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Vanishing Spirit and Ten Thousand Grief Pills

Approximately at the same time, there were many rumors concerning the ‘Limitless Sword Lord’ appearing in Jue Lian district.

The fifth name and below on the board, were not drawn out yet, but they were all killed by Limitless Sword Lord, great amounts of evil people were being killed, their heads hanged beside the board, whoever it was, as long as they were targeted by the ‘Limitless Sword Lord’, they could not escape.

These kind of events seldom appeared, even hunting the wanted people could not be done in such a short period of time, and what’s more, so many of them.

As such, the first five on the notice board had been on a restraint recently. After all, Limitless Sword Lord could even kill the bloody soul. Who knew if he would set his eyes on the first five listed on the notice board? The frequency of crimes had been on a decline recently because of this.

Therefore, the citizens were all deeply grateful to the ‘Limitless Sword Lord’, even the spirit cultivators became more and more respectful and worshipped this mysterious and strong sword lord, adding on the incident at Purple Star Academy, Limitless Sword Lord’s name immediately spread across the entire southern region, his fame soared.


“Su Yun! Where have you been this whole time? Don’t you know that the Meeting of Heroes is about to begin?”

On the main streets of the Su Family’s outer sect homes, Su Yun carried his sword sheathe on his back with his head lowered, running towards the little house. The inner sect guard captains immediately shouted at him from the side of the road.

Su Yun stopped, raised his head and looked at him.

The captain sized him up, and said: “Inner Sect Manager Master Su Shi Long has been looking for you many times, you are the only one with qualifications to join the Meeting of Heroes from our outer sect, and that is a great thing, you better not neglect it! Go and perform well at the Meeting of Heroes, if you neglect it and throw our Su Family’s face, you’ll see what happens after! Understood?”

Su Yun heard him, and when a few people passed between them, he lowered his head, and without making a sound, he carried his sword sheathe and left.

“You asshole!”

The Captain was angry, and was about to go and pull Su Yun, but he was stopped by the person behind him.

“Captain, forget it! Forget it! Don’t quarrel with him!”

“Let go of me, merely an outer sect disciple, he dares to be so arrogant!”

The Captain bellowed.

“Outer sect disciple? Captain, don’t get it wrong! He is someone who even dares to kill the inner sect disciples, even daring to harm the main house disciple, the Master’s son, he must not be provoked!”

“Yes, heard that that little kid’s current cultivation is very deep, and had long entered the Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm, and I heard that he and the Head of the Blossom Heart Valley are in friendly terms. Don’t see that he is just an outer sect disciple, he is powerful!”

The squad people beside him anxiously warned him.

Hearing all that, the captain’s face changed and became somewhat spiritless, but seeing that all around him were the team members patrolling, feeling that he was not acting well, he snorted: “So what? Outer sect people are Outer sect people, my position is higher than his, he should just listen to me!”

“Yes yes yes, Captain is right!”

The hearts of his team members were like mirrors, but they were not broken, only agreeing with him.


After a month of staying in the Su Family.

Other than training his Sword or Qi, he would be concocting pills.

Some time soon would be the opening of the Meeting of Heroes. Although he had no wish to join, the Su Family signed him up for it, so he couldn’t not go.

Thinking of a method to overcome everything would be good enough.

Su Yun sighed, went back to his house, took out his pill surface, and planned to continue concocting pills.

The entire time that he was constantly finding the experts on the board of murderers to train his ‘Completion under one breath’, his training and battle experience increased, and his gains were bountiful. On top of that, he also earned a satisfying amount of Spirit Coins, roughly about 700 thousand Spirit Coins, which he used to participate in the Heavenly Sun quarterly auction to obtain a few good ingredients, along with a high level purple cloud pill furnace.

The Spring Crystal Furnace was slightly low leveled, and the time it took to concoct higher level pills were longer. Also, it could only use lower level cultivating pill arrays to expedite the process, and was unable to offer guarantee with high level pills, having a higher rate of failure.

He bought many good things at the auction, but he spent around 600 thousand spirit coins, an astonishing amount.

Luckily, Su Yun did not see money as something important.

Money was just a tool to obtain another item. To him, lifesaving pills had more value.

Two top grade pills were reflected in his mind, the entire time floating left and right inside his thoughts.

They were recorded in the secret texts the Blossom Heart Valley ancestors left behind. Removing desires and abandoning love, all for personal gains, nothing to fear, transforming into power, a formless road, spiritless heart, the only clear road, release of the physical world…

These were the description of Blossom Heart Valley’s secret pill ‘Vanishing Spirit Pill’

The Vanishing Spirit Pill was not some heaven defying pill, it’s function was, after the person ingests the pill, it would open all of the Spirit Essence and Qi nodes of the human body, increasing their volume, and releasing a Qi that runs in the opposite direction, transforming into an absorbing Power.

Spirit Essence was a spirit cultivator’s extremely magical tissue in the body, it was distributed to the different big Qi meridians and arteries, and had some unexplainable, mystical powers, so when it was used to release in reverse and absorbed, it would give rise to an unprecedented result.

When all of the spirit essence were completely absorbed, it would cause the surrounding Profound Spirit Qi in surrounding spirit cultivators to be leaked and absorbed, taking their Profound Spirit Qi as your own.

That meant that, the vanishing spirit pill’s appropriate usage, would result in something unthinkable.

While the other pill, was one uncommon pill that came from his Devil Sect.

Ten Thousand Grief Pill!

To concoct this pill, the ingredients used were not the ones he obtained from the auction, but using the hearts of evil people. The very hearts he obtained from killing those people on the board of murderers.

An evil person’s heart was different from a normal person’s heart. Their heart was filled with huge amounts of killing intent, grievance, and the nightmares formed from the people they have killed, these things were not present in a normal person’s heart, and they were the main ingredients needed to concoct the Ten Thousand Grief Pill.

The use of the Ten Thousand Grief Pill, after consuming it, would allow your body to enter a state of immortality and grievance that cannot be extinguished, and grows without restraint. Although the strength of the pill could only last the time for an incense stick to burn (Half an hour), in that period, it was a life saving magical pill. As long as the one taking the pill is not beheaded, any limb that gets cut off, could be quickly regrown.

The rest of the time, Su Yun spent the entire day held up in the house concocting these two rare pills, paying no attention to any other things.

The date of the Meeting of Heroes of Meeting was getting closer, and the outside was getting more rowdy.



Under the brightly glistening vast sky, the heavenly palace drifted. Below, a group of people wearing snow white blademaster clothes were on a leveled sword field practising their swords.

All around them the white clouds floated, in the distance many gold pillars stood erect, and an enormous large stone sword stood in the center, the sword hilt almost breaking into the clouds, it was extremely majestic.

All around the sword field were passages filled with carvings of vivid and lifelike images of dragons and phoenixes, and on the enormous sword field, was a humongous array that was gracefully moving.

The Sword Qi grew without restraint, rays of light luminously glowing.

The disciples were either exchanging pointers, raising their Qi, or cultivating Qi alone. No one was goofing off.

This was the Immortal Sword Sect’s elite disciples training grounds.


Just then, a ray of rainbow flew down from the sky towards the heavenly palace, directly at the high stage in front of the sword field.

Lightly dropping, a gorgeous and absolutely stunning female appeared in front of all the disciples.

The female’s black eyebrows were refined, she was very beautiful, her body disposition was detailed and fine, black hair and white silk dress, head to toe she was just nice, add a bit more, and it would be excessive, remove a bit and it would be too less, she was just like a fairy.

When the people saw her, they quickly stopped the training, turned and cupped their fist in their other hand, and bent down to greet: “We greet third clan elder!!”

The shout shook the sky, and was earth shattering.

The beautiful lady raised her pupils which looked like gemstones, scanned across all the disciples, and lightly said: “My disciples, please rise, I greet you!”

“Thank you clan elder!”

All the disciples kept their greetings.

The lady in white looked at everyone, and her gaze landed on a few disciples at the front, her delicate lips gently moved.

“Soon, it will be the Southern Region’s triennial Meeting of heroes, our clan have been participating for the past few years, and yet our successes were not good enough! Especially against the Swallowing Heavens Sect. My Immortal Sword Sect, in every competition, will be defeated, and lose face! This year’s Meeting of heroes, I myself will personally go with all of you, and support you, so all of you have to make my Immortal Sword Sect Proud, defeat the Swallowing Heavens Sect, and take victory in this year’s Meeting of Heroes, Understood?”

“Disciples will not turn our backs on Clan Elder’s hopes and expectations, and not turn our backs on our sect’s great hopes and expectations!!”

The disciples of Immortal Sword Sect anxiously shouted. Especially the male disciples, they all wanted to stand out.


The lady dressed in white nodded her head, her eyes swept around, and stared at the group of disciples right at the front: “Yan Shan!”

“Your disciple is here!”

A young lady dressed in blademaster clothes immediately walked out of the group, and cupped her fists.

“The Great Clan Elder’s wishes and expectations of you, this time, I myself have received. The remaining few days, you have better work harder to train, and don’t let your master and me disappointed. Understand?”

“Yan Shan understands!” Bai Yan Shan said softly.

“En, later on you can come to Clear Jade Palace so I can gift you some pills to aid you in your cultivation! Other disciples will also receive ‘Magnificent Heart Three Point Pills’, and the attendant disciples will be responsible for giving them out!”

Once she finished, the lady in white lightly stepped, her body rose, and formed another ray of rainbow, and flew out.

“We respectfully send off the elder!”

The disciples anxiously shouted.

The Magnificent Heart Three Point Pill was a treasured pill! Never expected that the third clan elder would give some to them.

The disciples were all ecstatic, and were filled with even more reverence towards their third clan elder.

“Junior sister Bai, you are sure lucky! Great Clan Elder has high regards for you, the clan treats you so well, you must definitely take the first for the Meet!”

“Yeah Senior sister, you’re gifted with special skills, although your cultivation period is shorter than the other senior brothers and sisters, your cultivation has soared so much! You’re definitely our Immortal Sword Sect’s genius! This time’s Meeting of Heroes, the other sect’s disciples are definitely not your match!! Senior Sister, go go go!”

“Senior Sister Bai, you can do it!”

“Our Immortal Sword Sect will definitely gain victory!!”

“Victory is ours, the treasure is also ours!”

Everyone of the Immortal Sword Sect disciples were shouting in excitement.



On a vast land, stood an extremely huge nation that covered a big area.

The nation occupied area was exceptionally vast, the human population was around several millions. And there was a regular Spirit cultivator army, with countless commanding officers taking watch. There were even more big sects stationed inside, merged into the nation.

This nation, was the south’s number one super power: ‘Long Ao Nation’.

In the palace, the monarch Long Ba Tian sat imposingly and solemnly, watching the gold dressed young people that were kneeling.

There were males and females, all of them had a stern expression, devout, their forehead had a golden dragon print, all of them were like deities with their dazzling imposing manner.

“Reporting to his Majesty, this is our this year’s selected chosen individuals, all of them chosen are at least of the third stage Spirit Core Disciple, comparing in our state, we are stably pressurizing the other sects power in the southern region, and are the first in power!”

A eunuch dressed in a court eunuch robes spoke in his tapered voice respectfully.

“En!! Not bad!” Long Ba Tian nodded his head, his voice heavy: “In all the previous competitions, my Long Ao nation has always been first, in this next competition we cannot falter!! However, obtaining first is still not enough! I want all of you to thoroughly thrash those other sects!! Let them feel the fear of my Long Ao nation! Let them know the power of my Long Ao nation! This… is of importance to our Long Ao nation’s expansion in the near future! Understood?”

“We obey your orders, my emperor!”

All the court officials, military leaders, and the selected disciples below kowtowed and shouted loudly.

“Receive your rewards, set out at sunrise!”

Long Ba Tian stood up, waved his big hand, and shouted.

All the different sects were busy preparing, and the tensed moment, was quickly coming.

In a small house in the Su family outer sect.


A light sound sounded out.

A man slowly opened his eyes, and looked at the pill furnace in front of him releasing a green smoke that was appearing to be rising in spirals. He stood up, and walked towards the pill furnace….