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Sword Practice

“Swift Wind Spirit Qi!”

Su Yun said blandly.

He would not say it was Pure Divine Spirit Qi. There were Su Family there. If he was exposed, the rare ‘Pure Divine’ Qi would invite trouble.

“Swift Wind Spirit Qi?” Tu Feng Huo’s long and thin eyebrows knitted and moaned: “For an outer sect disciple to be able to cultivate the Swift Wind Spirit Qi to such high levels, it’s not simple. But don’t look down on others!! Our Relentless heart Pavilion is not one for you to trample!”

“Then let me see what you’ve got!”

Su Yun extended his arms and pulled Thousand Deep Sword from the sword sheath on his back. Alongside, he curled his fingers at her. It was an obvious move to let her bring out her weapons.

Without any hesitation, Tu Feng Yu wiped her left finger with her right hand. A thin, curved blade appeared. The tip of the blade shimmered and her arms waved. The wild Blade Qi covered the curved blade’s body in a shimmery gold light. It was bedazzling. She chopped in the air and three Qi blades flew over, attacking Su Yun.

Su Yun did not used Pure Divine Spirit Qi to fend off any attacks. He only used it to move around. His body swayed to the side and called forth the blade shrouded in spirit Qi to rush towards Tu Feng Huo. They went so close to Tu Feng Huo that it almost killed her.

This move caused the disciples who were watching to break into a cold sweat. Once struck by the Qi Blade, the Wild Blade Qi’s destruction and sharpness would easily cut through their body. Su Yun’s move was so merciless.

As he rushed closer to her, Su Yun raised his long sword and chopped towards her. The tip of the sword was like fallen leaves. It was light, but heavy at the same time. Sometimes, it would turn around and pierce through like a pen, or would dance according to the wind. And that wind was emitted by he himself, which was also known as the ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’.

One style, one pattern. Once released, it was erratic and untraceable, disappearing without a trace!

“Fallen Leaves Sword Technique!”

The people of the Relentless Heart Pavilion shouted.

“Isn’t this the [Fallen Leaves Sword Technique] that was on auction for a ten thousand spirit coins?”

“This bastard actually used such an ordinary and widely used technique to challenge our big Senior. How crude!!”

“He’s obviously looking down on senior!!”

The Relentless Heart Pavilion disciples were angry. Although Su Yun’s methods had stunned them, to confront Su Yun who was so arrogant and so crazy about his methods. Each one of them was boiling with anger.

It was obvious that he loathed them.

Not to mention the people of Relentless Heart Pavilion, the Su Family people’s hearts were extremely overwhelmed, and it was hard to describe.

Especially Su Yu Kong. Previously, he wanted to make things difficult for Su Yun so he could suppress his anger. Now that he thought about it, he thought the initial intention was so dumb, so naive.

“He’s indeed one deemed fit to defeat Su Kuang.”

“I’m afraid if that didn’t happen, wouldn’t Su Yun have long since have become an inner sect disciple?”

The whisperings of the people at the side travelled to his ears.

Su Yu Kong swallowed his saliva silently, and dared not make a sound.

With such methods, he was definitely qualified to enter the inner sect, and he would not be last in that position!

“This bastard has always been hiding his true self!” Su Yu Kong’s heart shook. Suddenly, he thought there was a possibility.

Young Master Huang Ming wanted to kill him, so why would he save him? Could he have something to do with Young Master Huang Ming’s death? But young Master Huang Ming’s powers was not low, and he could not be so easily killed. Maybe, when the two of them confronted the herd of wolves, he killed Young Master Huang Ming.

Su Yu Kong thought there was this possibility but he had no evidence. If he reported, the majority would not believe him. Instead, he would offend Su Yun as well.

He could only keep this thought in his heart.

Over there, Su Yun and Tu Feng Huo had battled ten over rounds. The chairs surrounding them were all destroyed and crushed by the spirit Qi that was released by both. The boss, who was hiding behind the counter, was heartbroken from this.

What caught others’ attention was Su Yun’s attacks were sharp and ferocious, but he showed mercy every single time and was not firm. Every time the tip of the sword almost pierced through Tu Feng Huo, the speed would decrease rapidly and it provided Tu Feng Huo the chance to dodge or hide. And so, the two had been fighting till now.

The Su Family stood aside and watched eagerly.

Whereas the people of Relentless Heart Pavilion were worried sick, and watched the fight nervously.

Tu Feng Huo was forced by Su Yun. Wherever the curved blade could attack, it was blocked by the sharp sword. Not only that, Su Yun had been using sword techniques from the start. He had yet to use any mystical techniques utilizing spirit Qi.

Tu Feng Huo face was filled with anger. Her eyes congealed as she stared at the glistening sword attack for a while more, before suddenly instigated her Wild Blade Qi and crushed towards the floor. The spirit Qi was like a bomb that exploded, wrecking the floor into pieces. The Wilde Blade Qi shot in all four directions like a pair of humongous hands, pushing everyone away.

Su Yun was also being forced to retreat. His facial expressions had yet to change. He took a deep breath in. [Fallen Leaves Sword Technique] had a total of ten styles. This time, he was about to display the ninth style ‘Breeze Sweeping Leaves’!


Before Su Yun dashed over, Tu Feng Huo suddenly roared in anger.

His face was shocked, and looked at her in confusion as he stopped his technique. Tu Feng Huo threw the curved blade on the floor in anger and yelled: “I’ve had enough!! You son of a bitch. You never wanted to spar with me properly!! You’re merely just using me to practice your technique!”

Oh shit! You find out! Su Yun shocked.

The audience were all stunned. After hearing what Tu Feng Huo said, they thought about it and thought it was right. Obviously, Su Yun had many chances to defeat Tu Feng Huo, but he did not attack. Many would even think Su Yun might see Tu Feng Huo having big breasts and was after her looks, so he merely wanted to protect her feelings as the gentler sex.

Su Yun did not say a word. He peeped at her and kept his sword.

“Your powers are way above me! My, Tu Feng Huo’s, techniques are not as good as yours, I will admit defeat! But don’t be too arrogant. Although you have won against me, you will never be a match for Senior Jue Shi!” Tu Feng Huo was still angry as she complained.

Su Yun could not be bothered and turned to leave.

He intended to use these people for practicing his techniques. Now that the objective had been achieved, there was not a need to stay anymore.

Su Yun went upstairs without a word, which angered the relentless Heart Pavilion even more.

The disciples of the Su Family, on the other hand, were happy to their heart’s content and relaxed. This method from Su Yun was enough for them to gain back their pride. Previously, all the mockery and scorn in the eyes of the Relentless Heart Pavilion was considered avenged. The outer sect disciples looked at Su Yun with utmost admiration. What ever distance they had between him had disappeared.

“This rascal. Since when did Su Yun become so powerful that he could defeat the inner sect disciple of Relentless Heart Pavilion!”

“So amazing!!”

“This is something to brag about! I’m going to be in a clique with him in the future!!”

The disciples discussed.

The inner sect people had dull faces. Nobody thought that an outer sect disciple would steal the limelight!

The atmosphere was slightly awkward. Any movements within the inn attracted the attention of every eye.

Nobody from either party had said a word yet…

“Hey! I’m saying, who’s that guy!! You just walked off like this. Do you not put the people of Relentless Heart Pavilion in your eyes??” *

Just as Su Yun was preparing to head upstairs and back to his room, a drunken voice broke this awkward silence.

Su Yun looked over to see the door upstairs opened suddenly. A burly chap stumbled out.

The burly chap face was flushing red, his eyelids heavy. He held on to the handle and burped as he pointed at Su Yun as he shouted.

Su Yun studied him and said: “You’re not in your best condition, I do not wish to fight with you.”

“Not in my best condition??”

Jue Xing Shi’s eyes suddenly opened wide as if it was a copper bell. He seemed like a lion who had just woken up without any signs of being drunk.

“Are you looking down on me?” Jue Xing Shi asked dully.

“Isn’t that what I should be asking you?” Su Yun asked: “If you don’t despise me, then you should challenge me when you’re in your best condition!”

After hearing, Jue Xing Shi was enraged. He pushed both his arms onto the handle he was holding, and it immediately broke into pieces. He flew from the second level and punched his iron fists right at Su Yun.

“The disciples of the Su Family are so prideful. I’ll teach you how to be humble today!!”

With Jue Xing Shi’s roar, his fist seemed to weigh a thousand kilograms. The whistling Wild Blade Qi was just like a blade cutting onto Su Yun’s face. Su Yun’s clothes floated in the air. It was difficult for him to stand balanced.

This aura!! It was at least twice as strong than Tu Feng Huo !!

Su Yun moaned as he raised the Thousand Deep Sword and clenched his fist to block.


The two fists knocked against one another, leading to an explosion. A circle of ripples violently burst out.

The walls of the inns cracked and the people from either party were in a complete mess, and they were all in a difficult situation.

The shopkeeper of the inn saw the situation and his heart was no longer bleeding, it was almost as painful as a knife churning into it, like the ruined chairs and tables…

One strike met together, and the two retreated. Jue Xing Shi felt his arms trembling, and his fist was in pain. To be able to give such a sensation, his power must be at least seventh stage of spirit intermediate realm!

“This rascal is obviously an outer sect disciple, yet he has such powers. He’s not simple!”

Jue Xing Shi’s eyes was glimmering and his will to fight increased. He wanted to give his all to spar with Su Yun.

“Stop it!!”

Right at this moment, a shout resonated.

Jue Xing Shi looked over to see the door of the second level opened with a clank. Out flew a green shadow and it landed in between the two of them.

This shadow’s movements were free and at ease, his movements were like flowing water. From this, it was enough to make many worship.

Everyone looked carefully, it was actually Su Guan Hai.


“Captain Su Guan Hai is awake?”

“Great, Captain Guan Hai is here!”

The Su Family cheered.

Jue Xing Shi’s brows were knitted tightly, his face unhappy. Jue Xing Shi was still drunk and he said: “Bro Guan Hai, why are you getting involved in this? Go grab some sleep, let me spar with this rascal from Su Family!”

“Spar?” Su Guan Hai shook his head: “Senior Jue Shi, tomorrow is the Meet for the Fish Hunt, why don’t you save this energy for tomorrow? Also, at the rate you both are fighting, you’ll soon tear down this entire inn. If this inn is torn down, then your sect and mine will be sleeping on the streets. If this news travels out, I guess it will affect both of our reputation, am I right??”

Jue Xing Shi heard and pondered.

But right after, his face turned twisted and said angrily: “No way, this rascal is too arrogant. He had the balls to hurt so many of my juniors. If I don’t punish him today, I cannot swallow this anger!! Rascal!! You shall come out with me to continue fighting!!”

Without a word, Su Yun’s eyes was filled with the will to fight. If he really fought with him, what had he got to fear about Jue Xing Shi?

But Su Guan Hai, who did not want the two to kill each other, shook his head continuously and said: “Senior Xing Shi, why don’t you give me some face and let this matter rest? Su Guan Hai will kowtow to every single person here of your sect!”

After that, he clasped his hand respectfully.

Noticing the situation, Jue Xing Shi could not brush away Su Guan Hai’s face either. He stared at Su Yun for a pretty long time before he groaned and left without a word.

“Thank you, Senior Xing Shi!”

Su Guan Hai said hastily.

Su Yun could not be bothered with these people either. He went over to Su Guan Hai to acknowledge him and went upstairs.

The two parties ended their conflict when Su Guan Hai appeared. Although it was abrupt, both parties thought it was the best idea. From Jue Xing Shi’s fist, Su Yun knew that his capabilities were not far below Jue Xing Shi’s. If they really did fight, it would be unpredictable as to who would win or lose. Either way, it was not beneficial for tomorrow’s Meet of the Fish Hunt.

Su Guan Hai looked over to the room where Su Yun was and, in between his brows, there was suspicion. But he never asked and just left.

“What’s Su Guan Hai to be afraid of? If Su Yun wanted to fight with Jue Xing Shi, he should let them!”

Su Yu Kong spat and scolded in a low voice.

“I never thought Su Yun had such powers, I’m afraid that even the inner sect disciples are not his match!”