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Limitless Sword God (Part 6, ⅗)


Completely shocked!

Not only Qing Er, even the people from the Su Family were flabbergasted.

“You bastard!”

Qing Er clamped her teeth tightly as she tried to break free from the man’s hand, pulling out her sword and pointing it at him.

“You…What are you doing? Why did you kill young master Huoyu!”

“Didn’t you wish for him to die?”

“This asshole, why wouldn’t I wish he was dead? But if he died, then my young master and I would be dragged into this, did you know that?”

Qing Er bit her lips.

The reason why she with Su Li Xiong to be reared under the patriarch was mainly Su Yun.

Old master and lady had passed away, and the young master of the Su Family had no one to rely on. Previously, he had offended many. If I did not enter the patriarch’s faction, then the young master would get bullied, or even be targeted for revenge, so I had to stay on in the main house… I need to protect young master.

Clenching her fist tight, Qing Er said.

But since Su Huoyu died in her care, it would be difficult for her to run away from the blame.

The disfigured blood sword man said coldly: “Su Huoyu is dead, but you’ll be fine. All you have to do is pretend that you’re severely injured. Moreover, this event took place all too sudden that it can be taken as an accident. It is hard to control the manpower, and you are the talent that the Su Family has meticulously reared. Unless it is a grave mistake, the patriarch will not punish you! Take this pill, it’s a fake injury dan made from the Blossom Heart Valley. Once eaten, you will enter a pseudo injured state. Hence, you could eat this when you are on the way back to Su Family. If you are injured heavily, the Su Family will not punish you, thus, you need not worry! Alright, there isn’t much time, you have to leave with me quickly!”

After saying this, the man reached out his hand. In his hand was a green, medicated bead.

Stunned, Qing Er asked: “You… Who are you and why do you know so much about us?”


The blood swordsman wanted to tell Qing Er so badly, but he bit down on his lower lip and hesitated.

“You are hiding your identity, and also have killed master Su Huoyu, why should I leave with you?”

Qing Er retreated as she queried in a low voice.

Upon seeing this, the blood swordsman’s heart dropped.

Upon closer observation, what Qing Er asked was correct. He had yet to reveal his identity, who knew what motives he had? Why should Qing Er put her trust in him? Although the Su Family had several disciples in succession, and Su Huoyu did not hold any high positions, ultimately, he was a son of Su Li Xiong, and his death had a great influence.

“If you don’t come with me and stay here, you’ll die. So why don’t you trust me this time round?”

Su Yun, disguised as the blood swordsman muttered.

He would like to reveal his identity, but, if he did, he might bring endless worries to Qing Er.

He had stolen the Heavenly Crystal, seized the Everlasting stone, and even offended the Hu Qianmei, and Ming Ying School. The Immortal Sword Sect and the Ming Ying School would not let him off so easily. All Qing Er needed to know about him was that he was the useless Su Yun of the Su Family. There was no need for her to know about the ruthless Su Yun.

But, just as she was about to make a decision, her expression changed and shouted: “Be careful!”

Su Yun stood in shock, so Qing Er pushed him aside.


A ray of blood sword dashed over, and pierced through Qing Er’s shoulder blade. She dropped to the ground and vomited fresh blood.

Though not fatal, this attack had caused a serious injury to the girl.

Su Yun was appalled.

He ensured that Qing Er would not recognize him in this dressing, so why did she still save him?

Looking at Qing Er who was lying on the ground, Su Yun’s boiling blood had become peaceful.

He walked over, and helped Qing Er up. From his storage ring, he retrieved a medicated bead, and stuffed it into the girl’s petite lips to stop the bleeding. He then turned around, and walked towards the man who initiated the attack.

And the man was no other than the man in the blood red cloak.

Madame Purple star was held hostage by Zhou Zi Bu and the man in the blood red cloak left the fight. While he did not capture the stubborn Mu Feng, he instead came right after Su Yun.

“You want to kill me?”

Su Yun said.

“You have killed my people, why shouldn’t I kill you?”

The man with the blood red cloak laughed: “Tell me who you are, why you are here, and maybe, I will let you go!”

“I only want to take her away!”

“I’m afraid not, no one is leaving here today!”

The man with the blood red cloak looked up. Under his cloak hid a pair of shimmering eyes that startled people: “I see that you have a disposition of evilness and Demonic Qi on your body. Tell me who you are, where you stand, what’s your power. And if you kowtow to me, I shall not kill you!”

“If I kowtow to you, will you let me take her away?”

Qing Er overhead and was puzzled.

This man… Was willing to put down his pride to ensure my safety?

Who is he exactly?

The man in the blood red cloak shook his head: “She is not demon!”

“By saying so, she must die?”

“I have to fake an accident, or else there’d be trouble and everyone here has to die! If you continue to resist me, you might not even stay alive!”

Su Yun fell silent after stating.


Just as Zhou Zi Bu got distracted, Madame Headmaster threw a strike leaving him with a huge hole on his chest. He fell from midair and landed straight on the ground, throwing up a few mouths of fresh blood before his eyes turned heavy.

“City Lord Master!”

The guards who served the City Lord Master cried in pain.

“Blood Soul… Master… Remember… Please… Please revive my daughter by all… By all means.”

Using his last breath, he shouted weakly, in a cold and hoarse voice. The sentences were broken and, once he finished his last sentence, he laid motionlessly on the floor and died.

“Hahahahaha, he’s so gullible! Though I am well cultivated, I don’t hold such powers. It isn’t an easy job to bring back a dead person! This idiot, how can you believe my words? Hahaha, he died with wishful thinking! Dumb. He is so dumb! Hahaha.“

The Blood Soul Master, worshipped by Zhou Zi Bu, laughed in ridicule.

“You are a ridiculously cunning bastard!”

Madame Headmaster yelled.

She had killed Zhou Zi Bu, but she felt remorseful. She had a thing with Zhou Zi Bu, but she never thought there would be a day like this where she had to kill him with her own hands.


Madame Headmaster held on to her magic staff and rushed over with her body full of injuries.

As she was in the air, her wrinkly, thin palms changed a total of thirteen poses all in succession. It was as though she was drawing stars with her hands, she created a profound mysterious energy like rippling waves.

But, the Blood Soul Master had no fear. He stared at Madame Purple Star, who was dashing towards him and, with a sudden burst of movement, he turned into a ray of blood that crashed towards Madame Headmaster.

Hurriedly, Madame Headmaster created more techniques, and a series of purple coloured stars covered the blood ray like a universe.

A thick and overbearing power burst out in all directions, causing tremors. The floor broke into pieces and the destructive Qi, like the after event of the ripples of the waves, floated in the air. No one dared to go close to the fighting area.

Mu Feng was still fighting with the almighty demonic qi cultivators. The bodies of the demonic Qi Cultivators, humans were lying all around, piling up like mountains. It was as though the fresh blood was going to drown the entire academy’s plaza.

Su Yun noted and dared not interrupt. He picked Qing Er up and left without considering if she would mind it or not.

Even with the Blood Dye Array’s help, if he was capable enough to control a hundred swords to kill, they were ultimately just be ordinary swords. While their power to destroy had increased several folds, it was not powerful enough. The swords could easily kill the normal demonic qi cultivators before arriving at the Spirt Core Disciple Realm. However, if they were to encounter Higher class Blood Spirits or the elite demonic Qi Cultivators, it would be considered as sending himself to his grave.

So what could be done now, was only to run.

Face pale and sweating, Qing Er pressed onto her wound, and wanted to say something. But she saw the man in blood fighting so hard to save her, so she did not resist.

“Who…are you exactly?”

Qing Er asked.

This silhouette… this spirit qi, it was so familiar… why did he come and save me?

Roar! ! ! !

Su Yun heard the loud roars and set his gaze forward, a group of demonic Qi Cultivators and demons were heading straight over.

They either held axes, or pikes. Each and every one of the demons had thick fresh blood covering their body, each eye drowned in a desire for war.

“Su Family!”

Su Yun shouted loudly.

The disciples of the Su Family ran over, but none dared to venture close to Su Yun. After all, he was a man covered in fresh blood, and he had a spirit qi so vicious. Even though he saved Qing Er, but that did not mean anything.

Instead he said: “Take your lady away, I’ll handle the situation here!”


Everyone replied.

Su Yun handed Qing Er over to a female Su family member and used the hundred swords to kill the demons.

The blood red swords spun at a very fast speed just like they were a churner. Approaching the demons, they sliced each and every demon into a million pieces and, in return, about seven to eight swords were destroyed for each demon killed. At this rate, there would not be enough blood swords to kill the demons.

He had no one to blame for not cultivating a level high enough, so he could not control higher grade swords. If he had managed to do so, the ending would not have come to this.

Once this matter is over, I need to practice properly.

Su Yun clenched his teeth.

Very quickly, the demons were all killed, but Su Yun was only left with four blood red swords.

He took out the ‘Thousand Deep’ from his sword sheath and left with Qing Er and the Su Family.

Once they crossed the path of fresh blood, they would be near to the outskirts.

“Stop! Who are you!”

A group of Demonic Qi Cultivators guarding the Purple Star Academy rushed over and yelled.

Su Yun’s demonic Qi was so strong and thick, the elderly amongst the demons roared in a demonic language mainly to test Su Yun. If he could not answer, then the elderly would send people to kill him.

“It’s me! I’m tasked by the Blood Soul Master to bring these people out! Open the door quickly and let me leave!”

Su Yun answered in a demonic language calmly.

Qing Er and the people surround him seemed frightened listening to them chatter one sentence after another in a demonic language.

So actually, this man is a demon….

How could humans understand the demon language? The elderly saw that the man could speak the demon language fluently, and let out a relief. But he was always vigilant and he stared at the people of Su Family: “All of them are the normal Spirit Core Disciples? Where does the Blood Soul Master want you to bring them to? The invincible cultivators from the Elemental Fire City are all rushing here. Once you get out of this place, you’ll be dead. Don’t you know that?

“I know, but… this is the orders I got from Blood Soul Master!”

Su Yun replied in a demonic language but, he already had his hands in the sword sheath and was holding on the the shaft of Thousand Deep sword.

Qing Er seemed to understand Su Yun’s intention and quickly said: “Please stop, they have a lot of people and they have at least a rank of ten in the Spirit Core Disciple cultivation. You are no match for them! Stop it now! Let’s retreat back to the plaza!”


It was too late.

This was the last line of defense. Su Yun could not give up.

Moreover, all he had to do was to create a pitfall!.

As long as he could bring Qing Er away from this place….

No matter how strong the opponent was, he had to fight!

“Let’s go!”

Su Yun bellowed and dashed out like a savage shadow, he landed right in front of the elderly in a defenseless position and pulled his sword in the direction.


The Thousand Deep sword set off a magnificent light.

The first of the three explosive strikes resounded….