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Wu Shuang City

Three pairs of ice cold eyes filled with killing intent locked straight onto Su Yun.

They were just like fierce wolves on the verge of attacking.

After having been through so many battles, Su Yun was not like the old him who was like a baby bird immature and pale with lousy battle experience, the opponent’s ferocity, how could he not feel it?

At once, his hand went up, and took out Thousand Deep Sword.

The three main house disciples rode over with the Single Horned Bulls. The Single Horned Bulls had a strong presence, they were barbaric and terrifying.

But he only saw one person looking fierce, directly brandishing out a blazing pike, rushing towards Su Yun, his mouth angrily shouting: “Su Yun!! You have injured Master Su Dong Hao, despised the Great Clan Elder, ignored the rules of the Su Family, trampled on the Su Family’s dignity, I offered my life to the great clan elder! And have specially come to behead you!! Kill!!!!”

His thunderous voice fell, his pike tip aimed and killing towards him, like a meteor blazing towards him.

Su yun realised suddenly.

Why did he let himself rode on a spirit stallion? Why did he not change it?

He mainly wanted to be left behind so these people could slaughter themselves!

This was no longer the Su Family’s territory. Even if he died, they could had a thousand excuses to cover up.

“Good!! Good!! It’s actually the Great Clan Elder’s idea, good!!”

Su Yun was angry and his eyes was blazing red. His voice cold as a blade and said fiercely: “If that’s the case, then I shall not be be merciful!”

With that, he brandished his death sword. The sword rose into the sky instigating the Heaven Splitting Sword Technique. Two real and two pseudo swords rippled through.


The three main house disciples saw was stunned when they saw this scene.

Maneuvering swords to kill? Was that not Limitless Sword Lord’s technique?

Could it be?

The three main house disciple’s heart dropped.

But, things had turned out this way, they had no road to back off. They could only kill Su Yun!

Fire guns hit the ground and exploded. The grass patches were set on fire.

Su Yun leaned his body. His hands would not stop moving as he changed the movement of his fingers. All of his pure divine qi was spewing out as he used it to control the two swords.

The three divided themselves and attacked in three directions. But he was not anxious. With the huge rock spirit nucleus, a ray of grey light shot out from his eyes and onto the main house disciple on the left.

Ka cha.

The disciple was momentarily petrified, while in that instant, Death Sword and Thousand Deep Sword flew over.

Not good!

The person in the middle expression changed, he wished to grab the disciple beside him for protection, but how could his speed compare to the flying swords?


The flying swords penetrated through the disciples chest, and the man immediately fell down, dead.

Upon seeing this, the heart’s of the other two trembled, they were stunned beyond words.

They did not attack anymore, but actually retreated.

“What relation do you have with Limitless Sword Lord?”

The main house disciple holding on to the blazing Pike clenched his teeth and asked.

“I am Limitless Sword Lord!”

Su Yun maneuvered the two swords and walked towards them.

The two had witnessed his flying sword techniques and now, they could not be kept alive, or else, if they told anyone that he was limitless, then the Immortal Sword Sect, Su Family, Profound Sky Sect and all other sects would not let him go.

Afterall, he had the Heavenly Crystal and Everlasting Stone!

“Limitless Sword Lord?”

The two heard and colours drained from their face.

“No wonder… No wonder you dare to touch young master Su Dong Hao. No wonder you have such a good relationship with the Pill King. No wonder you dare to offend the Great Clan Elder… you’re actually Limitless Sword Lord.”

One of them muttered with his face painted with fear.

“I never thought the person that the Great Clan Elder wants us to confront is actually you!”

The man who was holding a blazing rifle moaned and said: “But since things have turned out this way. The others and I have no other way out. Even if you are Limitless Sword Lord, one of us will have to die!”

“It would definitely be you guys!”

Su Yun said blandly. Then with a bend, he landed in between the two. In his palms, a huge amount of pure Divine Spirit Qi emerged and in a blink of an eye, it pierced through the hearts of the two people, the brains, the Tian Ling meridian point….


Thousand Deep sword flew and slashed over ten million times.

Just like a raging storm…



Creak, creak, creak…


The purple horned beast pulling onto the carriage, released a low sound from its throat, after that entering the flourishing vast city in front of them.

Wu Shuang City

The only city at the bottom of Wu Shuang Jue Peak.

At present, all the different sects, powers, and families of the southern region cities gathered in the center of the city. One after another, there would be people leaving the interior of Wu Shuang City, towards the Wu Shuang Jue Peak, showing initiative to enter the venue.

But following the customs of the Meeting of Heroes, all the different sects would usually allow their disciples to take the lead to entire the Wu Shuang Jue Peak, letting them stay there for a day and a half, after that would the person in charge, the elders enter the Wu SHuang Jue Peak.

The reason for doing this was naturally simple, to leave them alone to fight, leave them alone to arouse their views, allowing them to temper themselves.

The opening of the competition, everyone from all sects and families were confident, prideful. No one bowed down to another. Of course, that was between the disciples and even the clan elders.

If they were here, then they were representing their own sect and power. If they were not there, and there were only a bunch of young disciples who were vigorous, they merely wanted them to fight. It was normal to sustain injuries. If they won, then they can gain some pride and if they lose, then they would be embarrassed.

The spirit cultivators called this a warm up competition. Usually, it was the one that attracted much attention.

Right at the front of an accord, the person in charge entered and arranged the rooms. The following day, Su Tai Hui and Su Shi Long would enjoy themselves here and wait for the opening ceremony. Whereas, the other disciples taking part in the competition would be led by Su Qing Er and Su Dong Fang towards the Wu Shuang Summit.

At the gates of Wu Shuang city, Qing Er stood tall in a snow white blademaster clothes. She tipped her toes to look far to see heads moving and silhouettes getting closer but they were never the person she longed to see.

“Qing Er!”

A gentle, warm voice emerged from behind.

Su Qing Er turned her head, to see Su Dong Fan bringing two other main house disciples walking over to her.

Su Dong Fang with his smiling face, together with his handsome and magnificent gown, seemed to have and implicit charm, leaving all the other female disciples of the other sects on the road to constantly look at him.

With her back facing him, Su Qing Er’s delicate appearance flashed a thread of bitterness and astringent, in a flash it disappeared, she turned her body, and had already remained a calm and emotionless expression.

“Young master Dong Fang.”

Qing Er bowed lightly.

“Why are you so formal, Qing Er? Just call me Dong Fang.” Su Dong Fang smiled and said gently: “What are you doing here? It’s messed up here, it’s dangerous for a girl like you to be alone here!”

Qing Er remained composed and said lightly: “Young master, you’ve over worried. Although Qing Er is a girl, but I have some cultivation level as well.”

“Haha, that’s right. Qing Er is the genius of Su Family!”

Su Dong Fang laughed and turned his eyeball and asked: “Qing Er, there’s still an hour before we have to head toward the Wu Shuang Jue summit. Before that, I have prepared a ball for everyone to have a feast. Like a pre celebration feast! I’m excited this would turn out good, would you attend it with me?”

Su Dong Fang eyes glistened and was sincere. Without an ounce of pretense.

Just that.

Su Qing Er was as emotionless as before, she slightly leaned her head to one side, her eyes gazing at the other person, and muttered.

“Young Master has yet to reach Wu Shuang City, with the speed of the Spirit Stallion, he should be reaching soon, I want to wait for him here, wait for him to come back… And then we can talk about it.”

Su Yun?

An extremely strong and dense grievance flashed past Su Dong Fang’s eyes, but he did not express it out, and gently said: “Let us go to the banquet to wait for him, it’s the same, I believe he will be here shortly, let us go ahead first!”

Finished, Su Dong Fang extended his hand out, seizing Su Qing Er’s fragrant shoulder.

But Su Qing Er cleverly avoided it, and she softly muttered: “Young master Dong Fang, men and women should not touch, please conduct yourself a little better.”

Su Dong Fang was startled, he gave a hollow laugh, and said: “Qing Er do not be mistaken, I do not mean it that way… Uhh… This being the case, then forget it, forget it, I will go first, wait until Su Yun is back, you can bring him over!”

When he finished, Su Dong Fang did not linger, and turned to leave.

While Su Qing Er stood at the big gate, as if she was an Amah Rock, waiting for someone from far away.

“She refused a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! She is just a servant in the outer sect. In terms of status, how low is she. I never thought she would dare to disobey you!”

The main house disciple said angrily.

“This lady has a short temperament. She despised young master. Young master, why are you still so nice to her? You’re the son of the great clan elder! She’s lucky that you see something in her! What’s so good about Su Yun? She’s sure blind!”

“Heh, young master, since this lady is so stubborn, you might as well push her to her limits. Let’s see how she holds up!”

“Yes, young master. You’re of noble status. Why do you fear her?”

The two disciples continued each other sentences.

“Shut up!”

Su Dong Fang bellowed, his face black.

The two man shivered and zipped their mouth.

He looked up to see these two man looking dull. He groaned and walked away without saying a word.

“Aye? Weird!”

The two main house disciples looked at the distant Su Dong Fang and was full of doubt.

Qing Er stood at the gates. Several seniors from other sects flirted with her as they passed the gates but she always rejected them politely. Then, she continued waiting until the time had come for the disciples to leave for Wu Shuang Jue summit, yet that person had not appeared.

Qing Er sighted and turned to leave.

The time was up. The disciples of the Su Family lined up. With Qing Er and Su Dong Fang as the leaders, they started their journey towards Wu Shuang Jue summit, leaving Wu Shuang city behind.

The troops gradually distanced themselves.

Su Tai and Su Shi Long were still at the front door quietly looking out, to the left and right of them were the main house experts, with extraordinary imposing manner.

“I wonder what position we can achieve this time.”

Su Tai exhaled, with an optimistic look he blurted out: “Don’t look so ugly! Our Su Family cannot be compared to the other sects.”

Su Shi Long heard and smiled. He dared not answer to that.

Seeing the disciples walking far, the two turned around with the intention to head back to the accord to rest.

Di da di da di da…

Right at this moment, a series of horse hooves sounds resonated.

In this quiet streets of the accord, it was sharp to the ears.

The two looked over to see a man wearing a white coloured blademaster clothe covered in blood riding onto a spirit stallion. An evil smile appeared at the corners of his mouth as he came through.

That man’s eyes was staring at the two man. The eyes were deep, sly and cold.

When Su Tai and Su Shi Long saw him, their pupils constricted and their face turned pale.

“This is impossible…” Su Tai muttered.