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72 Chapter Seventy Two - I am back to making pills.

Leon's glasses were returned the afternoon more than a day later, all fixed and polished. With great relief, the youth placed them upon his nose and watched as the world came into clarity once more. His first thought, once his vision had cleared, was to heat a kettle of water and make tea.

"W-would you like some t-tea, Tor?" He asked, keeping the olive branch to the other extended. But beneath the glare of a certain individual behind Leon, thus out of his sight, Tor could only decline.

"I must get back," he replied.

"Oh, okay," Leon said, but felt his body relax in relief. Clearly, though the original had long since departed, his body still remained wary of those that killed him. He sighed inwardly, he believed that Tor would no longer be a threat to him, but couldn't help his body's reflexes.

After the blond boy had left, Leon poured a cup of tea for Jin Li, who helped himself to the honey. "Th-thank you, b-by the way," Leon said to Jin Li. The other said nothing, just glanced up at Leon, feeling strangely dissatisfied now those ugly, thick lenses obscured the youth's face once more.

He dismissed the feeling quickly. "I did not do it for you," he denied. "However, if you wish to repay this Lord, get stronger quicker so we might seek out a city and their portals. I have been away from home long enough as it is." Leon gave a nod of agreement. Jin Li left not long after, to return to the martial arts school. Sun had left early the previous morning as per Jin Li's instructions, so peace completely returned to the small hut. Leon did not wait, however, to return to his daily routine. He still had pills to make to complete the requests he had taken!

He first focused upon making the Cloudy Spiritual pills, this time producing a total of six, fairly average quality pills, but this time retaining half of his spiritual energy. He did not want to collapse again! The request only required five pills, he chose to hand over five of these average pills, the first four were too high a quality and might cause him to stand out. He had thought about giving these four to Jin Li, but was still worried about the impurities within them, so had hesitated. If he could not find a way to reduce the impurities in cloudy spiritual pills, then he would consider asking Jin Li if he wanted them.

The request from the Beast Taming school was for ten beast calming pills, five hidden mist pills and for ten one heart pills. All of these could be considered basic pills and Leon had stock of all three of these pills, but was short on the hidden mist pills, which he had only practiced once before. The recipe required deep water ivy, false wolveswort and juniper grass. It was different to other recipes that Leon had dealt with before as the mixture had to set and be moulded by hand.

Leon set to work, boiling the deep water ivy until the seaweed-like plant had dyed the water a heavy blue-green. Then, he removed the ivy before placing it to one side, this was no longer needed. The false wolveswort was required in dried form, but had to be crushed by hand. Leon ground the brittle herb until it was nearly powder before adding it into the now simmering water. The juniper grass was treated much the same way, but the potion needed to cool before it was added. As soon as the juniper grass powder was added, the liquid began to thicken and solidify, but it would be another half-hourglass before Leon could manipulate it into small round shapes.

He washed his hands clean in preperation before carefully scooping out pieces and moulding them, pouring a little of his spiritual energy into each to ensure the mixture would not separate into its components in the future. He could only make four pills in the end, the mixture having reduced to a small amount through boiling and condensing. It was enough for him, however as he had three pills from his first attempt. He placed five pills in a jade pot ready for delivery, before cleaning up the mess he had made.