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Chapter 9 – The Crescent Moon Fruit
The Limitless Sword Arts was composed of amazing swordplay techniques, able to dominate ten million ordinary swordsmen.

However, even the first sword form of the first sword techniques were not easy to practice.

To master the first sword form, the swordplay must be accurate, smooth, and quick. Su Yun would need to refine his swordplay before he mastered his first goal: the first sword form.

The Sword hilt was powerful beyond imagination, which would cause amazement from anyone who could recognize the sword hilt’s abilities.

This sword hilt was not ordinary, it was a space sword hilt.

Within the sword hilt, there was: 180 000 novice swords, 150 000 refined swords, 2995 origin swords, and 5 godswords.

If one was able to control all the swords inside the space hilt, the person would be able to easily dominate the world and become a peerless sword god.

However, none of these swords were regular swords. To train with any of the swords, the person would have become one with each of the sword, for each sword was different. Su Yun would only begin to practice the first form of the four sword forms, before returning back to the continent.

After returning to his black spirit stallion, finding it still resting by the tree.

Su Yun fed the black spirit stallion some more fodder. After resting for half an hour, he rode the spirit stallion out of the plains.

After returning to the main roads, Su Yun became much more comfortable, because he was familiar with travelling by these roads. Even if he left the Su Family, he would be able to survive because of his vast knowledge of medicine and unparalleled survival techniques.

But he had no intention to leave the Su Family.

It was not only because Qing Er was still part of the Su Family, but the Su Family influence and power could not be underestimated. Furthermore the training conditions the Su Family provided was still exceptional compared to other places in the continent.

Su Yun followed the routine of feeding his spirit stallion, taking a few minutes to rest and then back on the trail. He was able to ride like the wind.

Su Yun’s pack was filled with materials from the Everlasting Tiger’s den. If the materials were discovered by the Su Family, it would cause a lot of attention to be focused on Su Yun.

The Everlasting Tiger was not a beast that anyone could win against. With Su Yun’s poor abilities, how could he obtain the body parts of an Everlasting Tiger?

Therefore, he intentionally made a detour, so that he would avoid his home. Instead, he went to a small town in the outskirts of the Su Family’s domain: Mirror Lake Town.

The Mirror Lake Town was a famous town of plenty. With its scenic landscapes, it was near the Su Family and Immortal Sword Sect Schools, so it was not affected by demonic beasts. Many people came here to play and relax, so it was very lively.

The mayor of the town was elected by the people, which was common in the military continent. Nonetheless, there were many towns that were not elected, but these towns were under the jurisdiction of other forces and sects, so that they would not be annexed by outside forces.

The Mirror Lake Town was dependent on the Immortal Sword Sect Faction located in the town. Each year, every household would have to pay tax money to the Immortal Sword Sect, but the sect was not selfish. The tax money was not high, but it was necessary. Whenever the Mirror Lake Town was in danger, the Immortal Sword Sect would help to eliminate the threats, in the hearts of the townspeople, the Immortal Sword Sect was a saint and deserved the tax money. Sometimes, the Immortal Sword Sect would send some disciples with money to buy goods or food, but the townspeople never charged them.

The black stallion pulled into town, and Su Yun went directly to the town center, to the biggest auction place.

Mirror Lake Town was very developed, it had many famous special forces stationed inside the mainland’s, the continent’s most famous weapon shop “Hundred Martial Weaponry,” the largest pharmaceutical chain “Flower Heart Valley Medicine Store,” and the largest auction center “Sky Sun Auction.” This was Su Yun’s destination. The policy is that it keeps every guest’s information strictly confidential, no matter how precious the guests’ belonging are.

It was dangerous, the Everlasting Tiger body parts were extraordinary, once it caught attention, there would be trouble.

The Sky Sun Auction was in the center of Mirror Lake Town, a prime location with a constant stream of people, where many young disciples of Immortal Sword Sect resided.

The Sky Sun Auction had a small store. Inside, there was a counter had a female attendant was steadily waiting there.

Su Yun walked towards the receptionist that had been waiting here since early morning.

“What can I help you with?”

The sweet smiling staff asked.

Su Yun began to take the body parts of the Everlasting Tiger out and placed them over the counter.

“Spirit core level tiger products: one heart, a pair of eyes, four sets of claws, one tiger skin…

The service staff was patiently counting and did not seem surprised at all.

She was just doing her job. Although in terms of absolute strength, the Everlasting Tiger was way too powerful for Su Yun. Nonetheless, it was not the first time she saw these, but she was a little surprised of Su Yun’s strength in her heart. It was very difficult to get Everlasting Tiger parts…

“Are you ready to add these items directly to the auction to see if it sells or sell it immediately for a lower price? The service personnel asked sweetly.

“Convert it now to spirit coins!”

Su Yun, who was now penniless, was in urgent need for money, so he had no time to waste.

“No problem, please wait.”

The service personnel took out a price list for the materials and intently searched the columns for Tiger Plains. After finding the page that the Everlasting Tigers were, she began calculating the prices to calculate the spirit coins Su Yun would get.

Soon after, the calculation was finished.

“You get a total of nine thousand four hundred and sixteen spirit coins, is this price satisfactory?” The service personnel asked.

“Yes, I believe that the Auction might get ten thousand, but I got no time! So be it.” Su Yun answered.

“Good, wait for a moment. Let me get your money.”

Afterwards, the service personnel took out a spirit currency card and handed it to Su Yun. Su Yun checked it and found exactly nine thousand four hundred and sixteen spirit coins.

He instantly became rich and with a light attitude and he began to leave the small room.

But as he was preparing to leave, the large pavilion connected to the small one he was in erupted in loud noise. This attracted the attention of Su Yun.

There was a catalogue of the tasks in the Auction, it could be seen in the central hall in the main pavilion. The catalogue was exceedingly long.

There were many spirit tasks on the catalogue.

Many people in the Sky Sun Auction House were not there to buy items. They were here to just give tasks to obtain materials. This was extremely common and all the tasks was listed in this catalogue.

Su Yun made a random sweep of the tasks available with his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as a familiar name caught his eye.

“Crescent Moon Fruit?”

This was a way to enhance cultivation that worked. It was located in Crescent Valley, but it was very rare. It was also extremely dangerous in the valley. Many spirit experts strangely disappeared inside the valley after they entered. It was reported they all died from powerful spirit beasts’ mouths.

This item was a very high level, worth up to sixty thousand spirit coins. It was almost enough to live an ordinary life comfortably.

Although the reward was high, no one dared to accomplish it. The number of people that completed this task currently was still zero.

Su Yun hesitated for a moment, his mind was thinking, but then he went towards the door.

The personnel looked at the young man’s movements and her eyes bulged.

“Boy do you want to die? The task price may be high, but it is very dangerous! The money is not worth your life.” The personnel warned.

“Hey! You probably do not know about Crescent Valley, right? I will tell you! Last month, a few guys equipped with spirit equipment went to the Crescent Valley for a treasure hunt. They were spirit intermediate disciples. They never came back! I’m guessing most of them are dead inside!”

Many people beside Su Yun sneered at him.

But it was useless, Su Yun paid the fifty spirit coin deposit, accepted the mission and left the building.