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Who else wants to lecture me?

The next day, Su Yun went out alone to the practice grounds in Snow Tang City.

Snow Tang City’s training grounds were already bustling.

Since tomorrow marked the beginning of the Event for the Fish Hunt, many cultivators from different places gathered at Snow Tang City, as well as Tai Qian lakeside’s training ground, to see the young masters of different clans sparring with one another. There were extremely few people cultivating on their own. If they wanted to cultivate, they would not cultivate here.

Su Yun found a corner in the training ground, paid the rent, went in, and raised his sword.

There were many sword techniques available on the market, but there were very few that were great. He spent a hundred thousand spirit coins to buy the [Fallen Leaves Sword Technique] and started learning the style.

“Su Yun! Your foundation in sword techniques is sturdy. Your sword intentions are thick, and has an abundance of Profound Spirit Qi. On top of that, you have the Everlasting Stone to help you, so you are gifted in comprehending. You will be able to cultivate sword techniques faster than anyone and, once you learn this sword technique, I will teach you how to control a sword with another sword!”

Control a sword with another sword?

Su Yun was confused, but he did not ask anything else and focused on cultivating.

He asked Sword Elder why did he not teach him some Limitless Sword Sect techniques, but Sword Elder only shook his head annoyingly and claimed that his cultivation was not high enough, so he was not qualified.

Su Yun was helpless, but he could only cultivate the sword techniques that were circulating on the market. Only the inner sect of the Su Family would be able to get ahold of their good sword techniques.

Originally, Su Yun was still not familiar with how to brandish his sword. But, after much cultivation, he was rather natural, like a moving calligraphy.

“With many skills, one can survive in society. Many thought that it would be complicated if they learnt too much but, in the Sword Dao, this saying is wrong. Only with many sword techniques can one stand on the upper hand. There will never be disadvantages to it because, between sword techniques, they will never leave the sword!”

“Some mystical techniques require Qi. Even with the ever changing secrets of hand and the secret of the mouth to narrate and change the events, it cannot be moved casually because of Qi. Because, when you lay down this mystical technique, you carry your own body to undergo the change yourself!”

“There are differences to the sword techniques. The majority of them focus on the technique to attack and kill, which can change easily. When the sword technique is laid down halfway, it could change immediately. Geniuses can even change its tracks when they are laying down the sword technique and pull out another trick. This sword technique, which uses Qi to be laid down, could also be done this way. The power of the sword can never be compared but the sword itself. It will be much simpler than any cultivator’s body, as the Qi in the sword will not be in conflict, and if you have sufficient time, you could simply buy all the sword technique scrolls from the market to practice. From all these simple but numerous sword techniques, you can find and create a brand new and rare sword technique! This would also amplify your strength!”

“Would it?”

Su Yun whispered.

“All the sword techniques from the Limitless Sword Sect are higher in level. Even the lowest sword technique is classified at the upper levels. If you can master all of these sword techniques, then I will instruct you on a set of Limitless Sword techniques!”


Su Yun’s eyes lit up and a burning desire started in his heart. With this motivation, he started cultivating his sword with extreme focus.


The wind of the sword blew as the cold light stood out.

It was only a day’s worth of hard work, yet he had reaped some benefits from [Fallen leaves Sword Technique]. Su Yun definitely had an astonishing gift in cultivation. Not many people like him existed in Sky Martial Continent.

When the sword technique was learnt, brandishing the Qi to control the sword and achieve a track in controlling the swords.

Su Yun had been deep in his thoughts the whole journey, and had been trying to figuring out how to incorporate the [Limitless Sword Manual] together with the ordinary swords. Unknowingly, he had walked himself back to the Hao Family Inn.

He just got back into the inn and clatters and screams resounded through.

“Who are you, the Su Family? How dare you call shots with us Relentless Heart Pavilion? If it wasn’t for our Senior Xing Shi taking pity on you and letting you stay in our inn, you’d be sleeping on the streets!!”

“Bullshit!! It was obviously our Captain Guan Hai giving in. If not, your whatever Senior Xing Shi would have lost. He knows his techniques are not as good as others, and was embarrassed, so he let us, the Su Family, in!!”

“Bastard!! What, his techniques are not as good? If you have the balls, you can fight with us!!”

Fuck! You think I’m scared of you all??”

The shouts never stopped, and it was chaotic inside.

Su Yun was shocked. He walked in to see the disciples of the Su Family and the Relentless Heart Pavilion were separated into two sides. Each of them were boiling in anger, the situation was urgent.

“What happened?”

Su Yun asked an outer sect disciple.

“Huh? It’s young Master Su Yun!”

The disciple came back to reality and said hurriedly: “Young Master Su Yu Kong was eating here and overheard the conversation between the Relentless Heart Pavilion disciples. They were mocking how Young Master Su Yu Kong did not know his limits and challenged Jue Xing Shi. In a fit of anger, Young Master Su Yu Kong went over to them to settle this dispute and ended up getting beaten! As such, we all started fighting!”

“Then, where is Captain Guan Hai and Jue Xing Shi?”

“The two drank too much yesterday. They’re not up yet.”


Su Yun then fell silent.

The servants and the shop owner were hiding in fright. Who would dare get themselves involved in this? Even the city Lord of Snow Tang City might not bother after all, the people of sects and clans were not people he wanted to mess with.

He sighed and waved: “Call everyone to disperse!”

The person heard and his expressions changed: “Is this…what Young Master Su Yu Kong would agree to? Earlier, he was already unhappy with the people of Relentless Heart Pavilion. I’m afraid this fight has to be fought!”

Su Yun shook his head: “Although you’re right, our powers are indeed not a match for Relentless Heart Pavilion. Yesterday, when Captain Guan Hai made us leave, it can already been seen from this point. We have confronted the Jaded Clause Wolves on the way here and many are injured. Our power has decreased. If we still continue to fight with Relentless Heart Pavilion, we will never have an advantage in it! So ask everyone to disperse now!”

“Su Yun!! You’re a person who fears death so much? How can you call yourself a Su family member?”

An angry voice rang. Su Yun looked over and saw that the person who was speaking was Su Yu Kong.

As if he’d heard Su Yun’s words, he was boiling in anger and he did not care what the situation was. He shouted right away.

“Yes, Su Yun, Young Master Huang Ming sacrificed himself to save you yet this is how you repay him? How will you face him in the underworld?”

How would I face him? Su Huang Ming was sent to the underworld by me.

Su Yun moaned but he did not say anything. He looked at this group of people and intended to leave.

This group of people was ridiculous and he was not willing to be involved in it. It was best for him to be less involved in matters like these, it was better if he used this time to cultivate.

“Hmph! Are all you people of Su Family so afraid of death? I suppose so! It’s best to avoid any unnecessary troubles. I see you have all learnt to be that coward. I order you to retreat back into your own rooms and give me less troubles! I still want to drink!”

The leader of Relentless Heart Pavilion, Li Xiong Zhang smirked and laughed. The audience started to laugh along as well.


Su Yun stopped in his footsteps, turned and looked at him.

“What are you looking at? Get lost!! If not, I will beat you up so badly your mother will not be able to recognise you!”

Seeing Su Yun looking at him, Li Xiong stated loudly to agitate Su Yun.

Su Yun took a light breath and thought.

Although he had managed to master the sword technique but he had no fighting experience, he could use them to experiment.

With that thought, Su Yun walked towards the man.

Su Family member’s eyes were wide opened. Confusion was written all over the Su Family disciples’ face, and those Relentless Heart Pavilion disciples were confused as well.


Tu Feng Huo, was who sitting to one side, drinking and enjoying the show, turned his head and looked at Su Yun interestingly.

Su Yun walked towards Li Xiong alone and looked at him with his peaceful eyes, not making any moves.

“Young lad, do you want to make a move?”

Li Xiong studied Su Yun and saw the plate hung around Su Yun’s waist. It indicated that he was the outer sect of Su Family, and his eyes revealed ridicules and he laughed sinisterly.

Su Yun nodded.

In the next second, he attacked.

His arms did not hold onto anything and, with his sword technique, he brandished a strike aiming straight for Li Xiong. A strong and vicious Profound Spirit Qi turned into Pure Divine Spirit Qi and rapidly struck him ferociously.

As if the mountains was collapsing, and the the river were flowing against its stream. Thousands of strands of energy exploded. He had no chance of reacting.

Li Xiong too!


A desolate sound resonated!

The people only felt the air around them shake. Before reacting, they could see Li Xiong was struck and he fell to the ground. He was embedded between the cracks of the inn’s floor. The surrounding regions trembled slightly.

The people in the inn was surprised.

Everyone was shocked, and the inn was filled with dead silence…

“Your reaction is too slow! I thought your reaction should be faster!”

Su Yun stared at Li Xiong who was unconscious and embedded within the soil. Shaking his head lightly, he looked at the others: “Who still wants to scold me?”

Everyone just stared at him in daze.

The people of Su Family was dumbfounded. Many of them had their mouths wide opened…

No one expected Su Yun to strike so suddenly and so… Viciously!!!

“Don’t be arrogant!! Bastard!!”

Another person from Relentless Heart Pavilion ran out. Chang Hei was wearing an armor and carryied a hidden broad dagger.

As he leaped out, he pulled out the dagger. It seemed like he wanted to wage a war with Su Yun. Everyone was excited!

The wild blade Qi enveloped the dagger. With a frightening power, it wanted to pierce through Su Yun’s shoulder.

Su Yun continued to shake his wrist and, although he was not holding onto anything, it seemed like he was holding onto a sword. At an extremely fast and weird angle, it knocked against the Chang Hei’s wrist.


Chang Hei’s wrist was in pain, the Qi which was struck by the opponent declined. His energy depleted, and the dagger fell from his hand. Su Yun then kicked his abdomen.


Chang Hei was sent to the entrance of the inn. He flew and rolled onto the streets before stopping.

Everyone gasped.

“Li Xiong was merely a spirit intermediate stage one disciple, so he was not considered an expert! But Chang Hei was a spirit intermediate stage two disciple! If a person like him could not handle one strike from Su Yun, then what cultivation level is Su Yun at…?”

Su Yu Kong muttered.

The people of Relentless Heart Pavilion was even more shocked. Pairs of eyes seemed to be falling out from their sockets.

“Where…Where did this rascal came from?”

“Did the Su Family… have such a person? From the plate around his waist…It could be seen that he is only an outer sect of Su Family!”

“Are the outer sect members of the Su Family so powerful?”

The people of Relentless Heart pavilion asked one another. Their mouths moved, but their eyes were still set on the person.


At this time, the sounds of chairs being moved sounded through. In this dead silent inn, it was piercing to the ears.

Su Yun looked over to see Tu Feng Han, who was drinking, had stood up.

The atmosphere took a change.

She wiped her lips with the back of her hands and turned, staring at Su Yun with her sharp eyes. A strong battle intention was rising.

Tu Feng Huo was one of the most prestigious disciple amongst the disciples of the Relentless Heart Pavilion. Although she is a girl, her way of doing things were straight forward, and she had no means of dragging or delaying. Her cultivation is tough, her power is high, and everyone acknowledged it. Of course, the most important thing… Is that she was the daughter of the elder of Relentless Heart Pavilion.

Because of that, when the inner sect disciple, Jue Xing She, was not around, she would be the leader of this group of disciples.

Tu Feng Huo’s eyes were stern and blazing as she stared at Su Yun. With a sudden move of her body, she rushed forward.

Like a tigress pouncing on her food, her aura was extraordinary, and it astonished everyone. The wild blade Qi suddenly exploded between the people of Su Family and Relentless Heart People, splitting the disciples apart.

What an aura!

Su Yun’s eyes were blazing with fire.

The Fallen Leaves Sword Technique that he had practised today must not be practiced on this person.

[Fallen Leaves Sword Technique] was learnt, but knowing the sword technique’s methods was not enough. He needed to know how to use it fully and have it tempered, before actually mastering it!

Tu Feng Huo attacked with a fist. Although it looked small and skinny, it was powerful enough to rip through the air and whistle like a ferocious tiger.

But Su Yun was not afraid. He raised a fist and aimed for her fist and attacked.

No one held back!

There was no hesitation!

The power of Qi was released completely!


Tu Feng Huo eye’s widened slightly. Looking at the fist coming right at her, her heart started to shiver.

Bang! ! ! ! !

The two fists clashed.

The powerful Tu Feng Huo trembled, she retreated hurriedly. It took her about seven to eight steps before she stopped.

She opened her eyes and glared at Su Yun, as well as the Qi enveloping his fist, and asked in a shocked tone: “What type of Spirit Qi do you have?”