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821 Leave the Cercis Island

Elder He and Xia Yan sat together in that old temple, and in front of them was the detailed information on Jian Wushuang.


"I believed Jian Wushuang must possess an extraordinary background. Now, he turns out to be a person of narrow view who left his sect for an adventure." Xia Yan snorted when reading Jian Wushuang's information.

"I've never heard of the Ancient Sect he's from."

"This sect is indeed a strong force in his territory, but compared to the sects in the Eternal World, it's of a low tier." Elder He commented. "I misunderstood him just as you."

"I contributed his strong power to his background, but since it's not true, the only excuse must be that he is highly talented."

"I agree. He is a real genius, and in terms of talent, he may be even more outstanding than your big brother."

"Are you serious? He is no match for my brother," said Xia Yan scornfully.

"Alright. Since he has no lavish, astonishing background, you can kill him with nothing to fear. But, for your fame, you'd better kill him somewhere out of Cercis Island and not expose yourself," said Elder He.

"I see," Xia Yan nodded, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Seeing this, Elder He forced a smile before continuing reading Jian Wushuang's information.

"Well, this boy's master seems to be an unusual man. As an Eternal Realm expert, he teaches three Dao Master students, and one of them entered Void Temple."

"Yeah, there is something interesting about this man, but his three Dao Master students you mentioned are quite common, and the one who entered Void Temple is unknown there."

Elder He shook his head and paid no attention to this matter.

In fact, the person who entered Void Temple they talked about was Xue Lingtian, and he commanded respect.

He was one of the 18 Masters of the Void Temple, the famous Master Blood Saber.

He had been misunderstood because he trained in a low profile in the temple and seldom mentioned his master Xuan Yi. Besides, the temple was a real overlord in the Eternal World and was highly revered, so, the information on it had always been a secret.

As a result, during the last several days, the Xia Clan failed to learn Xue Lingtian was the Master Blood Saber.


Jian Wushuang stayed on Cercis Island after he defeated Xia Yan for Lin Wan.

It was hard for him to meet Yang Zaixuan again, thus, he spent a half month together talking about their old days.

Later, he decided to leave and say goodbye.

His next destination was Tang of the East.

Since his primary mission on Cercis Island—kill Su Ming was done, it was time to leave.

"Third brother, you go to Tang of the East first, and while later when I'm no longer busy, I'll go there and find you. By then, you, big brother Wang Yuan and I can have some time together again," Yang Zaixuan said to Jian Wushuang with a smile on the day the latter left.

"It's a deal. Big brother and I will wait there for you," Jian Wushuang smiled back at him.


Lin Wan's soft voice echoed as she appeared in a green dress to say goodbye to Jian Wushuang.

"Thank you so much for helping me before," she added, "please take care during your following journey because it seems Xia Yan will not drop the matter easily."

"Understood. Thank you." Jian Wushuang nodded at her.

"This is my Message Token. After you leave the island, send me a message whenever you run into trouble, and I'll send someone there to help you." While saying this, Lin Wan handed Jian Wushuang a Message Token.

"Thanks again." Jian Wushuang said.

"Oh, by the way, I have another thing to tell you," Lin Wan continued. "Last time when you asked me about Sister Shuang, I told you that she had been poisoned and that the doctors could do nothing to help her at that time. I heard her condition worsens as of late.

"She stays in her palace in the Tang of the East all the time. Years earlier, I still could meet her when I visited her palace with my father, but recently, I didn't see her even once there."

On hearing those words, Jian Wushuang's expression suddenly changed.


"By Icy Heart Poison?"

Jian Wushuang clenched his hand when the idea caught him.

It was not the first time that he knew Leng Rushuang was penetrated by the Icy Heart Poison. In fact, when still in the Ancient World, she had once asked him for help—removing the poison out of her.

However, at that time, he only managed to remove a very small amount of the poison, which helped her little. "The poison must have gone much deeper into her body.

"I have to find her as sooner as possible."

Some old memory rushed back to him. "At that time, I was in a low realm and could not really help her. But now, I've reached the Divine Realm. I may not be able to cure her, but I can at least prevent it from growing worse."

"Second brother, Miss Wan'er, it's getting late and I must take my leave."

Jian Wushuang folded his hands and turned away.

As soon as Jian Wushuang started off, the man who kept watch on him immediately sent a message back to Xia Yan about his leave.

"Haha, Jian Wushuang, at long last, you left the island."

Having received the message, Xia Yan let out overjoyed laughter in his temple.

"For fear of provoking gossip, I did not kill you on the island. But, as long as you're killed outside here, no one will suspect me of your death." Xia Yan clenched his fists, and a sharp glint crossed his eyes.

"You two, follow me." He ordered two guards in silver beside him.

Those two men were in charge of protecting him, and they exchanged glances after hearing his words. One of them questioned gingerly, "Master, should we inform Elder He of our plan before we exit?"

"No, we needn't." Xia Yan shook his head.