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Legend of Ling Tian

Author:Fengling Tianxia

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Ever met someone who started cultivating from his mother’s womb? He does not care for his image, willing to take all steps necessary to ensure his plans succeed! Watch Ling Tian, martial arts genius, who crossed from the modern world to the ancient times, bringing with him all his memories from his past self! A person with high comprehension talent, blessed with the gift of eloquence as well as a burning desire to be the best! Join us as we follow Ling Tian’s adventures in this new world has appeared in! Watch as he plays with the politics of the court and of the Great Families, and how he finds his allies which will help him to conquer this world! 凌天传说
《Legend of Ling Tian》 Text
Chapter 1: Ling Tian's Vengeance
Chapter 2: Mutual Destruction
Chapter 3: Yellow Springs Road
Chapter 4: Training in the Womb
Chapter 5: Complications
Chapter 6: Finally Born
Chapter 7: Powerful Family
Chapter 8: Worldly Affairs
Chapter 9: Yang Family Head
Chapter 10: Framing The Queen
Chapter 11: Empress Yang Xue
Chapter 12: Catching the Fragrance Bag
Chapter 13: Feigning Weak
Chapter 14: Small Accomplishment
Chapter 15: So It Was Him
Chapter 16: Unreasonable
Chapter 17: Quibbling
Chapter 18: Deep Schemes
Chapter 19: Malicious Father and Son
Chapter 20: Late Night Conversation
Chapter 21: Talking to Mister Qin
Chapter 22: Commotion on the Streets
Chapter 23: Planned Disturbance
Chapter 24: The Test Begins
Chapter 25: Little Beggar
Chapter 26: Vicious Oath
Chapter 27: A Problem of Address
Chapter 28: City Gates Rumors
Chapter 29: Three Year Plan
Chapter 30: Planned Marriage
Chapter 31: Xiao Family Prowess
Chapter 32: I Want to Reject the Marriage
Chapter 33: Destiny
Chapter 34: Ling Jian's Position
Chapter 35: Xiao Family Head
Chapter 36: Super Domineering
Chapter 37: Xiao Family Rejects the Marriage
Chapter 38: Big Gamble
Chapter 39: Scheming Grandmother
Chapter 40: Master
Chapter 41: Revealing Cards
Chapter 42: Night Visit
Chapter 43: Gentleman's Negotiation
Chapter 44: I Want a Compensation
Chapter 45: Gain Some, Lose Some
Chapter 46: My Brother
Chapter 47: Begin Planning
Chapter 48: Fighting on the Streets
Chapter 49: Crime of Rebellion
Chapter 50: Concrete Evidence
Chapter 51: Truth
Chapter 52: Ambush
Chapter 53: Fierce Battle
Chapter 54: Testing Ling Jian
Chapter 55: Ling Jian's Interrogation
Chapter 56: Blood Iron Warriors
Chapter 57: Plotting Against the Violent Wind Gang
Chapter 58: King Fu's Courtyard
Chapter 59: Lass Ling Chen
Chapter 60: Grandmother and Grandson's Secret Plan
Chapter 61: Long Term Plan
Chapter 62: Swift and Decisive
Chapter 63: Brainwashing
Chapter 64: Convincing
Chapter 65: Such Rewards
Chapter 66: Strict Training
Chapter 67: Ling Chen's Request
Chapter 68: Bone Touching Incident
Chapter 69: Just Deserts
Chapter 70: I Will Rule the Heavens
Chapter 71: Martial Arts Lesson
Chapter 72: Grave Situation
Chapter 73: Strange Battle
Chapter 74: Power Expanding
Chapter 75: Opportunity
Chapter 76: Dare Not Be Rash
Chapter 77: So That's the Case
Chapter 78: Marriage Crisis
Chapter 79: Gathering of Silkpants
Chapter 80: Young Noble NanGong
Chapter 81: All Swords Drawn
Chapter 82: Princess Jiao Yue
Chapter 83: Making Friends Through Painting
Chapter 84: God-like Brush
Chapter 85: Teary Dreams of Worldly Affairs
Chapter 86: Confidence
Chapter 87: He is Ling Tian
Chapter 88: Praising the Silkpants
Chapter 89: Ling Tian's Aspiration
Chapter 90: Heading to the Courtyard
Chapter 91: Upper Echelons' Meeting
Chapter 92: Deploying Once More
Chapter 93: Testing The Yu Family
Chapter 94: Water of Heavenly Wind
Chapter 95: Insufficient Experience
Chapter 96: Cat Out of the Bag
Chapter 97: The Beauty Visits
Chapter 98: Battle of Wits
Chapter 99: Fighting Beauty With Beauty
Chapter 100: Apprentice
Chapter 101: Divine Black Negative Meridians
Chapter 102: Yu Family Head
Chapter 103: Ling Jian's News
Chapter 104: Affection, a Bitter Lotus
Chapter 105: Marvelous Acting
Chapter 106: Three Questions
Chapter 107: Driving a Wedge
Chapter 108: Actually Injured
Chapter 109: Massacre in the Streets
Chapter 110: Shifting the Blame
Chapter 111: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 112: Toasting a Cup to the Noble
Chapter 113: The Yang Family Moves Out
Chapter 114: Probing Intelligence
Chapter 115: Probing As Such
Chapter 116: Escape
Chapter 117: Northern Wei's Crown Prince
Chapter 118: Martial Order Medallion
Chapter 119: Vicious ChenPing
Chapter 120: Good Traditions
Chapter 121: Large Actions
Chapter 122: Master-Disciple Reunion
Chapter 123: City Gate Drama
Chapter 124: Win an Inch, Want a Foot
Chapter 125: The NanGong Family
Chapter 126: Brewing Storm
Chapter 127: Invitation from the Royal Consort
Chapter 128: Unique Skill, Unique Book
Chapter 129: Smoky Thea Heavenly Fragrance
Chapter 130: Fashion Announcement
Chapter 131: Coincidental Meeting
Chapter 132: Green Dressed Fortune Teller
Chapter 133: Competing in Internal Strength
Chapter 134: Conceding Defeat
Chapter 135: Peculiar Physiognomy
Chapter 136: Three Promised Favours
Chapter 137: A Desperate War
Chapter 138: Martial Arts of the World
Chapter 139: An Immortal amongst Wine
Chapter 140: Questioning a Gentleman with Wine
Chapter 141: Becoming Sworn Brothers
Chapter 142: Best Wine Snack
Chapter 143: Hero's Blood
Chapter 144: Killing Intent After Drinking
Chapter 145: Yang Family's Scheme
Chapter 146: Respective Plans
Chapter 147: Arrival of Troops
Chapter 148: You Are The Culprit
Chapter 149: Imminent Peril
Chapter 150: Weak Finish to a Strong Start
Chapter 151: Brewing Storm
Chapter 152: Men From the NanGong Family
Chapter 153: A Confession of Love
Chapter 154: Sudden Storm
Chapter 155: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 156: Night Chase in the Rain
Chapter 157: The Surviving ShangGuan Members
Chapter 158: The Truth is Out!
Chapter 159: In the Smoky Thea Tower
Chapter 160: Unrivalled Martial Arts
Chapter 161: A Small Punishment
Chapter 162: Saving YanXue
Chapter 163: Ling Tian's Heart
Chapter 164: Third Master of the Yu Family
Chapter 165: ManLou Coming from the South
Chapter 166: NanGong's Conditions
Chapter 167: A Smile Through Life
Chapter 168: Foreboding Crisis
Chapter 169: Ling Jian Taking Action
Chapter 170: Battle between Behemoths
Chapter 171: I am an Assassin!
Chapter 172: Reverse Scale of an Assassin
Chapter 173: Life and Death
Chapter 174: Taking Action in Rage
Chapter 175: Entering Sky Bearing
Chapter 176: Uncle-Niece Meeting
Chapter 177: Bold Move
Chapter 178: Ninth Stage Shocking Dragon
Chapter 179: Gentle Feelings
Chapter 180: A Proper Title
Chapter 181: Borrowing Someone
Chapter 182: Seven Treasures
Chapter 183: BingYan's Report
Chapter 184: A Countermeasure For Every Situation
Chapter 185: Confrontation Between Brothers
Chapter 186: Third Master Pays a Visit
Chapter 187: How to Compete?
Chapter 188: Burying the Hatchet
Chapter 189: XianTian Realm
Chapter 190: Being Followed
Chapter 191: Golden Leaves BaiFei
Chapter 192: Instigating the Third Master
Chapter 193: Heart Knot Untied
Chapter 194: Paying a Visit
Chapter 195: DongFang JingLei
Chapter 196: Approaching Smoky Thea
Chapter 197: Gain Some, Lose Some
Chapter 198: Terms of the Duel
Chapter 199: Ling Feng's First Battle
Chapter 200: An Assassin's Weakness
Chapter 201: Life and Death
Chapter 202: One Fell Swoop
Chapter 203: Borrowing External Help
Chapter 204: Repaying Kindness with Evil
Chapter 205: Crying Wolf
Chapter 206: Revealing Trump Card
Chapter 207: Revealing his Strength
Chapter 208: Changes in the Palace
Chapter 209: Killing in Broad Daylight
Chapter 210: Ruthless
Chapter 211: New Enmity Old Hatred
Chapter 212: Expelling Poison
Chapter 213: Appeasing the Ling Family
Chapter 214: Appointing Marriage
Chapter 215: Merciless
Chapter 216: Matters of the Heart
Chapter 217: Volunteer as Tribute
Chapter 218: Two Assassins
Chapter 219: Relying on Chance
Chapter 220: Intolerable
Chapter 221: Ling Chen’s First Battle
Chapter 222: Bitter Battle
Chapter 223: To Seize Total Victory
Chapter 224: Urgent Report
Chapter 225: The Hit List
Chapter 226: Shock
Chapter 227: Delivered to One’s Doorstep
Chapter 228: Discerning Right From Wrong
Chapter 229: Terms of Alliance
Chapter 230: Lust
Chapter 231: Strolling in the Rain
Chapter 232: Mysterious Girl
Chapter 233: Equal
Chapter 234: To Flip in Fury
Chapter 235: How to Handle the Matter
Chapter 236: Horror in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 237: Bloody Mess
Chapter 238: Martial Path of Painting
Chapter 239: Rigorous Schemes and Deep Foresight
Chapter 240: Deep Schemes
Chapter 241: Cleansing the Ling Family
Chapter 242: Sorting Out the Scum
Chapter 243: Exterminate Them All
Chapter 244: Father and Son Bond
Chapter 245: Revert to Old Ways
Chapter 246: Were You The One?
Chapter 247: BingYan’s True Appearance
Chapter 248: Peerless Expert
Chapter 249: Apex of Martial Arts
Chapter 250: War of Words
Chapter 251: Join My Side
Chapter 252: Unworthy Opponent
Chapter 253: Exquisite Couplets After Another
Chapter 254: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 255: Third Master’s Poem
Chapter 256: Testing Heavenly Moon
Chapter 257: World Shocking
Chapter 258: What are Commoners?
Chapter 259: I Am No Hero
Chapter 260: Night Time Assassin
Chapter 261: Wasted Effort
Chapter 262: Night Visit to XiMen
Chapter 263: Enticing the Enemy
Chapter 264: The Show Begins
Chapter 265: Fight but Lose Out
Chapter 266: The Third Party Benefits
Chapter 267: Enjoying to One’s Heart Content
Chapter 268: Bequeathing Shame
Chapter 269: Ling Xiao Goes to Battle
Chapter 270: The Xiao Family's Auction
Chapter 271: Adding a Single Tael
Chapter 272: Sky-High Auction Price
Chapter 273: Life-Saving, Life-Destroying
Chapter 274: Sky-Splitting War
Chapter 275: I Killed Him
Chapter 276: Thousand Year Blood Ginseng
Chapter 277: Battle of the Tians
Chapter 278: Digging a New Well
Chapter 279: Pill Refining
Chapter 280: Distant Worries
Chapter 281: Pine Forest
Chapter 282: Blood Path
Chapter 283: Battle of Auras
Chapter 284: Taking Advantage
Chapter 285: Desperate Battle
Chapter 286: Interfering
Chapter 287: Powerful Hidden Weapons
Chapter 288: Kill or Not
Chapter 289: Calculating without Blunders
Chapter 290: Words Killing the Heart
Chapter 291: Temptation
Chapter 292: A Gentleman's Desire
Chapter 293: Departure
Chapter 294: Ling Chen's Improvement
Chapter 295: Unexpected
Chapter 296: Unconcerned with Life and Death
Chapter 297: Devious Psychological Attack
Chapter 298: The War up North
Chapter 299: Surrounded on All Sides
Chapter 300: This Daddy Will Not Accept That
Chapter 301: Scheme Within a Scheme
Chapter 302: Seven Star Azure Dragon
Chapter 303: Fail to Salvage
Chapter 304: Subtle Matters of the Heart
Chapter 305: Requiring Immediate Action
Chapter 306: The Beginning of War
Chapter 307: Mutual Deception
Chapter 308: Break Through the Encirclement
Chapter 309: Sea of Blood
Chapter 310: Heroic Sacrifice
Chapter 311: Death to He Who Blocks Me
Chapter 312: Another Oriole
Chapter 313: The Battle is Lost
Chapter 314: A Loud Roar
Chapter 315: Prestige above the Heavens
Chapter 316: Killing Thousands in Rage
Chapter 317: Crazed Massacre
Chapter 318: Easily Destroyed
Chapter 319: Rushing out of the Encirclement
Chapter 320: Calmly Escaping from Danger
Chapter 321: Legend of Ling Tian
Chapter 322: Life Like a Show
Chapter 323: Thunder-like Methods
Chapter 324: Obstructed throughout their Journey
Chapter 325: Peace Talks
Chapter 326: Negotiating Terms
Chapter 327: Who Benefits Most
Chapter 328: The Situation is Set
Chapter 329: Completely Surrounded
Chapter 330: Proclamation of Destruction
Chapter 331: Final Struggle
Chapter 332: Destruction of the Yang Family
Chapter 333: Push Beyond One’s Ability
Chapter 334: Splitting up with XiMen
Chapter 335: Obstructing One's Merits
Chapter 336: Appearance of the Martial Order Medallion
Chapter 337: Returning Triumphant
Chapter 338: Only Choice
Chapter 339: Tender Sentiments
Chapter 340: QianHuan's Visit
Chapter 341: So-Called Truth
Chapter 342: Crazy
Chapter 343: Turning Lies into Reality
Chapter 344: High Pressure
Chapter 345: Negotiation
Chapter 346: Condition of Release
Chapter 347: Spring Autumn Soul Locking Pill
Chapter 348: Mysterious Heavenly Sword, Complete!
Chapter 349: Ling Jian Comprehends the Sword
Chapter 350: Third Master's Proposal
Chapter 351: Willing to be a Concubine
Chapter 352: Thunder in the Clear Skies
Chapter 353: Martial Arts Realm
Chapter 354: Martial Order Medallion Order
Chapter 355: Unparalleled Martial Arts
Chapter 356: Deliver Justice
Chapter 357: Lonesome like Snow
Chapter 358: What is Justice?
Chapter 359: Betting With Justice
Chapter 360: Jungle Battle of Wits
Chapter 361: Layers of Schemes
Chapter 362: Life Depriving Blow
Chapter 363: Calculated
Chapter 364: Disguise
Chapter 365: Furious Pursuit
Chapter 366: Payback Time
Chapter 367: Taking Advantage
Chapter 368: My Surname is Ling
Chapter 369: Ling Jian Out of Seclusion
Chapter 370: Ling Chen Making Decisions
Chapter 371: Shocking White Jade
Chapter 372: Seeking a Breakthrough
Chapter 373: So Close yet So Far
Chapter 374: XiMen Family
Chapter 375: Storm in All Directions
Chapter 376: Breakthrough
Chapter 377: A Lesson
Chapter 378: Leave No One Alive
Chapter 379: A Strange Poison
Chapter 380: Do You Dare Fight?
Chapter 381: Master and Guest Changing Place
Chapter 382: Bitter Negotiation
Chapter 383: Bloody Storm
Chapter 384: Operation Begins
Chapter 385: Unprecendented
Chapter 386: Ruining XiMen
Chapter 387: Justice’s Dream
Chapter 388: Counterattack
Chapter 389: Creation and Legacy
Chapter 390: Frontal Clash
Chapter 391: Many Tricks Up His Sleeves
Chapter 392: Tricked
Chapter 393: Destruction of Northern Wei
Chapter 394: Ruthless Character
Chapter 395: Changes in the Yu Family
Chapter 396: A Great Storm
Chapter 397: Strategy Planning
Chapter 398: Chasing the Tiger out, Swallowing the Wolf
Chapter 399: Divine Bone Shrinking Art
Chapter 400: Sky-High Price
Chapter 401: Gathering of Experts
Chapter 402: Soul of the Yu Family
Chapter 403: Blue-Dressed Lady
Chapter 404: Seemingly Familiar
Chapter 405: Is It Fate?
Chapter 406: Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 407: Number One Expert
Chapter 408: Starting War Respectively
Chapter 409: Destroying the NanGong Family!
Chapter 410: Killing the Talents
Chapter 411: Full of Nonsense
Chapter 412: Temporarily Safe
Chapter 413: Internal Affairs of DongFang
Chapter 414: JingLei’s Worries
Chapter 415: Helplessness of a Great Family
Chapter 416: Past and Present Lives
Chapter 417: Inciting Chaos
Chapter 418: Frightening Methods
Chapter 419: Attack one’s Mind First
Chapter 420: Breaking Through the Heart's Defenses
Chapter 421: As Per Your Wishes
Chapter 422: So-Called Warring
Chapter 423: Site of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 424: Tricks Within Tricks
Chapter 425: Flawed Divine Art
Chapter 426: Vacation
Chapter 427: Mass Chaos
Chapter 428: Scheme of the Brothers
Chapter 429: The First Pavilion Head
Chapter 430: A Perfect Scheme
Chapter 431: Ling Jian Sends Word
Chapter 432: Tough Choice
Chapter 433: A Small Bet
Chapter 434: A Sudden Ambush
Chapter 435: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 436: Treating Injuries
Chapter 437: Thirteenth Stage
Chapter 438: Entering Bright Jade City
Chapter 439: Getting Ready for Action
Chapter 440: Deep Dark Night
Chapter 441: Cautious and Solemn
Chapter 442: Dangerous Grounds
Chapter 443: Eavesdropping
Chapter 444: No Road to the Heavens
Chapter 445: Negotiation
Chapter 446: Counter Attacking in Danger
Chapter 447: Killing With a Single Sword
Chapter 448: Proof of Identity
Chapter 449: Rescue Mission
Chapter 450: Sowing Discord Again
Chapter 451: Supple As Water
Chapter 452: Deduction
Chapter 453: Final Hope
Chapter 454: Cut Sleeves, Shared Peaches
Chapter 455: Attracting Trouble
Chapter 456: Hideout
Chapter 457: Inside Floating Fragrance Pavilion
Chapter 458: The Crystal Pavilion's News
Chapter 459: Injustice on the Streets
Chapter 460: An Old Friend
Chapter 461: A Maiden's Thoughts
Chapter 462: Headache
Chapter 463: Mysterious State
Chapter 464: Succeed by Luck
Chapter 465: Eavesdropping
Chapter 466: Impossible to Stop Halfway
Chapter 467: Ling Chen's Plan
Chapter 468: Devising a Plan
Chapter 469: Difficulties of the Heart
Chapter 470: To Lie for a Lifetime
Chapter 471: Mystifying
Chapter 472: Taking Action Together
Chapter 473: Watching by the Side
Chapter 474: The Oriole Behind
Chapter 475: Before Dawn
Chapter 476: Escaping Misfortune
Chapter 477: Giving Chase
Chapter 478: Gentleman's Conversation
Chapter 479: The Top Brass Discusses
Chapter 480: Gamble
Chapter 481: Crazy Stakes
Chapter 482: Physically and Emotionally Exhausted
Chapter 483: Family Head Takes a Concubine
Chapter 484: Was it a Mistake
Chapter 485: Leaving the City
Chapter 486: The NanGong Family's Revenge
Chapter 487: Erroneous Calculation
Chapter 488: Love Without Prospects
Chapter 489: Keeping Watch Secretly
Chapter 490: Guests from Heavenly Wind
Chapter 491: Aristocratic Family
Chapter 492: Unexpected
Chapter 493: Crazed Hatred
Chapter 494: Li Xue's Majesty
Chapter 495: Shattering the Conspiracy
Chapter 496: Forced to a Corner
Chapter 497: Cruel Metamorphosis
Chapter 498: Ten Days of Hell
Chapter 499: Incoming Storm
Chapter 500: Brewing Crisis
Chapter 501: Extreme Danger
Chapter 502: Mysterious Phenomenon
Chapter 503: Serious Injuries
Chapter 504: Turning Peril into Safety
Chapter 505: Benefitting from Disaster
Chapter 506: Justice’s Question
Chapter 507: Way of the Snail
Chapter 508: Giving Heaven Splitter
Chapter 509: No Harm in Looking
Chapter 510: Miraculous Jade Pendant
Chapter 511: Thousand Year Mystery
Chapter 512: Sword Offering
Chapter 513: A Big Fish
Chapter 514: White Robed Assassin
Chapter 515: Wonderful Acting
Chapter 516: JingLei Requests Aid
Chapter 517: Coming to an Agreement
Chapter 518: Perfect Assassination
Chapter 519: Killing Strike
Chapter 520: Great Noble SanSan
Chapter 521: Snatching a Peasant Lady
Chapter 522: Internecine Strife
Chapter 523: Tragic Ending
Chapter 524: Return Journey
Chapter 525: Shui Family Members
Chapter 526: Unceasing Power Struggles
Chapter 527: Parting on Bad Terms
Chapter 528: Utility
Chapter 529: Unexpected
Chapter 530: Inability to Seek Death
Chapter 531: Crisis of the Shui Family
Chapter 532: Underestimating the Enemy
Chapter 533: Ambush in the Forest
Chapter 534: Meeting Again
Chapter 535: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 536: Disheartened
Chapter 537: Extreme Slaughter
Chapter 538: The Battle Ends
Chapter 539: Epitome of Shamelessness
Chapter 540: Returning Back Fully Loaded
Chapter 541: Reunion
Chapter 542: World Embroiled in War
Chapter 543: Deployment
Chapter 544: Battle of the Goldthread
Chapter 545: How to Comfort
Chapter 546: Enticement
Chapter 547: Are You Willing?
Chapter 548: Three Conditions
Chapter 549: I Trust Ling Tian
Chapter 550: Sending him off to the West
Chapter 551: Jiao Yue’s Heart
Chapter 552: Returning Home
Chapter 553: YanXue in Fright
Chapter 554: Decisive Battle Begins
Chapter 555: Sufficient Preparation
Chapter 556: Li Xue’s Scheme
Chapter 557: Fighting Experience
Chapter 558: Eight Mistakes
Chapter 559: True Intentions
Chapter 560: Divine Black Negative Meridians
Chapter 561: Changes in the East