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One Hundred Demon Extermination God Array


The glowing snow sword shot forward like lightning towards Su Yun’s head, its speed so fast that it was off the charts. If people with cultivation levels like Long Xian Li suddenly made a move, with Su Yun’s current level then, he could not even react to it at all.


When the sword edge flew close to Su Yun’s head, it took a turn and pierced to the table beside him. The table then immediately shattered into a million pieces.

Su Yun’s heart dropped and his expression changed: “What are you doing?”

“I should be asking that.” Long Xian Li;s face was red, and she was gasping for breath: “You wastrel, how can you be so frivolous?”

“What the fuck!”

Su Yun could not help but cursed: “You’re my patient and I’m your spirit doctor. Now that you’re poisoned, I have to analyse the makeup of the poison in your body before I can cultivate an antidote pill for you. Unless you expect me to use my naked eyes to differentiate what poison it is??”

Long Xian Li heard this and her anger dropped by half, but with a cold expression she asked: “Is there no other ways?”

“Though I do know some silver needle techniques, I also need one good one ready. This was already difficult. If an ordinary silver needle penetrates your skin, you Profound Spirit Qi underneath your skin would break it. Hence, the using needles for the medical technique would not work for you.”

“Other than that, there’s no other methods?”

“Oh, there’s still one!” Su Yun exclaimed.

“What is it?

“This…” Su Yun hesitated: “You probably won’t agree to it!”

Long Xian Li heard and said blandly: “Tell me about it!”

Su Yun opened his mouth abruptly, revealing his big tongue, and shook it. He then said: “Lick my tongue so that I can analyze the makeup of the poison.”

Such actions and behaviour were downright vulgar!

“I’ll kill you, wastrel!’

Long Xian Li’s chest rose up and down and she pulled out her sword. With another moment, the satin like clothes flowed down from her smooth skin and exposed an inner garment with a pair of mandarin ducks sewn onto it.

Her perky breast held the inner garment high. Two soft bosoms perked like a summit through the inner garment.

Su Yun was shocked.

Long Xian Li was stunned too.

But never had he thought that Long Xian Li, a person as noble and elegant as a fairy would wear an undergarment with a pair of mandarin ducks….

“That…” Su Yun opened his dried mouth and felt his abdomen burning. Instantly, there was a reaction below from eating the male and female yin yang pill, causing it to erect as hard as a metal pillar.

If there was no reaction at this point, then it would not be a mind issue, but a man’s issue.

Long Xian Li quickly came back to reality and hurriedly covered her chest with her hands and pulled up her clothes. Her face was pale. She bit hard on her pink lips and her beautiful eyes started swelling with tears.

“Have you seen enough?”

A voice as cold as a knife rang through.

“No…ah, this is an accident.” Su Yun coughed and said.

Long Xian Li kept quiet and blushed, but her eyes was sparkling more than ever. To make such a strong person like her feel so wronged, Su Yun felt proud of himself.

But this lady’s method was too strong. He must know his limits, or else she might lose control of herself and kill him. Then that would be a great loss.

Su Yun took a deep breath and walked over.

“What are you doing?”

“Let go of me!”

Long Xian Li paused and loosened her trembling small hands.

Su Yun went past her head and sniffed the wound. He then turned around and walked towards the Crystal Spring Furnace.

“Is..is that all?” Long Xian Li asked in shocked.

“Do you want me to lick it?”

“No way, wastrel!”

“Yeah, right. Even if you’re willing to, I won’t be. You think you’re high in demand!? That everyone would want a bite of you? What if you didn’t shower for days and your body is covered in sweat?

Su Yun said as he took out the ingredients from the storage ring.

Long Xian Li felt she was going to explode in anger. Her hands and the sword shook uncontrollably. After she had cultivated her temperament for so many years, it was broken by this shameless man.

She gritted her teeth and moaned. The door of the ruined hut opened suddenly and a ray of light shone through. She then disappeared without a trace.

“Just like that she has left? Didn’t she say she wanted to see me cultivate the pill?”

Su Yun glanced outside and shouted, yet no one replied.

This poison in Long Xian Li could not be classified as simple, but could not be considered as complex, either. It could only be labelled as rare because the process of injecting the poison was complemented by the usage of Profound Spirit Qi. This kind of gas poison was unlike the serum poison and the nature of ordinary poison. This poison could pretend to be Profound Spirit Qi, and be undetected by people during the process. The most powerful thing about this poison was that it could easily penetrate all Profound Spirit Qi, so when the poison was released it could seep through like the water. Even though Long Xian Li was strong, her protection Qi could not fend off this poison and thus, she was poisoned.

The person who cultivated this poison definitely did not have a low level of cultivation.

After blending the ingredients, Su Yun placed them aside and took the ingredients Long Xian Li had purchased to start preparing.

There were many ingredients. A few of them were exquisite ingredients which could be bought from the market, but most of them were rare ingredients.

These rare ingredients were at least at the Spirit level. They could not be bought by money, as they needed at least a month to spend on these rare ingredients.

But Long Xian Li managed to get all of them. Where could she even get them from? Hopefully she did not borrow by using her name as an elder of the Immortal Sword Sect.

Blood potion pen, bone scroll rope, flying moon sky mirror, star pearl and the nine jaded heart needles set.

These things were monstrous and multicoloured. They did not look like ingredients, but like tools.

In fact, they were tools to set up an array and had nothing to do with cultivating a pill. He felt guilty for Long Xian Li, as these things were to be used for obtaining the Sprite’s Shadow.

If she knew about this, then it would be a disaster.

Su Yun put the ginormous ‘flying sky moon mirror’ away.

‘Flying sky moon mirror’ was just like a piece of thin grass paper, but it was crystal jade in colour. This ‘flying sky moon mirror’ was fifty feet tall and wide, and was made up of the rare ‘sun and moon turquoise,’ which experts obtain from the heaven and earth. They specifically used a carving knife to carve out inch by inch. The ‘flying sky moon mirror’ could not be bought by money. To obtain this item, one could only wait for auction news at the ‘sun auction.’

Once he laid the flying sky moon mirror on the floor, Su Yun picked up the blood potion pen and started drawing carefully on the ‘flying sky moon mirror.’

Pictures of devilish images started appearing on the ‘flying sky moon mirror.’

Hundred Demon Extermination God Array!

This array was equally famous to the Heavenly Demon Big Array. The Hundred Demon Extermination God, the ancestor of the demon sect, created this extreme array. It used the massacre of immortals by a hundred demons in the name of God in the demonic continent as the portrait of the array. Then, it would conduct an arrangement that made this array incredibly powerful and vicious. It was not easy to build this array. Although Su Yun practiced setting up this array a few times, only sixty percent of the time did he managed to set up the array completely and successfully because, if there was a mess up in between, the entire array would fail and the process was very complicated. It must not be disrupted.

The portrait was drawn and the star pearl was placed right in front of the array.

After ensuring the origin of the array, he used a nine jaded star needles set to prick his finger. His fresh blood dripped and penetrated the origin of the array, breathing in Profound Spirit Qi. He continued this for forty nine days straight to bring this array to life.

This big array must ensure that a free space was saved, or else the big array would come to life automatically when it was completed. When the time was near, and the spirit Qi was gushing into the sky, the Su Family, including the patriarch and his servants, all felt it.

When it was completed, he used the bony scroll rope to tie up the hundred demon extermination god array on the ‘flying sky moon mirror,’ as it can stabilised the array in the mirror and seal off the energy for a while, so it would not cause any injury or harm. The ‘flying sky moon mirror’ could satisfy all the requirements of the array. When two of the items were placed together, it could form a movable array, a gigantic scroll.

Of course, even when he had placed all ingredients, Su Yun was stalled at the cycle where his blood was dripping down into the origin of the array. This would take a while.

He dared not choose to carry this forward in the daylight. If he met up with Long Xian Li, it would be hard to explain it to her. Therefore, he only started doing this every night.

Long Xian Li didn’t come for the next few days. He did not know what happened either, but it was yesterday that he saw Bai Yan Shan and her people from the Immortal Sword Sect raise their flags, leaving the place as though she did not managed to retrieve any intel.

Su Yun thought and looked at the blue bottle on his new table, then shook his head lightly.

“Do you not get in contact with the outsiders of the Su Family?”

At this moment, a familiar crisp voice sounded like a bell through his ears.

Su Yun turned and saw the beautiful silhouette standing there again without any signs.

“You’re finally here!”

Su Yun smiled.

“I’m here to bid farewell.”

Long Xian Li leaned to one side and said lightly.


“Yes, I’m going back to Immortal Sword Sect!”

“Oh yeah, you’ve been here for a while already! There’s no news from Limitless Sword God?”

“There’s nothing, maybe we will go to the Purple Star Academy to look for some clues!”

“Oh.” Su Yun remained quiet.

Long Xian Li looked at him with her beautiful eyes and a tinge of hesitation flashed through them. Finally, she opened her mouth: “Su Yun, are you willing to come with me to Immortal Sword Sect?”


Su Yun was startled and stared amusingly at the lady.

“When was Long Xian Li so open minded?”

Probably feeling that his words seemed too ambiguous, Long Xian Li started blushing. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down before saying: “Don’t misunderstand. I just don’t wish to let such a talent go to waste. You’re very knowledgeable about arrays and medicine pills, but if you just stay here at the Su Family and they don’t recognize your abilities, it’s such a waste. If you’re willing to serve the Immortal Sword Sect, then I can help you bring Qing Er away and let the both of you join Immortal Sword Sect, and be protected by them. I believe the Su Family will not turn their back on us regarding this!”

A powerful pill cultivator is of the utmost importance to any sect or powerful cultivators. The blossom heart valley was not powerful, yet no one dared to offend was because they had a master of pill cultivation, and seeing that Su Yun had such knowledge about the pills, this was the obvious move. It seemed like, comparing him with the Pill King and the rest, he was a lot more important.

So this was Long Xian Li’s intention.

Su Yun sigh a breath of relief and was moved. But he shook his head instead.

“Are you rejecting me?”

“Actually, I would very much like to say yes, but you won’t be able to do it.” Su Yun smiled bitterly.

“Unable to do what?” Long Xian Li knitted her brows.

“Yes, what you’re seeing is just the facade. Firstly, Qing Er is very important to the Su Family. The Su Family will never let Qing Er leave even if it’s the Immortal Sword Sect requesting for it. That’s to no avail!”

“Oh?” long Xian Li asked blandly: “Why is that so?”

“Because Qing Er is the one that the Profound Sky Sect wants.” Su Yun muttered.

“Profound Sky Sect?”

In Long Xian Li’s eyes, there was shock. Instantly, as if she thought of something, her face lit up.

“Are you trying to say… that the Su Family has intentions to climb over Profound Sky Sect’s head?”

“Maybe things aren’t as simple as we thought, but it’s up to them. I just want to take Qing Er away from this place.”

Su Yun shrugged his hands tiredly.

Long Xian Li looked at Su Yun quietly, and there was a tinge of sadness written on her beautiful face.

“You… do you like Qing Er a lot?” she asked lightly.