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Translated by BerrryBunz

The Endless Circle of Lies

Purple Star Academy’s headmaster looked like an abnormally old woman.

She had chicken skin, crane hair (TN: described as an elderly with rough and wrinkled skin and hair as white as a crane), and a senile, scrawny body with a slight hunchback. She wore a purple robe with star pattern imprints and held onto a withered, vine-like cane. She looked exactly like a volcanic rock in a purple star robe and, with her twilight eyes, she glanced down..

“We pay respect to Purple Star Headmaster!!”

At this time, every surrounding representative participant coincidentally stood up, faced and greeted the old woman.

“We pay respects to Madame Headmaster!!”

“I, a disciple, pay my respects to Madame Headmaster!”

Regardless of being outside or inside, whether they were students or teachers, everyone greeted together as the voices travelled like the sound waves, rippling in all directions.

Everyone looked respectful. Here at Mystical Mountain Range, Madame Purple Star had no shortage of authority. Even in the nearby regions, nobody dared to be impudent, and this was not due to the fact that she is noble, but because she devoted herself and contributed greatly to these regions in the recent years. Nobody can deny her contributions.

Looking at that old woman with tears of excitement, the students expressed complete excitement.

With her arrival, the entire atmosphere changed entirely.

This….clearly showed a person’s true charisma.

Meanwhile, as Qing Er was deep in her thoughts, a vision came into her mind.

“Everyone does not have to be polite, please rise.”

Purple Star Headmaster smiled benevolently and said.

“Thank you Madame!”

Everyone exhaled, and withdrew their bows.

Looking at this, Madame Purple Star laughed with a pleased look.

“Today marks the Purple Star Academy’s triennial academic exchange event. All the numerous representatives from regions spanning a thousand miles have come to join today’s event. I am deeply honoured and express my honest gratitude to everybody here!”

“We do not dare, we do not dare!”

“Madame Purple Star is truly magnanimous!”

The representatives all called out.


As she was laughing, Madame Purple Star said, “Alright, the hour is here and everyone’s time is precious, so I’ll not be courteous! Let’s get onto the main topic!”

With that, the people outside unanimously decided to listen intently.

Madame Purple Star’s cultivation was really high. According to others, she had cultivated to the realm of Spirit Soul stage. But, to what stage she truly possessed, nobody really knew. Many other cultivators were rumoured to hold the ninth or even tenth stage of the Spirit Soul rank. And it was highly possible that they will become the only few to attain the Spirit Star Stage in the three biggest regions; Entwining Secrets District, Great Cyan District, and Mystical Mountain Range.

Spirit Star Realm…

How can this strength possibly exist?

Uncountable cultivators have spent a lifetime training, but could never attain such a high level of power.

But what led the people to have deep admiration for Madame Purple Star was not just her cultivation level, but more of her research into Spirit Cultivation. The academic exchanges were actually for Madame Purple Star to publicly announce her research results on Profound Spirit Qi. Her discipline, painstaking effort, and willingness to share her research, made many people worship her.

“This time, I am researching on the effects of Profound Spirit Qi on a human being’s potential. I have been studying this for many years and, only in recent years, have I had a breakthrough! But I, Madame Purple Star, ultimately, am only an aged woman. There are many things that are not matched to everyone. Today I will present to you the end results of my research, feel free to improve on it…”

According to the previous events, Madame Purple Star would unveil and share with everyone all her findings in the past three years with regards to Profound Spirit Qi as a reference.

Normally, this is the quietest time, and no one would have made a racket. Even the people who were gasping for air would try to minimise the sounds of it, for fear that they would disrupt Madame Purple Star.


This time, the Madame Purple Star had yet to finish presenting her findings for her study, one person stood up from the chair.

Madame Purple Star turned to look.

Surprisingly, the person who stood up was a representative from ‘Soulless Sect’, Wu Kong.

Wu Kong was robust and had a face full of oil. He wore a jade gown, accessorized with many talismans and trinkets. Looking from afar, he actually looked like a tortoise embedded with jewels.

“Oh? Can I ask what objection Senior Wu Kong has?” Madame Purple Star, who was startled, asked.

Everyone uniformly turned to look towards Wu Kong.

Wu Kong clumsily executed a bow to Madame Purple Star before opening his mouth, “Madame Purple Star’s remarks, how will junior dare have any problem? This junior stood up, not to question Madame Purple Star’s words, but to question those little friends on the opposite side!”

Opposite side?

Everyone was startled, and quickly divert their attention to the people opposite of Wu Kong.

The Su Family!

The Su people were astounded.

Su Huoyu was slightly surprised, while Qing Er had already stood up from her seat.

She greeted respectfully: “I am junior Su Qing Er, I give my respects to all seniors who are present.” She continued in a clear, bright and sweet voice: “May I know what Wu Kong senior means? The Su family has not mumbled a sound ever since we got here, what question does Wu Kong senior have?”

“Ah!” Wu Kong grinned: “This is the triennial academic exchange, deemed with utmost importance by many. I never thought the family of Su is so arrogant to actually send a doll to a convention as important as the Heavens! Shouldn’t I question about this…?”


Su Huoyu stood up madly and shouted, “Wu Kong, what do you mean? Who are you calling a doll? Are you looking down on us?”

“Looking down?” Wu Kong snorted, “Isn’t it your Su Family that is looking down on people? You are all young and tender (TN: Describing that they are Young people), with a bit of talent, and have only cultivated for a short period of time. Yet you all come here and join in this exchange with us. Ah, who is looking down on who, everyone can tell from a glance!”


Su Huoyu fumed in anger.

Qing Er frowned and asked,”If it is like that, Wu Kong Senior, what do you suggest?”

Wu Kong laughed and replied, “Why not we do this. I will come up with some questions related to Profound Spirit Qi. If you can answer correctly, I will be convinced by your power and intellect. But if you answer wrongly, it would mean that you all have no rights to attend this exchange event, and your Su Family will have to retreat outside. How does it sound to the rest of the audience?”

“This is ridiculous!”

The Su Family stood up one by one, stared at Wu Kong with glaring eyes.

The students also started discussions with each other one by one. Some agreed with Wu Kong, while some thought that Wu Kong was overexagerrating the issue.

Qing Er did not speak up, neither did she state her stand.

Contrarily, it was Su Huoyu who was pushed to his limits. Slapping his hands on his thighs: “Come on, who is afraid of you?”

“Young master Huoyu! Don’t be reckless!”

Qing Er exclaimed hurriedly.

“What is there to be scared of, Qing Er! I, a young master, in any case, am also a talented disciple from the Su Family. With regards to Profound Spirit Qi, I too have studied considerably. Shouldn’t I be able to answer his questions?”

Su Huoyu stood with absolute confidence and snorted: “Wu Kong! I know exactly why you are picking the Su Family. A few days back, you invited Miss Qing Er for a drink and got rejected. You harbour a grudge, and thus came up with this plan to embarrass my family. Am I right? But you better put an end to this intention or I, the young master, will never let you get ahead of your plans!”

Once Wu Kong heard that, his chubby face turned as red as a pig’s liver, and panickedly replied, “Nonsense… what nonsense are you saying!? How can it be because of such a small matter, that I would evoke revenge? Why would my heart be that childish?”

“Humph, rubbish!”

“Rubbish?” Wu Kong raged. “Little doll, when I participated in the academic exchange, you have not even born fruits yet! (TN: saying she did not go through her first menstruation cycle) How dare you use such a tone to talk to me!”

As his sound resounded, Wu Kong begun to inhale deeply. He looked towards and saluted representatives from both sides, shouting, “Dare I ask everyone, are you all able to witness these dolls that know nothing come here with the pretense of having talent, to come here and discuss great secrets?”


“What Senior Wu Kong has said, clearly speaks truth. They are simply too young, with fear of not having enough ink in their chest!” (TN: not well versed enough)

“That’s right, even their cultivation level is of utter substandard, that doll seems to only be at the Spirit Core level, how much can she comprehend the Profound Spirit Qi…”

“In this place, which of you is not a seventh or a eighth stage Spirit Core Cultivator?”

Representatives from both sides were murmuring in discussion.

Mu Feng, who represented the Mu Clan, did not say a word in participation. He did not support Wu Kong, nor helped the Su Family to speak up.

Madame Purple Star frowned and shouted, “Senior Wu Kong!”

Wu Kong quickly turned to face Madame Purple Star.

“In cultivation, it is obvious that there is no difference between the seniority, the aged and the young, nor the strong and the weak, so why do you bother about this? This matter… is nothing much!”

Madame Purple Star stated.

“But the people of the Su Family have already answered to the public. If I just let this matter go, then what prestige does the Soulless Sect still have left?” Wu Kong obviously did not buy into Madame Purple Star’s logic. Even though Madame Purple Star had great authority, Wu Kong had the support of the Soulless Sect! What did he have to fear?

“This…” Madame Purple Star became speechless.

“Humph! Wu Kong, stop talking rubbish and shoot away! You think I’m afraid of you?”

Su Huoyu angrily retorted.

“Good!” Wu Kong smiled coldly,” Then I will not make it difficult for you. I am only asking you about Spirit Core cultivation research questions. You better listen well!!”

“Just ask away!!”



A stone was moved, and the canvas below was also lifted. On the empty field filled with weeds, a big, sinister spirit array, drawn with blood, was unveiled immediately…

The big spirit array was still engraved there.

As the spirit array lacked one final ingredient, it was incomplete, and therefore did not release any Qi. Nor did not have any power. At most, it had a fishy smell. Adding on that it was far and remote from any city, no one would ever stumble onto it.

Su Yun briskly walk over to check on the array’s status.

Luckily, there was not much wear and tear. But due to the passing of days, some of the lines of the spirit array was dilated. At that time, only a few improvements would suffice.

He opened his spatial ring and took out the contents inside, immediately lying down and carefully begun replenishing the array.

Time was short, so Su Yun’s movements started to somewhat hasten, and his entire being started to focus.

The wind gently blew, the surrounding trees rustled with the breeze, and the nearby lake formed numerous ripples…


At this time, a few sets of light but fast steps were heard pacing nearer, and a low voice was heard.

“Who are you, and for what matters do you have here?”

Su Yun, who was still analyzing and focusing on replenishing the array, heard and immediately drew a blank.

He turned his head to look towards the people behind him, and saw a few wearing embroidered green clothes standing together.

Elite academy guards?

Su Yun was slightly startled as he secretly glanced at the badge hanging on their waists.

But he was not flustered, and even hurriedly stood up, saying, “Fellow Seniors, I am a student here.”

“Please take out your student badge!”

One of the men spoke in a low voice.

The rest of them quietly surrounded Su Yun.

Clearly they did not believe anything.

Su Yun heart thumped for awhile, before calming down.

These few rascals were not so easily deceived.

He inhaled a breath, slowly held out his hand, grabbed the student badge on his waist and extended it out.

The badge was rented and the information on it was accurate, but Su Yun did not examine it carefully. If there were any questions that raised, he definitely would not be able to answer. But it did not matter, as the appearance of the badge was realistic. After all while renting the badge, the people there would take out similar looking student badges.

If he did not give the badge, he would definitely be apprehended by the Purple Star guards, or even killed.

Su Yun quietly whined as he did not think the owner of the academy had such strong grounds of guarding.

Thinking about it, it would be better to give…

“What are you hesitating for?”

The man asked in his low voice and moved his fingers quickly, stealthily touching the blade on his waist.

“Just take it.”

Feeling the chilling tension, Su Yun did not dare hesitate. He pulled down hard to tear out the student badge all at once and handed it over.

The guards saw his actions, and finally relaxed their tension.

The guard received the student badge and used his Profound Spirit Qi to scan it once. Instantly, his face changed. Without saying a word, he pulled out the sword on his waist and pointed it to Su Yun.


The surrounding guards quickly brandished out their swords.

Su Yun was startled, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Meaning? Humph, shouldn’t it be us asking you this question? You’re absolutely not our Academy’s student!”

“Impossible! This badge….obviously….obviously belongs to me!!”

Su Yun panickedly said.

At the same time, his heart was utterly shocked! Why and how did these guards just take one look and, without asking any questions, determined that he was an imposter?

“Still arguing?” The guard roared, throwing the student badge down and stared into Su Yun eyes, “You are a male! Why do you have a female student badge?”

Su Yun looked once, and was immediately stunned.