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73 Chapter Seventy Three - I am mesmerised by a Mesmyr

Just like with the large order for blood pills that he had received from the martial arts school, Leon found that he would need to deliver the request for the beast taming school himself. He felt a little put out about this, as he had been fortunate enough to have been able to accompany Teacher Sagi to the martial arts school on a Griffin. This time he would have to try and make his own way. Just as he was wondering how long it would take to get there and if he should ask about potential shortcuts, another student entered the Herb Hall. It was Tor.

"I wish to hand in this request from the beast taming school," he told the senior, who told him exactly the same words as had been spoken to Leon. He would have to make his own way there and deliver them personally. "Understood," was his reply.

"T-Tor," he called out, swallowing the nervousness that automatically began to rise in the other boy's presence. "You are g-g-going to the b-beast taming school t-too?" The blond hair boy nodded in agreement. "M-m-may I ac-ac-ac... go with you?"

The other boy's eyes widened, he did not expect Leon to ask, considering their past, but he felt this was also a way to make amends so agreed. Leon visibly relaxed and offered him a small smile to which Tor found himself turning away from with a slight blush. "We'll go to the stables then."

"Alright," Leon beamed happily, thinking that Tor meant the griffin stables and that he would not have to walk.

As it happened, although his prediction about walking was correct, their destination was not what he thought. This appeared to be a different sort of stables. Leon's eyes widened beneath his thick lenses as he tried to take in all of the animals located some way south to the Griffin nests.

As one might imagine, there were beautifully shaped horses, their lithe bodies bodies would put any thoroughbred to shame. He felt that these must belong to noble students. But these were not the only animals to be housed here. Not including the goat, none of these creatures he had ever seen before.

Most of these new, never seen before beasts were of the same type. It was a creature that was roughly the size of a large cat so a tiger or lion; in fact it's short furred body was similarly shaped to these, with flexible bodies and powerful aft legs. It's five toed paws naturally ended in semi-sheathed claws and enhanced its feline image. But that was where the resemblance stopped. Peeking out of the thick furred main that wrapped about its neck was a head more expected upon an elephant, with a trunk that was about half sized but still fairly long and twin tusks forming from its upper jaw. A top it's furred head protruded horns that would not be ill fitted upon a buffalo and its ears were also of that kind. Most were silvery grey or tan in shades.

Tor paused at one of these creatures and placed his hands upon its mane. "Most of the Baku are owned by the academy, but will not always accept riders. This Baku happens to like me enough so he hopefully will be willing to take us." The animal closed its eyes and leaned into the boy's touch. Tor's face softened, also fond of the creature. He withdrew two riding cloaks from his interspacial bag and passed on to Leon, before fastening the other about his own neck.

Leon's eyes strayed to a different occupant, a creature that seemed equine at first glance, but was definitely not a horse. Its body was all black and it had six eyes not two, each equally sharp and brimming with intelligence. Leon wandered over to have a closer look at the beast and found that it had no mane like a horse, but a series of spines protruding from forehead to shoulder, in a long line curving its head. It's shoulders and back were covered in a shimmering carapace and it's tail seemed thin and long, with spines decorating its tip.

The animal was looking at him intently, but had not moved to bolt nor attack, so he moved nearer still to sate his curiosity. Besides, it was patiently stabled, how bad could it be? "Wh-what are you?" he murmured softly to himself. "Very c-cool!"

"Hold back from that one!" Tor called out to him as Leon approached the side of the creature. Leon paused and turned to face the other boy, who looked frightened for him.

"Why?" Leon asked him, but all he received in return was a startled cry as the beast pushed his nose against Leon's face and nuzzled him. The black hair coating its body was exceedingly soft to the touch.

Tor stared wide eyed for several minutes as Leon petted the Mesmyr. This was Teacher Pitre's mount and as all knew Mesmyr's were very picky with just whom they allowed to contract and ride them. They only ever accepted one Master during their lifetime and yet that same Mesmyr, who's crown usually stood upright and forward in an offensive position were others to near it, was accepting Leon's touch like a docile pet!

Tor shook his head with a sigh and proceeded to saddle the Baku beside him. The silver toned beast crouched down to allow him to do so and began to snort excitedly.

"Oh hey there!" Tor glanced around to see the girl Maimai grooming a very stout Baku of nearly pale pink shades. He nodded in greeting. "Are you off for a ride somewhere?"

"Beast taming school," Tor replied, politely. "With Leon," he added as the smiling youth came to stand beside him.

"I've never been to that school," Maimai said with twinkling eyes. "I'll ride with you!" And without waiting for a protest, she quickly saddled up her fat Baku ready to ride.