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Seen Through?


A heavy sound of breathing was released.

In the deserted grass field, Su Yun sat in the lotus position and started tuning his Qi.

“I didn’t expect this!! I really didn’t expect this. Young rascal, your luck is pretty good! The death sword drew the life of the Blood Soul Master and converted it into Profound Spirit Qi to nourish your shriveled body. But unexpectedly, the blood soul’s life contained such a thick essence of Death Qi. Once you finished absorbing them, your body will recover at an astonishing speed. You will also get to increase your power tremendously!”

The Sword Elder was elated as he chirped.

“I didn’t expect it either!” Su Yun opened his eyes gradually and laughed: “I owe it to the Death Sword. Though opening the essence of the spirit had caused me to be injured badly, but the Death Sword converted the death qi power to provide me with energy and allowed me to recover so rapidly. In a few days time, my body has healed completely. This is considered a blessing in disguise!”

“Haha, young rascal, your luck is so good. You managed to become a hero after saving one person and still, benefitted from it! Zezeze, this is definitely genuine dog shit ass luck!”

Su Yun gasped for air and took off his blademaster outfit, which was drenched in fresh blood, and changed into a white robe, which he had prepared earlier on and stored in the storage ring. He removed his metal mask and hung his sword sheath over. Carrying the Death Sword, he continued on his journey.

“Young rascal, you need to focus on cultivating.With the Everlasting Stone for assistance, and your body being strengthened by so many treasures. Within ten years, you will make a name for yourself!”

Sword Elder said.

“I know!” Su Yun stepped forward, his eyes filled with determination: “Senior, I crave for power more than anyone else. Without Death Sword’s help, I might have lost my life at the hands of Madame Headmaster!”

“Can you still pull it out?” the Sword Elder asked.

Su Yun leaned slightly to his right to look at the black sword hilt which was also covered in devilish patterns. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

The Sword Elder did not say another word.

It had been a week since she got back to the Su Family. Qing Er was back in the Su Family earlier than Su Yun. Qing Er was also sent to be mended for her injuries, but, thankfully, the demon poison was not too serious. After a few days, Qing Er recovered.

The patriarch of the Su Family did not look into the case of Su Huoyu. This incident was too sudden, and each sect took a huge loss. The Su Family’s losses were considered minimal.

Hearing that Qing Er was safe and sound, Su Yun sighed in relief and went back to the outer sect to hand over his mission.

As the mission was not complete, he was fined a thousand spirit coins. It was fortunate that Su Yun had gained six hundred thousand spirit coins from Su Huoyu, so this little money was nothing to him.

Once everything was over, Su Yun went into a little wooden hut and started cultivating, not caring about a thing in the world.

When he cultivated, he made use of Profound Spirit Qi. Together with the help of the Everlasting Stone, Su Yun was able to grasp and comprehend the Profound Spirit Qi and he improved daily.

Complementing cultivation was the [Limitless Sword Art] and the [Heaven Splitting Sword Technique]. In the past, Su Yun would only cultivate the [Limitless Sword Art] but, after he fought with the Blood Soul Master, he found out that the [Heaven Splitting Sword Art] had showed an unexpected effect and made him focus on it as well.

Without the [Heaven Splitting Sword Art], he could have been the one to die.

Behind the mountains and forests.

Su Yun held onto Thousand Deep, recalling the initial fight with the Blood Soul Master, and followed the traces and uses of the demonic Qi.

During a fight between Profound martial artists, half of the matter was the Profound techniques and the other was the Qi. The so-called limb skills were very rare. Of course, there were many in the Sky Martial Continent who used their body to kill as a method to achieve great powers, but they too, were rare.

The preservation of the Everlasting Stone cleared the heart like a mirror, and emptied the mind such that he could remember the very first moments vividly.

Su Yun slowly enjoyed the first massacre, and drew experience from the fight.

The Profound Spirit Qi seemed to have received some sort of orders, and the memories started to revolve in Su Yun’s mind. The Qi leaked out from the Spirit Essence and through the Qi channels into other parts of his body, and lastly, out of his skin. They circled around Su Yun continuously.

This ‘Pure Divine Spirit Qi’ was part of the Profound Spirit Qi. First, they would circle around, then they would blend together like small teeths before overlapping with another, forming groups. Lastly, they would twist and turn into a ray of snow white light, rushing into the clouds.

The light started to dim after it was far away. It was impossible to sense it but… this was a disciple of the spirit intermediate realm of at least a fourth or fifth stage.

Su Yun opened his eyes gradually, with a crystal clear vision and a charming appeal.

The spirit essence grew and there were at least twenty earth spirit essences. The Profound Spirit Qi grew thicker.

“To learn the principles and traces of the Profound Spirit Qi from the Blood Soul Master is a breakthrough! I have to say, the Blood Soul Master is an expert!”

Su Yun lamented and stood up, feeling fresh.

He reached out for Thousand Deep and released its Profound Spirit Qi before putting it into his bag. He then took off.

Following the [Limitless Sword Art] first sword, Su Yun was able to manage the sword after practicing it. Speaking of which, the Immortal Sword Sect’s sword arts and the limitless sword sect’s sword arts seemed to pale into insignificance after comparison. Flying on the sword did not seem too difficult.

Promoted to the fifth stage of spirit intermediate realm, Su Yun could not help but reminiscence the time when he was with the Heavenly Crystal and the Sprite’s Shadow.

If he did not receive help from the Death Sword during the fight at Purple Star Academy, then, with the help of the Sprite’s Shadow, the Blood Soul Master would be killed on the spot, while he was not injured at all.

But obtaining the Sprite’s Shadow was not an easy task.

The preparation was troublesome. It would take at least a month to prepare.

Returning to the small house, the ‘Spring Crystal Furnace’ was almost done with boiling the medicine . Su Yun sat beside the furnace and waited for ‘strengthening muscle cultivation pill’ to be ready.

At noon time, the sun was scorching hot. Other than the spirit cultivators, the was no one to be seen outside.

Suddenly, a series of drums and gongs were heard from afar. Alongside with that were heavy steps of a group of single horned bulls.

Suspicious, Su Yun looked over only to see a group of people donned in luxurious clothes crossing the Bronze Street.

A huge purple horn beast cart stood in the middle of the people. The outer sect people ran out of the house to watch this spectacular view.

This group of people had luxurious blademaster clothes, with a sword mark hung over their waists. In their hands, they held a long sword, and rode on strong white horn bulls, walking around the streets arrogantly.

Right in front, there were ten Spirit Stallion leading the way. They were rode by the disciples of the Su Family and beside them were the outer sect’s elite disciples from holding umbrellas, sheltering them from the sun. obviously, these were Su Family’s welcoming troop.

Su Yun fixed his gaze over at the flag in the middle.

On the flag etched a gold sword, floating with the wind.

Immortal Sword Sect!

Su Yun knew about them.

Why did the Immortal Sword Sect come to the Su Family?

This power held an imposing aura. He wondered which expert from the Immortal Sword Sect would come over.

Deep in his thoughts, his eyes unknowingly fell onto the eye-catching purple horn cart in the middle.

Noticing this, his face started to drain of colours: “Huh, this looks like… Bai Yan Shan’s cart?”

Could it be that Bai Yan Shan was coming over to the Su Family as part of the Immortal Sword Sect?

But, what was she doing here… never mind, why was he thinking so much? He and her were just human (TN: saying that humans can do whatever they want), he would not let himself meddle into her matters.

Su Yun shook his head and turned back to his ruined hut.

Ka cha.

Right at this moment, the Spring Crystal Furnace made a crisp sound.

Su Yun was happy. He ran over quickly and turned off the cultivating pill array underneath the furnace. When he opened the lid, a fragrant aroma filled the house.

He looked into the furnace to see the the jade green pills sitting quietly.

“Such a great aroma! The pills look moist. I think this is big enough! 90 marks!”

Su Yun smiled ears to ears and reached out to bring the pills out.

“What is this pill?”

At the moment, a crisp and clear voice sounded through from the side.

Startled, Su Yun turned quickly to see a lady wearing a white gown, with a gorgeous face standing by his side.

The girl had no makeup on, yet she was still so beautiful. She was tall and graceful, with skin as white as snow. It was hard to estimate how soft or how exquisite it was, but just by the looks of it, it could steal someone’s heart away. She also had a pure and holy temperament, as though, if you desired for her, you’d be scared of ruining her. She was as beautiful as a fairy meant to be looked at from afar, and not to be touched.

Long Xian Li?

Why was she here? ?

Seeing this person, Su Yun was surprised. He also began to panick.

As though sensing the anxiety in Su Yun, Long Xian Li turned icy cold.

“Limitless Sword God, it’s been long since I last saw you!”

She stated coldly, her voice filled with a murderous tone.

Could she recognized me??

No! How could she recognize Limitless Sword God so easily? I have covered myself up, unless all these were her guessings.

Su Yun’s heart beat fast, but he kept his cool.

He dared not admit it. Afterall, he left no trace that he was Limitless. He would not confess to that, not a chance.

Furthermore, she was not like Hu Qian Mei, the fox spirit, whose methods are cunning. She was an upright person. If she had evidence, she would not kill me.

Thinking of that, Su Yun acted quickly: “Are you Elder Long? What did you just say? Limitless Sword God? Who is this Limitless Sword God? Are you talking to me?”

“You don’t have to maintain your act! Limitless Sword Lord!” Long Xian Li moved her finger and a ray of white light appeared. By the time the light dispersed, a dazzling sword was pushed against his neck.

“Previously, I cast a ‘thousand tracking technique’ on your metal mask and followed you from Blossom Heart Valley to the Su Family. Coincidentally, you appeared in both places, if you aren’t Limitless Sword Lord then who else is? ?”

How could it be?

Just because of that she thought I was Limitless Sword Lord? Should I say her sixth sense was too good, or her thinking was great?

“Elder Long, you need to think through carefully. This word is so huge, anything can happen. You can’t act just based on that…whatever technique you used, it may lead you to killing the wrong person!!” Su Yun exclaimed.

“Oh? So you think this is coincidental?”

“That’s right!”

“How dare you act like this!” Long Xian Li maintained her icy cold expression: “When I went over to the Su Family to investigate, and asked about you, the Su Family all claimed you died in the Martial Bone Mountain. But, as of now, you are standing right in front of me, cultivating a pill!! Your Su Family ganged up to lie to me, and you lied to me too! You must have some relationship with the Su Family and you must be Limitless Sword Lord! If you don’t hand out the Heavenly Crystal and the Everlasting Stone, then don’t blame me!”

“You want to kill me?”

“Do you think I won’t dare!”

With that, Long Xian Li raged with a murderous intention and waved her long sword and slashed towards Su Yun’s shoulder.

Without hesitation, she went for the kill.