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479 A Fascinating Blow

After a moment of silence, the purple-clothed woman nodded while saying, "Since you have awakened three Sword Souls, you are definitely qualified for the Sword Principle Meeting."

The woman let the white-haired man pass.

That made sense because few among the participants of the meeting had awakened even one Sword Soul, let alone two. There were only three of them with two souls, including Jian Wushuang. The white-haired man was the first participant that had three Sword Souls so far.

Being such a genius, the man was definitely qualified to join the meeting.

While the man was heading towards Sword-suppression Valley, two intense gazes landed on him.

"He is Jian Nantian!"

"Blood Mountain Marquis is looking all over the place for him. Who would think that he would come here. He really has guts."

"If only I could kill him..."

The two people currently talking were participants of the Sword Principle Meeting as well, and both of them were experts in Sword Principle. They stared at the white-haired man intensely, like they were staring at some kind of treasure.

It was a beautiful night.

Jian Wushuang sat on the bed with his legs crossed. In front of him, the Triple-kill Sword shivered violently and restlessly.

"Three days have passed and it's still the same."

Jian Wushuang looked at the sword and shook his head.

Right then, a booming sound echoed through the silent night like thunder. Along with the sound, an overwhelming energy also swept over the area.

Jian Wushuang raised his head in astonishment, "Is a battle taking place here?"

He immediately put the Triple-kill Sword back into his Interspatial Ring and left the room.

Hunjian Lord exited his room as well.

"What's going on?"

"Is there someone who dares to make trouble here? We're in Sword-suppression Valley, a place ruled by Su Ming, aren't we?"

"Let's go and find out."

Jian Wushuang, Hunjian Lord, and Tianming Lord rushed out and headed towards the sound.

The boom had alarmed everyone in the valley and a lot of experts had exited their rooms and moved towards the area.

They could see three people standing side by side on a roof with their strong aura radiating outwards. The air surrounding them was filled with killing intent.

Among the three, two were superior lords, and the last was an advanced lord.

Opposite the lords was a man with an ethereal aura, his white hair fluttering with the wind, and his hand behind his back. His long shadow under the moon gave him the appearance of a towering figure.

"He is..."

When Jian Wushuang caught the sight of the man, his eyes flickered with joy and surprise.

"Go to hell!"

Suddenly, the three lords shouted and drifted towards the man like ghosts.

The moment they moved, the white-haired man acted as well. As he removed his longsword from his back, a surging power erupted from the blade.

"A Dao Weapon!"

"Is that sword a Dao Weapon?"

"How could a lord have such a weapon?"

The power of the sword shocked the experts who were watching, and their gazes were filled with greed.

All of the people in the surroundings were experts in Sword Principle, so that sword, a Dao Weapon, drove them crazy.

Three Sword Soul Phantoms rose up when the white-haired man unsheathed his sword.

The tallest Phantom was 30 meters high and seemed as if it was overlooking everything.

The white-haired man made his move.

It was a casual blow. A dazzling arc of light ran down the blade, so bright and fascinating that every onlooker was drawn to it.

The experts were taken aback by the scene.

They were being drawn into what they were seeing.

Even the three lords, who were going to attack the man, were distracted by the fascinating blow. Before they could come back to their senses, the sword slashed their throats at an amazing speed.

Psssh! Psssh! Psssh!

With three sounds of a sword slashing flesh, the three lords stopped moving, frozen with horrified looks on their faces. The white-haired man resheathed his sword.

The three lords' dead bodies fell backward to the ground once the sword was returned to its sheath.

Horror! Shock!

Those were the onlookers' feeling.

"This man killed two superior lords and one advanced lord with one strike!"

"How Powerful! Is he a marquis?"

"His attack was so stunning yet so terrifying!"

Everyone was filled with amazement.

"This guy..." Hunjian Lord and Tianming Lord widened their eyes.

However, after seeing how the man killed those three guys, Jian Wushuang touched his nose with an odd look on his face.


Suddenly, several figures with powerful auras approached the white-haired man, and the leading person was the purple-clothed woman, who had guided them into the valley.

The woman had an unhappy expression on her face when she saw the dead bodies on the ground.

"Sir, you showed no respect to my lord by killing his guests under his eyes," The women scolded.

The onlookers immediately looked toward the man.

The man fetched out a bottle of wine, took a seat on the roof, and started drinking. He showed no emotion to the woman's words as he replied, "They wanted to kill me, so I killed them."

His words were flat and indifferent but stunned the woman.

The onlookers put on a quaint face when they heard his words.

Killing at will was not allowed in the valley. However, if it was a self-defense, it could be forgiven.

After all, no one would just watch his opponents kill him without doing anything.

Everyone present had seen the three lords try to kill the man and how the man defended himself by killing them.