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600 Sweeping Away the Enemies

There was an amazing power behind Jian Wushuang's casual strike, which finally collided with Qian Xingzi's sword.


When the two swords met, the sound of metal on metal echoed throughout the area as Qian Xingzi's sword became covered with cracks.


Qian Xingzi was astonished by the cracks on his sword.

His sword was a Dao Weapon. How could it be cracked by Jian Wushuang's sword?

As the cracks on the sword became wider, a sudden shattering sound dumfounded him.

The sword was split into two pieces.

Qian Xingzi could not believe what had happened.

"How could that be possible?"

He was so astonished that he could not even think.


Holy Ancestor, Stone Ancestor, and the others all widened their eyes at the scene as they felt a chill rising in their hearts.

After breaking Qian Xingzi's sword, Jian Wushuang continued moving forward to slash at him with all his power.

Qian Xingzi was unable to dodge the blow and saw a flash of sword light before he was cut into two parts as well, with his organs scattering onto the ground and his blood covering the floor.

"Qian Xingzi, you're only my second target!"

Jian Wushuang glared at the dead body indifferently.

His first target, Blood Bladesman, had been killed already.

After killing Qian Xingzi, Jian Wushuang looked toward Holy Ancestor and Stone Ancestor.

Those two Ancestors showed a grave expression while being watched.

"Jian Wushuang's weapon has to be extremely powerful to break Qian Xingzi's Dao Weapon and kill him. He just demonstrated the power of an expert at Level Three of the Skyscraping Realm."

"Level Three..."

The onlookers could tell that Jian Wushuang was at a level as powerful as Sword Ancestor.

They had all witnessed how mighty Sword Ancestor was, so in order to kill him, they had joined hands with dozens of experts. Now, Qian Xingzi's death left them with only six experts in total.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to defeat Jian Wushuang with the remaining experts.

"Holy Ancestor, what should we do now?" Stone Ancestor asked him in a low voice.

"It seems that we have no other choice but to escape from here," Holy Ancestor said unwillingly.

They were unwilling to accept that the boy they had despised had grown so powerful in the last year.

He had reached Level Three, which few could achieve in the whole Ancient World.

As a result, Holy Ancestor, the 2000-year-old super expert from the Divine Land, had to escape when facing such a young boy.

What's worse, he might not be able to escape just because he wanted to.

All of this added to his depression.

Right then, a killing intent flashed in Jian Wushuang's eyes, which then fell on Holy Ancestor and Stone Ancestor, before he made a move and his intent boomed.

"Quick, let's block him together!"

Dong Ming King quickly shouted. His aura kept surging as his face twisted crazily. At such a crucial moment, he still had not given up on possessing the Ancient World Token.

"Idiot!" Holy Ancestor shot Dong Ming King a cold glance before turning away without hesitation.

Seeing this, Stone Ancestor tried to flee with him.



The other Skyscraping Realm experts had finally seen through their situation. Not being idiots, they started running away in a disorderly fashion.

In an instant, five of the Skyscraping Realm experts began escaping, all except Dong Ming King.

The sight of this caused the experts in the feast to be dumbfounded.

"They, they..."

"Holy Ancestor and Stone Ancestor, the supreme experts, are trying to escape without even fighting?"

"Jian Wushuang is just a Cloud Realm expert, isn't he?"

"How could he force so many super experts to flee?"

It was so unbelievable!

Some experts were so astonished that they even thought they were in a dream.


Hands clenched, Lin Lan stared at her master with admiration.

Marquis Zizhong and Marquis Guyang, who had come to the feast with Jian Wushuang, both widened their eyes and could not help swallowing hard.

Boom! A rolling blood river swept outward from Jian Wushuang and covered the whole place in an instant.

"I told you that none of you would escape from me!"

Jian Wushuang's voice resounded through the place as the Heart-killing Sword slashed out from his hand like a star crossing the sky. Dong Ming King managed to take a single strike from Jian Wushuang before being killed.

As for the Ancestors and the other experts who were trying to escape, they were slowed down by the blood river.

What's worse, Jian Wushuang had quickly changed his target to them after he killed Dong Ming King.


Those escaping experts looked pale. They knew very well that once Jian Wushuang caught up with them, they would definitely be killed.

"Run, Run!"

They tried their best to run quickly, but three of them had already been killed by Jian Wushuang. Only Holy Ancestor and Stone Ancestor survived and were about to escape from the blood river.

"There is no escape for you two!"

Jian Wushuang released an outburst of killing intent. Though the two Ancestors had made it out of the river and were running in different directions, Jian Wushuang was not going to let either one of them go.

With a move, his body seemed to split for a second and two men appeared. One went after Holy Ancestor, while the other one followed Stone Ancestor.

Many onlookers were stunned to see two Jian Wushuangs.

"There are two... two Jian Wushuangs?"