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TN Note: Wood Clan changed back to Mu Clan, since Wood sounds too western….

Translated by Berrrybunz (Seng)

The Assault’s Bottom Line

“Boss! Be quick! Prepare a Purple Star Academy’s Student badge for me! I will only give you fifty breaths of time!”

“About this… esteemed customer, today is Purple Star Academy’s martial exchange event’s opening day, and many people have already rented the badges to sneak inside to listen. I have rented out a great number of badges already. This period of time, I am sorry to say, but it is extremely difficult to get you an almost identical badge!”

“I will pay double!”

“Deal! Hey! Dear customer, take a look at this, here is a piece. Although it slightly differs from the rest, it will work!.”

“Take the money!”



Thinking about that event, Su Yun immediately understood what happened.

“Darn him! That ruthless owner, how dare he deceive me!”

He secretly scolded.

As time was of the essence, Su Yun hurriedly left the inn to infiltrate the Purple Star Academy.

Each badge records the student’s basic information. With the use of Profound Spirit Qi to construct a portrait, it will reveal the student’s detailed information.

Su Yun merely scanned through the portrait and did not check the detailed information. He felt as though the portrait had a little resemblance to himself and thus was sufficient. He didn’t expect that the detailed information of this particular badge represented a female!

The academy’s exchange event opening was today. The person in charge for the badge renting must have been so nervous that he actually passed me a female’s badge.

“Come, men! Take him away and hand him over to the elders for punishment!!”

The guards shouted.


Everyone shouted in agreement, wanting to detain Su Yun.

Su Yun bit on down on his teeth tightly (TN: to grit one’s teeth and bear the pain to bite the bullet), and stealthily placed his hands on his sword.

Although getting detained would not pose any real danger, it would cause a huge misunderstanding, and would be difficult to handle!

This was not what Su Yun anticipated, he had to get out of this difficult situation as soon as possible!

He secretly thought.

“Eh? Aren’t you the Senior Limitless Sword God?”

At this moment, there was a loud cry of surprise.

Su Yun was startled, he turned his head and saw a man dressed in an armor of jewels walking towards him.

The guards, looked at him.

“What are you all doing?”

Seeing the guards pointing their swords at Su Yun, the man was stupefied.

“This man is suspicious, he took a fake badge and tried to sneak into my academy. He harbours ill intentions, and we will hand him to the academy to receive his judgement.” The captain of the guards shouted!

“This man calls for suspicion?” The man in an armor full of jewels asked in shock. Shortly, he smiled: “This man is a good friend of my family’s master, so I think there must be some misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding? How can this be a mistake?.” The guard snorted. “Also, who is your clan’s young master?”

The man dressed in a jeweled armor stated: “My master is Mu Feng of the Mu Clan, from the Mystical Mountain Range!”

“Mu… Mu Clan Young Master?”

The guard captain was evidently surprised.

Who did not know of the renowned Mu Clan?

“I would like to ask everyone not to make things difficult for this friend of mine!”

The man in the jeweled armor did not seem arrogant, and his manners remained calm and gentle.

The guard captain did not utter a word, but his gaze was set on Su Yun.

Su Yun recognized the situation, and quickly said: “I did not mean for this, but this is a rare exchange event that only happens once every three years! Thus, I forged a badge and attempted to sneak into the academy to listen. That’s all!”

“Oh? Then why didn’t you go to the field, but you somehow ended up here?”

The guard asked.

“It is crowded at the plaza, hence I wanted to drop by here and listen!”

Su Yun quibbled.


“Of course!”

The guards listened, and fell silent.

He looked up at the man with the jeweled armor, and took a peek at the token bound to his waist, then waved and said: “Let’s go!”

“Thanks!” The man in the armour returned by cupping one of his hands in a fist.

The guards did not utter a word and left.

After Su Yun realized what had happened, and let out a sigh of relief, wiping the sweat on his forehead, and cupped his fist to the armored man: “Thank you for helping me. If not for you, I think I would have been in deep trouble!”

“Please do not say that, Limitless Sword God. If not for you, my young master and I would have died in the hands of the bandits that day! Also, even if I didn’t come, I believe Limitless Sword God would also be safe and sound.”

The man in the jeweled armor said hastily.

Su Yun smiled: “I still do not know what your name is, brother.”

“Limitless Sword God, just call call me Mu Liu Qing!” the man in the armour smiled with his fists cupped.

“Mu Liu Qing? What a nice name!. Speaking of which… what are you doing here?”

“Oh, the cultivating exchange event has started already, hasn’t it? Being an escort leader, I have to take responsibility of my young master by doing patrols around the region! It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Mu Liu Qing beamed.

Su Yun nodded, and out of the blue, he thought of something and expressed: “Liu Qing, whatever may happen today, please inform your young master of the Mu Clan as soon as possible, let him notify Madam Purple Star and the other representatives of Purple Star Academy to remain vigilant.”

“What’s going to happen?” Liu Qing did not understand: “What are you referring to, Limitless Sword God?”

Su Yun remained wordless.

He could not say anything bluntly, or else he might risk Mu Liu Qing thinking that he is part of what is going to happen.

“Just do what I told you.” Su Yun said after a long silence.

Mu Liu Qing listened, and although he could not understand, Su Yun had saved him and his young master’s lives before. Thinking that Su Yun would not hurt them, he did not ask more. Liu Qing then nodded and turned towards the academy’s plaza.

Swoosh, swoosh!


A gust of chilled wind swirled, and two blood darts came flying in their direction.

Su Yun felt a chill down his spine, and quickly dodged.


Although Su Yun was agile, the blood darts were still travelling at a rapid speed, and managed to hit Su Yun’s back.

Su Yun groaned, and dropped on the ground.

And then.


The blood darts assassin attacked Mu Liu Qing in the back of the head directly, causing him to scream in pain, as he quickly fell dead to the ground.

“Liu Qing!!”

Su Yun clamoured.

But, Mu Liu Qing was already lying motionless!

Su Yun’s heart was enraged. Bearing the pain, he climbed up and looked back to see a group of men dressed in full black armor, walking out of the forest. These black skinned, red eyed people, three meters in height, many of them even had huge horns on their heads, looking particularly violent, and emitting a violent reddish dark aura!

Demonic Qi!

These people are… Demonic Qi Cultivators?

Su Yun stared blankly.

As they silently approached, their murderous aura leaked out from head to toe. With their pair of scarlet red eyes and body drenched in fresh blood, it could be assumed that all the Purple Star Academy guards in the forest were already killed by them.

Not Good!

Su Yun, whose heart was alarmed and body was jolted, immediately retreated into a run.

The group of Demonic Qi Cultivators started to give chase!

“There’s no need to chase him!”

A demonic voice was heard from behind.

The Demonic Qi Cultivators stopped in their tracks.

“There are more pressing matters at hand! Fetch the others!”

All the Demonic Qi Cultivators nodded their heads in unison and, without making any sound, headed towards the school plaza.


Su Yun did not know how long he had been sprinting, but when it felt like he was reaching the academy’s borders, he stopped to catch his breath.

Beads of sweat filled his face, and the wound on his back was bringing an unbearable, tearing pain.

He gritted his teeth, reached out his hand to the blood dart on his back and held on to it. He took a deep breath and pulled it out with all his might.


The blood dart had been ripped out, and fresh blood was spewing from the wound.

Su Yun quickly swallowed a Sagittate Tasselflower hemostatic pill and the wound stabilized, showing signs of healing.

The blood dart was made of a piece of razor sharp bone, but this was not just any bone. In fact, it was a demon bone, and was harder than steel.

Su Yun wiped the blood off the blood dart, and examined it carefully.

“There’s no difference in color, nor is there any stench. Seems like it does not contain any demonic poison!”

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief and threw the blood dart away.

He never thought the people who attacked the Purple Star Academy this time round would be Demonic Qi Cultivators!

Could it be that Demonic Qi Cultivators from the Demons Continent managed to sneak into the Sky Martial Continent?

Screw it!

Su Yun clenched his teeth, endured the pain, and ran forward.

Drawing closer, he stopped his tracks swiftly. Using the big trees on the roadside as his cover, he advanced quietly.

The area around the Blood Dye Array was filled with deathly silence. Removing the stench that was solely possessed by Demonic Qi Cultivators and the air reeking of blood, there is actually nothing left.

Mu Liu Qing’s body was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was a pile of blood.

Su Yun could not help but feel sadness pulling at his heart.

In the Demonic Continent, the Demon Range possessed exceptional meat-devouring demons. Greediness was their natural disposition and, having a penchant for feeding on corpses, it was very likely that Mu Liu Qing’s body was eaten up.

Having just been saved by a friend, he had already landed himself in deep trouble.

Su Yun’s heart throbbed in pain. It was as if the deepest part of his heart was being attacked.

If…the person who stood in front of myself was not Mu Liu Qing, but Qing Er, then…what would I do?

If what was going to happen next was like what just happened, then what should I do?.

At the present time, he simply could not make out if there were any Demonic Qi Cultivators still lurking around. He dashed towards the Blood Dye Array and started tracing.

The Demonic Qi Cultivators took action, so time was of the essence, and there was no chance of delaying.

Su Yun’s lip trembled, his face pale white, and his embattled hands were also shaking terribly.

“No…no…this cannot happen!”

He stared at his bloodied and painful back, increasing his speed.

Shortly, the Blood Dye Array lines were completed.

What was left was just to put in place the final material, then the array could be activated!

But before this, there was still one more task to be done.

Su Yun took out the hundred shimmering swords prepared earlier by Su Xing Yue and Su Xing Yang at the Su Clan, and thrust them into the Blood Dye Array.

The swords could not be pierced in randomly, they had to follow the Blood Dye Array’s line arrangement. The Array’s lines were not just a decoration. Each and every one of them had their individual effect. The insertion of the sword was Su Yun’s improvisation. A typical Blood Dye Array would not be able able to take in so many swords in one go.

The array shook, and the veins acted like blood vessels, transmitting an enormous energy over, and so each and every sword, that could not be pierced, like blocked blood vessels, sliced in and engaged the array, which became unmovable.

As a result, the whole wide array was pierced with sharp swords.

Once the blades finished, Su Yun hastily took out the final material; Revolving Circular Pearl. With his shivering hands, he placed it onto the Blood Dye Array.


A loud crisp sound echoed.

Chi! ! !

A variety of shrill sword sounds erupted, like the sound of a hundred birds, shaking the heavens and earth….

To prevent the Blood Qi from breaking out, Su Yun did not dare move the slightest inch, stumbling to lie on the Blood Dye Array, in between the hundred swords, closing his eyes…


At this time, the entire Blood Dye Array took a change of events. The massive circular array was suddenly filled with a bloody fog, and the bloody fog fell to the ground and turned the ground into a pool of blood, and started fuming with bloody bubbles.

Half of Su Yun’s body was immersed in the pool of blood, but he had yet to move an inch.

A vicious, scarlet red claw emerging from the pool, engulfed Su Yun’s body, and seemingly wanting to pull his body into the pool of blood.

Nevertheless, Su Yun remained still.

At the same moment, the hundred shimmering swords also started to submerge into the pool of blood, disappearing ever so slightly.

It only took a few breaths of time, and both the person and the swords….just completely dissipated.

Soon after, all that was left was a big patch of a scarlet red blood stain.