Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 104
The Young Master, He died

Heavenly Body Bright Spirit Slash!

This was Su Huang Ming’s famous ultimate skill. It was a middle level mystical technique his father personally passed down to him.

With the Qi compressed onto the edge of the blade, it took the form and became a Qi blade edge, pushing out the edge to attack. The Qi Blade edge was not a randomized and reckless hit, but flew straight out and cut toward the opponent.

It could be considered an unbeatable and deadly technique, able to cut gold and stones like cutting paper.


Su Yun still blocked it.

Without a doubt! That sword was definitely not a normal sword!

Su Huang Ming was astounded: Where and how did this brat Su Yun manage to obtain this kind of treasured sword?

It’s hardness is definitely top notch, it must be at least Purple level or more…

Just as Su Huang Ming was considering it’s material rank, he suddenly saw the opponent’s hand moving in an instant, left hand touching the the sheath on his back, suddenly drawing out a green long sword, attacking Su Huang Min’s mentality.

Dual Blade!

Su Huang Ming panicked and retreated, both legs accelerating and, with every step, splitting the ground that it landed on by a bit.

Avoiding the range of the tips of the swords, Su Huang Ming once again raised his blade and sliced the air.

Hong Dong! (Explosion)

A blade edge Qi, shaped like a crescent moon, burst forth.

Releasing condensed Spirit Qi! For an expert like Su Huang Ming, it was just a casual release of his mystical technique, and not considered brilliant.

But, during the time it took for the blade edge Qi to reach, Su Huang Ming did not have the time to rest. He took a step forward, following the blade edge Qi, with the edge of the blade emitting a red light. Every step he took, the floor would shake, and each step became increasingly heavier and more vigorous in the shake. Seemingly every time he ran, his entire body’s True Dipper Qi would increase, slowly building up.

When he was near Su Yun, Su Huang Ming’s strength was already so huge that it would lead anyone to be speechless. He raised up his blade, his red hot gaze staring at Su Yun, who was attempting to block in front of the Blade Edge Qi, eyes with a hint of rashness.

To Su Huang Ming, Su Kuang and Su Nan Ye were not worth much. Regardless of Qi power, mystical techniques, fighting style, or aggressiveness, the two of them could not be compared with Su Huang Ming, who was a true elite of the Su Family!


The blade edge Qi was sliced open by Su Yun.


Su Huang Ming grabbed the opportunity, with his eyes wide open, he bellowed and aimed the blade with red light toward Su Yun’s head.

The energy he stored felt like it could chop Mt. Hua in half!

Like he could cut the Earth in half!

Su Yun raised his head, looked down at the blade below him, but was unable to dodge.

Feeling the immense Qi pressure from the blade, his expression suddenly turned sinister. He crossed his swords into a cross shape, aiming straight at the blade.

Green and black both slanted!

Boom! ! ! !

The edge of the blade landed on the dual swords, and the astonishingly immense stored up power exploded, with them as the center, the exploding Qi boomed, spreading outwards in all four directions, causing the earth around them to shake and spider-web crevices to appear in the earth as the surrounding earth and soil flew, the trees trembled, and the closer trees instantly broke…

Su Yun’s legs sunk into the ground. His blood and Qi roiled as the muscles on his arms and his green vessels bulged!

Although it was tough, he could hold on!!

“This is impossible!”

Su Huang Ming was stunned. He gave his all for this strike, yet it was being blocked by him.

Was his cultivation lower than myself? I gave everything in this strike, so how could he withstand it directly?

This is impossible! Definitely impossible!

Su Huang Ming pondered as he pressed on his arms crazily.

The quality of these two swords were not inferior. The tip of the blade showed its ability that it could crush anything it touched, needless to say, it was not difficult for the blade to cause something to collapse.

The two were caught in deadlock.

Right at this moment, Su Yun suddenly dropped the green sword in his hands and flung it into the air. After which, he held the black sword in both of his hands to block of Su Huang Ming’s blade.

Without waiting for Su Huang Ming’s to think, the green sword that he threw away turned in mid air and floated. It spun a few rounds before it was being covered by a layer of supreme Qi. it then flew pierced towards Su Huang Ming’s back like a fire arrow.


Su Huang Ming was frightened. He quickly dispersed his energy and dodged it.

As he retreated, he had no power, and it was hard for him to change to defense quickly. Hence, Su Yun got the upper hand. He pierced at Huang Ming’s chest ferociously with the black sword in the sword sheath.

Though there was a sword sheath, it was covered with a thick Pure Divine Spirit Qi and pierced a bloody hole right through Su Huang Ming’s chest.

The green sword missed its target, but did not rest. Once again, it turned its body and dashed towards Su Huang Ming.

Su Yun then followed closely with the black sword, not giving Su Huang Ming a chance to take a breather.

Su Huang Ming retreated hastily, keeping his eyes on the green sword flying in mid air before turning back to stare at Su Yun who was holding onto the black sword. He was utterly confused. A thought flashed through his mind.

“This flying sword can actually kill the enemy…are you… are you Limitless Sword God??”

Su Huang Ming asked, frightened, as his pupils restricted.

Su Yun did not muttered a word, but his silhouette burst and, once again, he dashed across. The green sword spinning in mid air took a turn and attacked from behind, like a pincer attack.

To manage a sword to kill was almost a Godly technique. The only ones that could control the divine sword would be the Immortal Sword Sect, but not many people from the Immortal Sword Sect could control the swords, so why did Su Yun managed to do so?

The black sword, sword sheath, as well as the controlling of the swords to launch an attack…did all these things just point towards Limitless Sword God?

Also, the man in a black blademaster outfit hiding behind the ruined mask luring the wolves was Limitless Sword God’s way of dressing.

It’s him! It’s definitely him!!

Su Huang Ming confirmed after pondering this. He finally understood everything.

Little did he expect that the rubbish who was chased out of the outer sect, would actually have such capabilities.

Thinking of the scene at the Purple Star Academy, where Limitless Sword God killed the Demonic Blood Spirit, Su Huang Ming’s body involuntarily shivered, and his will to fight immediately dropped.

What kind of thing was the Blood Spirit Master? The Blood Spirit Master was able to kill him like killing an ant, that easily! But yet he died in the hands of Limitless Sword Lord. This goes to show… that Limitless Sword God was much stronger than the Blood Spirit!

For this brat Su Yun to be able to utilise this power, was he actually Su Yun… or Limitless Sword God?

Su Huang Ming was thoroughly stupefied.

Seeing that the opponent was distracted, Su Yun did not dare to halt in the least bit. Holding the Death Sword with one hand, while the sword sheath aimed towards the blade edge and piercing towards it, and controlling the Thousand Deep Sword to the maximum, he was not lenient at all.

Su Huang Ming, who had lost his will to fight, dared not continue fighting with Su Yun. His tremendous strength, weird tricks, and the thick Profound Spirit Qi were enough to prove how strong he was.

Maybe the other frail Qi he’d been feeling was all fake. His strength must be very powerful, was it Spirit Core Disciple or Spirit Soul Disciple?

Su Huang Ming dared not imagine. He ran for shelter hurriedly, but it was too late. He could dodge the attacks of the green sword from his back, but his abdomen was pierced by the black sword. A bloody hole appeared as his skin and flesh tore apart.

His body shook as he experienced an excruciating pain.

But he did not bother about this pain. Instead, he turned and started running.

Su Yun noticed, and pulled out the death sword together with Thousand Deep sword once again to release the Pure Divine Spirit Qi and drove the swords right at Su Huang Ming!

Su Huang Ming suffered a hidden loss. Coupled with his confused state of mind, he was deathly afraid of Su Yun. Where would he find his energy to fight? He could only retreat crazily, and ran towards the Su Family people with all his might.

This was the only time he might have a chance for survival!

But when he compared speed, how could he compete with the sword that was flying in mid air?

The two swords flew at a rapid speed. Very quickly, they neared Su Huang Ming and pierced him through.

Su Huang Ming felt an eerie sword intent coming from his back, and so he turned and dodged hastily.

The thick and heavy black sword was knocked over, but Thousand Deep sword continued its journey and pierced through, chopping everything that was in its way.

Su Huang Ming rolled over the ground. On his body, a few more bloody wounds appeared, and fresh blood started gushing out.

He climbed up with extreme difficulty, his face as pale as a piece of white paper. Fear filled his eyes, and all his calmness had disappeared.

He picked up the blazing blade but… a leg stamped on it ruthlessly.

He looked up only to see Su Yun standing quietly in front of him. The two sharp swords circled around his body.

Su Huang Ming bit his lower lips, not knowing what else to say.

“Why do you want to kill me?”

Su Yun asked softly.

“You…messed with my followers.” Su Huang Ming hesitated for a while, before replying.

“Just because of that?”

Su Yun was speechless, but continued: “Although you hold a high position in the inner sect, regardless of whether or not you are an inner sect disciple or not, to recklessly kill or behead a fellow Su Family disciple, if found out, you won’t end up well. But you still have the balls to do it…unless there is someone in the shadows supporting you? Tell me, who is the one supporting you, if you tell me, I will just cripple you, and not kill you!”

“To cripple me means to kill me!” Su Huang Ming said. To not be able to cultivate was the same dying.

“Then what do you think? Allow me to let you off? If I said that, would you believe me?”

“No way!”

“So there is no other way?”

“I won’t say it!” Su Huang Ming suddenly laughed, his dull eyes suddenly narrowed into a smiling position.

“You really won’t say?”


He softly replied.

Su Yun nodded his head, hesitated for a while, before stepping away from the big blade.

Su Huang Ming quietly raised his eyes, sword shaft in his hands, he slowly raised up his blade, with a bizarre look in his eyes.

At this time, he saw Su Yun suddenly waved his hand, and the spiralling Thousand Deep Sword immediately flew according to his hand, flying downwards.

The movement was fluid, yet so vicious and extremely decisive. There was simply not a bit of mercy!

Su Huang Ming opened his eyes wide, panickedly raising his blade to block. But he was too slow, and before the sword was raised…

Puchi. (cut)

Thousand Deep Sword struck, cutting off Su Huang Ming’s head from his body in a flash.

It rolled on the floor for a few turns, moistening the majority of the sandy floor, followed by the splurts of blood from the body.

Su Yun’s entire body was stained with fresh blood.

He emotionlessly watched the dying Su Huang Ming, his mind calm and concentrated.

Su Huang Ming was dead.

But his death did not let Su Yun relax, as he knew that, behind Su Huang Ming, there were other people that wanted him dead.

The matter was not settled yet.

The Death Sword flew right into the storage ring, and the Thousand Deep sword back into the sword sheath. Su Yun stood right where he was and searched Su Huang Ming’s body to obtain any supplies or treasures that he could use. Thereafter, he dragged his body to a shrub nearby and covered it well. Then, he grabbed some mud and smudged it onto his clothes, scratching face and his head recklessly…

When everything was settled, he ran towards the Su Family people hastily.

He tried to put on a show to express his fear. His eyes were wide open and his face was twisted, as if he was frightened to death.

After maintaining the look, he started to return towards the Su Family Convoy.

At that point of time, the Su Family Convoy had just begun their battle, and the entire forest floor was filled with the bodies of the Jaded Clause wolves, and the fresh blood became a river.

After eliminating the initial hundred plus hungry Jaded Clause wolves, following them were a few dozens more that came for support. Although there was no loss of life for the Su Family, there were still people heavily injured and receiving first aid treatment.

The Su Family Inner Sect Disciples led the convoy to clear the battlefield, and waited for Su Huang Ming’s return at the same time. A few of them waited in anticipation, as though their feelings were all reflected on the same mirror, and they all had the same thoughts.

After a moment, it was very likely that only one person had returned.

Su su su su… (movement sounds)

Just then, urgent and frantic footstep sounds could be heard coming from the small path that led deeper into the forest.

“Young Master is back!”

A inner sect disciple softly called out.

Everyone stood up and turned to look together, and saw the figure rushing out.

The figure rushed out, shocked like he had lost his head out of fear, bitterly and sorrowfully exclaiming: “Young Master Huang Ming… Young Master is dead!!’