, his cultivation level is stronger, and his thoughts were much more detailed and careful. His behaviour and actions were much more mysterious. He could relate to everything as though he knew about everything. He was no longer the drunken lord. He was no longer gambling through the night. It was just as though he was a changed man. If it was not for his face, Qing Er would not believe this man was Su Yun.

Helplessly, she leaned towards Su Yun. Unknowingly, Su Yun gave her a sense of security she never once had.

She was in disbelief.

Qiao Chong Shan came over. Seeing the female disciples treating Chen Man Hu, anger flickered in his eyes.

From his storage ring, he took out a mini floral porcelain vase and handed to the person at his side. Right away, the disciple took it and ran towards Chen Man Hu.

Then, Qiao Chong Shan walked towards the Su Family with a straight face.

“Clan Elder Qiao, it’s been a long time!”

The great clan elder bowed to show his respects.

“Clan Elder Su, how have you been!” Qiao Chong Shan moaned and continued: “The meeting of Heroes gathers all the heroes for all the sects to spar. Usually, the fist and feet has no eyes. Clan elder Su, if my disciple, Chan Ma Hu is not the strongest and was attacked or killed by you Su Family people, then I can only blame it own the lousy skills of my disciples. I will have no complaints! It’s just that, why is it when you Su Family has been defeated but yet you guys used an underhanded way to attack? Why, is this how Su family deals with such matters? If that’s the case, then I, Elder Qiao will seek justice for my disciples. If you can’t give me a satisfactory answer, I will not let this matter rest..!!”

With that, Qiao Chong Shan stepped down furiously.


It was as if the entire Wu Shuang Jue peak moved.

Strong, ferocious and barbarous!

All the other in-charge from other sects had arrived but they did not participate in this.

Seeing Qiao Chong Shan so determined, the Great Clan Elder knew this matter was not easy to settle.

He looked at Su Dong Fang standing in the crowd and knitted his brow. Then, he licked his dried lips. After a moment, he said solemnly: “Who’s in-charge of the Su Family’s disciples???”

The voice was extremely loud.

Su Dong Fang got out of the crowd instantly. Qing Er looked at Su Yun and sighed before she walked towards the Great Clan Elder.

Su Yun frowned. Looking the great clan elder who was fuming, he sensed that something was wrong…