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Translated by Berrrybunz

Limitless Sword God (Part 5: 2/5)

Bang! ! !

Qing Er’s frail body convulsed continuously. It was too painful to control, and as she managed to quickly retreat back, she knocked onto the statue located right beside the academy’s plaza. Her petite mouth spat out a bit of blood, and her spirit qi became chaotic.

Seeing the demon pig guard approach, Qing Er clenched her teeth.

In theoretical boundaries, Qing Er, who possessed the second level of Spirit Core Disciple, was no match to this demon pig guard. How was she supposed to deal with the demon pig guard who possessed many magical weapons, and not just any magical weapons, they were all extremely weird weapons.

Although Qing Er was the Su Family’s inner disciple, she was born with a rather low status. Therefore, she was not respected by the people of the main house. She was only raised to be a talent and did not have many magical weapons. Thus, she could not match up to this demon pig guard.

The Su Family was suffering badly, and Qing Er knew that if she continued fighting, the Su Family might all die, and could only say: “Everybody retreat and head back to the academy’s plaza. Reunite with Madame Headmaster and the others to fight together!!”

“Let’s do what Miss said!”

“Young master should be doing fine over there! Let’s retreat!”

“Cover for Miss, and let’s retreat together!”

The Su Family shouted as they gathered together, and ran.

At the center of the academy’s plaza, Madame Headmaster and the man who was covered in a blood red cloak had begun fighting. The two took the match to the air, and charged at each other crazily, both releasing skills that created rays of purple and red spirit qi, which interweaved like raging currents. The scene was unusually liberating. Both of them emitted pulverizing Profound spirit qi, and no one dared to be under their feet for fear of being crushed alive.

The other representatives and students did not take it well either, as there were people sacrificing their lives each second.

The students gathered around the teachers and resisted the demonic qi cultivators who were rushing towards them.

It was a relief that most of the demonic qi cultivators that were attacking them were the corpse-eating demons, as they were greedy and low-lying creatures. The majority of the experts of demonic qi cultivators have gone to attack the Mu clan. Mu Feng stood in the middle of Mu clan, who gathered around to protect him. Lying around him were dead bodies of the Mu clan family members. The floor has become a river of blood, one after another, the demonic cultivators attacked as if there was no end.

Mu Feng turned pale, with fear in his eyes, hurriedly took off the ring from his finger and opened it, and started throwing protective magical artifacts one after another to save one’s life, then he threw an already prepared Soul Stones altogether. A great variety of Soul Stone Spirits appeared, such as Wind Tiger, or Ice Eagle. All in all, there were at least more than ten of them. They helped to reduce the stress on the people of the Mu clan. However, this was only temporary, and even with the help of the Soul Stone’s power, it was difficult to turn the situation around.

“Quick! Go help out the Mu clan. Do not let these evil, cunning, Demonic Cultivators get what they want. You have to protect master Mu at all cost!!!”

Madame Headmaster, who was sparring in the air, shouted agitatedly.

As this academy’s exchange took a turn in events, it did not matter who died. The Mu clan’s influence was too great in the Mystical Mountain Range. They and the Soulless Sect held great power! So, nothing must happen to them, or Madame Headmaster’s academy would never live a peaceful life.

After the teacher heard, and without hesitation, he brought the students over to lend a helping hand to Mu Feng.

“Eh! Who…who will protect me! I am… am the young master of the Su Family!! If I die, all of you and Purple Star Academy will meet doomsday…Come, everyone!!”

With his calf injured, Su Huoyu staggered towards the academy’s plaza with a limp. As he shouted, his eyes darted around in horror. The weapon he had in his hand shook tremendously, but once a demon spirit qi cultivator came near, he would threw out all the precious jewellery that was stored in the bag. These were items that he was not willing to give up, but, at this moment, he needed it to save his life. He had lost his will to fight, like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (TN: an idiom to say scared to death).

Everyone was in a life-threatening situation, so who would bother about Su Huoyu?

Suddenly, Su Huoyu saw a demonic qi cultivator who had a pair of horns on his head and a big build charge towards him with an axe made from bone. He instantly hacked at Su Huoyu.

Su Huoyu’s colour drained from his face, and let out a miserable scream…


“Young master Huoyu!”

Qing Er’s heart jumped, and looked over quickly.

Qing Er saw Su Huoyu laying on the floor with both hands holding a weapon, resisting the demonic qi Cultivator’s skull axe. His lips and hands trembled, almost giving way as he could not contend against the big axe. His weapon also started loosening, and could no longer resist.

“Young master Huoyu!”

Qing Er panicked, and immediately rushed over.

Su Huoyu must not die, if he died here, Qing Er would not be able to get away with it.


Qing Er was just about to turn around, but she realized she could not move both of her legs.

She looked down to see a pair of white skeleton hands emerged from the floor, dead set on holding down her foot and trapping her. She could not move at all.

“Is this…the demonic qi Cultivator’s mysterious techniques?”

Qing Er widened her eyes and muttered.


The demon pig guard’s enormous hammer crashed towards Qing Er, followed by a dauntless and brutal demonic qi that came through like a crashing wave!!

In this split second, Qing Er was trapped without a way out. If she did not care about Su Huoyu, why would she be caught by the skeleton hands? During a fight, becoming distracted is a taboo. It could determine the outcome of the fight.

Although Qing Er’s cultivation was high and talented, she did not have much experience. As compared to these demonic qi Cultivators who had been fighting for years, she was considered weak, and this puts her at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, she did not give up.

Facing the humongous hammer, in an attempt to fend off this attack, she raised her sword which was coated with a layer of ‘Swift Wind spirit qi’.

But this move, though it had fended off the hammer, caused her to vomit a large amount of blood. She was injured badly.

She glared at him and gritted her teeth.



A blood red sword flew from the right and pierced through as though it was a red lightning. It landed right in front of Qing Er and resisted the humongous hammer.


The blood sword did not seem very powerful as it shattered into a million pieces. But as it shattered, a thick demonic qi that was contained within the sword splashed in all four directions, just like a waterball that was broken, and changed the direction of the humongous hammer. The hammer brushed past Qing Er’s body and crashed into the statue at the side, demolishing it into pieces.

Qing Er stared in bewilderment at the blood sword that was broken in fragments.

The spirit qi in the air had yet dissipated completely. Having a deep understanding of spirit qi, Qing Er was able to feel it, even though the spirit qi was floating in the air.

There were two spirit qis in the air.

One of the two laid towards rapid, agile. It seemed like it was more powerful, stronger than the ‘Swift Wind of spirit qi’, but she had never seen a spirit qi like this before.

The other spirit qi was cold, violent, and it was no other than the ‘Demonic spirit qi’.

Two spirit qi? Why did this sword emit two spirit qi?

Also, looking at the quality of the sword, it did not seem good… Qing Er observed the broken sword and jumped: “This looks as though…isn’t this a normal sword?”

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish….

Right then, a series of rustling sound arose, as it were they were firecrackers being lit up. An arrogant spirit qi floated there, it was the usual ‘Demonic spirit qi” and an indescribable mixture of spirit qi.

Qing Er turned abruptly and glared forward.

Only to see a ferocious blood dragon boltered over.

The blood dragon devoured any demons that it came across, it was unstoppable!!

“That is…”

Stunned, Qing Er gaped.

Lying in the blood dragon were razor sharp, scarlet red swords. They gathered in a bundle and, with a powerful spirit qi, they dashed into the demon pig guard.

With such compelling energy, and with incomparable gracefulness, there was no match for this sword. It made the surrounding demons flinch in cold sweat and quake in fear.

Pu Chi, pu chi, pu chi….

The blood dragon, made up of blood swords conjoined together, attacked the demon pig guard. It merely took two breaths as the hundred blood swords pierced through the demon pig guard. Just as if he was a gigantic hedgehog. Many swords pierced right through its body, while there were several other blood swords shattered upon hitting it…

The demon pig guard stayed still, and all positions were set.



Those unbroken blood swords retreated quickly, as though they had received some orders. The swords fled from the demon pig guard and, in an instant, the demon pig guard’s body was gushing with blood, spewing out from the wounds. Its gigantic body fell to the ground, dead.

This scene surprised everyone.

The people of Su Family retreated stared at the blood swords with surprised. Their faces were painted with amazement.

“No!! This is Demonic spirit qi, such thick Demonic spirit qi!! Don’t tell me…the almighty demons have come?”

“But why would he kill the the people of Demonic clan??”

“Be careful of this man!!”

The representatives warned each other.

Qing Er saw a person, donned in a blademaster’s attire, with a mask to cover the disfigured face. His hair floated in the air. On his back, he carried a precious sword as black as carbon, and a sword sheath hung on his waist. He held onto the shaft of a light weight, precious sword. Lastly, surrounding him was an innumerable number of blood swords.

Swords! Swords! And more swords….

This man was surrounded with swords. It was impossible to count how many swords he owned, or controlled!

What made people fear and hair stand was, right there and then, this man was covered in fresh blood, and he had a pair of blood red eyes, as if he was ready to kill.

This man walked over and, with each step, a blood red footstep would appear. It was not clear whose fresh blood was dripping down from his blademaster outfit.


The man with a blood red cloak, who was fighting with Madame Headmaster sensed the presence of this person, shook, and asked: “Who are you?”


The man did not say a word, but went up close with Qing Er quickly.

Qing Er, shocked, pulled out her embroidered sword, ready to make a move.

“Follow me!”

He said with a hoarse voice with a tinge of sadness in his tone.

Qing Er was shocked. Though it was hard to discern whose voice it was, but…deep down in her heart, she had some familiarity to it.


Who was it?

Why was it so familiar?

Qing Er could not help but put down the sword in her hand, and trusted this odd man.

“Miss, be careful!!”

The Su Family yelled, but… no one tried to get close.

The blood sword man was unwilling to say more, with one hand holding Qing Er’s waist, he wanted to bring her away from this with force.

“No! I can’t just leave, if you are here to save me then, please, bring Su Huoyu along! Young master Huoyu is the patriarch’s son. If anything happens to him, I won’t be able to get away with it! I don’t want to be dragged into it… please just help me.”

Sensing that the blood sword man had no ill intentions, Qing Er said promptly.

Although the blood sword man’s spirit qi was not considered as valiant, she was unsure why she thought this man’s potential was way higher than hers.

The blood sword man heard, and frowned: “Su Huoyu? Where is he?”

“There!” Qing Er pointed to Su Huoyu who was whining on the ground.


Without a word, ten over blood swords rushed over, flew over to Su Huoyu.

Su Huoyu had no time to defend, not even a murmur, and was pierced by the blood red swords, like a hornet nest. He died a horrible death.

“What?” Qing Er was shocked.