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Translated by yaoz889

The General Assembly

The Death Sword would not unsheathe, so how would he be able to use it?

As a Primal Sword, its role and use was unprecedentedly large! This is why Su Yun fought as if his life was on the line. It was simply because of its domineering power.

But he would have never thought that after conquering the sword, he could not even unsheathe the sword? What was the difference between junk and this?

“Elder! You should know the cause of this, so I ask if elder could please enlighten me! How will I be able to unsheathe the sword!?”

Su Yun shouted.

The sword elder truly did know the cause of this situation.

He could only see the sword elder shake his head and sigh as he responded, “The reason that the Death Sword could not be unsheathed is because you have not yet fully conquered it.”

“I did not completely conquer it? How is that possible? It has already stopped resisting. It is evident that I have already fully conquered it!” Su Yun said as his eyebrows creased.

“Nope! You did not finish it!” The sword elder shook his head, “In fact, it is not your fault. If, at that time, you did not do that, you would have probably been killed.”

Su Yun’s mind was muddled. What could he have done?

However, he still listened to the sword elder’s explanation.

“As I said earlier, for the swords within the sword sheath, they have a living spirit within. You cannot view every sword as something that is dead! As for the Death Sword, it is exactly the same! It also has a spirit. Not only does it have a powerful spirit, it also developed a underhanded plot to trick you!”

“If you want to conquer it, you will have to rely on brute force! You must use your own power to suppress it! I was pondering a while before. When you entered the sword sheath, as the Death Swords was launching its attack….were you actually planning to use my power?”

“Correct! Test after test, the Death Sword’s genuine strength is not something that I can contend against. Since the sword sheath sealed the strength of the Death Sword, then, I just need some type of method to make it easily enter its own sword sheath. Therefore, if I just used my own strength to contend against it, wouldn’t I have been crushed? From start to finish, I did not even think of utilizing this method. After all, this is just too unrealistic. Furthermore, I needed the Death Sword. If the sword was broken to pieces, I would have needed to wait for it to regenerate. The Engraved Dragon Blade requires about three more months before it can be used again. As for the Death Sword, it will require at least a year of effort! Perhaps it is because it is a Primal Sword, but its recovery time would be much longer! Therefore, I cannot shatter the sword, so I could only wait for it to use up its power. After it went into the sheath, it will not unsheathe, so it means that I will have to conquer it once more!”

Su Yun said.

“You’re thinking is very accurate! However, you must remember, the pressure that you exerted as you forced the sword into the sheath, it is because you borrowed power from me!”

“Su Yun will earnestly remember!”

“The problem is from this!” The sword elder sighed, “I lent you my strength to conquer it, which should have been accomplished from your own strength. The Death Sword does not accept you as its master. Even if you managed to suppress it afterwards, you will still be unable to fully conquer it! This is the reason why you cannot unsheathe the sword!”

“What?” Su Yun was stunned.

A life or death clash only led to this result….

“Before, when you were clashing with the Death Sword, I was always standing on the side simply because of this reason. When you conquer a godsword, I can only give you advice, I cannot intervene. Otherwise, the godsword will not accept it, and it will never yield to your control!”

“Since this happened, did I really just obtain a useless sword?” Su Yun sighed.

“During this entire time, were you only thinking about this? You must understand! Before you ate one of the Death Sword’s wounds, if you could not conquer it, you would have died!”

“But didn’t you say that I did not conquer it?”

“Let me see the Death Sword’s wound that was eroding your body.”

After Su Yun heard, he hastily opened the clothes around his chest and the skin had been already restored to its original appearance. The dark hue had disappeared without a trace. Except for the shallow sword wound, there was nothing.

“Just as expected! What do you say now? It can only be said that you did not completely conquer the sword!”

“The conquering….was not completed?”

“Correct! Indeed, you did expend a great deal of effort, which it does recognize from the sweat, but it will not surrender to you! Temporarily, you will still be unable to use it, but it has a spirit object’s intelligence. Perhaps, as long as you increase your strength, it will have a reason to submit to you, and would then be usable for you!”

“When my power is enough, will I easily manage to conquer it?”

“Yes, but kid, I must give you a warning, for the countless swords within the Limitless Sword Sheath, your power will be accompanied by the growth of the sword’s power also. As you become more powerful, the sword’s power also becomes more powerful. In addition, as you become weaker, the sword’s power also becomes weaker. Don’t think that you are formidable, these swords have even more uses. It would be an idiotic way of thinking.”

Su Yun just nodded as he gazed at the Death Sword. He exhaled and picked it back up. Then he began to sheathe it back.

“Do not sheathe it!”

The sword elder shouted.

Su Yun stiffly stopped his hand, “What?”

“In your sword sheathe, there are thousands of divine swords. If the thousands of divine swords stay in the same place as the Death Sword, I’m afraid to say what the thousands of Divine Swords will do….”

He did not finish, but Su Yun had already understood the meaning.

The Death Sword was a Demonic Sword, but also a Primal Sword….

“Uh….that does make sense…” Su Yun pondered for a moment after he placed the Death Sword on his back and put away his sword sheath.

“The sword will not be easy to conquer, so if you put it back into the sword sheath, you would have been required to conquer it again. It would only be harder, so you should just persevere and wait until you have enough strength in the future!”

“Mhm! I believe that the large sword will come in handy in the future!”

Su Yun just nodded his head and tidied himself before he sat himself back down in a cross-legged position. His sword wound was still not healed yet.

He soothed his heart as he focused on recovering.

Just then, loud bursts of sound were heard from outside his window.

Su Yun was slightly startled as he walked over with his body and opened the windows to look outside.

He was surprised to find that in the streets next to the inn, there was a steady stream of people entering and exiting. It was several times more lively than usual. A large number of disciples with various types of clothes from multiples factions of the school were marching through the streets like a horde towards Purple Star Academy.

The regular weekday merchants were nowhere to be seen, with the exception of the stores that still remained open. On both of the pavilions beside the inn, there was a person. One by one the other windows of the surrounding buildings opened, and everyone popped their heads out. They were gazing down below.


Su Yun still could not understand what was happening today? Why was it so busy?

There were cries from young ladies on both sides of the road. The sounds of laughter and conversations attracted Su Yun’s attention.

“Look, look, Wood Sect’s young master is coming!”

“Woah! It really is him! He really is exactly like the rumors, really handsome….”

“Funny little girl, did you consider anything else? In a few moments, he will be entering Purple Star Academy, let’s go and try to have a conversation with him!”

“How would Wood Sect’s young master even look at us? I heard that he was next in line to succeed the patriarch of Mu Sect, a position that was extremely exalted! Noble Soul Stone sect’s are even looked down upon, but us….let’s just forget about it!”


After the sounds passed through, Su Yun had heard enough, but after he heard the news of the Wood Sect’s young master, he hurriedly looked at the carriage.

A Purple Horned Beast was pulling the carriage. An elite guard was surrounding the carriage. Painted on the carriage was “Wood” in large golden letters.

Mu Feng had arrived.

Does that mean….that the Purple Star Academy exchanges were beginning?

“So few today?” Su Yun quickly asked.

“How would this old man here know?” The sword elder responded.

After looking, Su Yun quickly equipped the sword sheath and went back. Soon after, he walked out of the inn.


“Oh! What orders do you have?”

“The event relating to the Purple Star Academy is on which day?”

“Isn’t it only today?” The innkeeper responded.

But right after his voice came out, the person who had questioned him had already left.



Within Purple Star Academy, there was a sea of people. The academy had already arranged with the Elemental Fire City to place some city guards to overlook the event.

The guards posted today were three times as many as normal. After all, there were countless wealthy and respectable people that had come for the event. In case something happened, the Elemental Fire City would have to dissolve.

The mayor of Elemental Fire City had already entered the Purple Star Academy. He had wanted to attending the meeting and exchange. Even Entwining City’s lord had shown up.

At the square of the academy, the vast majority of the disciples of the Purple Star Academy had gathered around.

After the delegation of the academy had left, the students that remained could only respectfully listen from the surrounding area. They could not make any commotion.

Within the academy’s square, there were representatives from various parties of Martial Arts Sects. Several forces were not even from the mountainous region.

Naturally, the Su Family had to bear the brunt of the demands, since not only were sects such as Wood Sect, but even more famous Sects such as the Soulless Sect, had come.

At the square, there were dozens of floating platform, that were floating above the ground by three meters. The platform was only for VIPs. The rest could only sit on regular chairs to see the exchange.

On the square, there was a massive array painted that formed an intricate system. This was where disciples could concentrate on enlightening exchanges, but also be able to conduct live demonstrations for each question.

The Purple Star Academy’s academic exchange was held every three years and, each time, it had a profound impact on every one of the parties that had attended.

After a stick of incense, the general exchange began and the disciples from the square began to announce the representatives.

“Lasting Heart Academy representative is present! Welcome!”

“Soulless Sect representative is present! Welcome!”

“Wood Sect representative is present! Welcome!”

“Su Family representative is present! Welcome!”


When the Su Family was welcomed, it caused a large commotion.

“Look, look! The representative from the Su Family….is actually so young….and even beautiful!”

“It seems that she is not that old. Why would the Su Family send such a young girl to come here?”

“Ze ze ze….born with bright eyes and white teeth, a delicate stature. Not a feature too much or too less, she truly represents a delicate doll. If I could get a relationship with her, I would have no regrets after I die!”

Many of the male disciples were frequently staring as their pairs of eyes seemed to lock on the representative from the Su Family.

“These guys!”

Next to her was Su Huoyu, who was furiously staring around with his eyes as he saw their line of sight were on the maiden. His heart became enraged.

“Qing Er, I will move you away! Just wait!” Su Huoyu said as he grinding his teeth.

But he could only watch the cute Qing Er walk up as his voice was drowned out by the crowd. She just continued forward with Su Huoyu.

The Su Family was on the north side of the venue. There were two platforms, one for Qing Er and one for Su Huoyu. There were some other regular seating arrangements behind them.

Qing Er walked past the Su Huoyu and took her seat as she waited for the meeting to begin.

Soon after, other disciples began to come in.

Lasting Heart Academy’s representative was wearing long green robes.

Dressed in eagle adorned robes was the representative of Soulless Sect.

The Wood Sect wore golden robes.

Young master Mu Feng’s arrival had indeed caused a commotion. Even the other representatives had raised their eyebrows at Mu Feng’s smiling attitude as he greeted the others with grace.

After about half a stick of incense, the venue became quiet and everyone had arrived.

The participants held their breath as eyes all gazed at the venue and waited for the seat at the central hall.

Then the Purple Star Academy Headmaster sat on the platform, which was the chief seat.

Jiu! ! !

Suddenly, a hissing sound sweeped through as a thin layer of mist descended and enveloped the platform. This lasted for a few moments, before it completely disappeared. Soon after, they could see that another figure had seated down on the platform.


“The Headmaster is here!”

“The Headmaster has truly arrived!”


The disciples of the Purple Star Academy all looked excited as they shouted.

The venue looked like it was flaring up.

The disciples repeatedly raised their eyebrows, as they gazed at the person on the platform’s apex.

That was the most famous existence within the entire mountain region.

Ten thousand people revered that person.

Yet, in the corner of outer area of the venue, there was a person carrying a pitch black sword, equipped with a sword sheath, and black swordsman robes. His eyes swept across the people around the platform as he quietly left.