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Ming Ying School


The middle aged woman shook her head: “Elder Xian Li, why do you desire to personally track down the Limitless Sword God?”

“Limitless Sword God appeared at Purple Star Academy, where I myself originated.” Long Xian Li sentimentally thought back, saying indifferently.

“News stated that Limitless Sword God killed the Blood Soul Master, saved the Purple Star Academy as well as Mystical Mountain Range’s numerous sects representatives, and are in their graces, if you wish to obtain information from their people, it seems highly impossible, and even our own Immortal Sword Sect will be suspected!”

The middle aged woman reasoned out.

“Be suspected?” Long Xian Li lobed eyebrows slightly frowned: “Grand Elder thinks that, since our Immortal Sword Sect did not partake in this year’s exchange event, suddenly appearing at Elemental Fire City to investigate on Limitless Sword God’s whereabouts will let the people’s imaginations run wild?”

“Correct, for the sake of the Heavenly Crystal, you will blow up the matter! This will not be good for our mission to retrieve the Heavenly Crystal!”

“Then… Grand Elder’s meaning is?”

Long Xian Li raised her starry and beautiful eyes and lightly asked.

“There is no need to go to Fire Elemental City anymore, everyone will be thinking of looking into and investigating Limitless Sword God’s whereabouts, so going there will be useless. I think… it would be better to start elsewhere!”

The Grand Elder lowered her head and thought for a while, then promptly asked: “Xian Li, the last time you talked with me, you suspected one of the Su Family’s persons, yes?”

“Yes!” Long Xian Li nodded her head.

“Then you can go to Su Family to take a look.” The Grand Elder said softly.

“Su Family, why?”

Long Xian Li did not understand.

“There are people who previously saw Limitless Sword God at Purple Star Academy saving the Su Family representative Su Qing Er, and protected her to leave the academy!”

“Oh?” Once Long Xian Li heard, her heart sunk slightly. She moaned lowly and replied: “But, I suspect that the one who can most likely be Limitless Sword Lord… has already died in the Su Family’s Clan Refinement event.”

“Died in the Su Family’s Clan refinement event?” The Grand Elder brows frowned slightly: “You saw that with your own eyes?”

“Although I did not see it with my own eyes, the Su Family had people who witnessed it.”

“Is that so?” The Grand Elder shook her head: “And you believed it?”

“Grand Elder, what are you saying?”

“What if the Su Family lied to you, and Limitless Sword God was really one of theirs? That means Limitless was definitely the one you were suspicious about! There is definitely something fishy about this, the matter between Limitless and the Su Family’s young miss. I feel that there are clues there that we can start from. You cannot go to Elemental Fire City, if you want to go… you should go to Su Family!”

“Go to the Su Family? That cannot be done.” Long Xian Li shook her head: “Last time, I abruptly intruded on the Su Family and aroused their suspicion. If I were to go again, I will definitely be investigated by them!”

“You just need to find an excuse to go there!”

“Find an excuse?”

Long Xian Li frowned: “What excuse?”

“To investigate Limitless Sword God!”

The Grand Elder softly said: “The Heavenly Crystal is a treasure that everyone desires, but whether or not it will be our Immortal Sword Sect’s item is based on chance. If anyone finds out that Limitless Sword God has the Heavenly Crystal, they will definitely think of a way to try and get it! Initially, it was due to the Heavenly Crystal that we could not investigate Limitless Sword God, but now it is different. Limitless has something that we can openly investigate about! We can completely use that as an excuse, and proceed to Su Family!”

“What is that something?” Long Li Xian asked.

“The Sword!”

Grand Elder continued: “It is exactly that special sword technique of his!! It was said that Limitless Sword God killed the Blood Spirit with a hundred swords exploding into him! A hundred!! That is a really high level special sword technique, my Immortal Sword Sect’s sword technique is used to aid martial artists to fly, and not to murder. To use magic swords to kill their enemy, I am afraid only the Sect’s Leader can do that, but even our Sect leader is unable to control so many flying swords! So, you can act as a diplomat on a mission to the Su Family, and find the Su Family miss to interrogate her. If she does indeed keep in contact with Limitless Sword God, then we will see if Limitless Sword God’s divine sword techniques are similar to our Immortal Sword Sect’s technique, and we need to determine if he is our Immortal Sword Sect’s disciple!”

Long Xian Li heard and fell silent.

She extended her jaded fingers and caressed the circular mirror and whispered: “If that’s the case, then Grand Elder need not send me to the Su Family. You can find someone else to do it and I will sneak into the Su Family to conduct the investigation! This should be better!”

The Grand Elder nodded: “Elder Xian Li’s idea is good. You are the third elder of my sword sect. You control the martial swords, and hold a high status. If I send you out, you’ll only attract attention from the others. That was something I have neglected!”

Having said that, the Grand Elder pondered and said: “Then, Xian Li, who do you think is the best choice?”

“Yan Shan!”

Long Xian Li thought for a while and stated.




Zoom! ! ! !

A ray of red light beam rushed out from the mountain range into the clouds.

It landed on a dark mountain range, and the people there looked up into the sky where it came from.

A breakthrough!

Everybody knew the meaning of this red light beam.


Such a ferocious light beam… who could have cultivated such a breakthrough?

In front of a huge red door on a mountain embedded with a cave.

The people donned a variety of clothings and wore masks over their face. They then rushed over.

The leader had two sabers hung around his waist. On his body, he also had several long black needles hung onto him. Following him around, the needles did not stop moving. They collided into one another creating a slight sound like the mosquitoes buzzing.

The people following behind all had their heads down. Nobody dared to make a move, neither did they dared to look around.

The red door was massive, with a height of at least ten meters. At the top, there was a blood red python engraved on it. It seemed powerful, and in front of the door stood two young ladies wearing red clothes, their faces covered in red mesh.

Seeing this person, the two ladies lined up and wrap their fists to say in unison: “We pay respects to Protector You!”


The man who was coming forward nodded. The black needles around his waist all drooped, and the people behind him looked up. His lifeless eyes seemed to regained some colours as well.

The man lifted his sword lightly and looked at the red door to ask: “How long has Protector Qian Mei stayed behind closed doors to train?”

“Reporting to Protector You (TN: the chinese is actually zuo (right), but the following name changes to you (left), so i shall stick to you), Master had been isolating herself for seventeen days!”

“Seventeen days? Just seventeen days?”

The masked man seemed surprised.

He bit his lower lip, thought and said: “Inform Protector Qian Mei, let me see her!”

“Reporting to Protector You, the master is undergoing closed door training, no one can disturb her!” The two ladies kneeled and voiced in unison and in fear.

“If you don’t go, then I shall kill you!”

The man’s voice was very calm, as though he was talking about something that was very ordinary.

With that, the two ladies trembled even more, and dared not stand up.

Without saying a second word, he waved his hand and a ray of blue light exploded, killing the two of them.

Simply killing after saying it, and not in the least bit sloppy!


A voice rang through and the heavy red doors opened suddenly. A ray of red lightning rushed out and collided with the blue light.

The man observed the situation and quickly kept his blue light, dodging the collision with the red lightning.

But the red lightning circled in front of the man and retreated back into the red doors.

The man locked his gaze.

Looking inside the red door, a girl who looked roughly twenty three years of age stood there smartly in a red dress. The girl looked like she came from heaven, born with fine and detailed body features, enchantingly charming, especially her ears, a pair of cute fluffy fox ears trembling slightly, and a white fluffy fox tail constantly moving at her buttocks.*

This was the real Protector Hu Qian Mei from the prestigious Ming Ying School.


The man tried to dodge her line of sight, and suddenly raised his arms, blue light bursting forth, chopping into both girl’s arms.

Chi la!

The two ladies lost one of their arms and fell to the ground in pain. They screamed in pain as their beady sweat dripped down profusely.

“Forget the death penalty, let you two taste this punishment instead.” The man said.

Hu Qian Mei saw what he did, her face changed as she got so angry that her chest was violently moving up and down. She moved quickly, landing in front of the two ladies, did not say anything, and vertically sliced her red sword with an intent to kill.

But the man did not seem like he had the intention to fight. He retreated continuously and raised his left hand to form a mysterious hand sign. A ray of black light was emitted and he fended Hu Qian Mei’s attack.

“Master Protector Hu, I am just helping you teach these few fearless slaves a lesson, why are you getting so angry?”

The man stated his piece and with another mysterious hand sign, he sent Hu Qian Mei back: “Protector Hu just got a breakthrough. The body’s still weak. Please do not try and spar with me or else you might get injured. I wouldn’t be able to answer to the Sect Leader.”

Hu Qian Mei face was black with rage, tightly clenching the red sword in her hand.

She secretly clenched her teeth, and took a flash of medicinal pills from her storage ring, threw it to the two ladies and said: “Take it, grab your arms and get out of here!”

“Yes… yes… master…”

The two ladies stood up hurriedly. Bearing the pain, they accepted the medicinal pills and walked towards the red door.

The man’s expression changed a little: “Replenishing bone and tendon pill? This is a spirit level medicine pill!! And you gave it to the two slaves?”

“So what if it is?” Hu Qian Mei retorted: “Even if they are slaves, they are still my people. They had their limbs broken for me, so why shouldn’t I help them to recover?”

The man looked in disbelief and shook his head: “What a waste!”

Hu Qian Mei kept the sword in the sword sheath hung around her waist and stated blandly: “I wonder why Protector You has come to find me? If there’s nothing else, please go back! I don’t have much energy to entertain you!”

“Protector Hu sure is cold!”

The man produced a smile, which was covered by a mask, where ordinary people would not be able to see.

“As I look towards the red door, i saw the red clouds gushing in the sky, and immediately knew that Protector Hu had broken through once again! I thin, you are close to entering the Spirit Star Disciple realm already, right?” he asked with excitement.

“You came here just to ask for this?”

“I’m just curious. Protector Hu was promoted to the ninth rank just a few years ago. I never thought you can get into the tenth rank so soon… I’m afraid that I’m not your opponent! This talent, ah… I’m so envious off it!”


Hu Qian Mei grinned. She sat on the rock at the side and crossed her leg. Laughing, she said: “Since you know that your powers aren’t a match for me, then you better know your limits from today onwards. Or else…” there was a killing intention behind those innocent eyes: “I will kill all eight of your precious spirit masters!!”


The man laughed out loud for a long while before stopping: “If you want to kill, go ahead! I don’t mind!!”

Hu Qian Mei knitted her brows and she became serious.

“Protector Hu, you are so gifted, and the level of your cultivation is not low. I have been staying in the ninth rank realm for so long. If I don’t have a breakthrough soon, this will affect my cultivation in the future. I will cultivate for two more years, and if there’s no news from me, I want to propose a marriage for the sect leader!”

“You want to marry the sect leader?”

“No, I want to marry you!”

“Then you have to bring up the marriage to me!” Hu Qian Mei smiled.

“You won’t agree to it!” The boy shook his head.

“Do you think the sect leader will make me agree to it?” Hu Qian Mei smirked as though she was a fox.

The man did not say a word, smiled, and turned to leave.

A moment later, a voice sounded out from the silence.


Hu Qian Mei’s face sunk after hearing that. She started worrying as she sat on the rock, watching the man leave. It was only long after then she regained her smile. However, there was still a tinge of suffering written on her face.

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