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49 Chapter Forty Nine - I watch a sparring before bed

Jin Li happened to be more than well. He sparred with Bowyer for more that an hour before they were forced to pause by the setting sun.

As Pike guided Leon and Sun to the arena, the two swordsmen were already performing small, testing moves against one another; a thrust of the blade here, a feint there, nothing complex and nothing that was uneasily countered. The three sat upon the stone benches and began watching the steps that were tentative, like two dance partners getting to know one another.

As their first moves evolved into patterns, their swords becoming an extension of their arms as their bodies moved to a rhythm that only a warrior could understand, Leon noticed other students coming to sit and observe. They had heard that Bowyer was sparring with the newcomer but had thought nothing of it, still judging Jin Li by his tall and willowy first appearance. They thought that they could learn nothing new. However, they were drawn by the sounds of metal upon metal and could not contain their curiosity.

A group of girl warriors also gathered, slightly separate from the boys. They not only wanted to see the handsome young Master that had caught their eye in the Food Hall, but Bowyer's attractiveness was not to be underestimated. The man was slightly rugged of appearance, the cut of his face appearing dangerous, but although his mind was too much on his martial arts, he was always polite to the female warriors who had proven their worth. This rose his standing in their perceptive eyes. The girls who began watching aloof and convinced that they simply wanted to observe the techniques of these swordsmen, soon began fangirling and squealing behind their sleeves.

As before, when Leon had witnessed them fight, the two martial artists speed increased over time and their movements became more complex and intricate. More than once did either man seem to have the upper hand only to be counterattacked or fall due to their own misstep. And as before, neither won, they were stopped due to circumstance, unable to declare a victor. Not that it mattered; it was only a spar between swordsmen.

Bowyer lead Jin Li to where both could wash the sweat from their bodies before they met with the others at the guestrooms. The rooms were not overly large, a small seating area adjoining two bedrooms, both containing two beds. Pike had placed a jug of fresh water in each room for drinking or for filling the wide bowls meant for cleaning hands or face, before he and Bowyer bid them goodnight. Pike would meet them in the morning and guide them back to through the portals.

Sun waited until Jin Li had claimed a bed for himself, before immediately claiming the second bed in the same room. The bed was much more comfortable that what the outer school students gained. He thought it would be good to transfer to the inner school as soon as possibly to gain the benefit of these and better tasting food. He did not think that this bed is in a guest room, therefore not aimed to comfort students. He glanced over at the 'servant' alchemist with a smug expression, but Leon looked unperturbed, instead simply bidding them both a good night.

"Come here," Jin Li ordered before Leon could leave the room. The young man sighed inwardly, before walking to Jin Li's side. He was well aware that Jin Li was stronger than him, so there was no point in battling upon the losing path.

"W-What is it?" Leon asked as he reached his side. He yelped as he was grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the bed beside Jin Li. Sun looked over at this, at first slack jawed and then with a deep scowl.

"You might as well sleep here," Jin Li stated. "It is easier to keep you out of trouble."

Leon rolled over onto his side and looked at Jin Li with a frown. "And w-what trouble are you exp-p-pecting? N-n-no one here w-wishes to hurt m-me."

"Who knows," Jin Li replied, as he removed Leon's glasses and tucked them safely into the interspacial pouch on his waist. "Just do as I say." He lay upon his back and closed his eyes as Leon followed suit with a resigned sigh, not realising that he was wrong. Sun actually did want to hurt him at this moment in time!