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Translated by Berrrybunz

Limitless Sword God(Part 2)

“Madam Purple Star!”

Everyone gasped in shock.

Several of Purple Star Academy’s mentors ran over, and helped Madam Purple Star out.

But Madam Purple Star’s face was white and pale. What once were eyes filled with life now looked like a dead person’s. There was no life in her. Her spirit qi was weak and she kept vomiting out fresh blood, it seemed impossible for her to live.

Emerging from her chest was a black hole, fuming with thick smoke and a fishy stench.

“Demonic poison!”

A knowledgeable mentor glanced at the wound and managed to recognize it!


The audience was surprised.

The students looked over at Madam Purple Star, who was lying down, and became dumbfounded.

Madam Purple Star was their pillar of support and, although it was an abrupt change, Madam Purple Star was still alive. Though they were afraid, their faith in Madam Purple Star stayed strong, believing that she could handle this. Nonetheless… If Madam Purple Star could not withstand the previous blow, how would they have any hope of victory?

The blood fog seemed to thicken every second, as it encapsulated everyone in the academy’s plaza like a mask. Everybody’s vision was fogged and no one could see through what the blood fog held within.


A series of gloomy and heavy footsteps could be heard walking instead. Moreover, it could be heard from every single direction! Such intense footworks!

Someone was getting closer.

Who could it be?.

Eyes darted in all four directions, but other than the blood fog, they could not see anything else.

The fear of hearing things but not being able to see, torments a person’s mental state, and tortures their determination.


Alas, a student who could no longer bear this ghostly atmosphere, screeched and sprinted out of the academy.

“Come back!”

One mentor shouted.

But the student would not listen. He plucked up his courage and ran towards the outskirts of the academy like a bullet train, not slowing down.


Just as he stepped out of the academy, a razor sharp claw as long as half a metre appeared from the blood fog, and pierced his body.

With one stab through his body, the student spat out a huge amount of blood, with both eyes dimming out of life. In an instant, his entire body’s Qi vanished without a trace.

Everyone was stunned!

What appeared like a wolf slowly walked out from the blood fog, it had a massive body.

It had red eyes, and a body grown with hairs like steel, it’s sharp fangs showing and also had a pair of horns on it’s head.

With one claw pierced through the student’s body, it used the other claw to tear the student in half, and started to devour the raw flesh without restraint.

The viscera of the student started to fall out at the point where he was torn apart, and immediately a herd of skinny corpse-eating demons donned in black leather armour appeared from all directions.

The corpse-eating demons had a short and skinny stature with a bald head. Their eyes were of a deep hue of purple, greenish black fangs and spikes growing out of both arms; the lowest form of demons in existence.

Witnessing the appearance of the corpse-eating demons, scared the lights out of everybody, and almost made some of the female students faint.

Nobody dared to rush out of the plaza recklessly anymore, they all understood that they have been surrounded!.

The students gathered together, and representatives from each Sect hurried over and started to group together with the guards who possessed great powers and cultivators with high powers, started calling for outside help.

At this time, a group of lofty weird shadows leaned over from the blood fog outside of the plaza. The heavy stench they carried practically could cause one to pass out.

The people looked towards the shadows, and saw a line up of Demonic Cultivators dressed in armour as black as paint, skin either red or black, walking towards them with blades and spears made of bones.

One who had a blood red cloak strolled over, and following side were people who dressed with luxurious clothes.

It was unclear how the man in the blood red cloak looked, his body was fully clothed, and it was even impossible to distinguish if he was a male or female, his scarlet red eyes was the only thing that showed through under his cloak.

This person seemed to be the leader of the Demons Cultivators. However, he did not attract much attention. Compared to him, the person standing beside him, called for more worthwhile attention.

“Esteemed City Lord!”

A few students called out.

Yes, the man standing beside the man dressed in a red cloak is the master of Elemental Fire City: Zhou Zi Bu!

“How is that possible? Why would Master City Lord be in cahoots with the Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

“City Lord Master, what exactly are you doing?”

“Are you in cahoots with the Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

Not only the students, even the representatives were shocked, and questions in their minds grew more and more confused.

“Cough, Cough.”(TN:Cough sound)

At that point, Madam Purple Star stood up.

She swallowed a golden shimmery pill, and she seemed to recover quite a bit, while the demonic poison decreased tremendously.

Her voice was weak as she replied to City Lord Zhou Zi Bu: “The Purple Star Academy is situated within the Elemental Fire City. For the demons to sneak in without a sound, they definitely needed the help from someone, or else, they would not be able to accomplish this ambush. Not just anyone, but someone with high authority! I once suspected the officers who guards the city gate, but I never thought that the person who would be willing to be a slave for the Demonic Qi Cultivators would be you, Zi Bu!”

City Lord Zhou Zi Bu remained expressionless, looking neither happy nor sad, and without any frustrations or anger.

“A slave for the Demonic Qi Cultivators? If you would like to think that way, so be it. I don’t care.” Zhou Zi Bu said nonchalantly.

“Esteemed City Lord! Why did you do this!?”

A student who once admired City Lord cried out.

All eyes with suspicion fell onto him.

City Lord remained silent for a while, with his beard dancing to the win, his eyes sunk and lastly, it fell onto Madam Purple Star.

“Madam Purple Star, do you remember my five year old daughter, Zhou Min, who lost her fight to her illness?”

His voice turned hoarse as he asked.

“Min Er?” Madam Purple Star’s eye seemed to flash through a complicated time, but quickly it regained back its gaze, and, with lips like the bark of the trees, she stated: “How could I forget?”

“Then why didn’t you save her?” City Lord asked, with a face filled with despair.

“She was at a point of no return.”

“Your Purple Star astronomy (TN:refers to the seven plants pre-modern astronomy) pill can bring back the dead. With that power, how can you not save her?.”

“Her illness was special. The “Purple Star Astronomy bead” could never cure her! If I forced it on her, it would’ve hastened her death!” Madam Purple Star yelled with all her might.

But, Zhou Zi Bu obviously did not believe.

“Nah, I think you just can’t bear to live without it! Anyway…anyway. Since you weren’t willing to lend a helping hand, then I can only invite my friends, the Demonic Qi Cultivators to help! They promised me that, as long as I do what I am asked to do, to help them sneak into the Purple Star Academy to capture this person, they would bring my Min Er back!”

Zhou Zi Bu said casually with his arms folded.

Madam Purple Star listened and got furious, she bellowed: “Zhou Zi Hu, are you blind? You actually believe what a group of demons said to you? They are using you, using you! Get your head straight!”


Not waiting for Madam Purple Star to finish her sentence, Zhou Zi Bu howled with a stern face: “Min Er was my only child, I will not let her die so easily. I need to resurrect her! Don’t you dare try to stop me!”


Madam Purple Star looked at him in daze. After a long time, she took a deep sigh. It was unclear if she was disappointed or touched.

For his daughter, he did not mind being condemned as a criminal for centuries.

It was hard to hate Zhou Zi Bu but, no matter what, at this point in time, he had already taken his stand as their enemy.

It was as if someone was about to say a word, and the man in the blood red cloak seemed annoyed.

He raised his hand high up to reveal a scaly, red hand.

“Kill them all! Also, capture the young master of the Mu Clan, Mu Feng! Make haste, we don’t have much time!”

Roar! !

A screeching shrill rippled through.

Following the words of the man in the blood red cloak, several demons emerged from the the red fog, seemingly as though they were starved, they rushed derangedly towards to students at the plaza, especially the ones that were feeble.

Mu Feng was shocked and confused, looking at the man in the blood red cloak and asked: “Why do you want to capture me?”

“Simply because we need the Soul Stone technique!”

Donned in the blood red cloak, he let out a piercing laughter.

As soon as the Mu clan members heard, they scurried to Mu Feng and surrounded him amongst themselves, such that not even a drop of water could get through.

So the demonic Cultivators originally planned this attack to get their hands on the Soul Stone technique. Although the demonic Cultivators are strong in their powers, the Mu Clan did not lose out. If they insist on fighting with the Mu clan now, to obtain the Soul Stone technique, then they would face heavy resistance. It was not easy to defeat the Mu clan, it was also highly likely that they would attract several other countries attention and get annihilated. This was far too huge a risk to take.

But it was different this time around. The Mu clan assigned Mu Feng to partake in this year’s Purple Star Academy exchange event, therefore, the demonic cultivators made use of this chance and planned such an attack.

There were numerous demonic qi cultivators, at least a hundred of them. The one with the weakest power cultivated until the tenth rank of Spirit Intermediate Disciple Stage, and the most powerful was the tenth rank of Spirit Core Disciple Stage. No one knew how powerful the man in the blood red cloak was, but nobody dared accused him of being weak.

“We’re surrounded!”

“Fret not, we outnumber them. If we join hands, we could kill them all!”

“But… But they kill mercilessly. How… How are we going to fight against that?”

“I don’t want to die, would you please let me off the hook?”

The students stood in fear, even some of the mentors faces had turned white.

It had been more than a hundred years since the Purple Star Academy last saw such a commotion. The students all cultivated in peace, and lived peacefully, how would they ever see such a war? When did they ever deal with demons?

The demonic cultivators slaughtered their way in, every representative started using their superior techniques to resist. The students were definitely not strong enough to fight with the demonic qi cultivators.

“Do not worry about the others. Capture Mu Feng first, I want to retrieve the Soul Stone technique from his mouth. If he is unwilling to hand it over, then I will extract his soul and use it to exchange for the technique with the Mu Clan!”

The man in the blood red cloak shouted loudly.

The demonic qi cultivators stopped immediately, giving up on the targets right in front of them, and proceeded to rush towards the Mu Clan.

Mu Feng’s face turned deadly white, and his eyes filled with fear.

“Protect the young master with our lives!”

The Mu Clan yelled.

“Don’t be afraid, Young Master Mu Feng! Our Liu Clan is here to your rescue!”

“I, Qing Hong Men, will not let the Demonic Qi Cultivators succeed!”

“Let’s join hands together, everybody!”

Each party that yelled stepped forward bravely.

Still, there were people who were relieved of what was happening and was planning to leave.

They garnered their own people and stood aside, trying to avoid this fight as much as possible. Once the opportunity arises, they would make use of the chaos and escape with their lives.

In fact, the majority planned on doing so.

As for now, the Su Family had not made a decision yet.

Should they give their all and fight to the death?

Or should they give up on Mu Feng and take the chance to escape?