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The Unskilled Winning Against the Skilled

The Spirit cultivation was attributed by thousands of changes. Everyone had their own exclusive Profound Spirit Qi.

The fire attributed ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’ and the earth attribute ‘True Divine Spirit Qi’, the wind attributed ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’, the wood attributed ‘Spirit Life Qi’, the gold attributed ‘Wild Blade Qi’ and the water attributed ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’.

Other than that, there were other unusual attributions of Qi, for example the demon attributed ‘Demonic Qi’, the exclusive Limitless sword sect’s ‘Spirit Lord Qi,’ and other experts could also give rise to their own secret realm Qi, but such people were rare.

A person who was short tempered would follow ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’ and would reap benefits, even though they had only cultivated half of it. Those whose personality was calmer and quiet, like the water, would cultivate the ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ which best suited them. If they refuse to cultivate the ones suited for them, the majority would suffer and would easily be confused.

The people of Su Family majored in the ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’ and cultivated swords more. Secondly, it was the ‘True Divine Spirit Qi,’ and those who cultivated the ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ were extremely rare.

Of course, every type of Qi had their own characteristics. For those who cultivated the ‘True Divine Spirit Qi’, their body would be super valiant, and no blades or swords could penetrate their flesh. Those who cultivated the ‘Spirit Life Qi’ need not fear any wounds inflicted by swords or blades. No matter how severe the wound was, they could recover rapidly. And those who cultivated the ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ would possess a technique that could disperse hundreds and thousands of methods. With a constant change of intentions, they could combine all sorts of Qi in their body to achieve the effects of healing.

Su Guang Hai was like this. He constantly made changes and used his body’s Qi to remove Jue Xing Shi’s ‘Wild blade Qi’.

When every destructive force from the ‘Wild Blade Qi’ touched Su Guan Hai, it was as though the fists were punching cotton balls. They were actually suppressed instead of being emitted. Jue Xing Shi retreated continuously and was passively being moved.

The faces of the people from the relentless heart pavilion congealed.

“We did not expect that the Su Family had such experts!! Looks like we have looked down on the Su Family’s people.”

“Senior sister, let Senior brother Jue come back!”

A Relentless Heart Pavilion male rushed to the front acting refined and, with a tall physique, swelled his chest out while speaking to the girl.

The girl with a hair length to her ears shook her head and replied: “Senior brother Jue will not come back, but you all were too sloppy too, losing out only while exchanging pointers. It did not mean that Senior brother Jue will lose to this Su Guan Hai!”

All of them listened, and thought in their hearts: “Don’t tell me Senior brother Jue still has some sort of trump card?”

“Seems so!”

The lady called Tu Feng Huo said.

Jue Xing Shi who took Su Guan Hai’s hidden strike and was not discouraged, took in a breath, and went back to fight.

His one hand changed into a fist and struck towards Su Guan Hai, while the other hand secretly changed to a palm strike, hiding the strike.

Pa Ta! (Splatter)

Without any suspense, Su Guan Hai wrapped the fist once again.

And ironed out this strike.

But, Jue Xing Shi’s hidden attack rushed out like a viper. He did not choose to attack Su Guan Hai, but rather exploded towards the palm that was wrapped around his fist.

This attack to kill was firm and decisive. It had the power to chop gold and crash stones.

Su Guan Hai kept his palm hurriedly while Jue Xing Shi pushed forward the fist that was being wrapped around and crashed towards Su Guan Hai’s chest.

Su Guan Hai raised both his arms hastily and instigated Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi to resolve the fist again, but Jue Xing Shi’s attack was unusually ferocious. He pulled both his fists out, attacking one above and below.

Though Su Guan Hai managed to resolve the opponent’s Qi, the opponent had split up his attack. It was practically impossible to stop it in time and withstand the fist. He managed to withstand the fist above, but the one below punched its way through the abdomen. He retreated back hastily and stumbled a few steps before falling to the ground. His face looked pale, and it was obvious that he’d sustained internal injuries.

The bystanders saw this and gasped excessively.

While Su Guan Hai’s power was not too bad, his fighting powers were of no match to Jue Xing Shi. His experience in killing was far from Jue Xing Shi, so with the key point in instigating Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi during the fight, he was not able to achieve any fatal effects. On the contrary, the wild blade Qi was able to achieve an effect of a fatal blow with one strike. If Su Guan Hai made used of wild blade Qi previously and confronted Jue Xing Shi, Jue Xing Shi would have been defeated.

“Ah, you let me win!”

Jue Xing Shi laughed and said to Su Guan Hai.

Su Guan Hai took a deep breath in without much anger on his pale face. He tugged at the people around him for support and stood up and then bowed to Jue Xing Shi: “Senior Jue Xing’s power is definitely strong. I admire you. Since Guan Hai’s technique can’t compare to you, then I won’t stay around anymore. I’ll bid my farewell here!!”

After that, Su Guan Hai brought his people and left.

“Captain, are we leaving just like that?”

The disciples from the inner sect was not happy about it.

“Our skills are of no match to them how can we live in the same inn as them?” Su Guan Hai stated blandly.

“But…if we just leave like that, then we’d tarnish Su Family’s reputation!!” Su Yu Kong complained.

“Do you think we’re not embarrassed enough?” Su Guan Hai shook his head: “On top of that, we are not their match. If we continue fighting with them, it will only get out of hand! Let’s go!!”

Seeing Su Guan Hai so determined, the others had nothing else to say and so, they sighed and followed suit.

“Please slow down!!”

Right at this moment, Jue Xing Shi shouted suddenly.

The people of Su Family stood in fear.

Jue Xing Shi smiled as he walked up: “Although junior brother Guan Hai did not win against me but your powers are not weak. Also, Guan Hai is a very generous and humble! I like you!! Come, please stay at this inn!! I will take out a few rooms for you!!”

As the disciples of the Su Family heard this, many were surprised.

Su Guan Hai was pretty shocked as well, and he added quickly: “Thank you, senior brother Jue Shi, but I think it’s alright. We can always look for other inns around this place.”

“Other inns? Haha, of all you think too much. All the inns in Snow Tang City have been reserved by other patriarchs and sects. Each inn is a sect. You’ve all come too late. If you think of going in, I think it’d be difficult!!”

“Is that such a thing?”

Su Kang asked in shock.

Su Guan Hai fell silent and turned to look at the crowd around him to see other spirit cultivators that were of some high status. He pondered for a while and nodded before taking a bow to thank Jue Xing Shi once again: “If that’s the case, then we’d take it willingly. On behalf of my clan, I thank Senior Brother Jue Shi and your people!!”

“Haha, since you say I’m your brother, come come, let’s go in and get a drink!!”

Jue Xing Shi laughed happily and grabbed hold of Su Guan Hai’s wrist and pulled him towards the inn.

To see the two parties held no grudges with one another and, instead, had a happy ending. The people who were watching the show were disappointed.

“Senior sister, is this a good idea?”

Several disciples of relentless heart pavilion were unhappy to see master Jue Xing Shi taking the initiative to invite the other party to stay in the same inn.

“Who cares. While you senior brother is short tempered, he always remembered all the little things the other did. Su Guan Hai was indeed smart. He retreated to gain an advantage, and that stupid Jue Xing Shi actually took his bait.”

Tu Feng Huo shook his head and said annoyingly.

The people of Su Family entered the inn one by one. Su Yun remained standing at the back.

He lowered his head and thought about the fight between Jue Xing Shi and Su Guan Hai. Although the fight was short, the two had used up all their energy, and each move and strike was exquisite.

If he applied it to using the swords to kill, how would he go about killing? If he was in the place of either person, how would he managed his enemy?

Deep in his thoughts, Su Yun’s fingers started to move subconsciously as his mind painted the picture?


Tu Feng Huo looked over at the Su Family’s people as they walked in and looked curiously at the last in line, who seemed tall and skinny. A tinge of fear flashed through his heart.

This man’s Qi was introverted, and she was unable to tell what rank of cultivation he had, but what was his fingers moving about for?

Tu Feng Yu became suspicious.

Once they got into the inn, the shopkeeper standing behind the counter started to smile as he greeted the people of Su Family hastily.

Jue Xing Shi pulled Su Guan Hai for drinks, so how could Su Guan Hai reject? Coincidentally, there were a few men in the Su Family who could hold their liquor well, so he called them along. Only Su Yun hid in his room alone to cultivate.

He instigated his sword in mid air and maneuvered it to spin around as it flew.

“Where are we? ”

Sword Elder’s voice emerged from the Limitless Sword Art.

“Snow Tang City’s Hao Family Inn!”

Su Yun said.

“Why are we here?”

“To carry out a mission!”


The sword elder nodded and smiled as he spun: “I managed to obtain Three Elemental Vital Energy previously, and I accumulated twice as much of spirit force as I did before. I’m feeling much better than before!”

“Congratulations, senior!” Su Yun laughed and continued maneuvering the flying swords.

“What are you doing?” he felt Su Yun’s attention was all placed on the flying swords, the Sword Elder became curious.

Su Yun hesitated and asked: “Senior, in the [Limitless sword Art], the main focus is on controlling the swords with Qi, infusing the spirit Qi into the swords. Then practise until a higher level is reached, right?”

“Although your explanation is very brief, I can’t say it’s wrong!” Sword Elder said.

“Then senior…Let me think again, did the first sword of the Limitless sword art pay any particular attention to any sword technique?”


“What about the second sword?”


“As such, the [limitless sword art] is as simple as killing the enemy by maneuvering swords?”

“What are you trying to say?”

The sword elder asked.

“If it’s as simple as maneuvering the swords to kill the enemy, and there’s no other techniques or skills, then the [Limitless Art Sword] is not as powerful as I thought, isn’t it?”

Su Yun frowned as he asked.

Shocked, Sword Elder then laughed: “Hahaha… Young lad, how did you ever come up with that conclusion?”

Su Yun was confused.

After a long while, the sword elder then stopped laughing and asked: “Young lad, then let me ask you this. If you can control a hundred thousands swords, and you have to kill a powerful cultivator, how would you go about doing it?”

“I would simply use the hundred thousands swords to kill!”

Su Yun said, but, as soon as he said it, he felt it was not that simple: “To cultivate hundreds of thousands of swords is not simple. If I can attain that realm, then enemies that I confront will be extraordinary. The ordinary swords might not even inflict any pain on them!”

“Yes!” Sword elder nodded: “But the hundred thousand swords would not be any ordinary hundred thousand swords anymore!”

Su Yun did not understand: “What do you mean?”

“The answer is right in the sword sheath behind your back.”

Sword sheath?

Su Yun looked and suddenly saw the light.

The ordinary bladed weapons rarely had any spiritual nature, but within the sword sheath… It contained a sword spirit, and it was a strong and powerful one.

If the sword sheath controlled all eighteen thousand and eight divine swords inside, then how terrifying would its methods be?

“Each sword has endless power so, with a hundred swords attacking together, what skills or techniques do you still need? And this is exactly how you can win without any techniques. When in front of absolute power, all others techniques would seem useless and powerless!”

Sword elder said.

Su Yun nodded and fell silent for a moment. He then sighed.

“But right now, I still can’t cultivate the hundred thousand swords, and I can’t conquer all the swords in the sword sheath. I can only control two swords. If I meet anyone stronger, then how am I going to kill? There is no match between an ordinary sword technique and a maneuvering sword technique. It was lucky that I managed to get the [Heaven Splitting Sword Technique] to increase the power of maneuvering sword technique. But it’s not enough to just rely on this!”

“Eh? That’s weird. Why can’t a normal sword technique match up with the [limitless sword art]? Young rascal, don’t you know that all other swords techniques and mystical techniques are compatible with the limitless sword art!”

After hearing that, his eyes lit up. Su Yun asked hurriedly: “Please advise me, senior.”