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Translated by Berrrybunz

Limitless Sword Lord (Part 1)

Purple Star Academy exchange event venue.

At that moment, the entire place was dead silent, with all eyes staring blankly at the Man wrapped in robes amongst the Su Family.

His face was pale white, sweating profusely with an unsteady gaze, his knees going weak, and lips trembling badly.

On the other side, a vigorous man dressed in luxury clothes, and accessorized with several talismans, was attracting the eyes of many.

The atmosphere was a tad weird.

“Hey! I say!” At this moment, the vigorous lad spoke out suddenly. With a snobbish manner, he laughed: “Why are you wasting everybody’s time? If you can’t answer, then get out of this place, and bring your Su family out to listen!”

“You… You shut up, I, your father, merely forgot the answer. Allow me… Allow me to ponder about it once more.”

Su Huoyu flushed with anger, snarled.

“Hmph, then I shall give you an additional half an hour!”

The vigorous Wu Kong said and crossed his arms firmly on his chest, stood with utmost confidence.

To be able to faze the Su Family, he would, of course, be filled with absolute delight.

“I graciously honoured and entertained all of you, yet all I got was rejection. Humph, you are merely dolls but have the audacity to be so wild, so I have to let all of you know how powerful I am!”

Wu Kong laughed coldly.

Madam Purple Star could no longer bear what was unfolding in front of her. Although she was the headmaster of the Purple Star Academy, with a cultivation so profound, and massive influence, the Soulless Sect was also not to be taken lightly. Speaking of just connections, the Purple Star Academy was no match for the Soulless Sect. Considering the whole picture, not getting involved in this would be Madam Purple Star’s best decision.

“Spiritual movements!”

At this point of time, a crisp and clear voice echoed through as though a bell rang and broke the silence.

Wu Kong kept a straight face, and looked forward, only to find that the voice actually came from the girl standing beside Su Huoyu, dressed in pure white blademaster clothes, with a golden phoenix down on top; Qing Er.

Urgently, Wu Kong shouted: “It is not your turn to answer, it should be him, Su Huoyu! Do not get involved, or else you would be breaking the rules!”

However, Qing Er could care less, as her tender red lips continued to speak: “Once the Qi channels open, to obtain a person’s true potential, only when he cultivates Qi through Spiritual movements, can there be…”

The soothing voice spilled over all directions, and spread through the plaza, people listened quietly and, slowly, all were enthralled.

This girl who wore no makeup, yet held beauty in her face, and was filled with wisdom and knowledge to explain clearly. To top it off, with her enchanting voice, many developed an unfathomable yearning.

Madam Purple Star who was sitting at the top nodded continuously, and looked at Qing Er with approving eyes.

Many of the representatives who were present had eyes shining brightly. Surprisingly, even the woodblock Mu Feng, who did not participate, could not help but look towards Qing Er.

“The rule is broken! You all have lost! I am betting with Su Huoyu, not you, so you can’t just blurt out the answer!”

Wu Kong exasperated.

This question was not simple, so the mediocre students would definitely not understand the reason behind it. Only the few outstanding student representatives would be able to comprehend.

Following Wu Kong’s outcry, everyone knew that the Su Family had given the correct answer.

Even though Qing Er had broken the rule that both parties had set, and answered immediately, she still proved that she was qualified to partake in this year’s exchange event, and also proved that the Su Family indeed had genuine talents! What Wu Kong claimed, that they do not deserve to take part, had already lost its colour. So… all the difficulties that he had created for the Su Family became meaningless.

Now that Qing Er had stirred up such a situation, the atmosphere took a change again. Wu Kong was infuriated, but he could not do anything to Qing Er.

On the contrary, it was Su Huoyu, who fell for the trap (TN: chinese proverb to say that a person is very gullible), and laughed heartily: “Right! Right! That’s the answer, I just remembered, it’s Spiritual movements… Err… whatever that means, it is this anyway, whether or not you believe, I was going to say this.”

Wu Kong’s chest raised, and his face turned purple, he held in his anger and shouted: “Being able to answer one question does not mean anything, you have to answer at least 3 questions to prove that you are qualified!”

“Three questions?” Su Huoyu was daunted.

Previously, he thought that the questions would be easy, so he stood with great confidence. When he heard Wu Kong ask the first question, he was completely dumbfounded. He had been in Spirit Cultivation for so long, but he never actually heard any of these terms, so how would he know the answers?

Wu Kong refused to give up, but Su Huoyu cowered and remained silent.

Despite being a representative for the Su family, the implicit reason that he came to this exchange was only to get closer to Qing Er. His cultivation was no match for Qing Er, and he did not work as hard as Qing Er. Most of the time, he relied on good beads, medicine, and the environment to break through. But Qing Er was different. She worked hard in her cultivation and was well versed in many books. Her cultivation is considered to be one of the highest amongst the Su disciples. Speaking of talent, she sure was one.

“Master Wu Kong, today is Purple Star Academy’s triennial exchange event. If you would like to have a personal exchange with my Su family, we should bring it out and compete individually. I beg Master Wu Kong not to waste everybody’s precious time, and stop saying these meaningless things!”

Qing Er spoke up and, obviously, she had no intentions to entertain Wu Kong.

When Wu Kong heard it, he exploded with all his suppressed anger, stood out, and yelled: “You, this little wretch, who are you to discipline me? Looks like if I don’t teach you a lesson, you will not understand my authority, and how powerful the Soulless Sect is!”

With these words spoken, Wu Kong stood up from the rock. Looking at his position, it seemed as if he was about to retaliate.

People who were seated saw what was happening and felt utterly disappointed as they shook their heads. They will never see Wu Kong in the same light again.

Since Qing Er had put it that way, as a senior, Wu Kong was seen as calculative, but now everyone could only see him as a petty, narrow-minded man.

“Master Wu Kong!.”

The young master Wu Feng of the Wu Clan spoke.

Wu Kong slowly turned, and set his gaze on Mu Feng.

“What Miss Qing Er said is not illogical. The scholars did not gather here to observe you and the Su family, so could you please quiet down and listen to what Madam Purple Star has to say?”

Mu Feng stated coldly.

Who is Mu Feng? He is the Mu Clan’s young master! The most capable of spirit cultivators in the Mystical Mountain Range! Having that position, even the Soulless Sect would have to pay them respects, so how would Wu Kong dare to offend him?

With that, Wu Kong was placed in an awkward position. He hesitated and groaned before sitting down.

“Okay! Everybody, I do not wish to pursue your past quarrels, so let us get on with today’s main topic!”

Madam Purple Star stood up and resolved the situation timely.

Seeing Madam Purple Star speak out, Wu Kong found his way out of the embarrassing situation, snorted, and sat down angrily.

Qing Er sat back gently, however, her face was filled with worry and, for once, she sighed deeply, yet no one took notice.

The exchange continued.

However, more and more people started to take interest in that young representative from the Su Family, and several people even secretly inquired about her identity.

Su Huoyu looked at Qing Er and was filled with ever growing anger.

Despite the fact that Qing Er had helped him out of this difficult situation, he did not appear happy. After all, he is the son of the patriarch. He should be the one to enjoy the limelight.

“Young master Huoyu!”

Qing Er murmured.


Su Huoyu frowned and asked.

“Please take into consideration the seriousness of the situation. Whatever Wu Kong says, all we have to do is ignore and, when this exchange is over, we will head back to the Su Family immediately. Do not engage with Wu Kong, lest the hatred develop even further. It is not worth it. (TN: A saying to say the gains are far from the losses)!”

Qing Er said lightly.

Infuriated, Su Huoyu replied: “What are you saying? Do you think I would be afraid of Wu Kong? Hmph! Su Qing Er, let me tell you! Don’t think that, because your cultivation is of a high level, and that you are knowledgeable, means that you can step all over me. Since when are you in any position to lecture me?”

“Qing Er didn’t have that intention!”

“Then you better shut the fuck up!”

Su Huoyu bellowed.

The Su Family’s clamor attracted eyes to Qing Er and Su Huoyu’s direction, but no one made a sound.

Qing Er lowered her head, not saying a word.

This girl always resigns to what came to her. Maybe, she just wanted a peaceful and stable life, that was all.

Seeing that Qing Er did not intend to reply anymore, Su Huoyu snorted and crossed his legs to sit down. He could not care about her anymore.

Whoooo! ! !

At that precise moment, gusts of icy wind started to blow, rippling through the entire academy’s plaza, the dust on the floor was lifted up into the air, the hair and the clothes of the people started to flutter.

Many, whose cultivation were low and did not wear much, shivered as the cold wind blew. They held on to each other and trembled.

“What happened? Why did it become so chilly?”

“Bastard, don’t tell me that this is the Heart Chilling Wind? But isn’t there a barrier to withstand the Heart Chilling Wind? How did it come to this place?”

“So cold…”

The students complained.

The outside seemed to have developed a large disturbance.

Madam Purple Star frowned, and sensed that this year’s exchange will not go as smoothly as before.



An explosion rang from afar.

Everyone jumped out in fright.

Everyone stood up one by one, and peered in the direction where the explosion sounded.

“What exactly is happening!?”

Madam Purple Star yelled as she held on to her cane.

At that time, several guards who were drenched in blood, came running towards the academy.

Following them was an aura filled with Demonic Qi. Many who were present looked terrified.

“Master! It’s bad, those demons have snuck in! They assassinated all of our academy’s guard defenses! They are heading here right now!!”

A guard howled.

With that being said, everyone broke into a cold sweat unanimously.

Madam Purple Star’s sunset hued eyes glared, and bellowed: “What did you say? Who managed to sneak in?”

“Demons! The Demonic Qi Cultivators! An innumerable amount of Demonic Qi Cultivators!”

The other guard cried as he shouted.

“Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

“How is that possible? Why are the Demonic Qi Cultivators here?”

“Don’t… Don’t they thrive in the Demonic continent? Why… Why did they… Why did they come here?”

“Oh God, what should we do now?”

The students panicked, losing their heads out of fear (TN: panicked and went crazy) and started screaming nonstop, their eyes were filled with terror.

How long had it been since the Demonic continent’s creatures last stepped into the Sky Martial Continent? Everyone knew that demons only existed in books and words. Not once had they seen one before.

“Without rhyme or reason, why are the Demonic Qi Cultivators coming to my Purple Star Academy? In addition… How did they manage to sneak in without anyone knowing? Unless… There is a spy in the Purple Star Academy!”

Madam Purple Star mumbled, and almost immediately, she took out a piece of purple rock from her waist, and threw it into the air.

Once the stone reached mid air, it exploded right away in all directions as if like flower petals.

This is just a warning to all members and students of the Purple Star Academy.

“City Lord Master!”

Once again, Madam Purple star turned around, and hurried toward the City Lord of Elemental Fire City and shouted.

The City Lord did not answer, despite Madam Purple Star’s calling.

Astounded, Madam Purple Star carefully gazed, only to find that the seat that belonged to the City Lord had disappeared into thin air.


A burst of blood red fog floated rapidly toward the plaza, and covered the entire academy’s plaza.

“Oh no! They are killing their way in already!”

Someone exclaimed in horror.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

An unknown representative stood up and started shouting.

“Unacceptable!” Madam Purple Star looked determined, and called: “This is the Elemental Fire City, and this is the Purple star Academy. Where can we retreat to? All the cultivating experts have gathered here, why don’t we team up and destroy the Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

“Destroy the Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

Everyone was shocked.

After listening, a voice cold as ice pierced through the air.

“Destroy the Demonic Qi Cultivators? Madam Purple Star! Just by relying on you?”

With that, a ray of darkness flew from afar, aiming straight at Madam Purple Star’s heart!

Calm and unhurried, Madam Purple Star waved her cane in an attempt to block, but just as she was about to raise her cane, her body suddenly trembled. She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as a groan came out from her body!


The ray of darkness pierced her body with precision, Madam Purple Star crashed off the platform and fell to the ground….