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The white-haired man, who casually sat drinking, raised his head and his thoughtful dark eyes fell on the muscular elder. He continued, "I never did anything like that."

"Since that's the case, I'll be sending you to hell!"

The elder roared and billowed forward like flowing smoke.

The men with the elder started attacking as well.

At this moment, as the white-haired man finally stood up, a sliver of light shot out.

At the same time, he drew his long sword and an immense Sword Essence immediately began to flow.

"A Dao Weapon!"

Seeing the weapon the man held, the elder and the nearby lords looked greedy. They began fighting instantly.

A fierce battle broke out in the blink of an eye.

However, it only took a moment for the battle to be settled.

On the hill, the white-haired man sheathed his sword and took out his wine again. Standing still, he looked up into the boundless sky, emotionless.

Around him lay piles of bodies.

The elder, a superior lord, was among them as well.

"It has been nearly five years. Did he achieve his goal of exterminating Holy Emperor Palace?" the white-haired man murmured.

At this moment, while thinking about this person he spoke of, he finally began to smile.


Sword-suppression Valley, located among an unbroken string of mountains, was famous for suppressing the Heart-killing Sword.

Usually, the valley was quiet, but with the 100-year event drawing near, the valley had recently become crowded.

At the edge of the valley, there was a towering group of palaces.

Naturally, this was where Su Ming, one of the Nine Sovereigns, lived.

In one of the palaces, a woman's voice was heard.

"Your Highness, the news from the guards says that a lot of warriors have gathered outside the valley," a purple-clothed woman said respectfully.

She was talking to the handsome man in front of her.

The man was so good-looking that many ladies would feel ashamed when looking at him. With his eminent status and overwhelming power, he was definitely a prominent figure.

He was Su Ming, a man who was second only to the Three Ancestors and a personal disciple of the Sword Ancestor!

"Tell them to open the array and let the experts in. Make sure they are well-received," Su Ming ordered, with a voice that was both attractive and stunning.

"Understood, your Highness." The purple-clothed woman nodded. She took her eyes, which were filled with fervor and worship, off the man and left.

Su Ming was left alone.

He stood in silence with his hands behind him, his eyes fixed on a painting at the top of the palace. The painting was of an old man standing on a peak. While holding a longsword in his hand, the old man was looking down over everything with sharp eyes as if he stood above the whole world.

"Old man."

Su Ming stared at the elder in the painting, his face twitched, and his eyes filled with hatred.

"It was really malicious of you to leave a fatal flaw in the Heart-killing Sword. However, I was lucky, so that trick didn't kill me."

"I guess that move is the last trump card of the Heart-killing Sword, right?"

"Wait and see. Before long, I will take control of the Heart-killing Sword and replace you, then I will be the new Sword Ancestor!"


Suddenly, a wide channel appeared on the array in front of the warriors that had gathered at the valley entrance and several people, led by the purple-clothed woman, walked out.

"So sorry to keep you waiting. Now, please come over here and show me your marquis's token," said the woman.

Following those words, the warriors formed a line and walked forward.

Some of them had won some fame, but they all remained discreet and obedient when in the Sword-suppression Valley.

After all, they were in a place ruled by Su Ming, one of the Nine Sovereigns.

Su Ming was powerful and had a good reputation. He did not have to invite the experts to his valley and share the rare opportunity involving the Heart-killing Sword's awakening with them, but he did. He even held a Sword Principle Meeting for all the experts.

Among the experts who were walking towards the woman one after another, Jian Wushuang, Hunjian Lord, and Tianming Lord were also waiting in line. While they were waiting, they noticed that not everyone was allowed to enter the valley.

The conditions to enter the valley included an invitation or one of the 72 Marquises' tokens, as well as one's own level of power.

At the entry stood a golden Puppet Fighter, and the experts had to defeat the puppet to enter the valley.

This was something like a test for entering the valley.

In fact, everyone who had made their way to the valley was excellent in Sword Principle and should be able to pass this test. Otherwise, they would only embarrass themselves.

This was also the reason why Marquis Piaoxue had chosen the three quotas with caution. No matter how many opportunities the chosen ones could get, he had to be sure they were good enough to at least get into the valley.

Soon it was Jian Wushuang's and the two lords' turn.

"We're the underlings of Marquis Piaoxue, and these are our tokens." Hunjian Lord handed the three tokens to the purple-clothed woman.

"Fine. Then please have a try." The woman nodded to them and pointed at the puppet.

Jian Wushuang and the lords exchanged a glance. Hunjian Lord was the first one to take his turn, and he quickly found himself in a fierce battle with the puppet.

When fighting with the puppet, the Realm, Cultivation, power, or comprehension in Origin would not matter, only one's achievement in Sword Principle.

Hunjian Lord effortlessly defeated the puppet with his second-grade Sword Soul.

Then it was Tianming Lord's turn. Though he had not awakened his Sword Soul yet, he had good achievements in Sword Principle and had mastered many first-grade sword techniques. After exchanging several moves with the puppet, he was able to beat it.

Finally, it was Jian Wushuang's turn.