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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Author:Fish leaping to the peak

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Every myth and legend is a path to Godhood!

When humans enter the interstellar era, ancient cultivation techniques shone with new life. Your genes exist with you! A single sentence showing the true meaning of cultivation. Myths and legends are not a fantasy, there are ancient mythological genes in the bodies of everyone.

The Hou Yi Gene allows you to shoot a hundred miles, using...
《Legend of the Mythological Genes》 Volume 1
1 Clarification of the different cultivation levels
《Legend of the Mythological Genes》 Volume 2
2 Legend of the Mythological Genes
3 Exploitation by one’s Clan
4 Genetic Equation
5 Strengthening and Increasing Points
6 Break the limi
7 College Pre-Qualifier Exam
8 The Swiping Questions Maniac
9 Testing Vitality Stats
10 Budding Talen
11 Illusory Martial Pagoda
12 Soaring Potential
13 Genetic Martial Arts
14 A Realization In His Hear
15 Speed is the name of the game
16 Attracting Attention
17 Mecha-suit and Genetic-sui
18 Error in Judgemen
19 Peerless
20 Silicon-based Gian
21 Battle Between Ethnicities
22 Wrapped Around His Fingers
23 To the Bitter End
24 Final Resul
25 Lifeforce overdraf
26 Demanding The Secre
27 Class’s Number One
28 Crushing Everything
29 Earning A Huge Load
30 Virtual Female Sales Assistan
31 Potion of Life
32 Shopping Frenzy
33 Bidding Strategy
34 Obtained Successfully
35 Genomic Notes
36 Mystery of Potential
37 Life Transformation
38 Family Conflic
39 Officially Laying Their Cards Ou
40 A Fight to The End
41 Unable to Rebel!
42 Cultivating while Imprisoned
43 Pitting Schemes
44 Asking A Fox for Its Skin
45 Only The Crazed Will Survive
46 Escape Plan
47 Opportunity for An Internship
48 Virtual Universe
49 Spirit Particle Theory
50 Answers Like Flowing Water
51 Successfully Recruited
52 Bidding Goodbye to Family
53 Leaving Earth
54 Gene Hunting Ground
55 Gene Drops From Killing Monsters!
56 Assembling on Its Own
57 Mysterious Martial Master
58 First Pot of Gold
59 Shitai City of Mars
60 Future Path
61 Giant Pharmaceutical Company
62 Human Experimentations
63 Chaotic Star Region
64 Research Topic
65 Improve Formulation
66 Gene Micro-manipulation
67 Perfect-grade Medicine
68 Bullet Time
69 Medicine Reviving the Dead
70 Gene Max Points
71 Incarnation of the Stone Monkey
72 Transforming Energy into Qi
73 Essence of the Sun and Moon
74 Undying Myth Conjecture
75 Interstellar Cultivator
76 Stone Monkey Gene
77 The Derived Path
78 Spirit Gene
79 Astral energy
80 Heaven and Man as One
81 Those Who Sneak Around Naturally Have Ill Intentions
82 After Beating The Young One, The Old One Comes Ou
83 Fighting against A Cultivator
84 Unmatched Physical Abilities and Immunity to Energy Effects
85 Asking for compensation
86 Kunlun Grand Palm Imprin
87 Genetic Army
88 Mars Revolutionary Army
89 Failed Recruitmen
90 Explosive Surge in Vitality
91 Kunlun Grand Palm Imprin
92 Thousand Changes, Ten Thousand Transformations
93 Genetic Hypnotis
94 Yin Yang Illusory Realm
95 Formless Influence
96 Successful Brainwashing
97 Research Recording
98 Ancient Divine Medicine
99 Mental Detection
100 Life-Refined Medicine
101 Heaven and Earth as The Furnace
102 Furnace Alchemy Ar
103 Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique
104 New Taskforce Leader
105 Army of Clones
106 Path of the Green Gian
107 Dragon Slaying Ar
108 Core Historical Site
109 Mars's Internal Warfare
110 Facing the Danger Alone
111 I’ve Never Tolerated A Threat Made by Anyone
112 Excelling Beyond The Ability of His Teacher
113 Complete Extermination
114 End of the Road
115 Discovery of Plot, The Deception Wear Thin
116 Major Breakthrough
《Legend of the Mythological Genes》 Volume 3
117 God Creation Projec
118 Massacre
119 Angel
120 Smack You So Hard That You Fall into The Mortal World
121 Collapsible Space Shuttle
122 Fighting An Artificial God
123 Might of the Titan
124 No Hope of Survival
125 Living Toward Death
126 Heaven and Earth Gave Birth to Me, Sun Wukong
127 Mythological Will
128 Return of The Great Sage
129 Killing A God
130 The Furnace Fire Tempering The Heart Monkey
131 Refining the Furnace
132 Leaving Mars
133 Interstellar Technology
134 Father of The Virtual Universe
135 Mythological Genes Association
136 God Said, Let There Be Money!
137 Pure-blooded Aryans Society
138 In my world, I'm the boss!
139 Huaxia Primogenitor
140 Feng Lin's Return
141 Shocking everyone
142 Insta-killed with a single glance
143 There Isn’t Even A Single One Who Can Fight?
144 Worthy enough to make me use a single finger
145 Domineering suppression
146 Utter crushing
147 Come at Me Together
148 Suppressing Peers
149 Who Can Rival Him?
150 Invincible
151 The Champion’s Reward
152 Soaring to Great Heights
153 Visit From the Ancestral Clan
154 I will establish an interstellar prestigious clan myself!
155 Progeny of The Three Sovereigns
156 Fuxi Mythological Dao Path
157 Seeing through Everything
158 Spirit Beasts of The Four Elements
159 Flicking His Sleeves and Leaving
160 Fireworks
161 Seeking Luck and Avoiding Calamity
162 The Depth of Earth’s Water
163 Mythological Forum
164 Path to Godhood
165 Wealthy Aura Rising to The Sky
166 Zhu Bajie Pigsy Path to Godhood
167 Convinced
168 Monkey and Pig
169 Hongjun Transmitting the Dao
170 A Word Worth A Thousand Gold
171 Face-to-face Teaching of Profound Theories
172 A Hit! A Hit! A Hit!
173 Hall of Gods
174 Hacker attack
175 Gene Lock
176 Spirit Force Torrents
177 Avalanche in The Himalayas
178 Riding on A Flying Cloud
179 System Breakdown
180 Registering for College Examinations
181 If I Don't Do It, Who Will?
182 Assemblage of Outstanding Talents
183 Who Agrees? Who Objects?
184 All’s Fair in War, No One Objects!
185 Baleful Gene
186 There Would Always Be Someone Stronger
187 Lone Wolf
188 Visit from The Clan leader
189 Heavy Pressure in The Deep Sea
190 Fearsome Silhouette
191 Yamata no Orochi
192 Snake Gall Treasure Pearls
193 Crystallized Holy Water
194 Surging Spirit Force
195 Divine Pillar
196 Mythological Secret Realm
197 Fantasy Land of Demons
198 Slaying Demons Eradicating Devils
199 The Pathetic Ninja
200 Kusanagi Sword
201 Three Powerful Greater Demons
202 Subduing the Daitengu
203 Confusing The Truth with Lies
204 Chaotic Battle between Demons and Monsters
205 Seizing Food from The Mouth of The Tiger
206 Free Meal?
207 Peerless
208 I Am the Great Sage Equal to Heavens
209 Cudgel, Come
210 Measureless Divine Metal Cudgel
211 Star Warship
212 State of Mutual Hostility
213 King of the Solar System
214 Asura Plane
215 Killing the aberrations
216 Enemy Knocking on The Door
217 Did You Just Say You Are A God?
218 Complete Annihilation
219 Minding One’s Own Business
220 A Hero Saving A Damsel in Distress? Such A Thing Doesn’t Exist in The Real World!
221 The Two Greek Sisters
222 Mythology Deduction Method and Mythology Conclusion Method
223 Breaking the Knowledge Barrier
224 Great Fortune Comes with The Danger
225 Mother Nes
226 Entering The Tiger’s Den, Stealing The Tiger’s Cub
227 Stone Monkey Battles Queen
228 True Meaning of Battle
229 Points Seizing Competition
230 If I’m Not Equal to The Heavens, How Would I Dare to Proclaim Myself as The Great Sage?
231 Golden Light Glimmered in the Eyes, Shooting Toward the Constellations
232 Capable of Transformations
233 Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene
234 The Road Ahead
235 Beast King Gene
236 Dealing with The Root of The Problem
237 Using Spoils from Battle to Nurture Battle
238 True Terror
239 Mental Battle
240 Looting Spoils?
241 Potential Breakthrough
242 Heretic God of the Blood Sea
243 Great Sky Formation
244 Fishing in Troubled Waters
245 Asura Yoga
246 Stealing Food from The Tiger’s Mouth
247 Killing People’s Hearts?
248 My Name Shall Not Exist in The Book of Life and Death
249 Wreaking Havoc in The Underworld
250 Heavenfall Cudgel Technique
251 Thousand Transformations
252 Beastlike Fist Ar
253 Who Is Number One
254 Solar System Top Scorer
255 Insane College Examinations
256 Strong!
257 There Are Always Stronger People Out There
258 Pointing Out The Correct Path
259 What Does It Mean To Be The Monkey King?
260 Clear of Heart, Seeing one’s Nature, Comprehending the Emptiness 1
261 Clear of Heart, Seeing one’s Nature, Comprehending the Emptiness 2
262 Clear of Heart, Seeing one’s Nature, Comprehending the Emptiness 3
263 Clear of Heart, Seeing one’s Nature, Comprehending the Emptiness 4
264 Comprehending The Dao In A Single Day
265 Shamans and Demons
266 Arrow of Karma Law
267 Nine Stars Aligned
268 Seeking to Live Amidst Danger
269 World in The Classic of Mountains and Seas
270 Humanoid-type Beast King
271 Battle between Teams
272 If One Wanted to Be Wealthy, One Had to Be A Bandit Firs
273 Demon Fox V.S. Onmyoji
274 Crushing Defea
275 The Battle Between Sneaks
276 Stealthy Substitution
277 Decapitating Plan
278 Dragon's Nest, Tiger's Den
279 Killing Is Also A Mercy
280 No Room For Retrea
281 Cutting Off All Routes To Exit then Breaking Out of the Impasse
282 Great Desperate Escape
283 Successful chicken dinner
284 Learning Alchemy
285 Nine-nine, Eighty-one Refinemen
286 Extraordinary Alchemy
287 The Terrifying Universe
288 The Vastness of The Universe
289 Formally Recruited
290 Chaos Came Before The Sky
291 Dao Ancestor Hongjun Was Before Everything Else
292 Crushing Gravity
293 Who The Hell Are You?
294 Attack of The Spirit Race
295 Zombie Danger
296 Desperate Straits
297 Drifting In The Universe
298 Lost in Interstellar Space
299 Traveling at Top Speed
300 Steam-powered War Technology
301 Interstellar Gypsies
302 The Fool And The King
303 University Contribution Points
304 Space Pirates Attack
305 Utter Extermination
306 Fierce Space Battle