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196 The Cosmos Empire

Hearing Mo Lingtian's words, the surrounding warriors frowned slightly, but they did not say anything.

As for accepting Jian Wushuang as a disciple…these experts had no such intention for the moment.

The old sects had very high standards.

Also, the battle in the Sky Valley had just started.


In Sky Valley, the battles had just begun.

The Driftcloud Empire was the first to be defeated. With the talented warriors of the major dynasties encountering in the Sky Valley, war broke out. Genius warriors from the various dynasties died one after the other, with some dynasties quickly followed in the footsteps of the Driftcloud Empire.

In a flash, the battle in Sky Valley had lasted for five days.

In a mountain forest, Jian Wushuang and five others stood on a treetop, with serious expressions on their faces.

They have encountered three teams in total these last five days.

The first team they encountered was from the Driftcloud Empire, and they defeated this team easily.

The second one they encountered belonged to a small empire whose overall strength was weaker than that of the Driftcloud Empire, so they naturally defeated this team easily as well.

However, the third team... the team they just met was from the Ziyi Dynasty, one of the six middle-sized empires.

Although the Ziyi Dynasty was only a middle-sized empire, its overall battle strength was much stronger than that of the Driftcloud Empire. Among the top 30 warriors in the Rankings, three of them were from the Ziyi Dynasty, including the one who ranked seventh!

His rank was higher than Jian Wushuang's.

As soon as they encountered the team from Ziyi Dynasty, a fierce battle immediately broke out.

This battle was extremely fierce and the battle strengths of two sides were very close. As a result, the two sides were evenly matched.

Because neither side could defeat the other or even gain an advantage, the two teams decided to retreat and leave.

"It has been five days..." Jian Wushuang looked around and said in a low voice, "During the first five days of the battle in Sky Valley, due to the large number of teams, it was very easy to encounter teams of warriors from the other twelve dynasties, so the battles were the craziest."

"However, the weaker teams have almost been defeated during these five days. The number of teams left is small, but the teams that can survive in these five-days all have great battle strength."

The five people beside Jian Wushuang all nodded in agreement with his words.

After five days of fierce battle, the weaker teams had all been defeated or knocked out.

Only the stronger teams remained.

And their team of geniuses from the Tianzong Dynasty was one of those teams.

"We need to be more cautious in the next few days. The number of teams is small, and chances of meeting with other teams is not as high as the previous five days. However, once we run into them, it will be a bloody battle," said Jian Wushuang.

In the air above the area, the monarchs were gathered together.

Most of them looked a little bit unsightly, and only a few monarchs had smiles on their faces.

In these five days, many teams from the dynasties had already been eliminated. Now there were only seven teams in Sky Valley that were still relatively complete, with sufficient battle strength.

Among the seven teams, the two large empires had two teams respectively, so they had four teams in total.

One of the other three teams came from the Ziyi Dynasty.

The Ziyi Dynasty normally ranked at the top among the six middle-sized empires. In the previous Easternmost Hunts, its geniuses always performed well, so no one was surprised that they managed to hold on this long.

Another team belonged to the East Hill Empire, which was also a middle-sized empire. As the level of its disciples was relatively high this time, all the monarchs could understand why this team could stick it out til now as well.

But the last team, a team from the Tianzong Dynasty…

After all, the Tianzong Dynasty was only a small empire. Warriors from a small empire being able to hold on this far made many of the surrounding monarchs embarrassed and unhappy.

But Di Xi was pretty excited.

He was very surprised that the team from his Tianzong Dynasty could persist till today in this Easternmost Hunt. He could hold his head high in front of other Dynasties.

He was extremely satisfied with the performance of Jian Wushuang's team.

And, if any of the experts from the old sects was impressed by one of the six members in Jian Wushuang's team, it would be perfect.

"Hum, look," A monarch suddenly cried out.

All monarchs immediately looked down, and then their expressions turned weird.

Many monarchs gloated towards Di Xi at this moment.

"Ho-ho, Di Xi, the young guys of your Tianzong dynasty performed really well in the Easternmost Hunt, but it seems that they will have to stop here," said a monarch next to Di Xi while laughing.

Di Xi became serious and he also looked down.

He noticed that a small team was slowly approaching the place where Jian Wushuang's team stood, and the two teams would meet in no time. And, this small team was one of the Cosmos Empire's teams!


In the thick jungle, Jian Wushuang and the others were resting in the treetop when a sudden gust of wind blew through.

All six members of Jian Wushuang's team immediately raised their heads and saw many figures standing in front of them.

Seeing these figures, especially the tokens that they wore to represent their identities, all the six members in Jian Wushuang's team turned serious.

"The Cosmos Empire!"

"Finally, we have encountered a team from a large empire."

"Luckily, it is only one of the Cosmos Empire's teams."

Jian Wushuang's eyes were cold, while Baili Chen and the others beside him all stood up.

After all, the Cosmos Empire was a large empire, so the level of its geniuses was much higher than that of the middle-sized empires.

This Cosmos Empire's team had seven people, and four of them were in the top 30 of the Rankings. The most prominent one was a burly figure with a giant axe on his back.

This burly man's aura was the strongest among the seven people from the Cosmos Empire.

All the members including Jian Wushuang recognized him as soon as they saw this burly man.

Gu Yan!

He was third on the Rankings!

He ranked third, only behind those two monsters, Meng Wutian and Ling Xueyu.

"Oh, the Tianzong Dynasty."

Gu Yan's eyes were cold as he stared at Jian Wushuang and the others. A strange smile rose from his mouth.

"Such a small empire actually held on to this point! That's not bad. But now, since you have encountered us, you will have to stop here."

"Their team only has six people, so how do you want to divide them?"

"How will we divide them? According to our speed, whoever is too slow to find an opponent can only blame themselves."

"All right," Gu Yan said while lowering his voice.

"Enough talk, just do it!"