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Heavenly Scales Fish King

Hearing Long Xian Li’s question, Su Yun stood there like a monk, and kept on rubbing his head. (TN: monks have bald heads, it’s fun to rub the head, meaning he did not know what to reply)

Do I like her?

He thought for a bit, unsure if he liked her or not. He wanted to say that he did not like her, but could not say it at all.

“She is the last of the family I love, and is very important to me. Although we do not have any blood relations, in this world, the one I care about the most is her, and the one she cares about most is me.” After thinking for a long time, Su Yun spoke up.

Long Xian Li heard what he said and, with a flicker of light in her eyes, nodded her head, but did not say a word.

She took out a few Pearl bead pills from her bosom and placed them on the table.

“This period of time, interacting with you, has led me to benefit in my knowledge of pills and medicines, and you can be considered my teacher. The Su Family has many complicated affairs, so you must definitely be more careful. Although you have a secretive mind, your cultivation level is too low, and you cannot stick your head out for everything. If you can avoid danger then avoid it, as people will usually aim for the head. You must not show off your power, and lead people to worry. If you have any troubles, you must definitely come to the Immortal Sword Sect to look for me. This is my Immortal Sword Sect personal concoction of the Sprouting bud pill, which requires uncommon materials to be refined. No matter how good you are in concocting pills, you might not be able to get it. It will aid you to easily break into the sixth stage of Spirit intermediate realm, which you can only take once per level! You don’t have to be anxious or worry about anything regarding cultivation. You have to be steady, to act with undue haste would only produce the opposite of your desired result…”

Long Xian Li slowly advised, with her voice softly floating into his ear like the spring wind, bewitching anyone that hears it.

Su Yun quietly watched her soft and supple face, and his heart raced, a feeling he’d never felt before.

“I have probably said too much,” Long Xian Li started to blush and ended abruptly with a few sentences.

After putting the pill bottle in her fingers down, she turned to leave.


Suddenly, Su Yun somehow mysteriously reached out his hand, and held her own soft, boneless, and small, tender hand.

Long Xian Li trembled from head to toe, and looked at him with her beautiful yet completely astonished eyes.


But strangely, she did not struggle, and just turned her smooth face to one side, not looking at him.

Su Yun did not let go, but mockingly laughed: “Then, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you treat everyone like this?”

“You….” Long Xian Li beautiful eyes had a look of worry and, with an angry expression, she retracted her soft and boneless small hands, heavily sighed, and turned her body. In a blink of an eye, she was out of the wooden house, and had already disappeared.


Su Yun scratched his head, looking a bit confused.

He only wanted to understand more. After all, when he confronted Long Xian Li previously, he was Limitless and he always felt that she was a very cold woman. Now that he had seen her, it seemed that he was wrong about it.

Exactly what kind of person is she?

“Don’t tell me this little girl from the Immortal Sword Sect has fallen for me?” Su Yun examined himself closely, feeling that it was highly likely.



After Long Xian Li left, the small ruined hut turned peaceful again.

But Su Yun did not rest. Once he finished cultivating for the day, he started some preparation work.

After eating Long Xian Li’s ‘sprouting bud pill’, his Profound Spirit Qi acted up quickly, with some signs of breakthrough. Su Yun did not delay any further. He sat down with his legs crossed and started tuning his Qi and comprehending.

But with just a week’s worth of work, he rose from the Spirit Intermediate Disciple fifth stage to the sixth stage.

In a month’s time, he had ascended another stage. This speed was astonishing.

Su Yun was beyond happy. The amount of Profound Spirit Qi that Su Yun managed to cultivate awoke the sword elder, who was in deep sleep for half a month. Knowing Su Yun had another breakthrough, the sword elder seemed to be speechless and shocked.

Of course, the everlasting stone and ‘sprouting bud pill’ exhibited a lot effects.

After the breakthrough, he could not slack on his cultivation, but time was tight. He needed to made full use of the time for preparation work.

Today, Su Yun stayed in the ruined hut and used the nine jaded heart needle set. Drips of fresh blood containing Profound Spirit energy fell onto the hundred demon extermination god array, painting the array bloody red.


At this time, a series of hastened knocks came from the door.

Shocked, Su Yun immediately dismantled the nine jaded heart needle set and rolled up the ‘flying sky moon mirror,’ then went to open the door.

But without waiting for him to open it, the tottering door was kicked opened by somebody else.

“Who is that?”

Su Yun’s expression sunk and shouted in anger.

“Inner Sect Disciple Su Xin Zhen!”

The person arrogantly and angrily shouted back: “Where is Su Yun?”

“I am here!”

A soft mutter came out.

Su Xin Zhen raised his eyes to look, did not see any human figure. Only a massive iron fist flying towards his face.

The Iron fist was very fast, producing winds behind it with a Strong Qi. He did not even have the chance to dodge and got hit by the Iron Fist. His entire body flew backwards, thrown out the door, and fell to the ground. Only after being pushed into two rolls did he manage to climb back up, with a massive nosebleed.

“Xin Zhen!! Are you ok?”

“How dare you touch us disciples of the inner sect. Are you tired of staying in the Su Family?”

Two other inner sect disciples ran over to help Su Xin Zhen up. One of them grit his teeth and stared at Su Yun. his eyes were filled with anger.

These are the three disciples of the inner sect. They wore luxurious clothes and had a token ring hung around their waist. All of their Qi seemed strong and were Profound Spirit disciples of the first level cultivation. At the outer sect, they seemed friendly. But in front of Su Yun, they were not worth mentioning.

“Staying in the Su Family?”

Su Yun smiled slyly and said: “Didn’t the Su Family set rules that the inner sect disciples are not to beat up the outer sect disciples? What can all of you do even if I beat him up?”

The regulations of the Su Family stated that the disciples of the inner sect should not bully the disciples of the outer sect. But this regulation did not have its effects. The disciples of the outer sect hindered the power of the disciples of the inner sect and were bullied. They dared not let anyone know and, amongst the regulations, there was not one that stated that the disciples of the outer family should not bully the disciples of the inner sect. Because of that, the patriarch thought that such regulation was not impossible. Are the ones who had the power to bully the disciples of the inner sect fit to be disciples of the outer sect?

But there was one exception, and that was this freak.

“Su Yun! You’re crazy!! I’ll teach you a lesson today on how to be a person!”

Su San Feng rushed to Su Yun in a fit of anger, with his fist accumulating the Profound Spirit Qi.

As compared to the disciples of the outer sect, this fist was fast and fierce, and the fingers between the fist wiggled continuously. The speed at which the fist changed direction was quick, and it was covered in bursts of meticulous skills…

But, Su Yun restrained all his Qi within his body. This group of people assumed that Su Yun was only a Profound Spirit disciple with only a rank of tenth in the realm. To let these disciples of the inner sect know what his cultivation realm was like now was as easy as ABC and would humiliate them at the same time.

The fist had yet come close to Su Yun before, suddenly, a hand extended out and stopped the fist quickly.


A crisp sound rang out.

The fist, which was traveling at such a fast speed, was brought down.

The inner sect disciple Su San Feng was distracted and, as he looked towards Su Yun, he received a ferocious kick to his abdomen.

Boom! ! ! ! !

Su San Feng was immediately kicked and flew out, hitting the back of his head on a large rock. When he dropped onto the floor, he had already fainted, not moving at all.

One kick caused an inner sect disciple to fall unconscious. Was this fellow still an outer sect disciple?

Su Xin Zhen and the other guy was stunned.

“You guys should have heard of my name, Su Yun, right?”

Su Yun patted himself, walked over and coldly stared at the two guys: “So what if I slaughtered Su Kuang? Have you guys forgotten? Do you need me to slaughter a few more inner sect disciples, so that you all will have a better impression of me?”

As his voice came down, a domineering and dense baleful aura flitted across his eyes.

The both of them were scared out of their wits, and finally Su Xin Zhen remembered the inner sect disciple who competed at the competition and died a horrible death, creating a disturbance that no one could forget.

“You..You are the Su Yun that killed Su Kuang?” Su Xin Zhen who was trembling, asked.

“Does the outer sect still have another Su Yun?”


They were so intimidated that they were completely unable to say anything.

No one could expect that this outer sect disciple could be so ruthless!

Su Yun frowned, and asked: “Say, what are you looking for me for?”

“The… The… inner sect has released a command: three… three days later, they want…want those who have been chosen… to go…go to Tai.. Tai Qing Lakeside to destroy a monster…” Su Xin Zhen found his courage to speak.

“Three days later to head to Tai Qing Lakeside to destroy a monster?”

Su Yun heard what he said, lowered his head, and went into deep thought.

After a short while, he raised his head and asked: “What monster is it?”

“It is said to be the ‘Heavenly Scale Fish King’.”

“‘Heavenly Scale Fish King’? That old monster that has been living for five hundred over years?” Su Yun was flabbergasted.

“It should be…that?”

“This time, how many people did Su Family deploy?”

“Roughly.. Roughly sixty or more.”

“Who are they?”

“Twelve of the inner sect disciples. The others are the disciples of the outer sect.”

“Did the Su Family send such a team over to seek death?” Su Yun laughed sarcastically: “All the other teams there had an exceptional level of Profound Spirit Qi to go against the Heavenly Scale Fish King! To send such a team over is basically to kill them.”

“I heard the mission this time round was proposed by other sects in hope that we, the Su Family can help out with something. There are many sects going to kill the Heavenly Scale Fish king. The Su Family is going only for show only. They are only required to pull off some profound techniques, and they need not fight for their lives!”

Su Xin Zhen wiped away the blood from his nose.


Su Yun nodded his head, but he remembered about a particular treasure.

The Heavenly Scale Divine Eyes!

A treasure that would create a large disturbance in the world.

Heavenly Scale Fish King would only produce one every five hundred years. The only thing was that many people still did not know that the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s eyes could be refined into a treasure and, if one could attain the Divine eyes, it would provide over a hundred thousand beneficial uses.

The two inner sect disciples carefully stole a look at him, thinking of when they would be able to leave. But what they saw was a twinkle in Su Yun eyes, like he was considering some things.

“Is it mandatory to attend this mission?”

Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Yes, everyone has to attend. The attendees will receive a supply provided by the Su Family. if they do not attend, then they would be dealt with according to the Su Family regulations!”

Su Xin Zhen exclaimed hurriedly.

Su Yun nodded his head: “I understand, I will participate!”

“That… That’s great, then we will meet three days later. Su Yun, I… we are leaving!”

Su Xin Zhen stood up in a hurry, smiled and said. Then he quickly ran to the unconscious Su San Feng and left.

“Hold up!”

Suddenly, Su Yun yelled. The two trembled and turned to look at Su Yun in fear: “Is… is there anything else??”

“Pay for the repairing of the door before you can leave!”

Su Yun pointed at the broken door on the floor.

“About that… how much money?”

“How much money do you all have?”

“I… I only have four hundred spirit coins with me…”

“What about you?” Su Yun looked to the other one.

“I have… I have five hundred and eleven spirit coins…” the person trembled as he said.

Su Yun pointed at Su San Feng who was in coma: “First, throw out all the spirit coins on him first.”

Su Xin Zhen dared not delay any further, he quickly disrobed the spirit coin bag around Su San Feng’s waist and threw it hastily at Su Yun.

Su Yun caught it and studied it. He then said: “To repair the door, I still need nine hundred and eleven spirit coins!”