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The Power of Sprite’s Shadow

Hē! ! ! ! !

The abandoned dead spirits cried nonstop, then with a series of explosions, the tiny and weak Profound Spirit Qi emerged from the black hole.

Su Yun hid behind the rocks and stared closely at the black hole. He was nervous.

Since the Sword Elder was warning him, he understood that he would not be able to withstand it with his limited cultivation. He had the Limitless Sword Manual as a cover to mask his Qi, so he could hide there for a while.

He did not worry about the Sprite’s Shadow being stolen by others because, according to the memories of his past life, the Sprite’s Shadow was not stolen by others at this time.

Also, no ordinary man could have opened that realm.

Su Yun held his breath and waited behind the rocks.

Not knowing how long had passed, the cries of the abandoned dead spirits within the black hole faded.

Su Yun listened intently for any sounds. After about half an hour, the voices of the abandoned dead spirits were completely gone.


Suddenly, an ear splitting sound resonated through. A layer of deep green patterns started to show up on the inner walls of the mountain. These patterns were like a protective screen, covering the entire walls of the inner mountain, including the black hole!!

“This is the Wall of Heart Concealment array!!”

Su Yun exclaimed softly.

“Wall of Heart Concealment?” Sword Elder heard this and froze for a moment. Then, he was completely shocked. “Can these enclosing treasures instigate a concealment array on its own??”


Su Yun nodded. “It’s one of the few spiritual array methods in Sky Martial Continent!!”

He shifted his gaze and observed the fading patterns around the walls and muttered, “After the almighty one died, the Wall of Heart Concealment array on him sealed the road to his grave automatically. Now, the man in the black hole is trying to break open the road, but once this Wall of Heart Concealment array is instigated, it will be able to withstand that person’s attack. It might take a long while to break this array!”


The Sword Elder was shocked and thought. ‘This rascal… I, as the sect leader of Limitless Sword Sect, am knowledgeable and have seen much. Not many would know about the Wall of Heart Concealment array. Why does this rascal know so much about this? What kind of freak is he?’


It rang once again!

The Wall of Heart Concealment array rose once again. As the deep dark green emerged, it made the inner mountain look evil.




It seemed as though the sounds wouldn’t stop.

Su Yun squinted his eyes. Suddenly, he understood something.

The Wall of Heart Concealment array seemed to sense Profound Spirit Qi. If he used Profound Spirit Qi to attack, once it touches the wall, it would then cause such a reaction. The way he dug the windhole, was to strike without using Profound Spirit Qi, so it did not trigger the Wall of Heart Concealment array. Otherwise, he would not have been able to widen the windhole.

It rang off for about twenty times before finally stopping.

Su Yun retracted his body, and even stopped breathing. He exposed one of his eyes as he stared stealthily at the black hole. His heart was thumping hard and fast.


Finally, within the black hole, footsteps were heard.

It seemed like these people could not break the Wall of Heart Concealment array and were giving up.

About two footsteps were heard, one with the slightest faint trace, and one that was heavier.

While Su Yun observed the two walking out of the black hole, he was unable to sense any bit of Profound Spirit Qi on them.

If they weren’t experts, how could they cover up their Profound Spirit Qi so well?

“I never thought this rascal even has a natural place for his body to rest in. Indeed, he is someone mighty, like we heard from the rumours!”

The voice was cold and gloomy, but it was a familiar voice.

Su Yun stared hard at the black hole. Two shadows came out from the black hole slowly.

One of them was tall. He wore a black garment and a black crown. He had a pair of forest green eyes and an evil looking green hair. On his skin, he was covered in green patterns. It was horrible. As for the black robe, the patterns on the top were actually moving as if they were alive.

And beside the man, was a lady in green dress.

The dress was over her knees, revealing her beautiful fair legs. Her body was hot. She had big busts and a perky butt. Her figure would set anyone’s imagination ablaze.

How pretty would her face be? Her brows, nicely parted. She had cherry lips and her skin, fair and smooth like a paste. Her green hair fell nicely on her shoulders and her eyes sparkled like jewels. She was charming. And what’s amazing was she actually had an indescribable gracefulness to her.

Her temperament was impeccable, it held a noble and inviolable dignity that captured the audience’s soul. Simply monstrous!

Su Yun shook his head. If he did not carry the Everlasting Stone with him, he might have been subdued by that woman’s charm, causing him to stand up and walk over to her, then obediently worship her.

“If I can’t get that treasure, then all our hard work will be in vain! I must think of a way to break this realm!”

The lady in the green dress said.

The man cupped his fists and said respectfully, “Princess! This treasure is not easy to attain. This concealment array is not easy to tear down either, it’s not that I’m not powerful enough. It’s just that I can’t find the flaws in the concealment array. If I can find the flaws, then it’ll be another story!”

The lady in green heard this and her brows turned straight. “Then, have you found the flaws yet?”


“Then, do you have any plans?”

“I’ve heard about the Heavenly Crystal. Maybe if you rely on the Heavenly Crystal, you can break the realm and attain the treasure!”

“I have already sent people to investigate the Heavenly Crystal. Rumours say that the first people that came in contact with the Heavenly Crystal, are the people of the Immortal Sword Sect. After investigation, the Heavenly Crystal is now in the hands of a person named Limitless. The Immortal Sword Sect and the Ming Ying School are looking for this person, but this person is nowhere to be found!! It’s hard to acquire the Heavenly Crystal in such a short period of time!” The lady in green blandly said.

“I have heard that the Immortal Sword Sect’s elder, Long Xian Li, and Ming Ying School’s Hu Qian Mei had been to one place! Maybe, Limitless would be there!!”

“Oh?” The lady turned her fair neck and looked at him. “Where is that?”

“The Su Family!” The man replied respectfully.

“Su Family? Then did you send anyone to investigate?”

“I’ve already sent two men!’


The lady in green nodded. “Then, let them check first, as we think about other ideas here. Be it the Heavenly Crystal or this treasure, I want it!! If this isn’t done, then we will need more strength!”

The man knelt down and lowered his head earnestly.

The lady did not even spare him a glance. With her light footsteps, she flew towards to sky like a green leaf, and flew towards the tunnel.

The man noticed, he hurriedly got up and followed suit.

Su Yun concentrated on them with his eyes….

“Rascal, there are quite a number of people that lust for the Heavenly Crystal. Their powers are not inferior to Long Xian Li!”

The Sword Elder said.

“Mmhmm!” Su Yun nodded. “I never thought that the Su Family’s pond is that profound! I have to be extra careful in the future and eliminate those two as quick as possible!!”

“Then, what do you plan to do now? Are you still going to get the Sprite’s Shadow?” Sword Elder asked.

“Of course! If I don’t get the Sprite’s Shadow, then didn’t I just waste a trip down here?”

Su Yun said. He sat there and waited.

The Limitless Sword Manual was stuck on his chest. He believed that his Qi would not leak out and these two people would not be able to sense his existence.

As such, Su Yun sat for half a day. When he sensed that the two have left already, he walked out from the stone and towards the black hole.

The abandoned dead spirits in the black hole were killed by the two. When the abandoned dead spirits died, they all returned to their original state: hair. Although dead, the almighty one would produce a new batch of abandoned dead spirits soon!

The two had killed all of the abandoned dead spirits for him, that saved him a lot of energy!

Su Yun was filled with joy as he held onto the Thousand Deep Sword and walked into the black hole carefully.

The black hole was darker than the inner mountain. Here, there was not even an inch of light. If an ordinary person was here, he would probably turn blind. Luckily, Su Yun had the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye. Even in a dark place like this, he still had some vision.

The black hole was not long, it was probably just over a hundred metres. Along the road, the bodies of the abandoned dead spirits laid on the ground. There were close to over a hundred of them.

Upon seeing this scene, he felt cold sweat running down his back. If he chose to fight these on his own, he wouldn’t know how long it would take to kill all of them. Maybe he might have to go on for days and nights, and it would never end.


Suddenly, Su Yun’s gaze fell on the corpses of all the abandoned dead spirits.

These abandoned dead spirits were not dead for a long time, and their corpses had not yet turned into strands of hair. Their long bodies were still glowing.

His eyes fell on the centre of all these corpses to see a layer of an unusual blue glow.

“That’s spirit power!”

The Sword Elder said excitedly.

“Spirit power?”

“Yes!!” The Sword Elder said excitedly. “These abandoned dead spirits are just like me, they have to rely on spiritual bodies. The spirit power is not Profound Spirit Qi. They got their source of energy from the person’s soul. Su Yun… Is it… Is it possible to give the spirit power to me? With this much spirit power, I can become stronger!!! It’s beneficial to me!!”

“Why so polite, senior! If you want it, it’s all yours!”

Su Yu smiled and started picking the spirits up and throwing them into the Limitless Sword Manual.

The Sword Elder could not wait as he breathed in eagerly.

Su Yun was very quick as he sped through the area. The longer the abandoned dead spirits were dead, the faster the spirit power dissipated.

After half an hour, over ten abandoned dead spirits were taken and given to the Sword Elder.

The Sword Elder did not give in. Once he received all the spirit power, he laid deep in the Limitless Sword Manual and remained silent.

Su Yun advanced, and very quickly he was at the end of the black hole.

There was a gigantic rock. It blocked off the road and no one knew what laid behind. But if he could destroy this rock, he could obtain the Sprite’s Shadow easily.

The other two must have been stuck here.

Su Yun sniffed the Profound Spirit Qi that lingered in the air and opened his eyes slowly. He then took out the ‘flying sky moon mirror’, opened the skull scroll and opened the shocking ‘hundred demon extermination god array’.

“It all depends on you!”

Su Yun stroked the Demonic Qi from the array and muttered.

Jiū jiū jiū jiū…

Right at this moment, pearls the size of green coloured eye lit up around the walls. The green eyes shot out a huge deal of light. The array in midair started to work on its own, it filled the air with a unique Qi.

Su Yun’s face was tight.

“This… was left by the two earlier on?”