Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 76
A Sword’s Hidden Intent (4/5)

Translated by: yaoz889

One hundred flying swords rushing directly to attack one point was a terrifying scene to behold.

Su Yun’s face paled as he hastily retreated in the face of the countless sword aiming to kill him. How could he even defend himself?

“Quickly! Quickly put back the sword!”

Just then, the sword elder’s voice shouted loudly beside his ears.

Su Yun’s entire body trembled. He hastily took his black sword and tried to insert it back into the sheath, but it was very difficult to resheath the black sword. It seemed as if there was some form of resistance within the sheath that was rejecting the sword’s blade. It did not allow him to resheath the sword.

Is it possible that if he did not resheath it, the hundred flying swords would never be pacified?

After thinking quickly, why would Su Yun dare to hesitate any more? Using all his power, he jabbed the sword into the sheath.

“Ah! ! ! !”

He let out a beast-like roar as veins burst forth around his body. His Pure Divine Spirit Qi was vibrating at high speeds like a galloping horse. He could not stop, as his aura surged to the surroundings. He utilized his strength to the outermost limit, only to see the black sword entering the sheath not fast nor slow.

The hundred flying swords that were coming to kill Su Yun were getting closer and closer. The ever-changing sword qi they were emitting was becoming more and more fierce.

Su Yun did not dare look over. He was too busy to look. He widened his eyes and carefully gazed at his current weapon, the “Death Sword.”

He was carefully looking to see that the sword was gradually sliding back into the sheath.

“Come on! Go quicker! Quickly!!”

The sword elder was very nervous as he constantly urged Su Yun in his ears. There was urgency throughout his voice.

Both of Su Yun’s hands were trembling. One hand was holding the sheath, one hand was holding the sword. Sweat poured down his body like rain drops.

“Be careful!”

At this time, the sword elder gave a loud warning.

The hundred swords were closing in.

Natural chills from sword qi resembled needles that were piercing his skin!

After one more breath of effort, Su Yun would be completely eradicated from the hundred swords.


Keng Qiang!

The black sword sheathed.

Su Yun was instantly relieved and softly plopped down on the ground as he was gasping for air.

After looking once more, he was surprised to find that, about two inches from his face, were the one hundred flying swords. However, at the moment, they were all frozen in space and remained motionless as they floated in the air.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun shuddered a moment as he broke out in a cold sweat.

If he was just another step slower, then everything would have been lost.

“Did you succeed?”

Su Yun weakly lifted up the black sword as a smile rose in his face.

“Although I do not know what exactly is this weapon, but after analyzing that test, it is certainly an extraordinary one!”

“This might be the Primal Sword!”(首剑)

Then the sword elder pondered for a moment. Afterwards, he was not really sure about the words he said.

“The Primal Sword?”

What type of sword was that?

Ding dang ding dang….

Just then, the hundred flying swords emitted a burst of loud piercing sounds. Then, they aligned themselves, circled around, and flew back towards their original position.

The hundred swords returned back.

It was really a monstrous and multicolored world of swords.

Su Yun’s heart shook with emotion.

He used all his power to stand up. As he gazed down at the black weapon in his hands, his heart could not hide its suspicion.

Is it possible that this sword….could only control a hundred swords? Does its power only amount to this much?

Keng Qiang.

Just as Su Yun was finishing his train of thought, the Death Sword was suddenly unsheathed in his hands. With a speed that Su Yun had never seen, it quickly aimed straight for Su Yun.


The sword elder roared.

But with only a small distance between them, he simply could not react.


The black sword stabbed through his body.

Su Yun still could not understand what happened as his eyes blacked out. His surroundings suddenly twisted and changed, as if this illusion crumbled.

When he came to again, he returned back inside the inn.

He stood in front of the limitless sword sheath blankly, with a bewildered look.

His chest was still wounded from the piercing blow of the sword, causing it dark red blood to flow out.

He was shocked for ages before he finally recovered.

“Lucky. That sword did not actually kill you! It only kicked you out of the sword sheath as a warning….lucky, you are really lucky!”

The sword elder seemed to recovered and began to remark.


Su Yun clutched his sore chest and quickly sat down cross-legged. He took the best healing pills he had and swallowed them. Then he tried to stop the blood from flowing to recover from his wounds. Afterwards, he asked, “Senior, the Primal Sword….what is that thing?”

“It is just one of the many special type objects that the sword sheath created!”

“Special type?”

“Yes, it is a special type of sword!” The sword elder pondered for a moment and continued, “This sword sheath’s eighteen thousand swords, every single one is a divine sword, which means they are living things! There are ten thousand of the special types, which will inevitably exist forever within that environment, where sword qi is abundant. This way, the sword qi remains pure. The sword must use their heart to subdue the groups of swords. This makes the divine swords able to achieve a whole new level, as the head!”

“But! There are also swords that are completely evil and full of sinister aura! For these types of demonic swords, they are cunning and surrounded by hoards of swords. If they yield to your power, they will also have their uses! Any swords that does not comply to the rules would suffer from pressure! The swords within the sheath cannot be destroyed, but they could be robbed of their power! For the swords that are robbed of their power, they would sink down the ranks to become swords of inferior quality!”

“Whether they are immortal hero swords or demonic devil swords, they can all be known as primal swords. As for these primal swords, they would evolve within a few more days!”

“Evolve?” Su Yun’s heart jumped as he hastily asked, “So, could it become the original sword?”


“Becoming a divine sword is impossible, right?”

“That’s even more impossible! However, they could become the 4th tiered sword of the sheath! A very rare type known as: Apex Sword!”

“Apex Sword?”

“Yes! But for the apex sword….I do not truly understand. Everything I have said is what I have heard from before. This particular type of situation, it has never occurred for me!”

After Su Yun heard this, he pondered for a moment, before asking, “Then that sword must have been a demonic or immortal sword?

“What was that sword called?”

“Death Sword!”

“Based on its hostility, it was most likely a demonic sword. If it was a demonic sword, it would have killing intent! Then why did it not kill you when it pierced through your chest? How come you were kicked out?”

The Sword elder asked.

“When I pulled the sword from its sheath, the test began but, as sword qi erupted, it began to automatically launch an assault against me. After I sent it back into its sheath, it calmed down the storm of swords, but I did not pass the test. Therefore, it launched another assault. If I was to escape that strike, maybe….maybe I could have subdued the sword!”

Su Yun said.

“Your thinking is far too simple. When it launched the attack, it unsheathed itself. Therefore, not only do you have to defend against its sneak attacks, but you must also defend yourself from the storm of swords flying towards you! One hundred flying swords, each with their own movements, which you avoided within only two inches,” The sword elder sighed. “From what I saw, do not think you conquered the sword. After all, it is a primal sword, which is second only to the original swords. Your strength is not yet enough, so just take an appropriate sword for yourself.”

Su Yun lowered his head in thought. A flicker went through his eyes, but he did not speak.

After a while, he seemed to wake up from his thoughts.

“No matter, no need to think. Better for me to just heal my wounds. Sometime later I will begin my operation, as for this wound, it will only bring trouble!”

Su Yun said as he unbuttoned his clothe from his body.

The medicine pill that he just swallowed before was now increasing his efficiency of staunching to prevent further bleeding, but he still needed some time. This sword wound was not shallow. If it was an ordinary person, perhaps they would have been bedridden already, and paralyzed for half a year. Therefore, using these medicine pills, he would recover within a few days.

Despite this, right now, Su Yun did not even have a few days of lax! He needed to recover immediately.

He could not have the slightest mistakes in his movements, otherwise his life would be lost.

After lifting off the clothe, Su Yun sat cross-legged on the floor with his upper torso exposed. He began to treat his wound.

Soon after, a shocking scene emerged.

He could only see that the sword wound on his stomach was unexpectedly pitch black. It seemed as if it was poisoned. Then, a pitch black smoke began to overflow from the wound.

This pitch black wound soon filled the surrounding area with smoke, and almost covered his entire left breast.

Although this was happening, Su Yun did not feel the slightest amount of discomfort or pain. It was truly stange.

“What is happening?”

Su Yun’s eyes widened and hastily injected spirit qi into the wound, to examine it.

As the spirit qi rushed forth, it was soon blocked by an invisible wall.

It seemed that his entire chest was completely isolated.

Su Yun’s complexion was becoming gradually more pale as the dark shadows crawled over his chest. A terrifying ghost eye appeared out from his chest.

“Kid, what is wrong with you? Why are you so cold? I feel like a cooler in the limitless sword sheath. It is extremely uncomfortable!”

The sword elder was shocked as he hastily went through his knowledge. Unexpectedly, he stopped at one record of spirit items, which almost scared him to jump.

“Why would this come out from this wound! Senior, I feel that this dark shadow is slowly corroding my body. I am unable to even separate it with my spirit qi! I do not think it is painful, but I feel….I feel that I am quickly beginning to lose control of my body! !”

Su Yun said as he grinded his teeth. Soon after, he willed his spirit qi to hammer the invisible wall of the dark shadow again, but it never had any effect.

“A Demonic Sword! ! This is truly a Demonic Sword! Kid! You ate the Death Sword’s blade! !”

The sword elder whispered.


Su Yun was stunned.

“After the Demonic Sword wounded you, it intentionally spared you and let you go. It was not merciful to you, let me warn you! It was because it wanted to take control of your body, so that you would become a sword spirit! !”


Su Yun was shocked.

“This wound has some of the original sword’s powers! Now the Death Sword is using its own power to launch an assault against your body. If it completely erodes your body, then you will lose control of your entire body, including your conscious soul, mind, and so on. It will imprison them all, then it will replace them! The sword wants to reincarnate into a new spirit being, a special existence within the Limitless Sword Sheath! You….you met a disastrous Demonic Sword! ! !”

The sword elder came closer and unexpectedly had a pitiful complexion.

Su Yun eyes stared at attention. A streak of intense hatred passed through his eyes.

“Does senior have any special methods?”

“No….there is no special technique, unless….before its power completely erodes you, you must get help from an expert. It will temporarily suppress the erosion rate, but….this will only be temporary. Furthermore, the expert’s cultivation must be at least tenth stage of spirit core realm….”

The sword elder sighed.

“Right now, time is running out. In addition, I appeared in this special environment. How could I search for an expert to help me? Furthermore, an expert of the spirit core realm tenth stage can be discovered but not sought. There is no way that it would happen within such a short time.”

The sword elder did not respond.

Apparently, he could not do anything either.

No one had expected that the Demonic Sword would lead to this terrible predicament.

Were these all the swords within the sword sheath?

This was truly a divine sword.

As Su Yun thought this, his panic disappeared within a trace….


At this time, the Limitless Sword Sheath was taken out again.

The sword elder was startled and anxiously shouted, “Kid, what are you trying to do?”


Su Yun responded as he stood in front of the sword sheath.

“You….Are you really trying to….”

“There is only way prevent the Demonic Sword from taking control of my body. One method….” Su Yun took a step forward and went inside the sword sheath.

That was to conquer it!