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Chapter 70: A Hundred Swords (Part III)
Su Yun remembered that, in his past life, the Su Family had dispatched a disciple to Purple Star Academy for cultivation; but it had not fallen on Qing Er.

Is it possible that this was something like a butterfly effect? Perhaps Su Mosha’s death caused this exchange to change between the two sects?

Su Yun did not know the exact date of this event, but it occurred when he was about twenty years old. Nonetheless, he still did not remember Qing Er participating in such an event and was afraid that there might be some unexpected accidents during the exchange, which would cause the death of some of the candidates.

After pondering for awhile, Su Yun suddenly stood up.

“Big brother, what are you doing?” Su Xinyue and Su Xingyang blankly stared at Su Yun.

“Xinyue, Xingyang, after you guys entered the inner sect, many things have become easier for you guys….so, can you guys quickly prepare one hundred profound iron swords for me? They must be lightweight, but also good quality, as long as it can kill someone….by the way, the sword must be radiant, like a mirror! Can you guys accomplish it?”

“One hundred?” Su Xingyang and Su Xinyue almost jumped up in shock.

“The inner sect should have enough in storage, but to take one hundred in one go….I’m afraid this will not be too appropriate!”

“There should not be a problem, brother Su Yun. We received some spirit coins, so even if Su Family’s arsenal is not enough, we can go to the inner sect’s store to purchase some directly from the Su Family!”


When Su Yun heard this, he relaxly just took out all the spirit coins from within his spatial ring and placed them on the table. If one counted everything, it would have been about three thousand spirit coins. Although it was not considered as a lot, it was more than enough to buy one hundred high quality swords.

“Take these first!” Su Yun pushed the money towards them.

As the two siblings saw this, they politely declined Su Yun’s goodwill. However, on Su Yun’s continued insistence, they accepted the money just to appease Su Yun’s countless offers.

“Can you prepare everything within three hours?” Su Yun asked.

“Three hours?” Su Xingyang surprisingly exclaimed.

Su Xinyue nodded after she pondered for a moment. “This should probably be not a problem!”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you guys! After three hours, I will wait for you here. If you guys cannot gather one hundred swords within three hours, that’s okay! Nonetheless, try to obtain as many as you can, the more the better!”


Both of the siblings were confused. They did not know what Su Yun was going to do but, as long as it was Su Yun, they decided they would not ask anymore. Despite such a crazy request, they were not going to refuse. In their hearts, they understood that Su Yun was not so simple. Furthermore, Su Yun, their benefactor, had already helped them countless times.

The two siblings quickly went to prepare the equipment, while Su Yun led the Spirit Stallion to the stables to feed it some grain. After finishing this chore, he went to the outer sect and headed straight toward the mission center to obtain a general labor mission at Purple Star Academy.

Of course, this was just used as a pretext, for his main purpose was still to go to Purple Star Academy. With the Su Family observing him, if he left the Su Family without any reason, it would certainly be suspicious.

If anyone else went to the Purple Star Academy, Su Yun would never decide to interfere, but this time it was Qing Er who was going to go. Therefore, he had to make sure she avoided the inevitable conflict that would occur.

In this world, Su Yun had no more loved ones. The only ones left in his heart were Qing Er and the Yue Yang siblings.

After he received validation on his mission, he returned back to his little shack. Soon after, the Yue Yang siblings came inside and dropped a large number of iron swords in front of Su Yun. There were exactly one hundred swords, and Su Yun was ecstatic. He immediately sent them all into his spatial ring, making it completely full. Now that everything was ready, he jumped on his spirit stallion and rushed out of the Su Family.

“Where is big brother Su Yun going?” Su Xinyue looked worried as she gazed the Su Yun’s figure that disappeared over the bronze avenue.

“I really don’t know.” Su Xing Yang said as he shook his head.



One day earlier, Qing Er had already headed out on behalf of the Su Family. She was travelling straight to the Mystical Mountain Range, where the Purple Star Academy was located.

As she was traversing through the Mystical Mountain Range, she passed through the Great Cyan District. They only had about ten days left to arrive at their destination. However, Qing Er and her escort had a very effective means of transport, which was a powerful spirit beast, the Single Horned Bull. Its endurance and strength was more than twice of a spirit stallion. Su Yun, who was quickly trying to catch up would still take ten days, but they only needed about five days.

Despite this, Su Yun travelled day and night. Only when he was utterly exhausted would he dare take a break. On the other hand, Qing Er’s group leisurely travelled and stopped during their journey. On their way, they were greeted by many types of people who had good relations with the Su Family, which caused them a lot of delay on the road. Therefore, they only managed to arrive one day early to their destination.

A few days later, a black spirit stallion with a mysterious individual wearing a blademaster’s clothes and carrying a sword had also arrived. He quickly rushed through a nameless district as he headed straight for the Great Cyan District.

The fourth day.

In the scorching sun, the spirit stallion was still galloping crazily. It had been panting for air for a few hours, and it was almost straining its eyes from exhaustion.

After Su Yun saw this, he hastily stopped his ride and removed the feed that the spirit stallion was still carrying, quickly tending to it. Furthermore, he took out a bottle of spirit leaf foam tea and poured the contents down his mouth.

As one, the stallion and him breathed. Then, Su Yun gazed into the distance before looking at his surroundings.

A long gravel road lead towards towards the mountain range. Both sides of the road were littered with weeds. Furthermore, whether he looked in front or behind himself, there was not a single person in sight. This was indeed a truly desolate area.

He was sure that these were the signs that he was about to arrive at the Great Cyan District.

After resting for a moment, and allowing his stallion to eat, they hurriedly left after their energy recovered.

However, as he arrived in front of the mountain range, a pitter patter noise blew over.

When Su Yun heard his this sound, his brow immediately wrinkled. He quickly pulled back his spirit stallion and dismounted. Then he took out his engraved dragon blade and carefully circled around to the bottom of the mountain range.

Exposing half of his head, Su Yun carefully stuck out his head from the underbrush and gazed toward the bottom of the mountain range. As he gazed over, he realized he was bearing witness to over one hundred spirit cultivators who were engaging in a life and death battle.

The ground was full of the corpses of men and women. On the weeds beneath their feet, the ground was dyed red with blood. Furthermore, there was still a wide variety of divine skills being used, which caused the area to bursts with radiant light. The battle was very intense.

Su Yun carefully analyzed the people in the intense battle, and found a party that was entirely composed of cultivators that were bare chested. In their hands were tiger blades and their spirit qi was thoroughly mixed, which exhibited an astonishing and powerful aura.

While the other party of spirit cultivators were identified by their clear silver attire. Their spirit qi was also mixed, and their weapons were the same. However, it seemed like they were encircled around a luxurious carriage pulled by a massive spirit beast that was headed straight for the Purple Star Academy. Evidently, this group of cultivators were probably part of a famous and rich household from their attire. Most likely, they were part of the bodyguards for the people inside the carriage.

It was a normal day on the road.

This was simply a bandit robbery on the road. The two sides were clashing relentlessly.

It was not his business.

Su Yun just shook his head and jumped back on his spirit stallion. He intended to just pass right through.

Gah! ! ! !

Just then, a strange noise suddenly reached his ears.

Su Yun immediately gazed at the source and saw a violet horned beast that was pulling the carriage. A palm sized stone suddenly flew out.

As the stone flew through the air, it began to spin and a whirlwind of red radiance burst forth from the stone. The sound that the stone emitting as it streaked through the air was like the roar of a leopard!

Just as the sound was heard, the stone disintegrated and bright red light flashed. When the light from the flash had faded, a Flame Leopard appeared.

It crashed right into the crowd and instantly just opened its mouth as it blew flames all around causing the entire area to catch on fire.

The spirit cultivators were completely caught off guard by the Flame Leopard spewing flames. Its flames burned through many bodies and caused many to roll on the ground in pain.

The flames were very domineering. Even against the opponents’ divine water skills, after a direct confrontation, the divine water skill was immediately cancelled out. It could not douse the raging flames that the leopard emitted. By now, countless people had already been burned alive and were now charred black; it was incomparably saddening.

This is….

Su Yun’s eyes widened as he witnessed the scene.

This Flame Leopard! Is it a Soul Stone?

The Flame Leopard was ruthlessly spewing out its flames at the surrounding area. Its spirit qi attribute was Scarlet Star Aura, which increased its fire skills. Its spirit qi was emitting scorching temperatures, which any ordinary water could never extinguish.

As the situation was reversing, which caused disastrous losses for the bandits, the bodyguards began to battle with more power, since their morale was boosted. Their killing ability increased.

“With only a mere low-grade soul stone, you dare display your pathetic skill in front of me? How about you taste my technique!”

At this time, a thundering shout sounded through the area. Soon after, a massive, dark faced person rushed out from the group. He took out his sword and slashed straight towards the Flame Leopard.

Chi la.

They had witnessed the Flame Leopard being split in half by just one slash from a sword.


There was a vomiting sound that came from the carriage.

As Su Yun saw this, his complexion became grave.

Although the burly man’s sword was very simple, it was extremely rare. In a simple clash of swords, the sword was not very powerful. However, the blade of this sword was shrouded with a layer of spirit qi, which suppressed the fire of the Flame Leopard. Since the Flame Leopard failed to dodge, it was easily killed by the sword.

The burly man had a cultivation of at least ninth stage of spirit core level.

As for the soul stone, it was probably cast by a beginner.

Soul stones were even used as refining ingredients for some valuable types of equipment and created by injecting spirit force inside a stone that was specially carve with a seal. After the soul stone was created, the stone could be used to summon a spirit to battle.

The ingredients of a stone coupled with the seal carved upon it and the cultivation level of the soul that was used to inject the spirit force, determined the power of a soul stone.

However, production techniques for soul stones were not widely known. The reason was that most soul stones were passed down generation after generation. An ordinary person would never encounter such a treasure. Those that understand and study the process of creating soul stone were as rare as a phoenix feather and an unicorn horn, in other words, extremely sparse.

Su Yun had not expected to actually meet someone here that may have the capability of creating a soul stone.

“This person is from a Soul Stone Family!”

Su Yun touched his chin as he analyzed the situation.

If he could save this person, perhaps he would even be able to befriend the family. It is possible that he would be able to ask for help in the future!


If he rushed out to battle, it would be asking for death. It was just impossible. The burly man that was holding the sword, who split the Flame Leopard, would also be able to easily slash him in two piece as he did the Flame Leopard.

How could he match up against this opponent?

As the clash raged on, it was apparent that the bandits had complete control of the battle.

After analyzing for a bit longer, he came up with an idea.

He could only rely on pulling a trick!

Su Yun quickly took a deep breath and carefully led the spirit stallion down back the mountain range.

Then he dismounted and activated his spatial ring. He took out the one hundred sharp swords from his reserve and placed them on the ground.

As the slender and sharp swords lay scattered on the ground, beneath the sun, they reflected the sun’s light with a powerful glare.

After making up his mind, Su Yun stepped back a few steps. He lightly touched his cracked iron mask before he stepped into the center of the swords. Then, he activated his Spirit Lord Spirit Qi, which caused a thin thread to attach to each of the iron swords.

Kacha kacha kacha….

Immediately, the iron swords began to rise up.