Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 94
A Fairy’s Emotions

The sword tip revealed was very ruthless, and the power of the Sword Qi seemed like it was possible to directly server a person’s throat.

This sword.

Had no hesitation at all!

But, Su Yun still did not move an inch, instantly closing his eyes, allowing her to go for the kill.


The sword, which was instantly on the verge of pressing onto his neck, suddenly stopped, with the sword tip producing an impression like a tornado blowing, causing Su Yun’s hair and clothes to blow up.

Long Xian Li noted and frowned: “Why didn’t you make a move?”

Su Yun opened his eyes slowly, and stared at the surrounding in shock. He quickly stated in a frightened voice: “Make a move? Make what move?”

Long Xian Li groaned sarcastically: “Stop pretending! Limitless Sword God, you think that by acting dumb and shocked, I will just let you off? Pull out your sword at once and fight me.”

“Elder Long, do you have a ‘problem’?” Su Yun continued to offend.

“You…” Long Xian Li was angry. Her face was all red.

“I am but a Spirit Intermediate Disciple Realm. How can I even fight with you? If you want to kill me… just do it. I am not capable of being your opponent. Why make things difficult for a small fry like me?”

Long Xian Li eyes moved swiftly after she heard him.

The reason why she attacked him was just to force Su Yun to make a move. “If Su Yun was Limitless Sword God, he should be exposed with this move. But, it seemed like I had found the wrong person… This person would rather die than make a move. Could it be he was telling the truth? He thought that his powers were weaker than mine and he was no match for me? Was it all just a coincidence and he was not Limitless Sword God?“

Thinking of this, Long Xian Li felt relief and emptiness at the same time. She was confused and anxious.

“Let me ask you another question!” Long Xian Li puff a breath, her voice remained graceful and crisp.

“Please ask away, fairy!” Su Yun sneakily extended his hands pushed the sword against his neck away.


Long Xian Li thought: “This person’s personality seemed stable. Previously, he was not afraid to die. Now that he saw some hope in getting to live, he would also sprout some words that were soothing to the ear? He was no different than a normal person.”

Shrugging the thought off, Long Xian Li stated: “Previously at the Blossom Heart Valley, you were only just broke through spirit intermediate realm. Why do you hold a fifth stage spirit intermediate realm today? How many days has it been only? Can you explain why your cultivation speed is so fast?”

Speaking of which, Long Xian Li turned serious: “Is it… with the help of Everlasting Stone?”
Su Yun trembled slightly and his heart beat fast. He quickly refuted: “No!”

“If you can’t give me a logical explanation, then I’ll kill you!” Long Xian Li’s voice turned cold again.

Not doing anything and immediately threatening to kill?

Su Yun was frustrated, but he did not show it all. He said unhappily: “If you want to kill me, then please do so now! Please don’t use this to scare me again!”

“You think I don’t dare?” Long Xian Li’s hand seemed to have accumulated the Profound Spirit Qi.

“I can’t believe the third elder of the Divine Sword Sect, Long Xian Li, is actually a person who abuses her authority to bully another who are weaker than her. If this news travels out, I wonder how the world would see you!”


Long Xian Li was offended by this rascal, and her chest undulating due to the anger. Following the movements of her chest, slowly moving up and down, it was a scene that could make anyone’s eyeballs drop out.

Su Yun secretly removed his eye contact from the twin peaks and looked back up, swallowed saliva, and replied: “Actually the reason is very simple, telling you won’t hurt. But I wish you will not go out and spread this!”

“Oh? You are really Limitless Sword God?”

“Of course not!” Su Yun would take this secret with time to his grave. He then pointed the the Spring Crystal Furnace and said: “I’m a Pill Cultivating master and I’m good at it. The reason why I can increase in cultivation level so fast is because of my magical pills!”

“Do you take me as a three year old kid? The highest rank of pill requires a powerful Profound Spirit Qi to control and cultivate, you’re merely a fifth rank of the Profound Spirit Intermediate Realm. How is it possible that you cultivate such high rank of pills?”

Long Xian Li muttered. She obviously did not believe in that.

With that, Su Yun laughed sarcastically: “You really are a person with long hair, but no knowledge!” (TL: person that grows old with a lack of knowledge)

“How dare you humiliate me?” Long Xian Li clenched her teeth so tightly that a few of them were crushed.

She had always been calm and peaceful. She was not sure why she was so fidgety and anxious, like a demon, when she met him. Everything he said would agitate her.

What happened to me? Long Xian Li reflected, but the man opened his mouth to say something.

“You want to kill me again? Yes you can, but before that, let me explain myself for a bit. Most of concocting High level medicinal pills is dependent on the furnace and cultivating pill array, and to utilise these two things will definitely require thick and strong Profound Spirit Qi. But it does not require you to use your own Profound Spirit Qi. As long as you spend money, anyone can hire a cultivator to impart their Profound Spirit Qi into your furnace and pill array, then you can use it to cultivate the pill. After that, it all depends on your individual skills in using the furnace and the pill array’s fire already. The quantity, quality, and variety of the ingredients require thorough research, and the most important thing is the pill’s recipe. Some pills have more than one recipe, and many pill recipes are constantly undergoing improvement and revision, until finally reaching the perfect existing recipe. All in all, everything that I said, it is not possible to explain it to you in a short time! To sum it all up in one sentence: I am skilled in concocting pills, and my level of cultivation speed is so fast due to eating many pills, understand?”

Long Xian Li was shocked.

Had she ever embarrassed herself so much?

After deliberate consideration, inside Broken Rush City, he could differentiate between the real and fake nine stalked spirit grass, so surely his understanding in medicinal pills and ingredients was profound

It was clearly at a high level of attainment. And even at Blossom Heart Valley, Pill King Zhang Mo was super hospitable to him, reckoning that this person was someone with genuine talent, therefore being deemed important to Zhang Mo.

Thinking about this, Long Xian Li could not help but begin believing in his words.

She turned her gaze towards the few emerald jade pills at the Spring crystal furnace and unexpectedly asked: “What is that?”

“Absolute Foundation Pill!” Su Yun Replied: “This is a fortification male type pill. Any man who uses it will have a sturdy body and strong blood vessels. It is very potent.”

Once Long Xian Li heard that , she flushed red from her cheeks to her ears, and lightly said: “How can you concoct such a vulgar medicinal pill?”

“Potent means it is vulgar?” (TN: Potent can mean two things, one is very strong, second would mean like a viagra, that can make a man last long) Su Yun was ineffable: “I was just describing the effects of the pills to you. In the end, I merely just want to depend on it to grow my physique! It’s you who is letting your imaginations run wild, ok?”

Long Xian Li looked at him with her beautiful eyes, coldly asked: “Since you say this is the male pill, there should be a female pill then?”

“Of course!” Su Yun nodded his head: “The female pill smoothens the mind, allowing the girl to look very radiant, full of vigor and look even more sharp!”

“Oh? Isn’t that just an ordinary beautifying pill?” Long Xian Li asked.

Su Yun laughed: “That is just its normal efficacy. Although it cannot compare to beautifying pills’ number of results, its best point can definitely be compared, which is that it allows the user to never look old!”

“Never look old?” Long Xian Li stared blankly.

“Yes, it means that your current looks will always remain, and will not change with the flow of time. If fairy is able to follow my prescription to take this pill, it will allow your beauty to always be with you. Even when you pass away, you will still look as sweet and charming as ever, never looking old!”

Su Yun acted like a salesman, using a voice that was filled with attraction as he said that.

Long Xian Li’s beautiful eyes flitted with anticipation.

To love one’s own beauty, everyone was guilty, especially women, who cared more about their appearance. Everyone would wish that they themself could be forever young, to be beautiful forever.

But, this only lasted for a moment and disappeared quickly. She breathed in and coldly said: “Appearance for us, is just a mortal skin in the end. Even if you remain young forever, even if you grow old with wrinkled skin, so what? Upon death, everyone will still be dried up bones, so why bother?”

“Fairy is definitely unaffected by this!” Su Yun held up a good sign with his thumb (TN: the ok sign we modern people use with our clenched fist and raised thumb), and said: “I was still planning on gifting Fairy a bottle of the Female Pill, but since Fairy put it this way, then that means I can save it for later on….”

Once Long Xian Li heard that, her eyes showed traces of disappointment, but she did not make a sound.

Su Yun could not help but laugh in his heart when he saw her.

This Male and Female Yin Yang Pill was also taken from Blossom Heart Valley’s secret manual,

It was also an unused secret manual covered in dust, hidden deep inside Blossom Heart Valley’s Hundred ingredients chamber, where no one ever browsed through. Though many words in the book were blurred with age, Su Yun spent countless nights mending up the badly damaged parts, so only he knew of the recipe.

“Since fairy is not willing, then there is no need for me to be reluctant! After all, what fairy said is right. Regarding outer beauty, it is just mortal skin, it does not matter!”

“You… This person!” Long Xian Li knew Su Yun’s heart was like a mirror, instantly seeing through her own intent. She put down her sword and snorted: “You already knew, but still acted dumb. Don’t tell me you really wanted to expose me to clarify everything, then you’re contented?”

“I, this person, am really a rectum!” (TN: that is its literal translation, what he really meant to imply was that he is a dumb and slow witted person)

“I don’t think so!”

Long Xian Li said, but she herself would not persist to demand. Since she said she did not want it, if she were to change her mind, it would not portray a good image.

Su Yun did not speak.

But after Long Xian Li hesitated for awhile, she said: “Since you are not Limitless Sword God, it means I have wronged you!” After finishing, she took out a secret manual from her cloth bag and placed it on the table.

“You can concoct your Male Pills, and have a sturdy build, but merely depending on pills to assist in cultivation will have its repercussions. This is my Immortal Sword Sect’s cultivating method for a strong physique, you can take a look to learn it. Treat it as my apology to you.”

Finishing her sentence, she turned and prepared to leave.


Su Yun took up the blue leathered secret manual and swept the dust and read.

[Three body Induction Method]

A heart ranked high level body cultivating secret skill.

Secret skills were commonly split into the ordinary, heart, spirit, earth, profound, core, sky, noble and master ranks. Each rank had three levels, low, medium, high.

This cultivation technique, if I learnt this secret skill it would be very good, a heart ranked third level technique, as it is an uncommon item. Although this woman is rude and unreasonable, but her reasoning, her ability to admit her mistakes and her attitude is not too bad.

Su Yun thought hard.

Since this brat is definitely Limitless Sword God, but still goes on lying to other people…

But just as Long Xian Li almost reached the door, she abruptly stopped in her tracks.

“Oh yes, Su Yun!”

“What is it?”

“That day at Broken Rush City, Senior here has yet to thank you!”

“That small matter. Moreover, you’re a fairy who is concurrently the third elder of Immortal Sword Sect! being able the help fairy is my honor!”

“You, this person, have such a dishonest mouth!”

Long Xian Li shook her head and was about to leave.

Just then in a flash, her body turned haggard, almost falling down.

Seeing that, Su Yun was startled.

“What’s wrong with you?”