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629 The Second Round of the Genius Battle

"Master Xuan Yi has come in person!

"And he apologized to me just now?"

Staring at the towering gentleman in front of him, the white-robed man could not believe his eyes.

At that moment, the people in the surrounding rooms noticed Xuan Yi's arrival as well.

The girl from the Boundless Demon Sect was the first one to speak to him in a humble tone. "Mr. Xuan Yi, I never thought that you would personally attend the Firmament Territory Feast."

"Xuan Yi, are all the Eternal Realm experts in your sect dead? If not, then why would you, as the number one Eternal Realm expert, come here by yourself?" The voice was from the black-haired elder from Cloud Sea Asgard. The words might not sound kind, but the others could tell that the elder was in awe of Xuan Yi.

The middle-aged man from the Immortal Dynasty also chimed in with a laugh and said, "Mr. Xuan Yi, we all feel honored by your presence."

While those people addressed Xuan Yi in a more casual way, the experts from the middle-sized and small sects did it more reverently. They called him "Master Xuan Yi".

"Well, I just came to join in the fun. Of course, it would be good if I could find some new disciples for our sect," Xuan Yi said with a casual smile.

After a while of chatting, Xuan Yi turned to the white-robed man and ordered, "Give me the files in your hand."

"Yes, your Excellency." The man immediately handed the files to him.

After taking a quick glance at the information of the geniuses from the Eternal World, Xuan Yi put it away and started reading the other file carefully and even made some comments.

"The Ancient World really has some talents this time."

His words somehow stunned the white-robed man.

"Why did his Excellency favor the participants from the Ancient World more than he favors those from the Eternal World? He is completely different from the three magnates and the top nine sects."

"Feng, Huo Ying, Bing Shan, and Jian Wushuang... They are all impressive. Let's wait and see their performance in the second round," Xuan Yi murmured to himself as he took a seat nearby.

Ten days passed quickly.

The second round of the genius battle was about to begin.

All the geniuses on the Drill Ground were itching for a fight.

Especially those who had not received a satisfying invitation from the sects. Their eager eyes betrayed their anxiety.

It was clear to all of them that the battle results of the first round could not decide their fate alone, so they were ready to show their real power in the remaining rounds.

"Ten days have passed. Now, the second round of the genius battle can finally begin!"

The host's loud voice echoed throughout the whole Drill Ground from above.

"This will be different to the first round. In this round, you will be fighting against Puppet Fighters instead of other participants!"

After saying this, the host waved his hand, at which point five tall and wide platforms, capable of supporting a fierce battle between two Skyscraping Realm experts, appeared in front of the Drill Ground. In addition to that, each of the platforms was covered with a Restriction and had a single towering figure about two-meters tall standing on it.

It was the Puppet Fighters.

The five platforms constituted five battlefields.

"Listen," the host continued, "the rules for this round are very simple. You can choose any one of the five Puppet Fighters to fight. If you are able to survive against it for 15 minutes, you win."

The words caused the geniuses to have a complex feeling.

The rules for this round were simple, but it would be harder to pass it.

"Now, I'm going to call out names in batches of five for this round," the host said while looking around.

"Long Xin!

"Xue Wuji!


"Beicang King!

"Zhuge Qing!

"The five of you are the first batch."

The five men immediately walked to the host in succession.

Among them, only Beicang King was from the Ancient World, the rest of them were from the Eternal World.

The five each entered their own battlefield.

They were the first batch of challengers, which made them a little uneasy because they did not know how powerful the Puppet Fighters were.


With the host's shout, all five Puppet Fighters began to move.

They all charged at their targets at the same time, each one with a long spear in hand.

They drew near to the challengers at an amazing speed and started attacking.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Five blows pierced towards their targets.

"They're quite powerful!"

The geniuses showed a horrified look as they watched this scene. They could see each of the blows very clearly.

"Those five Puppet Fighters are really strong."

Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes. He could tell that the Puppet Fighters were a level more powerful than normal Skyscraping Realm experts, no matter in power or speed. Most importantly, they all had a profound comprehension of the Dao.

"All of them have been cultivating the Destruction Dao and have mastered its first level. Even the skills they are displaying are Superior Rank One Secret Skills!" Jian Wushuang could not help being astonished.

As far as he knew, only about 20 people in the Firmament Territory Feast had mastered the first level of a Dao, and the ones who had managed to create a Superior Rank One Secret Skill might be even fewer.

Therefore, there was no doubt that those Puppet Fighters could be ranked within the top 20 among them with their achievements in the Dao, skills, strength, and speed.

Which to say, the puppets were equal to the more powerful challengers, like Feng.

The thought of holding on for 15 minutes under such formidable attacks really scared some of the geniuses.

Some of them even became pale-faced.