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Let Me Help You

Under the vast night sky, a long, snow white flying sword flew at a very fast speed.

On the sword, a man with blademaster cloth over his shoulders carried a head with blood still dripping from it. He stood straight, the wind blowing into his hair and clothes.

“I never thought that you would actually save that man, kid, you have spent so much spirit coins and ten days of your time to concoct that ‘synthetic meat pill’, you only have that one pill, why did you give it to him? That is so not like you!”

The sword elder surprised voice came out.

“How is it not like me? Isn’t saving people good?”

Su Yun said indifferently.

“Are you not the demon?” The Sword Elder asked curiously: “During the day you are so vicious and cruel, you kill people without blinking your eyes, why did you do such a kind deed today?”

“Demon?” Su Yun frowned, and gently shook his head: “Those that do evil and malicious deeds, merciless and cruel, they are more demonic than the demons that they speak of, yet they claim to be humans. What do you have to say about that? Demons are not a cold-blooded, savage existence. They have their own dedications and their own bottom line. When facing their enemies, they will be fierce and cruel or evil, regardless of everything, but when treating their kin, they will give it their all to protect them. I’m not addicted to killing, but at times, I have to kill!”

Once he finished, Su Yun sped through the skies!

The Sword elder did not speak. After a while, he suddenly laughed, and laughed with a deep intent.

The Dong family and the other small towns were not far from Jinghu Town. Before the sky got bright again, Su Yun already reached the inside of Jinghu Town.

Tong Xue who used the ‘Tong Yin Blade’ weapon, which was a treasure, was actually Xue Tong’s life treasure, connected to Xue Tong’s life. When Xue Tong died, the ‘Tong Yin Blade’ would become an ordinary weapon. Su Yun originally wanted to take it for himself to use, but understanding that point, he gave up.

In this fight, although Su Yun’s cultivation level was lower than Tong Xue with it only being at the seventh stage, Su Yun’s sword arts and treasures were actually a few levels higher, which was why Tong Xue lost so badly.

Especially the last fight where he gave it his all, the Hurricane Sword technique was unexpectedly used perfectly, the Sword Qi was unpredictable. In a blink, Tong Xue was killed, he did not even have time to defend, it was the proper use of technique.

But the battle could be considered disturbing, in the critical moment, the Hurricane Sword technique’s Qi trajectory arrangement reached the ‘Completion under one breath’, which was considered completed smoothly, and killed the opponent. If the Qi trajectory was like before and slow, then the one who would have died would not be Tong Xue, but Su Yun. The ‘Tong Yin Blade’ would have cut his head off in a heartbeat.

It has to be said that on a battle where life and death was put on the line, a person’s latent talent is most easily drawn out.

Although he had achieved ‘Completion under one breath’ during that fight, he was still not skilled enough with it yet, so fighting to complete it was rash. For someone exceeding the fifth stage Spirit Core Disciple, it might be a challenge, but if he was of the sixth stage, it would most probably be even more difficult.

The Thousand Sword landed on the ground, and the person entered into Jinghu Town, and headed straight to the notice for murderers.

It was in the wee hours in the morning, not even daybreak yet, so there was not much people there, only around ten people, all huddled together, discussing about the last twenty names on the list.

The supervisor in charge of the notice for capturing of murderers yawed, and stood there awaiting the group of guys.

Su Yun carried Tong Xue’s head, and slowly walked towards the notice.

The snow white cloth was already dyed red, the blood overflowing dripping on the floor.

“I’m here to hand over the list!”

Su Yun threw the head onto the floor, and from his hand he took out the list from his storage ring.

“Who’s head is this?”

The supervisor consciously swept the head with his eyes, and asked indifferently.

“Tong Xue!” Su Yun who was taking out the list, said.

The surrounding noise, in the silent night suddenly became even quieter….

“Tong.. Xue?”

The person in charge open his eyes wide.

All the hunters around the board were stunned, all their line of sight uniformly landed on Su Yun’s body.

The supervisor was apparently not convinced, he rubbed his eyes, his pupils becoming larger, as if they were going to drop out.

After confirming that the list was definitely released from the notice, he proceeded to exclaim in surprise: “Is that really.. Really Tong Xue?”

Someone already ran to the clothed wrapped head and opened it, after seeing the features of the face, he cried out in shock, his chest undulating, difficult to stop.


Su Yun walked towards the list and demanded.

“Oh! Please… Please wait, Master, please wait!”

The supervisor was shocked, and immediately stammered, after that he hurriedly retrieved a bright silver small key, and inserted into the hole of the notice, following, he took out the sticker of ‘Tong Xue’ out.

On the sheet of polished paper overflowing on the board, the moment the supervisor took it out, the paper immediately transformed into small twinkling lights and disappeared, following, a bizarre space opened up on the board, and a piece of Spirit Cheque flew out.

The supervisor anxiously picked it up, with both hands, he respectfully passed it to Su Yun: “Congratulations to you, Master, you have successfully helped the city to remove the disastrous Tong Xue, this is the reward the citizens have compiled for you, a total of fifteen hundred thousand Spirit Coins, Please keep it well!”


Su Yun nodded his head, and placed the Spirit Cheque into his storage ring on his finger.

After receiving his reward, he did not rush off to leave, only to begin looking at the list once more, his eyes finally locking down to the sixth name ‘Shi Hong Dian’.

‘Shi Hong Dian’, Nickname: ‘goblin’, was rumoured to have weird powers like a goblin. Gets strong at times then light and swift. His cultivation level: fifth stage of Spirit Core Disciple, reward: hundred and forty thousand spirit coins. Treasures: undetermined, mystical techniques: undetermined, location: Turquoise mountain. Shi Hong Dian was rumoured to have captured seventeen low level Spirit Cultivators and held hostage in Turquoise Mountain. He intended to make use of the hearts of these Spirit Cultivators to cultivate his goblin powers. He was vicious.

The notice board is ranked according to the crimes and the rewards. That meant that Shi Hong Dian’s powers might not be lower than Tong Xue.

But, if he did not try, or take the gamble, how could he cultivate ‘Completion under one breath’?

After thinking, Su Yun reached out and took down the name of ‘Shi Hong Dian’ from the list.

The person in charge was shocked: “Master, you want to exterminate this ‘Goblin’ Shi Hong Dian?”

“What’s that?” Su Yun did not understand.

“This…” the in charge smiled then added: “This goblin, Shi Hong Dian always worked in solitude, was mysterious and kept his contact to himself. He always cultivated in the deep mountains and he used raw flesh of spirit cultivators as his ingredients. It was brutal. Everyone wants to put him to death. It’s just that, the information on this notice board regarding him was last updated half a year ago. The goblin Shi Hong Dian is unlocated as of now!”

“Half a year ago?”

Su Yun was surprised.

“There were a few people who had taken up this task before, but there was no news, after the period of time, we deemed them as failures! Maybe they were unable to find Shi Hong Dian!”

The supervisor laughed bitterly.

Unfounded shi hong dian? He was probably dead. If they could not find Shi Hong Dian, it would be only right for them to report back.

Su Yun nodded as he heard the in-charge words. Then, he was deep in thoughts.

The people at the side was still discussing as they set their gaze on Su Yun.

“Could this man be the legendary Limitless Sword God?”

“Seems like it, but… There are many who dress up like limitless sword god too!”

“Those are just imposters. To be able to kill Tong Xue so easily, it can only be the almighty Sword Lord!”

“If it has anything to do with climbing up the ladder, then everyone will definitely benefit. If we can get him to assassinate all the targets on the notice board, we might still get some spirit coins!”

“Bro Li, you’re thinking too much? Why would Master Sword Lord be partners with burden like us?”

A few whispered.

Just at this time, a call suddenly sounded out from behind.

“If you can’t find Shi Hong Dian, I can help you master!”

Everyone looked over to see a decent, honest looking man walking over. No one knew where he appeared.

He donned on simple clothes, with just a piece of grey leather armour. He did not have much treasures on him. He had a blade hung around his waist. He was about thirty over years old, and was an eighth level Spirit Intermediate Disciple. Although, he was one level lower than Su Yun, but Su Yun believed he could easily kill him.

“Your help?”

The icy cold metal masked Su Yun looked at the straightforward man and asked: “How would you help?”

The simple looking man looked sad, then his face was painted with anger and pain as he muttered: “Just half a month ago, my younger brother was captured by Shi Hong Dian so I know where Shi Hong Dian is now! His cultivation level is high but I can’t outdo him so I’ve been waiting here. I know my brother is probably half dead but the only thing I can do is to wait here, if almighty can help me kill Shi Hong Dian, I’ll be willing to lead the way! And help almighty kill Shi Hong Dian to avenge for my brother!”

Su Yun listened and nodded: “It’s good that you waited patiently for a good chance to make a move. It’s a good strategy. If you had rushed over initially, you might be in the underworld with your younger brother!”

Who would have thought, this honest looking man was so cautious and thought so carefully. If it was him, would he have gone ahead and get killed in the fight?

Su Yun thought about it.

This man cupped both his fists and bowed seriously.

“Please allow me to lead you Master. I will definitely help you in killing Shi Hong Dian. I don’t want any spirit coins, I just want to avenge for my brother!!”

This man sounded honest and respectfully. He looked calm and had no fear in his face.

The ones at the side saw and was moved.

The person in charge came back to reality and said: “Master, since he knows the whereabouts of Shi Hong Dian, you might as well let him lead you there as such, you can save up a lot of energy right?”


Su Yun pondered and stated: “All of you are right. Since that’s the case, then I shall look for Shi Hong Dian with him!”

After that, he walked over and helped him up and asked: “What’s your name?”

“Reporting to Master, my name is Ah San!”

The simple and honest person laughed.

“Ah San?”

Su Yun frowned but he didn’t ask more. From the storage ring, he took out a bag of spirit coins and threw it away. He said: “Now, you shall go and buy two spirit stallions and wait for me at the northern side of the town. We will set out immediately to look for Shi Hong Dian!”

Ah San was shocked when he heard this and said: “Master, you had just handed over Tong Xue’s head. Aren’t you going to rest and prepare first before you look for Shi Hong Dian?”

“Not a need to! There’s a limited time, the longer we delay, the higher the chances there are changes. If we rest for a few days, and Shi Hong Dian changed his hiding location, then it would mean trouble. Quick, go!”

Su Yun urged the man.

Ah San took the bag over and hesitated for a while before he left hastily.

As there are people looking over the notice board 24 hours, usually, there would be spirit cultivators handing over the in the middle of the night. The shops around the notice board were opened throughout the night.

Very quickly, Ah San brought the two Spirit Stallions to the North gate of Jinghu Town. Su Yun was already there waiting for him…