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505 A Demonic Beas

Jian Wushuang saw numerous clansman swarm into the Drill Ground.

"Big Brother Wushuang," Wu Yu said while walking over with Qing Hu.

"Little Yu, Qing Hu, what happened?" Jian Wushuang asked with a tinge of doubt.

"My father caught a monster spy. They're in the Drill Ground now. Everyone is going to take a look," Wu Yu replied with excitement.

"A monster spy?" Jian Wushuang was surprised and showed some interest in it.

He wanted to know what the real overlords in the Monster Continent looked like.

"Go! Let's follow them."

Jian Wushuang, Qing Hu, and Wu Yu headed for the Drill Ground.

The huge Drill Ground was crowded with numerous clansmen.

Jian Wushuang and his two companions elbowed their way and appeared at the front of the crowd.

"He is the monster spy?"

Jian Wushuang saw a black-haired man who was locked in an iron cage at the center of the Drill Ground.

The black-haired man was two meters tall. Except for being a bit more muscular, there was no difference between this black-haired man and a Human Warrior.

If he had not been clear about this black-haired man's identity, Jian Wushuang would be unable to recognize this black-haired man as a Demonic Beast.

"Is he really a Demonic Beast?" Jian Wushuang could not help feeling doubt.

Most of the clansmen were also astonished. They lived in the tribe and most of them had never fought with a Demonic Beast, so it was no wonder that they did not believe it.

The black-haired man was roaring crazily inside the cage.

"I'm a clansman from Green Hillock Tribe. Why did you arrest me?


"Let me go. Otherwise, when our leader finds out, he will seek justice for me!"

The black-haired man got angry as if he felt aggrieved.

"Hum, you are still being tight-lipped about it even now."

Wu Yuan and the other Elders gathered on the platform while staring coldly at the black-haired man.

"Go invite Elder Water," Wu Yuan ordered.

"We already have. He should arrive soon," an elder replied.

"OK." Wu Yuan nodded.

He looked over at the black-haired man and said, "Don't worry. My Wu Yan Tribe is always fair. We never do any human being an injustice. If we confirm that you are not a monster spy, I'll personally send you back and even apologize to your leader.

"But if you're a monster spy, you'll die without a doubt!"

His tone was filled with killing intent.

Those clansmen also wore a cold look.

They had rarely met a Demonic Beast. However, since they were born in the Monster Continent, their bones had been infused with hatred towards Demonic Beasts.

Demonic Beasts and Human Warriors were deadly enemies.

Demonic Beast desired to extinguish the humans while the latter had been fighting for more living space.

If a monster spy was caught in the human territory, he would be killed without a doubt.

The black-haired man, who felt himself being surrounded by killing intent, had a grim expression on his face, but he started to panic in his heart.

After a while, an elder with long eyebrows, who was holding a cane, walked over.

"Elder Water."

The clansmen present including Wu Yuan, bowed to him.

After all, this elder had a high status in the Wu Yan Tribe and he was the only Monster Discriminator in the entire tribe.

Only Monster Discriminators were able to distinguish Demonic Beasts from Human Warriors, so even though a Monster Discriminator was weak, he was still respected.

"Elder Water, please help us," Wu Yuan said to Elder Water.

"OK." Elder Water nodded slightly and looked at the black-haired man with his turbid vision. Then a strange light flashed in his eyes.

"Monster Discriminator." The black-haired man paled because he knew he could not argue his case anymore.

However, he did not feel hopeless. He started to look around and eventually fixed his eyes on Wu Yu.

Instantly, he made up his mind.


An overwhelming aura radiated from the black-haired man and his eyes became red.

He violently slapped the iron cage.

The cage was made of special materials, so it was strong enough to hold a Saint Realm human or a Demonic Beast.

However, judging from his aura, the black-haired man had reached the Cloud Realm!

Therefore, he easily broke the cage into pieces.

"Oh, no!"

Wu Yuan and other elders were shocked.

"A Cloud Realm Demonic Beast!"

"Asshole, he had been hiding his strength and aura."

"Damn it!"

It happened so fast and it was outside of their expectations.

They had received the news that the monster spy was in the Saint Realm, and they also confirm it because the black-haired man was unable to resist when they caught him, so they locked him in a cage.

In a normal case, a Saint Realm human being or Demonic Beast would be unable to break the cage.

They did not expect the black-haired man had been hiding his strength and that he was not in the Saint Realm, but a Cloud Realm Demonic Beast.

At this moment, the black-haired man leaped toward the crowd at an amazing speed that left Wu Yuan and the other elders unable to block him in time.


A blood light dashed out and moved toward where Jian Wushuang, Wu Yu, and Qing Hu stood.

"The only way I can survive is to hold this girl hostage. That will provide me with an opportunity to leave." The black-haired man stared at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu and Qing Hu turned pale.

Qing Hu immediately took out his long spear and tried to block the attack.

However, a figure blocked him and Wu Yu before he was even able to make his move.

That person was none other than Jian Wushuang!