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Getting Rid of Future Troubles


Slightly heavy footsteps stepped onto the wooden boards of the house, and one skinny figure appeared at the door.

This was a lady who was enraged, her entire body was releasing cold energy, her sight was very dim and gloomy, her entire body was lifeless as she gazed at Su Yun, under the night sky,

She looked like a ghost.

Su Yun frowned. If she did not have any consciousness, like a normal person, he would have pulled out his sword and stabbed across already.

“You’re Su You Rong’s follower?”

He opened his mouth and asked.

The lady nodded, and said in a hoarse voice: “Young miss has sent me to come and ask when you will send either Su Qing Er or Su Xin Yue over! She had already waited until she is unable to wait patiently anymore! I hope you are not lying to her, if not… the consequences is very dire!”


A serious look passed Su Yun’s eyes, he nodded his head and asked: “Then, how much more time can your young miss give me?”

“Cough cough….if you don’t hand over the person by tomorrow, I think young miss would most probably choose to give it up.”

The lady coughed a few times, her face was becoming paler as she slowly spoke.

“Then let’s set it at tomorrow night! Ummm… midnight tomorrow, let’s meet at the obscure hill outside the Su family!”

Su Yun leaned on the bedside, thought for a while and said: ”I will be the matchmaker, and let your young miss succeed!!”

“Midnight?” THe lady frowned: “Why choose it at midnight, and why choose it outside the Su family?”

“They are thick skinned. They are also afraid that people might say something. After all, they are two females of the same house, matters like lovers’ rendezvous will always be a shyful thing, would it not? Tell your young miss, if she wants it she will go.”

Su Yun waved his hand: “Remember to close the door when you leave.”

The lady looked at him once. She did not say anything, nor did she bother to close the door and immediately turned and left.

After a short while, the movements outside disappeared, and was once again peaceful and quiet.

Su Yun sat by the window, deep in thought. He stood up, secretly opened the door by a bit, activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye to scan the surroundings. Seeing that no one was around, he quickly slipped out.

Since he had decided to resolve the problem, to remove the disastrous Su You Rong, he had to act as early as possible.

But, to meet at midnight, and to meet at such a location outside of the Su Family… In retrospect, it would definitely cause suspicions.

Su You Rong was not like Su Dong Hao, she was more vigilant.

Pulling his Spirit Stallion and rushing wildly to the Inner Sect, with the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, he already saw Su You Rong’s people in the distance.

Su Yun was only at the boundary between the Inner and Outer Sect, but he already saw them entering the courtyard, heading into Su You Rong’s embroidered pavilion.

While dashing quickly, he kept his eyes on the situation in the courtyard.

Plainly seeing was useless. He still had to listen to the verdict in the end, to find out what Su You Rong would plan. Was it to agree… Or directly seek Su Yun to send the person over?

After a short period of time, Su Yun arrived at the Inner Sect.

He immediately changed to his blademaster clothes and put on his mask. Borrowing the darkness of the night, he stepped onto the Thousand Deep Sword and flew into the courtyard, falling onto the roof of the pavilion, and then he laid prone on the roof, closed his eyes, and focused on listening. He was extremely light and graceful, and did not make a single sound.

After a while.

Soft feeble voices could be heard from inside the pavilion.

“Su Family outskirts? Humph, I’m afraid that brat wants to pull some trick, if he really agreed to bring the two girls to be together with me, why would he go to so much trouble? The way I see it, he most likely wants to kill me!”

Su You Rong’s voice could be heard.

“Young miss, how can that person have the nerve to do so?”

“He even dared to cut off Su Dong Hao’s arms, what can he not dare to do?”

“Since he is hiding the intent of killing young miss, why not we directly go and kill him!”

“No need! Heh, what if what he said was true, and the two girls are really shy, and do not dare to meet me in a public place full of people, then wouldn’t I have missed the chance? Su Yun is just an ant, no need to worry, I will go and meet him. If he does not give me anything, that small fry outer sect disciple bullying my uselessly weak older brother is enough, yet he still wants to behave atrociously in front of me? He really is overestimating himself!”

“What if he set up a trap, then what do we do?”

“You and the rest can just follow me!”

“Yes, Young miss!”

“Heh, once I’ve obtained those two beautiful young girls, you can just watch how I train them!”

“Young miss… you… you cannot just forget us servants….”

“Heh heh, relax, when the time comes to sleep, you all will serve me! Heh heh heh…” Su You Rong laughed out loud.

“Your slaves will definitely serve you well, Young Miss.”

“But Miss, when the two little girls come, how should we deal with Su Yun?”

“Heh, to dare be impudent in front of me, Su You Rong, I admit he has courage, and to cut off my brother’s arm, he basically does not attach importance to me. Once I’ve obtained the two girls, you all can go and capture him. My offerings is still lacking something, use him as replacement!”

“Yes, young miss.”

The feeble sound came out nonstop.



It seems like Su You Rong was actually cultivating some evil and unusual arts.

How can the Immortal Dao mystical techniques require Offerings? Only Demon Dao mystical techniques use such things, but very few Demon Dao mystical techniques required the use of offerings. These kind of mystical offerings were usually extremely vicious, even people in the Demon Dao rarely learnt it, so where did Su You Rong actually obtain this arts?

Su Yun did not understand. At this time, oppressive and rushed moaning sounds came out of the embroidered pavilion, it was irregular and extremely alluring.

Su Yun wanted to leave, but suddenly he thought of something.

Judging from their conversation just now, the meeting with Su You Rong tomorrow night, since she’ll be careful about it, I’m afraid I alone will not have any chance.

Or maybe….

I could take action now.

The expression in his eyes flashed, revealing an ominous glare again and again. He stretched behind his back and touched the sword sheathe, and the bright, long Thousand Deep Sword was silently taken out.

He moved lightly, dropping from the rooftop, quietly floating around the embroidered pavilion, and landing on the small hill outside quietly.

In front, was the embroidered pavilion.

Through a small crack, he could see a few shining white bodies interweaving together, the women rubbing each other with their own soft part of their body as their bodies made contact with one another, all their mouths opened widely without restraint, moaning loudly….

Su Yun converged his Profound Spirit Qi into his right eye, and quickly, his right pupil formed layers of white light, his entire pupil shining brightly with the white light, looking very magical.

Second stage Spirit Core Disciple?

Su Yun grasped his sword tightly, quietly standing there.

With the effects of the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye on his left eye, the Qi on his body was quietly covered, and with Su You Rong’s current cultivation level, she could not feel his Qi at all. Even the sentries and guards could hardly catch any trace of him, and using the dark night, his full black blademaster clothe made Su Yun blend perfectly, hard to detect.


All the delicious and delicate body around Su You Rong, their hands suddenly grabbed onto the bed silk, their faces all blushing red, bodies began to tremble intensely, their mouths opened wide, moans after moans sounds coming out…


Su You Rong trembled as she screamed. Her voice was unusually provocative.

But at that moment, the person in the darkness made his move.

He quickly ran over, forming strong winds with him. He was unstoppable.

With the Death Sword in one hand, he threw it over and the Thousand Deep in the other, piercing right through the embroidered pavilion.

A breeze of Pure Divine Spirit Q emerged like a sword being pulled out. The Qi spilled all over to wreck havoc!


The death sword flew with the sword sheath like a black meteor.

Right behind Death Sword was a strong, tenacious intention to kill.


The death sword pierced through the paper window, onto the person laughing merrily. Then…


A man in blademaster clothes and a metal mask used his Profound Spirit Qi to crush the wall and rushed over.


The change of events happened too fast. Su You Rong immediately woke up from her happiness and stared at the swords flying to her. Without another word, she pulled a body from her side as a shield.


The girl did not managed to react and was pierced by the death sword. The death sword was stalled. Its speed decreased and Su You Rong ran away quickly.

Su Yun’s face was gloomy.

Compared to demons, this woman’s heart was even darker.

The Thousand Deep Sword flew over and followed Su You Rong tightly, such that she did not have a chance to take a breather.

But a circle of black pattern flashed across Su You Rong’s body. The black patterns engulfed her body like a venom. Very quickly, both the body and the black pattern disappeared.


Su Yun picked up the sword and shot through. The Thousand Deep Sword pierced through where the heart was.


As the edge of the sword entered the body, there was no a bit of blood. Instead, great amount of black smoke emerged…

“Evil Qi?”

Su Yun was doubtful.

Su You Rong’s body had turned into a pile of black smoke and dispersed before they gathered several metres away and formed the structure of her body again.

Although she was naked, but she was not shameful about it. Instead, she looked at Su Yun and mocked: “How dare you trespass! Interesting! Report your name! Who dares to send someone to assassinate me?”

“I want to kill people, do I need a reason?”

Su Yun caressed his icy cold iron mask and muttered.

Su You Rong squinted her eyes, stared at the person in front of her, looking at his dressing, suddenly realizing who he was.

“You are Limitless Sword Lord?” Su You Rong was uncertain and asked.

She previously thought the person was Su Yun, but then she changed her mind. Su Yun would not be so courageous? An outer sect disciple dared make his way into the inner sect to kill someone?

But, the man said nothing at all and rushed towards Su You Rong with his sword once again.

“Cheh, you’ve underestimated me!”

Su You Rong ridiculed.

At that moment, all the guards and servants around Su You Rong ran over to help her out.

But all their energy were being taken away by Su You Rong and they were weak. They were obviously of no match for Su Yun and would not cause much threat to him.

Upon seeing the Death Sword flying towards him and encircled around Su Yun. the Pure Divine Spirit Qi on the sword was like a fan. Su Yun’s body was surrounded by swords. None of the servants dared to get close to him.


Noticing that, Su You Rong dared not let her guard down. Raising one hand, a black leather whip appeared from the ring on her finger and pounced onto Su Yun like a poisonous snake.

Su Yun’s spinning swords chopped it.

Even so, the whip was covered by layers of Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi, so the Pure Divine Spirit Qi was not able to chop it into pieces.

Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi? Why did he felt sensed something inauspicious earlier on?

Su Yun gritted his teeth. Suddenly, he loosened his grip on Thousand Deep Sword and explored with his hand. He then grabbed hold on the spinning Death Sword and turned around. A long sword sheath that was covered by Pure Divine Spirit Qi and pierced through to show off its abilities.

Su You Rong was surprised. She quickly lashed out her whip and continued to pester the Death Sword.

But right when she was focusing on controlling her whip, she put all her attention on the Death Sword. The Thousand Deep Sword glimmered and burst towards her like a huge mountain.

Su You Rong was surprised, as her pupils became bigger and rounder…

Was that a sword technique?