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Chapter 18: A Spirit Novice’s Counter-attack
In the vast sky above, light was shining on the opponent with fluttering white hair standing on top of a slender white sword.

The man was actually a female! Furthermore, she was extremely beautiful. She had a slim stature and ink-like hair that flowed like a waterfall. Her features were exquisite, to almost perfection. She had piercing phoenix like eyes, soft lips, flawless white cheeks and seemed like a crystal jade. She had a fairy-like holiness emitting from here, like a true noble. If a person could not witness this site, any person would just say this woman never existed.

Like a fresh pale flower and dimming from the sun and the moon every few minutes.


Whoever looked upon this goddess, you would be consumed with lust and your heart and soul would be taken away.

Meanwhile, Su Yun took a deep breath.


The treasure box containing the Heavenly Crystal was opened.

The amazing atmosphere of the Heavenly proliferated out like a fire-like blooming lotus.

The wind was blowing Su Yun’s robes as he cancelled the sword stealth effect on his body. He stopped using his stealth powder. Then, the surrounding spirit qi began to encircle him, covering him like a cocoon.

The female immortal seeing the surrounding aura began to cover Su Yun, instantly scolded from the heavens: “Stop immediately! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

However, Su Yun just turned a deaf ear to her shouts.

The exquisite box began to lose its luster as a dark stone suddenly bursted into bright colorful lights.

The overpowering aura these stones emitted were overflowing, causing Su Yun to become breathless. He could not but step back a few times. As the box was shaking in his hands, he felt that the box could just fly away into the sky…

He calmed his nerves, clenched his teeth endure the surrounding aura wrapping around him.

“Sword Elder, how do I use this?” Su Yun asked through his teeth.

“Implant it on your chest.”

Su Yun did not hesitate to grab the Heavenly Crystal.

Once the Heavenly Crystal was in his hands, it felt as it had become a creature.

It was violently thrashing, flailing about, like it wanted to escape from Su Yun’s grasp.

He clenched around it with his full force to make sure it could not flee away.



The Heavenly Crystal disappeared…


At the instant that the Heavenly Crystal touched his chest, it began to rapidly melt like ice. Su Yun maintained consciousness and kept his eyes open.

Then, in an instant…

A dark light rose from Su Yun’s chest into the sky.

It was a grand and magnificent scene, like the sun rising up at dawn. Completely shocking.

Su Yun was surrounded by rubble levitating around him that seemed to emit an aura of power. The ground beneath his feet was rendered charcoal black.

Seeing this, the dignified fairy-like woman just murmured: “Impossible, even if it is just a portion of the Heavenly Crystal, it contains the power of supreme gods. I did not know that the power it containing was this amazing.”

Su Yun was overflowing with sweat on his face, because this time, he was under a lot of pressure.

From the power of the Heavenly Crystal, his spirit qi broke through many stages. The Heavenly Crystal remained on his chest as the energy continuously poured out of it. The spirit qi seemed to be endless!

His bones, blood vessels, organs, etc. were all enveloped with a mysterious golden gas.

Both of his eyes turned golden, as the Heavenly Crystal on his chest released the spirit qi. It seemed that his body began to accumulate unlimited power.

He had been instantly reborn! He shed his cocoon and turned into a butterfly.


Su Yun could clearly feel the spirit qi coursing through him.

Just like a man who ate well and slept well.

Agility, Strength, Aura, Spirit sense and spirit qi proficiency increased to an unprecedented height. His spiritual manipulation capabilities had become monstrous.

An air surge came over and blew the immortal goddess back a little.

“The Heavenly Crystal really is a precious item, but you, a weak person actually had to use it! However, how can you overcome an immortal? Your poor cultivation cannot resist my great strength! just give up and surrender it!”

The immortal did not dare wait. After she finished, the white snow surrounding her began to turn into a sword and suddenly flew towards Su Yun.

Just as the sword arrived, Su Yun dived to dodge as hair stood up on his body.

Su Yun stared at the white light and remained speechless.

Still stunned, he lifted his rusty sword and with his body covered in spirit qi, and thrusted his sword to the incoming attack.

Countless spirit qi energy surged into his sword as he clashed with the blade.


A rusted sword was actually up against the white sword of an Immortal.

The swords collided.

Even though the rusted sword was immersed with spirit qi and became very tough, it still lost to the white sword and instantly disintegrated into a powder. However, the white sword still kept going and went straight to Su Yun.


The white sword of the immortal goddess actually lost its fierce overbearing sword qi, as it trembled crazily, but she was forced step back from the force of the collision.

Su Yun’s heart became cold after he saw this. As Spirit energy enveloped his hand, he rushed towards the immortal goddess. He was unarmed, but he still rushed forward to deliver a strike aiming for the immortal goddess’s head.

If this strike hit, then the immortal would surely die with her head cracked open.

However, the immortal was frightening fast. When the fist was about to touch her body, she just disappeared.

She re-emerged behind Su Yun.


He instantly used his palm strike, smashing the ground and shaking the surrounding mountains. Rocks flew everywhere. The spirit qi that the fists transmitted to the ground was like the power of a waterfall smashing to the ground.

“You are so reckless!”

Seeing Su Yun’s actions, the immortal goddess was furious. He hands gripped the white sword and whizzed through the air to stab Su Yun.

It was like white lightning!


The sword pierced through Su Yun.

Blood splattered…

Countless Spirit Sword slashes slowly appeared on Su Yun.


The mysterious spirit qi that was wrapped around Su Yun instantly blocked the incoming spirit sword slashes.


Su Yun did not even feel any pain.

Then, Su Yun abruptly turned and using the deep mysterious spiritual power, he slashed the white sword away from the immortal and his fist land a blow to the the immortal goddess’ shoulder.


The immortal goddess was caught off guard and her shoulder took a blow, then again and again until she began to cough up blood!

Su Yun took a deep breath and glanced at his chest wound. He saw that the flesh was broken through, but it was evidently quickly repairing itself.

“The almighty power of Spirit immortals bestowed upon me…no wonder cultivators are addicted to cultivations, the spirit qi of immortals are awe-inspiring.” Su Yun said.

“It appears I have underestimated the power of the Heavenly Crystal!”

As the fairy hissed these words, he eyes narrowed and she began to look serious. With the white sword in her hands, and one eye shut, she violently cursed.

“Sword for my heart, rise spirit qi, I sacrifice the blood of an immortal, Ultimate Sky Arts…”

With the words uttered, the surrounding winds of the area suddenly picked up.

The sky darkened and rubble began to rise up.

A white whirlwind began to wrap around the white sword, as if the wind was attracted to it…

“Not good!”

Suddenly, Sword eldered warned.

Su Yun expression paled as he heard the warning from Sword elder.

“New Variant Sword Arts?”

Su Yun whispered.

The entire Crescent Valley seem to emit sword aura, as if her Spirit Sword Qi had formed an absolute field. The valley had become her sword domain.

The numerous spirit beasts of the valley immediately prostrated themselves to surrender against this indomitable power. The beast did not even think of resisting such power.

“Boy, make haste! This is pure Sword Qi. If I was alive, it would be only a pathetic trick. However, you’re only a spirit novice disciple, you cannot withstand the power of this move. Quickly escape! Leave!” The sword elder roared nervously.

However, Su Yun remained still: “How wide is this Sword Qi spreading, this Sword Qi is surrounding everywhere, I do not think I can escape.”

The Sword Elder thought he heard wrong, he was stunned: “Do you want to give up?”

“Of course not!”

Su Yun replied.

Suddenly, he did not leave, but was headed in a different direction, he rushed towards the immortal.

“Boy, what are you doing?” The Sword Elder urgently asked.

“To die!”

Seeing that the man was not escaping, but actually rushing towards her, the immortal smiled. Then he sword qi enveloped her white sword again and was sent chopping down towards Su Yun.

Boom! Boom!

Every slash had enough power to form deep cracks on the ground.

This was the true power of Spirit immortals.

With this technique, she seemed to have enough power to split the entire Earth!

As the Sword Qi kept slamming down and covering the whole sky, the Sword Qi was making Su Yun tense his body, his skin, veins,and so forth. He was really uncomfortable.

“You’re finished boy! Finished! You were too arrogant and all will be lost!” The Sword Elder said: “You are just too arrogant!”

However, the Sword Elder was surprised that with a few strides, Su Yun actually instantly appeared in front of the immortal. Not waiting for her reaction, he extended one of his finger and released a bitter jab into the arm of the immortal.

The gentle one finger, actually produced a mysterious effect….


The Immortal just shivered again and again. With the white sword still in her hands and the white gas surrounding the valley, she suddenly spit a mouthful of blood from her lips. The Sword Qi strike that was moving towards Su Yun suddenly disappeared.


The Sword Elder was completely dumbfounded.