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Every Day

Long Xian Li stabilized herself and took out a shimmering blue pill from her storage ring and stuffed it into her petite mouth. Closing her mouth slightly, she stood still and started accumulating Profound Spirit Qi and looked slightly better.

Curious, Su Yun got closer and sniffed: “Are you poisoned?”

“You sure are capable of some things.”

Long Xian Li could not deny.

Su Yun closed his eyes and sniffed once again, this time with more seriousness. In his nose, he sniffed a tinge of sourness, and the rest was an aroma that could freshen one’s mind. This was not a perfume, it was her natural smell.

Seeing this rascal kept sniffing, Long Xian Li frowned: “What are you doing?”

Su Yun came back to his senses: “Nothing much.”

With that, he did not care about Long Xian Li. Instead, he walked back to the Spring Crystal Furnace, took out a few pills and transferred them into a bottle. He left one pill for himself, which he swallowed, sat himself down, and started revolving his Qi.

Long Xian Li saw this and thought of something. She took a few steps forward and asked: “You’re so good with medicated pills, do you know what I am poisoned with?”


Su Yun opened his eyes and rolled his eyes at Long Xian Li: “Fairy, you are the elder of the Immortal Sword Sect. How could you not know what poison you have in your body when you’ve been poisoned so long ago?”

“This poison is unusual…Huh? How did you know I’ve been poisoned for a long time?”

“I can smell it from your scent!” Su Yun chuckled: “And what you just ate was not the regular healing pill. Though this pill is said to be able to cure all poisons, but to cure that poison in your body, you need to eat this for at least three to five years before you can remove the poison completely from your body!”

After hearing that, Long Xian Li stammered, biting on her lower, pink lip and sighed: “This poison was done by one of my seniors. She wanted to kill me, so she cultivated this poison specially for me. I was distracted and fell for the trap. Su Yun, do you have the method to cure this?”

“No.” Su Yun replied frankly.

While he had some relations with Long Xian Li, Su Yun did not want to interfere with her matters so much. Afterall, he was Limitless Sword God. If she found that out, he would be dead. Therefore, the earlier he cast her aside, the better it would be.

Long Xian Li knitted her brows after hearing him: “Are you always this petty? Haven’t I apologised already?”

“They are two separate things. You have wronged me, and apologised, that’s what you should do, but I’m not obliged to cure the poison in you!”

Su Yun’s eyes remained closed, and he started nursing himself.

Long Xian Li stared at him quietly for a pretty long time before she nodded head, and left without saying a word.

She came quietly and left hastily. For people like her, she could not possibly beg.

The ruined hut regained its peacefulness. Su Yun then continued to cultivate, but he was not polite either. He made full use of [Three Body Induction Method] that he shamelessly took, yet he cultivated it justly and with honor.

He must admit that Long Xian Li was generous with her attacks. Using this secret recipe of the stamina pill ‘male and female yin yang pill’ , the body would strengthen quickly and the person would gain energy. A person’s health would also get strong. Even though the appearance would look skinny and usual, the muscle and bone content would increase in power.

In the following days, he woke up, cultivated, and slept. He would practice the martial arts behind the mountains, then gather the ingredients he needed to cultivate a pill. After which, he would consume the pill. There did not seem to have any twists and turns.

After consuming the stamina pill, there was a window period. If he continuously consumed the same pill, the body would develop a resistance towards it and would not be able to absorb the benefits of the pill.

The Su Family shop offered a limited variety of ingredients. It was not easy to cultivate a high rank pill. In addition to that, to purchase all of Sprite’s Shadow’s ingredients was difficult. Now that Long Xian Li was in the Su Family, but Su Family had yet to announce the arrival of the third elder of Immortal Sword Sect, it was clear that between Long Xian Li and Bai Yan Shan, one was dark, the other was bright (TN: to say that one came in as a disguise or an ulterior motive). Both of them seemed to come to investigate the case of Limitless.

If I leave the Su Family now, and went out to purchase the ingredients, I would attract the attention of Long Xian Li. If she took a step further and investigated the ingredients I had bought, I might not be able to clear my name.

Wait a minute!

If I used the reason of cultivating a pill to buy something….maybe I could lie my way out.

Time was running out, and there was a need to make full use of each second. As he was cultivating, he was preparing, too.

Every day he would wake up to the sunrise, then cultivate and head back to sleep. This continued.

The green smoke spiraled out of the stained chimney on top of the ruined hut. As Su Yun rushed an array, his nose sniffed the aroma coming from the furnace.

Right at that moment, he stopped rushing the array and stood up happily, opening up the lid of the furnace.

A purple ray of light lit up, then two shimmering and fragrant beads stared back at Su Yun.

They lay quietly in the furnace and resonated as like purple jems.

“The colour looks good!”

Su Yun lifted them up to study them. Though it was not as beautiful as they were before, they were considered good enough for a cultivating pill.

“Oh? What is this pill? The aroma is tempting.”

A clear and graceful voice rose once again behind Su Yun.

Shocked, Su Yun turned around to see that Long Xian Li had reappeared quietly behind his back.

“Could you at least knock before you enter?”

Su Yun said grudgingly.

“Why do I have to knock? The door’s not closed.” Long Xian Li stated blandly.

Defeated, by one sentence.

Su Yun shook his head and turned to place the two purple pill on the table. He then took out the spirit pen he purchased earlier to expedite his body’s Profound Spirit Qi to cover the head of the pen, and wrote something in the book that was on the table.

The Profound Spirit Qi on the head of the pen started to distribute alongside the writings of the pen.

“What are you doing?” long Xian Li was curious, she asked oddly.

“Control array!”

Su Yun explained simply.

“Control array?”

“Yes! Control array! One that can increase the efficacy of the absorption of the pill, like nine stalked spirit grass. But this would be inferior to the nine stalked spirit grass!”

As Su Yun drew, he explained.

“Oh.” Long Xian Li replied blandly but stood aside to watch in silence.

After about two joss sticks later (TN: the time taken to burn the joss stick was how the chinese estimated the time, each joss stick takes about half an hour to burn), the completion of holding the array was done. He casually extended his finger to touch the array and it immediately emitted a ray of light that was mellow and full. The light revolved around the two purple pill and slowly drew closer to surround the purple pills. Lastly, it penetrated into the purple pills.

Immediately, Su Yun dispersed the holding array and picked up the pills to study it carefully.

“Since the holding array can increase the absorption of the pill, then why can’t you use this holding array on the other pill?” Long Xian Li asked again.

“Not every pill needs to increase its absorption.”

Gazing at the purple pills, Su Yun said: “The simple pills are easy to absorb and so, it does not require the control array. But the emptiness spirit pill I’m holding on to now is made up of very complex components. It’s unusually dense on the inside of the pill, and the human body can’t dissect it so there’s a need to use a control array. Do you understand?”

Long Xian Li remained quiet.

Observing this, Su Yun handed one pill to Long Xian Li: “Fancy giving it a try? This pill’s contents have been completely dissected and harmonized, so it’s very easy to absorb.”

Long Xian Li raised her eyebrows: “What pill is this?”

“Didn’t I already say it? It’s called the Emptiness Spirit Pill, regarding its effects… eat it and you’ll know.”

Su Yun smiled, but a weird look flashed across his eyes.

If Long Xian Li dared not accept this pill, then it would prove that she was still suspicious of me. If she courageously accepted this pill, then it would prove that she no long suspect me.

I guess she will not take it.

Su Yun’s heart turned solemn.

But not waiting for Su Yun to think, a white and gentle hand reached out and took the purple pill.

Shocked, Su Yun saw Long Xian Li staring at the pill before she pushed it in between her pink lips and swallowed it.

That pose was so tempting.

“You’re not afraid it’s poison?” Su Yun came back to his sense and asked weirdly.

“Though you are full of shit, and you’re dishonest, I think you’re still a good person.” Long Xian Li said as she closed her eyes slightly.

Could a person be dishonest, full of bullshit, and still be a good person? Su Yun could not catch up with this woman’s thinking.

“Also, I can smell the winter heart fish Qi, dried chrysanthemum, and moonlight stone powder in this pill. There’s no poison in it since these are all ordinary ingredients.”

“Oh…” Su Yun realized: this must be the main point.

Without saying anything, he swallowed the other emptiness spirit pill, sat down with knees crossed and started absorbing the benefits of the pill.

Long Xian Li did not need this pill as her cultivation level was high. Even though the emptiness spirit pill was considered higher than Su Yun, he could not absorb that easily, but Long Xian Li could easily dissect it and absorb it.


Instantly, Long Xian Li shocked, she quickly sat with her knees bent and started nursing herself. Within a few breaths, she opened her eyes and exclaimed: “This pill actually has the effect of curing the poison in my body?”

“The effect isn’t huge, it merely just stabilised the injuries in your body so you won’t eat so many of the panacea pills.” Su Yun said with his eyes closed.

Long Xian Li fell silent.

Not knowing how long time had passed, the sun started to set. Su Yun then opened his eyes.

He stretched his body and his bones started cracking.

“So invigorating!”

Su Yun groaned incessantly.

When he fully opened his eyes, the woman who was like a fairy was still standing in front of him.

“Why haven’t you left?”

Su Yun did not understand.

“I’m just curious!”

Long Xian Li bit on her lower pink lip.

“What are you curious about?”

“If people like you decided to invest in one power, you’ll be famous. Even if your cultivation is not high, based on your understanding of pills and arrays, they will guarantee your wealth and rank. You need not worry about shelter or food. Why… why do you still stay in the Su Family as a foreigner?”

Other than the four walls, there was nothing else. Even the wooden window was broken, how sad.

Su Yun head and let out a bitter smile.

“I once thought of leaving!”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“The time’s not ripe.”

“Time’s not ripe?”

Long Xian Li did not understand what he just said.

“There’s one person in this prison that I must take with me! If she doesn’t leave with me, then it’s meaningless for me to leave alone!”

“Is it Qing Er?”

Long Xian Li asked suddenly.

Su Yun looked at her and nodded.

Su Yun and Qing Er’s relationship was known to everyone. There was nothing to hide.

“I’ve heard a lot about you during my stay in the Su Family. Why is it so different from what I heard and what I see? You’re so weird.”

“How can you believe in what you heard? Most of them are just rumours.”

Su Yun said and stood up promptly to clean the furnace.

“That’s right.”

Long Xian Li nodded and said nothing again.

The moonlight shone like frost.

Su Yun fished up all the residue in the furnace. By the time he turned around, Long Xian Li was gone without a sign. She really was a mystery.