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752 Emergency Assistance

In the Tianqi Mountains.

"Run, run for your life!"

"This guy is only a One-star Ancient God. How come his strength is so strong? I'm at Step One of the Eternal Realm. Why was I subdued by him?"

"Quick, cast your Secret Skills and run by yourselves!"

The four cast their Secret Skills and fled in four different directions.

The Ancient Gods who had been chasing after them with all their strength quickly gave up the hunt.

In terms of escape ability, the human experts from the Firmament Territory who ventured into the Tianqi Mountains were quite impressive.

"Your Excellency."

Several Ancient Gods were standing respectfully in front of a black-robed masked figure. They all looked at him in admiration.

The black-robed figure with the wicked mask was, of course, Jian Wushuang.

A moment ago, he had noticed a fierce fight was happening here, and he had come immediately. Working together with the other Ancient Gods, they'd beat the four human experts and forced them into fleeing.

Among the four experts, the most powerful one had a battle strength at Step Two of the Eternal Realm. But Jian Wushuang easily overpowered him by unleashing merely 70 percent of his Sword Heart power and employing some of his offensive skills and swordsmanship, causing them to flee in disorder.

If Jian Wushuang had performed the Mind-controlling Secret Skill at the least expected moment, he could have caught one or two out of the four experts. However, he chose not to do that.

These four were not from the three magnates but another top sect.

A hundred years ago, the three magnates had struck against him. As to the other eight top sects, maybe they had considered taking him on, but none of them actually did. Thus, Jian Wushuang was not so determined to kill experts from the other eight top sects.

"The experts of various sects in the Firmament Territory are coveting the Ancient Gods Essence Blood and Baptismal Pools. That's why they entered the Eternal Zone and started fighting. But the Ancient God Clan regards them as objects that they can use to hone their own skills. Further, they even deliberately placed several Baptismal Pools in the Tianqi Mountains to lure more experts in."

"No one can tell which of the two sides is justified. But given that the experts of the eight top sects have never pissed me off, I see no reason to put them to death." Jian Wushuang pondered.

Just at this moment..."Buzz—"...A peculiar energy fluctuation suddenly rippled in from afar.

This strange energy spread far beyond the normal range, but it went quite furtively, and did not cause any racket.

Clansmen from the Ancient God Clan and the experts from other sects did not sense this energy fluctuation. But Jian Wushuang, a disciple of the Ancient Sect, detected it clearly.

"That's...the Ancient Sect's emergency signal?" His expression altered abruptly.

He knew what the emergency signal of the Ancient Sect was like. Now, he sensed this signal inside the Tianqi Mountains. It meant that the expert who sent this signal was in great danger, or even that he could die at any second.

The expert sending the signal was hoping that other experts in the vicinity could go and help him at once.

"Your Excellency, what's wrong?" Seeing the sudden change in Jian Wushuang's expression, the clansmen of the Ancient God Clan wanted to know what was wrong.

"You guys go on your adventures, no need to bother about me."

Jian Wushuang replied. Then, he leaped up and flew out.

The clansmen stood gazing at one another. They were clever enough not to try and follow him.

"The source of the signal is not too far from here. At the speed I'm going, I can be there in 8 minutes."

Jian Wushuang was grim-faced. He was flying towards the source of the signal at top speed.

Eight minutes might be a short amount of time. But for real experts, a battle could end in just a second. It was more than enough time to allow two sides to fight several rounds. Jian Wushuang was not sure he could get there in time.

But thanks to the good luck of the Palace Master Destruction and his lot, the direction they were heading for happened to be the direction Jian Wushuang was coming from.

It didn't actually take 8 minutes; it was only a minute before he spotted them running furiously towards him. He also caught sight of the Silver-armored Ancient God who was chasing closely behind the Palace Master Destruction.

"The three are Palace Master Destruction, Palace Master Ming Xin, and Palace Master Mo Tao?" Jian Wushuang's heart skipped a beat.

He had been in the Ancient Sect long enough to know the Palace Masters' strength.

Among the 12 Palace Masters of the Dao Palace in the Ancient Sect, Palace Master Destruction was the most powerful one. He had a battle strength at the peak of Step Two of the Eternal Realm and was even approaching Step Three. As for Palace Master Mo Tao, he was also at Step Two. And the last one, Palace Master Ming Xin, was a bit weak, but he was still at the peak of Step One.

The three of them should have been able to handle anything in the Tianqi Mountains; unless they were unfortunate enough to be besieged by a crowd of clansmen from the Ancient God Clan; or happened to run into Gu Heng, who was also wandering about in the Tianqi Mountains.

Even if they met enemies that they could not fight off, they could always escape without effort.

But now, even though the three Palace Masters had joined hands, they were being chased into a tight corner. Helplessly they had sent the emergency signal.

" A Silver-armored Ancient God?"

Jian Wushuang cast another glance at the Silver-armored Ancient God, who was following Palace Master Destruction and his lot closely. He was continuously narrowing the distance between them.

His size and height were the same as that of a normal Silver-armored Ancient God from the Ancient God Clan. But at first glance, Jian Wushuang instantly realized that this Silver-armored Ancient God was not a member of the Ancient God Clan, it was a human expert!

It was obvious that his aura did not belong to the Ancient God Clan.

And there were two human figures following him at a distance. Jian Wushuang recognized that one of them was from the Cloud Sea Asgard.

"Cloud Sea Asgard experts dare to hunt down three Ancient Sect Palace Masters?" Jian Wushuang's face darkened, flames of fury dancing in his eyes.

Palace Master Destruction and the other two who were hastily running away were fuming as well.

"Yun Fan, the Cloud Sea Asgard is really going to turn against our Ancient Sect, isn't it?" Palace Master Destruction snarled harshly.

The Silver-armored Ancient God following behind Palace Master Destruction and his lot was Yun Fan, a Great Elder of the Cloud Sea Asgard.

He was the only expert in the whole Firmament Territory who had managed to turn into a Silver-armored Ancient God. Among all the experts in the Eternal Realm of the Firmament Territory, his strength was second only to Xuan Yi, and this was widely acknowledged.


When he heard Palace Master Destruction's snarl, Yun Fan just let out a snort. He did not slow down at all.

"A hundred years ago, Xuan Yi murdered our top seven experts. Our Palace Master is a bit afraid of Xuan Yi and unwilling to go against him. But this doesn't mean the Cloud Sea Asgard has forgotten what your Ancient Sect did to us!"

"We have no fear of the rest of your experts!"

"If anything, this is all Xuan Yi's fault."

Yun Fan's complexion was icy cold, immense killing intent was gushing out of his eyes.

The Cloud Sea Asgard was prone to be tough and domineering. But when seven of their experts in the Eternal Realm were murdered, they had been surprisingly silent. They didn't even file a complaint. This was not their style.

But at this moment, the three Palace Masters and Yun Fan all noticed that a mysterious figure had suddenly emerged in the Void ahead of them.