Limitless Sword God
Chapter 77
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 77

Translated by Pumpkin

The Situation Isn’t Really Good (5/5)


The world had changed.

The dusky inn instantly turned into the bright and clear graveyard of swords.

A gentle wind blew toward his face. Before him was a long and thin straight road formed by Divine Swords.

Around a meter before him, that pitch black Death Sword within the sword sheath was quietly thrust into the right side of the road.

Su Yun coldly stared at that sword.

One man, one sword, and not a single trace of noise.

Suddenly, he extended his hand and grabbed that Death Sword. As for his other hand, it was thrust into the Sword Sheath.


Engraved Dragon Sword appeared.

Su Yun began to bring strength into his arm. Before that darkness covered his arms, Su Yun decided to retrieve all of his profound spiritual energy that was used to charge at the wall of darkness back. A portion of this profound spiritual energy covered the Death Sword. As for the other portion, it was sent forth into the Engraved Dragon Sword.

Surrounded by the extremely pure Pure Divine Spirit Qi, the Engraved Dragon Sword started to burst forth with a shocking radiance. A snow-like white light shined through the surroundings!!


A sword hiss reached his ears.

Su Yun firmly fixed his gaze upon that Death Sword. Suddenly! He swung his arm and threw the Death Sword into the air. After that, he held the Engraved Dragon Sword with his hands and, using his entire body’s strength, he ruthlessly hacked down upon that Death Sword!

Kacha kacha kacha!!!

As if it had sensed danger, the Death Sword suddenly began to tremble!

The Engraved Dragon Sword seemed to be snarling. Its sword energy was like that of a mountain crashing down. With all its might, it crashed upon the Death Sword.

However, at this instant, the Death Sword suddenly unsheathed itself.


Hundred of swords began to cry!

The several hundred flying swords on the either sides of the sword path, that were conquered by the Death Sword, soared into the sky. Releasing their sword energy and bringing with them an unfathomable aura of sharpness, they soared toward Su Yun.


The unsheathed Death Sword was ferociously hacked down from the air by the Engraved Dragon Sword. Both the sheath and the sword itself was knock down onto the ground.

Holding the Engraved Dragon Sword, Su Yun once again hacked it downward.




Without stopping, the Engraved Dragon Sword that was covered with Pure Divine Spirit Qi continued to hack down upon the sword blade of the Death Sword. Sparks flew everywhere. The sword qis collided with one another. An intense battle had broken out. The Death Sword was attacked so much that it began to tremble like a leaf. As for the Engraved Dragon Sword itself, its sword blade was also trembling.

Seeing Su Yun’s frantic state, the Sword Elder came to understood Su Yun’s intention.

He did not wished to conquer the Death Sword. Instead… he wanted to destroy the Death Sword!

“Boy! You… what you’re doing… this…”

The Sword Elder didn’t know what to say. He muttered before Su Yun’s movements. This scene had already stunned him.

To Su Yun, this was already a matter of life and death. He had grown completely reckless! He did not bother to be lenient in the slightest and had put forth all of the spiritual energy in his body! He did not bother to hold back in the slightest!

The hundred swords were soaring toward their location. This time around, those hundred swords were flying even faster and fiercer. They were prepared to completely annihilate Su Yun!



The blade of the Death Sword gave rise to a light echo. A crack appeared on the sword body.

Su Yun had hacked a crack upon the Death Sword’s sword body!

Once the crack appeared, the hundred swords that were flying toward them started to greatly tremble. The flying speed of all the swords became more than several times slower. They were tottering on the air. It was as if they were about to fall.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun became even more ruthless. He once again chopped down upon the Death Sword.


At this moment, the Death Sword on the ground flew up by itself. It rotated in the air and then hacked down upon Su Yun’s head.

The sword energy that it emitted had completely covered its sword body. Coming down from the air, it appeared like a little pitch black sun.


The Engraved Dragon Sword was cast forth toward the sky and met with the Death Sword.


The bodies of the two swords once again collided against one another.

However, at this moment, the Death Sword seemed to have brought forth all of its power. A large amount of black aura began to spill out from its pitch black sword blade. It began to completely charge toward the Pure Divine Spirit Qi that covered the Engraved Dragon Sword. The two energies began to attack one another. However, the Pure Divine Spirit Qi was evidently on the losing side. In merely several bouts, it was dispersed by the black aura.

After that, a frightening scene appeared.

The sword blade of the Engraved Dragon Sword became tainted by the Damned Blade and began to turn pitch black. And after that… kacha… kachakacha…

The sword blade of the Engraved Dragon Sword started to split open. After an ear-piercing ‘clang’ sound, the Engraved Dragon Sword turned into numerous pieces of sword parts. It had been completely shattered!

“Once a Divine Sword gets shattered, it would automatically enter into the burial mound of the sword and become dormant. The lower the quality of the Divine Sword, the lower the amount of time it would remain dormant. You have temporarily lost the Engraved Dragon Sword!!”

Shouted the Sword Elder.

Su Yun have no time to pay attention to the Sword Elder’s words. The Engraved Dragon Sword turned into a ray of white light and flew to the location where Su Yun had pulled it out from. Su Yun’s hands had become empty. How would contend against the Death Sword now? Even if the Death Sword’s blade had been cracked, it still managed to easily defeat Su Yun’s Engraved Dragon Sword.

No wonder the Death Sword was capable of conquering so many Divine Swords and became a Chief Sword. It turned out that its strength was actually this valiant!

After shattering the Engraved Dragon Sword, the Death Sword still did not let go. It seemed to have been completely infuriated by Su Yun’s actions. The sword tip was thrust downward toward Su Yun without the slightest amount of hesitation.

However, in this instant, Su Yun’s feet moved and he jumped backwards to avoid the incoming sword.


The Death Sword crashed into the jade road. The entire jade road had been crashed apart by the Death Sword. Black smoke covered the place.


Another sword was pulled out from the Sword Sheath.

It was the Thousand Deep that Su Yun had just conquered.

Taking the opportunity that the Death Sword had yet to attack him again, Su Yun took out Thousand Deep and attacked toward the Death Sword.

One sword strike!!


Thousand Deep was flickering with a white light. Its energy was completely released!


Like a Divine Ox shaking the ground, Thousand Deep quaked the earth and shook the mountains. The entire jade ground started to tremble.

Thirty percent of the Death Sword’s aura was beat back by this sword strike.

However, it was still unresigned. The Death Sword that was pierced into the jade ground started to transform. The word ‘Death’ that was carved onto the sword blade started to flicker. After that, black smoke arose once again. This time around, it appeared like a spiraling black dragon. It revolved around the sword blade of the Death Sword and started to spin.

Su Yun’s gaze had grown blazing as he stared at this sword.

What sort of skill was this? Su Yun did not know!

However, at this moment, not only was he resentful toward this sword, he also possessed an enormous amount of greed toward this sword!


A powerful sword, a powerful treasure, that signified a powerful strength!

What does he lack the most right now?


If he were to possess this sword, Why would he fear the Su Clan? Why would he fear the Profound Sky Sect?

Having thought of this, Su Yun once again displayed a sense of craziness from his heart. A hard to restrain intention began to soar.

His breathing became hurried. His eyes slowly turned scarlet. Perturbed, he seemed to be have gone berserk.


The hundred tottering sword in the air became steady once more. In uniform, their sword tips were all pointed toward Su Yun. After that, one by one, they came flying toward him.

The hundred swords were like a hundred dragons. Going against the wind, with an aura of sweeping everything away, they pieced toward Su Yun.


Right at this moment, Thousand Deep hack toward the Death Sword once more.

The Death Sword started to shiver frantically. It seemed that it, too, had reached its limit. However, at this moment, even though it was knocked swaying nonstop, it did not allow the hundred swords that it controlled in the sky to stop.

At this moment, the Death Sword had decided to perish together with Su Yun! A man and a sword, neither would give up unless the other died!!!!!

“Third sword strike! Quickly, use it! Use it! Boy!! That Death Sword likely cannot resist another sword strike!! If you were to break it, you’ll be able to recover from that strange illness and allow you to survive! Quickly, use the third sword strike! Quickly!! Use it, quickly!!”

The Sword Elder who had been observing this with his spiritual awareness was shouting with a roaring noise. Although it was not him who was fighting with his life on the line, his current frame of mind was also filled with anxiety!

In the battle of life and death, how could Su Yun possibly dare to hide his power?


During this moment of life and death, he did not use the third sword strike. Instead, he loosened the hand that held the Thousand Deep and threw Thousand Deep to the ground.


The Sword Elder was petrified!

Abandoning his sword at this moment?

What was he trying to do?

At this moment of life and death, Su Yun suddenly grabbed onto the Death Sword in the ground before him. He quickly grabbed the sword sheath with one hand and rapidly thrust the Death Sword into the sword sheath!


The hundred swords came to a halt. It was as if the stop button had been pressed.

The surging sword aura of the hundred swords, as per principle of inertia, continued to fly forward. They crashed on Su Yun’s body like a big wave and completely engulfed him.

“This…this… how is this possible?”

The Sword Elder was dumbstruck. He seemed to have grew mute and was speechless for a long time.

Su Yun was frantically gasping for air as he half kneeled on the ground. He was holding the sword hilt on one hand and grabbing the sword sheath with another. He was still exerting his final bits of strength in the struggle.

Being suddenly thrust into the sheath by Su Yun, the Death Sword stopped the hundred flying swords. However, it did not surrender just because of this. It started to struggle non stop. The sword sheath was shivering. The Death Sword seemed to be trying to burst out from the sword sheath still.

However, Su Yun was firmly pressing the Death Sword into the sword sheath. He refused to give it the slightest chance of coming out.

“Senior, quickly… quickly assist me…”

At this time, Su Yun yelled with difficulty.

“Assist? This…”

The Sword Elder was hesitant.

“Senior! Quickly! Otherwise I will not be able to suppress it!”

Su Yun shouted.

He had already spent all his energy earlier!

If the Sword Elder doesn’t help him now, then Su Yun would definitely lose!


Seeing this, the Sword Elder also didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. He immediately began to move his energy. Drawing power from the Limitless Sword Arts, he began to channel his power to Su Yun.

In an instant, Su Yun’s dried up body received some moisture of comfort.

With the assistance from the Sword Elder, the Death Sword was completely suppressed. No matter how hard it tried to struggle, it was unable to get out of Su Yun’s suppression.

Su Yun had already spent all his energy. The Death Sword had also spent all its energy. The Death Sword was alone, yet Su Yun possessed the assistance of the Sword Elder. Thus, the Death Sword was unable to resist Su Yun.

Like this!

This lasted for an entire incense stick worth of time before the Death Sword finally stopped moving.

“Is it over?”

Su Yun was still holding down on the sword hilt of the Death Sword as he muttered.

“That should… be…” Said the Sword Elder.

After the Sword Elder said those words, Su Yun’s eyes grew dark. He fainted.


When he woke back up, he had already returned to the inn.

His surrounding was extremely quiet. The sword sheath was still on his body. However, on the side of that sword sheath quietly sat a long, pitch black sword.

Like the sheath the black sword was in, its entire body was covered with a fierce devil pattern. There was no other color. When one looked at the sword, one would feel a sense of oppression.

“You’ve woken up!”

Sensing that Su Yun had opened his eyes, the Sword Elder’s slightly weak voice sounded.

“Thank you Senior. This time around… I have troubled you once again.”

Su Yun apologized.

The Sword Elder however hurriedly said. “Don’t thank me so urgently yet! The conclusion of this matter was not as good as you had imagined it to be!!”

A trace of confusion flashed through Su Yun’s eyes. “What do you mean by that, Senior?”

“What do I mean? You’ll find out once you pick up that Death Sword!”

Said the Sword Elder.

Hearing that, Su Yun promptly picked up the Death Sword.

“Senior, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong!”

“Try pulling the sword out!” The Sword Elder said.

Su Yun immediately grabbed the sword hilt and started to pull.

However… it was if the Death Sword had fused together with the Sword Sheath. No matter how much strength Su Yun used, he was unable to pull it out…

“This… what’s happening?” Su Yun cried in shock

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