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97 Chapter Ninety Seven - I am taken care of by Jin Li


Leon sighed, ah he had been sick, but his tummy now felt so much better. It was a momentary relief though, for he suddenly felt as if he was flying through the air. He fell into a strong, but warm embrace and snuggled into the body he was familiar with before sighing.

"I p-puked in m-my hair..." he complained and began to pout, his lower lip sticking out in an exaggerated fashion. It took ages to dry his long black and white tresses after washing them, he was not looking forward to it.

The seniors, Jin Li and Sun, who had been lurking in the shadows of Bowyer and Pike watched Leon with some bemusement, especially when, despite everything, he began to hum softly. Jin Li scooped him into his arms, despite the mess, while Pike and Bowyer decided to have words with Gother, whose face was coloured both figuratively and physically.

"Disgusting brat!" He was yelling, harshly. "How dare you soil Laozi! More trouble than he's worth!"

"You only have yourself to blame," Pike crossed his arms about his chest. "Your Master is likely disappointed enough regarding your performance the past few days and yet you would further this by tarnishing this school's name further. You should leave before we make you and I would recommend strongly that you leave Leon alone in the future."

"He's just a small cutsleeve," Gother bitched angrily. "Why would you go so far to protect him?"

"Whether Leon likes men or not is his own concern," Bowyer snapped. "No one deserves to be forced into having relations. And don't say something foolish like 'he seduced you.' He's too innocent to do something like soliciting."

Gother's jaw snapped closed, his teeth gritted, unable to admit that he was just about to use such an excuse. Just, when the boy looked up at him through those large, unfocused eyes... a chunk of something indescribable splattered from his back to the floor and bringing him somewhat back to reality. He turned to leave, but was stopped by the seniors next words;

"Oh, but before you leave," Pike said. "Don't you think you ought to clean up this mess. You really don't want Teacher Tremmas finding out about this do you?"

"Leon's glasses," Jin Li mentioned, coldly.

"Ah yes, don't forget to leave those too," Pike continued.


While Gother remained behind seething and making plans of vengeance, with only a cleaning cloth and bucket for company, Leon was taken to wash, his stained robes removed for cleaning and his thick hair washed by a grumbling Jin Li.

"Must this Lord protect the lowly you at every point? If so then stop leaving this Lord's side. It is too troubling to chase you down each and every time."

In the steamy haze of both the bath rooms and his own befuddled mind, Leon vaguely heard only half of his complaints, enjoying instead the fingers pressing against his scalp and running soap through his locks. It was then rinsed and cloths taken to it to remove some of the moisture, before Leon was bundled up in borrowed clothes (he would not know, but these happened to come from the other student harassed by Gother, x) and guided into a warm room.

A heavy touch had him pushed down onto a stool and a comb was carefully and gently pulled through the tangles. Leon yawned and began to doze where he sat, the soft tugs upon his hair doing little to keep him awake. And then after a time that could have been short or could have been long, he was ordered to get to bed.

The youth rose to his feet and turned to face the man accompanying him. He gave him a warm smile, then stood on tip toes to place a slightly sloppy peck upon the other's cheek. He then hummed as he crawled into the bed and settled beneath the sheets with a soft sigh. He was soon snoring peacefully.

In the meantime, Jin Li was standing rooted as if frozen to the spot beside the stool, the comb still firmly in his grip. His cheek felt warm, heated as if he were standing beside a fire and echoes of the softness than had pressed against it still played across his mind. He took a half step towards the bed, his eyes drawn to the man lying there asleep and he recalled the statement of that senior within his mind, as well as the stuttering and embarrassed words of his alchemist just a few days before. Did Leon like men in that way? Did Leon like him in that way?

Although it was tempting to shake the boy awake and demand the meaning behind the kiss right now, Jin Li refrained and moved to the spare bed within this guest room and lay upon it to think a while before sleeping.

About an hour or so later, he slipped into the other bed to lie beside Leon and finally closed his eyes.