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Instant kill

Night had fallen.

The moon was shrouded in grey clouds, the ground covered in darkness. It looked unusually dark and gloomy.

Dong Family.

They were the most famous family in this sword mountain’s small town. The Dong family earned a living from their cloth business. They worked happily with the people in this town. Frequently, they would open their storehouse to feed the poor, save the common people from their sufferings, and even the Profound Spirit Cultivators in dire straits also benefitted from them

In this small town, the impact of the Dong Family’s reputation was beyond the mayor.

But today, even the Dong Family met a catastrophe.

Behind the main door laid the corpses of the guards. Fresh blood flowed and covered the entire ground. Faintly, screams from the mansion of the Dong family could be heard.

A strong stench of blood filled the air. Under the gloomy moonlight, it was even more eerie.

“Don’t come over! Don’t you come near me!!”

A lady shouted in fear.


All the young masters of the Dong Family screamed as they laid on the ground, wounded badly.

She glared and looked at the man holding a dark red sword in despair. Helplessly, she shouted: “What do you want…We’d give it to you. Please, let us go… Money… You can take… Take the treasures too. Please, let us go…”

The man had a dark red hair. It was combed back. He looked sly and hazy. The man wore a blood red leather armour, and on his waist hung a huge ruby. He smiled slyly and looked at the trembling lady what was cornered, and had no way of retreating. He laughed maniacally and proudly.

“I just want you life. My sword… Would like to drink some human blood. Hehe, wait till I’m done with your madam, then I’ll send the rest of you off!”

With that, he moved and landed in front of the lady.

The lady could not even react and was taken by the man.

Chi la!

The lady’s yellow colored goose long skirt was immediately torn into shreds, exposing a large part of her shining white skin.

The lady’s face was pale white. As she looked at her own husband’s despaired expression, the fear in her eyes dimmed.

To be humiliated right in front of the eyes of the person you loved the most, what could be more painful than that?

She clenched her jaws, her heart somewhat determined, she suddenly moved, her neck rushed towards the bloodied sword edge on the man’s hand.


The man’s reaction was faster than she could ever imagine…

Only to see the blood sword move, the lady pounced into air, and fell to the ground.

“My… Lady…” The man who was lying on the floor had tears on his face. He tried his best to stand up, but he could hardly lift his body.

“Want to die?”

The man with the blood sword grabbed the lady by her hair, and gazed upon the small face drooping with tears, the corner of her mouth arching downwards.

“Why not choose a better way to die? He he, to die between my legs, isn’t that much happier?”


The man painfully shouted, he wiggled his body, wanting to go over to stop everything, but the current him, to even survive would be a problem.

“Even as ghosts, we will not let you off.”

The lady held back her tears, stared at the man, and painfully cursed.

“Ghost?” Once the man heard that, he laughed out loud: “I will kill even ghosts!”

Finished, he released his blood sword, instantly throwing the woman on the ground, wanting to go up on her.

“Stop, you bastard!!!!!!!!!”

A mournful scream shouted out.

Under the quiet night, it seemed extremely loud, and all the neighbours around were awoken in surprise.


Just then, a weird noise could be heard from the outside.

Following that, light steps could be heard coming into the house.

The footsteps were unhurried, yet firm. Not sure what kind of creature was emitting the Qi.


The man who was on top of her had yet to start. Suddenly, he got up and looked out of the house.

To see a man behind a ruined metal mask and a black blademaster outfit. He was tall, and was chiselled as he walked in with a sword sheath.

The man reached out to pull a black sword from behind. His other hand went towards the sword sheath pulling out a bright, glimmering sword. Step by step, he got closer.

“Are you ‘Yin sword’ Tong Xue?”

The man asked as he released his Qi.

It filled the air.

This Qi seemed like it was Swift Wind Spirit Qi, but it was stronger and sharper.

Tong Xue’s face congealed. He secretly analysed the Qi of this incoming man. He wanted to judge his powers only to realise he could not penetrate the opponent’s Qi.

“Who are you?”

Tong Xue grasp his hand and the ‘Tong Yin Blade’ flew into his hand. He interrogated with suspicion but right after, he laughed: “Don’t tell me you’re a hunter? Haha, you worms only know how to annoy me all day long! You sure don’t know how to spell out death?”


The incoming man raised the black sword that was in his hand and looked fierce.

All of a sudden, he moved and dashed forward. The sharp Qi suddenly blew up strong winds towards Tong Xue. the black Death Sword flew and spun in mid air, whereas Thousand Deep Sword was in his palms, and plunged towards Tong Xue.


Tong Xue saw the black sword darting around aimlessly in mid air and his pupils constricted. He knew who he was.

“You’re Limitless Sword Lord?”

With that, the Thousand Deep Sword crashed over with a thick whistling sound.

‘Yin Blade’ was lifted quickly.


The two swords knocked into one another and out burst ripples.

Tong Xue only sensed his weapon was being suppressed by a huge mountain as a startling True Dipper Qi cascaded. The ground beneath his feet cracked and a terrifying sword Qi surged

True Dipper Qi? Why would there be True Dipper Qi when he was using a sword? What kind of Qi did it belonged to?

Tong Xue’s eyes turned solemn.

At this time, the death sword spinning in mid air turned around and pierced through.

“Don’t underestimate me!!”

Tong Xue looked sly as he waved his arms. Suddenly, huge amounts of blood red fog arose from his back. With the attack of the Death Sword, the blood fog was thick and it blocked off the Death sword and the sword sheath so that not one could enter.

After that, he withstood the Thousand Deep Sword.


The person’s force was not in the least bit weak. Thousand Deep Sword retreated a bit, and after that forced down once again.


Tong Xue’s legs felt the huge impact, the ground beneath him blowing out, and the dense and dauntless force caused his whole body to feel numb.

He already knew that the person in front of him was not simple, if he were to hold his hand, he would inevitably be buried.

At once! Tong Xue clenched his jaws, he forced all the energy in his body, his ‘Yin Blade’ flickered with red light, and after that, the sword body suddenly released great amounts of sinister and terrifying blood hands, holding on to Thousand Deep Sword.

The person anxiously threw the Thousand Deep Sword, but the blood hands’ force was not small, and did not let him struggle free.

Upon seeing this, Tong Xue’s eyes lit up, and he laughed out loud: “Let’s see how you escape now? Hahahaha….”

When he finished, Tong Xue lifted up his left hand, and hacked towards the person.

A swordless Chop? What is he doing? Unless he was depending on his body to deliver a fatal blow?

Just then, a weird phenomenon appeared.

Tong Xue held the ‘Yin Blade’ with his right hand, but when he waved his left hand upwards, the ‘Yin Blade’ in his right hand disappeared for a moment, and immediately appeared in his left hand.

The person’s eyes constricted!

This sword could actually blink !

“DIE! Limitless Sword Lord! Hahaha…” Tong Xue laughed fanatically, and he thrust his sword downward.

Killing intent, vast and rich, blood roiling.

The person was actually thrown into the center of a vortex, where it was difficult to struggle free!

Right now!

A tinge of sadness flashed across his eyes. Moving his left hand, his entire body released air-bubbles. and out came a great amount of Pure Divine Spirit Qi.In a few thoughts, it formed a great Qi wisps.



Lower body!

Heaven’s Gate! (Point at the top of your head. The highest point)

Innumerable Qi tracks were formed that could injure his opponent.


The thousand deep sword that was being caught flew out and it flew through these qi wisps at the speed of lightning.

Pu chi! Pu chi! Pu chi!

Chilling bone cracking sounds resonated. Tong Xue froze, as if frozen, could not move.

It was almost an instant kill!

The bunch of people saw! They could not seem to catch hold of the speed of this man. They could only see that Tong Xue was being enveloped by countless swords!

Afterwards, the sword shadows disappeared. Everything happened real quick like lightning! What was left was the whistling sounds of the swords.

The gloomy ‘Yin Blade’ was almost at the neck of the man and in a blink of an eye, and could slit his throat.


The two swords encircled around Tong Cue and immediately went ahead for his head.


Tong Xue was beheaded with blood spewing into the sky.

The man lightly pushed the ‘Yin Blade’ away and caught hold of Tong Xue’s head. He then wrapped it in a white cloth.


Tong Xue’s body fell onto the ground. His blood stained the floor. Upon closer look, one would see that the body was in the middle of a hundred swords and on his body was hundred over holes at places like his brain, heart and other fatal sites. He looked pitiful, dying a horrible way.

Keeping his swords, he held onto the head and scanned through ‘Yin Blade’ to see the blade was already dark. He then shook his head and left.

The fifth ranked notorious criminal of the region, ‘Ying Tong’ of Jue Lian District was dead!


At this point in time, an anxious voice cried out.

The metal masked man turned and looked back to see a half naked woman running over. On her knees, she cried: “Thank you benefactor, for killing this evil man! You’ve saved the Dong family. May benefactor grant a favour and help save my husband! My husband is badly injured by the evil man. He’s in a life-threatening condition now. If he does not receive help now, he would die… I’m willing to be benefactor’s slave. Just please, help save my husband!”

The lady cried in despair and kowtowed to the man behind the metal masked continuously such that her skull was almost broken.

He lifted up his gaze and looked towards the pale man lying in a pool of blood. He was almost unconscious. He bit onto his lower lip and pondered. Then, he took out a pill from his storage ring and threw it on the floor. Then he brandished his arm. A sword flew out. He took a leap and stepped onto the flying sword behind and flew towards the lands faraway.

Seeing that, the lady kowtowed once again and thanked him incessantly. Then, she quickly picked up the pill and ran to her young master of the Dong Family who was holding on to his last breath.

Once he ate the pill, it quickly dissolved and worked its effects. The medicine nourished all his body including the wounds and cleared away all the Profound Spirit Qi. Instantly, the young master looked 70 percent better, and he had stopped bleeding.

“It is… So miraculous… The benefactor… Must be an almighty one…” the young master of Dong Family opened his eyes slowly. He said weakly.

“Husband! It’s great you’re fine. This is great!! Heaven must have seen the dong family’s good deeds and so he sent a benefactor to help us. It must be.” the lady cried.

“In the near future… we have to repay back to the benefactor…” the young master of the Dong Family held onto the lady’s hands and asked fraily: “Oh yes, what is his name?”

“Hearing… Hearing from the bastard, he seemed to be called… Limitless Sword Lord.…”