Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 122
The Power of Sprite’s Shadow (Part II)

Looking at the array as it started, Su Yun’s heart was silent.

Yes, since the opponent has already found this place, why would they not leave a defense mechanism to stop others from finding it and stealing their treasure?

This array had no Qi for killing. It did not look like it wanted to kill him but the Profound Spirit Qi floating in the air was extremely dense as if it wanted to eliminate other Qi…

He could not care less, he needed to obtain the Sprite’s Shadow quickly will be the victor!

Su Yun did not hesitate. He immediately laid the ‘hundred demon extermination god array’ on the ground.

After that, he took out the last ingredient from the bag and stared at the eye of ‘hundred demon extermination god array’ before he pressed onto it.


The last piece of ingredient fitted into the eye of the array. In a few breaths, the painting on the flying sky moon mirror started to emit a blood red mist-like material as though it was a pot of boiling blood, it started to let out rumbling noises.

Su Yun looked at the array as the demonic spirits that were deep asleep were awakened. His eyes turned red and started becoming weird. It was gloomy.

That mysterious Demonic Qi Cultivator’s blood… Why would it have such an amazing effect?

He did not know, nor did he want to know. The thing that he needed to do, was to worship.

He presented his own soul and communicated with the powers of the hundred demons.

Demons… They were not the substitute for viciousness, nor evil. A true demon was not a serial killer in the legend.

What they pursued was the same as fairies. They were noble.

People hated and feared them because they did not understand them well enough.

Su Yun stepped on the edges of the flying sky moon mirror and onto ‘hundred demon extermination god array’. He took out Thousand Deep Sword and pulled out the Death Sword on his back and then stabbed through it together with the sword sheath.

He supported both of the swords and, as if he had collapsed, he had no energy left. His chest rose and fell as he panted hard.

Suddenly, a bloody streak of light jumped out from the ‘hundred demon extermination god array’ and through the top of the wall of heart concealment formation. It penetrated the rocks, into the mountains and to the sky.

“Woah! ! ! !”

Immediately, blood colored light started engulfing Su Yun. An excruciating pain filled him, as he, and the two swords were baptised by this blood light.

He gritted his teeth, keeping an eye on the hundred demon extermination god array. He was surprised to see that the patterns on the painting started moving on its own.

The hundreds of vicious, formidable, terrifying and frightening demons stood up all at once.

They all set their gaze on Su Yun as they dragged their blood drenched body towards him.

“Kill!! Kill all the injustice on this earth, kill all the unfairness in this world!! Kill!!!!!!!!”

“No one can control you or me. From now on, you and I will be free!”

“The darkness does not allow people to walk forward, but it can hide us perfectly well. This way, we can be safe!”

“Be it immortals, celestials, or demons, who cares? I just hope to live a life with my loved ones. Unless… you can’t give it to me?”

“Then I’ll tear the sky apart, chop the floor into pieces and show you. I’m not an ant you can trample one!”

“Souls? Pride? Life? Can all these be realised?”

One after another, the shouts rang by his ears continuously. Different voices, but they all carried the same arrogance.

That was the voices of the demons!

What they pursued was actually very simple.

Su Yun listened intently and immersed himself in their emotions. He felt their anger, despair, sadness…

All of a sudden.

The demon most front moved and fell onto him…


The bloody demon turned into a fluid and splashed onto Su Yun. Then, it quickly spun around his body before finally converging into a pattern, one that looked exactly like the one in the painting.

The image was vicious, its eyes full of killing intent, as if he was the absolute demon of the underworld.


The second demon pounced on him and joined into the picture.

Followed by the third demon.


Fourth demon!

Huālā! Huālā!

The fifth, and sixth demon…

When the hundredth demon had penetrated Su Yun’s body, his entire being was covered entirely by the sinister and frightening spectacle. Could he still be called a human at this moment? The strong and vicious Demonic Qi turned the black hole into a red glimmering light. The wall of heart concealment formation started to instigate on its own and was being pushed to its extreme as though it wanted to defend against this Qi.

“Arghhhh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ”

The hundred demons pattern were formed. The demons roared as it pierced through the mountain, through the rocks and into the blue dome of heaven.

Vow to pulverise heaven and earth with his palms!



Shedding flames volcano.

At the main hall.

Six disciples at the first stage Spirit Core realm donning equipment of superior quality, stood guard outside the palace hall. Inside the palace hall, several great clan elders of the Exuding Fire Sect were present, all seated down, even the Chief great clan elder Yang Gu was present!

Hu Rong stood in the middle of the hall to report about the recruitment of Exuding Fire Sect matters.

For a sect to pass on to generations, it had to call in new disciples. Although Exuding Fire Sect and Gu Xie Sect both agreed to cultivate ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’, there were ultimately some difference between the two sects. ‘Exuding Fire Sect’ knew how to cultivate ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’ in moderation, because the Qi carried an easily irritable character, they focused on the state of mind. ‘Exuding Fire Sect’s methods and ‘Gu Xie Sect’s method for cultivating ‘Scarlet Spirit Qi’ were not much different. The reputation of the sects, regulation et cetera were all compatible with ‘Gu Xie Sect’. Every year, many would come forth for the test.

Upon hearing Hu Rong’s report, the Great Clan elder shut his eyes tight and thought deeply.

The others remained silent and the hall was eerily silent.

At this moment, Yang Gu opened his mouth. With his voice hoarse: “For this year’s recruitment…I have actually discussed with the sect leaders, and we might postpone it to a few months later!”

The great clan elder was in shocked after hearing the piece of news.

“Why is that so?” Hu Rong got suspicious, “The recruitment has always been utmost importance as it has got to do with the passing on to the next generation. The recruitment of new blood can not be delayed. Great Clan Elder, why are we delaying it?”

“Fret not!” Yang Gu said: “The sect leaders mainly wished for us to be able to get the list of names by the opening of heroes ensemble so that everyone can place their focus at the distinguished meeting!”

“Heroes ensemble meet?”

All clan elders looked at him, and he looked back. All of their eyes were in a state of confusion.

“With my disciples’ power, the top ten is not an issue to them! The positions are all superficial, why do the sect leaders care about them?” Hu Rong asked.

“Yeah, those sects are greedy, but my Exuding Fire Sect is different! What’s the difference between the first or the last position?”

Everyone disputed.

But the Great Clan Elder just shook his head incessantly.

“I’m afraid all of you don’t know why the sect leaders place such importance in this heroes ensemble meet. That’s because, in this meet, all precious sects will be providing treasures!! If you can get the treasures, then it will benefit Exuding Fire Sect greatly!!”


Everyone gasped.

Hu Rong cupped his fist, “Please enlighten me!”

The Great Clan Elder looked at Hu Rong and opened his mouth to explain to him.

However, when he just wanted to make a sound, his face suddenly changed, and his entire body immediately stood up from his chair.

The few other great clan elders all stood up, and looked at him with surprise.

At this time, a gloomy and fiendish Qi suddenly pervaded the air from inside the palace hall, as the indescribable atmosphere rippled, what a strange feeling.

“This… This is?” Hu Rong’s eyes opened wide, as he starting to feel something unfathomable coming.

“Not good! There’s a situation!!”

Everyone starting to panic and shout.

The great clan elder’s face became paler, he stared at the outside, and after thinking for awhile, he bellowed: “Start protecting the boundaries of the mountain, and at the same time send out the order, the inner sect disciples cannot leave the sect, and let the elites of the sect be dispatched! The rest of you follow me out to take a look! See who actually dares to come to my Exuding Fire Sect and behave atrociously!!!”

When his voice sounded out, Yang Yu and the rest sprung into action, all becoming flames that flew out of the palace hall.


Just then, at the nameless burial area, the night sky turned in to the color of ash, as the hundred demon extermination god array was entirely attached to Su Yun’s body, where his body was covered entirely by sinister and fiendish demon pictures.

He ferociously gasped for breath, both of his eyes are scarlet red, he raised his pale white face, stared at the big rock in front of him, and proceeded to climb over to it.

His left and right hands held the ‘Thousand Deep Sword’ and the ‘Death Sword’.

At that moment, both swords were covered in the demonic picture, with incomparable redness, especially the death sword, shuddering frantically, stirring restlessly and unstably, as though it could throw off Su Yun’s tight hold on it anytime.

The Sword elder did not make a sound, as he was already immune to Su Yun’s random and weird surprising acts.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yun raised the death sword in his hand, looked at its frantic shuddering, and the corner of his mouth slowly exposed a demonic smile.

“You can’t even bear such little Qi? This is just the first transformation!”

As he said that, Su Yun’s face suddenly became more sinister, and from his mouth, erupted a roar!

“AH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ”

After that, both Thousand Deep Sword and Death Sword uniformly slashed across the big rock.

The tips of the swords released a large amount of berserk undulation!! Endless destructive Qi converged at one point, and heart wrenchingly clashed forward!

BANG! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Almost at the same time, The wall of heart concealment formation once again activated by itself, and moreover it was activated to its limit, and was no longer a deep green color, but a bright white green color, and the entire cave was illuminated, becoming sparkling and pure!!

CLANG! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Death sword! Thousand Deep Sword! Knocking into the concealment, it produced a loud sound. However, it was unable to expel the power! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The wall of heart concealment formation kept flickering, as though it also had used up all of its power to resist, resisting the swords with all of its power and not allowing them to penetrate through one bit!

But after a breath, the demonic pictures on Su Yun’s body suddenly erupted out, in the capacities of long slender threads, rushing out of his body, one after another of specters releasing mournful and fierce claws, grabbing onto the the wall of heart concealment, frantically tearing it apart.

Hundred Demon shadows!

Power bursting forth!

“AH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ”

The mournful shrills sounded out from the demon specters, these were not painful shrieks, or mourns of despair, but they were mourns of anger, insane and crazy roars.

Chī la chī la chī la…

It was unclear how terrifying hundred demon shadows powers were. The thick and sturdy wall of heart concealment was torn apart by these hundred pairs of claws.

The white, luminous light burst out and the wall of heart concealment collapsed completely!

The entire tunnel was free from obstruction!

The ferocious power seemed to be able to split open the air.

This was true power!

This was formidable power!

Su Yun was entranced….

There was a pit at the end! Within that pit laid a decomposed corpse.

The treasures on the corpse were dull and lightless. These treasures stemmed from the lives of the person. Once the person is dead, the treasures would lose their lustre as well.

But, on the shrivelled finger, sat a ring whose black ray of light was still glowing…

Sprite’s Shadow! ! !

Su Yun’s bloody eyes widened.


The Thousand Deep Sword and the Death Sword fell onto the ground.

He advanced with heavy footsteps, body shaking as he staggered.

“I finally gotten it!!”

He took the ring off and clenched it within his hands, his bloody red eyes were filled with joy!

He acquired the Sprite’s Shadow! And the Heavenly Crystal! These two divine objects together with the Everlasting Stone! What else would he fear?


He could not contain his joy as muffled laughters came through his throat.

“Oh? A little dog actually sneaked in!”

Right at this moment, a familiar voice rang from behind.

Su Yun turned his body stiffly and stared behind him to see two shadows walking towards him. They were the two green people who flew out from the black hole earlier on.

This was obviously a miraculous array that supported the atmosphere!!

“You… You actually destroyed the wall of heart concealment!!” The man in the black robe exclaimed.

“Mhmm… What a thick Demonic Qi. Don’t tell me the wall of heart concealment eats Demonic Qi?”

The lady whom the man in black robe called as princess set her gaze on Su Yun, without a change of expression she said sternly: “Rascal, give me the Sprite’s Shadow! Or else, you shall die!”

“You want it?”

Su Yun raised his bloody red eyes and walked over. He then plucked out Thousand Deep Sword, which was stuck onto the ground. In his right hand, he held onto the Death Sword and, on his left hand, the Sprite’s Shadow. He rushed forth towards them.

“If you want it…. Then I shall give it to you.…”